90 Miles From Tyranny : Jersey City Terrorists’ Bomb ‘Could Have Killed People Five Football Fields Away’

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Jersey City Terrorists’ Bomb ‘Could Have Killed People Five Football Fields Away’

Domestic terrorists targeting Jews in JC Kosher Supermarket in Jersey City, New Jersey on Dec. 10, 2019

Law enforcement officials say a bomb found in the van registered to one of the two suspects in the horrific attack on a Jersey City kosher grocery last month could have killed or maimed people as far as five football fields away – and there was enough material in the van to create a second bomb like it.

US Attorney Craig Carpenito said Police Detective Joseph Seals, who was shot and killed by David Anderson and Francince Graham in a nearby cemetery prior to the shootout in the kosher grocery, may have prevented a bigger bloodbath.

Hate and Hope in New Jersey

“We believe he threw off a broader plan, Carpenito said, adding that Seals’ actions “probably saved dozens, if not more lives.” It was the detective’s death that first drew law enforcement towards the scene of what later became a war zone, locking down an entire neighborhood for hours.

The shootout, officials confirmed, was indeed a bias crime against Jews, and against the law enforcement community.

The US Attorney and the head of the local FBI told reporters Monday that Anderson and Graham had researched a Jewish community center in Bayonne.

The suspects had cased the kosher grocery store multiple times, including the morning of the attack.

The US Attorney also confirmed that a Jewish man driving near Newark Airport several days earlier had been shot at – ballistics showed two of the shots that hit his car came from one of the weapons belonging to Anderson and Graham.

The livery driver who was murdered the weekend before the shootout was shot with the same weapon that had been used to fire at the Jewish driver near Newark Airport, authorities said.

Both suspects had handcuff keys in their underwear, and both had gone to Ohio for target practice shortly before they carried out the attack. Carpenito said there was no evidence of co-conspirators.

Although officials have no established a formal link between the pair and the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, the two had identified themselves in...

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  1. Oh. it was a "bias" crime. thats what you call a hate crime when you don't want to offend the perpetrators. what crap


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