90 Miles From Tyranny : The Media's Double-Barreled Spin...

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Media's Double-Barreled Spin...

The Media Has Destroyed Their Own Credibility. Just A Bunch Of Liars, Leakers And Lefties.


  1. True propaganda at its best/ worst

  2. walter cronkite started his career in the news in ww2 aboard the battleship USS Texas at Normandy off Omaha beach. he made excellent news coverage during the US space program. He was truthful during the Vietnam war with both the good and bad news. He was there when the networks blended the news departments into the entertainment departments and it became a short cycling money maker with captive audiences in the nineteen eighties. Edward R Murrow foretold this happening in the nineteen fifties. we have ourselves to blame for supporting the commercial products that support the networks. it's like congress. don't like them? vote them out. don't like the media? don't buy the advertised products and make sure the advertisers know why you do that. TV networks hate that to no end.


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