90 Miles From Tyranny : Virginia Gun Owners, Answering the NRA’s Call, Crowd the Capitol for Gun Control Hearings

Monday, January 13, 2020

Virginia Gun Owners, Answering the NRA’s Call, Crowd the Capitol for Gun Control Hearings

The newly Democrat-controlled Virginia legislature begins hearing testimony on a raft of gun control bills today at the capitol in Richmond. Bills under consideration include an “assault weapons” ban, “large capacity” magazine ban, red flag confiscations, universal background checks and more.

Hearings today will be held by the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. The NRA called for the state’s gun owners to show attend and let the committee know that Old Dominion gun owners — as evidenced by Second Amendment sanctuary movement that’s swept the state — will not be disarmed.

There are more than 100 such sanctuaries now, the result of a grassroots movement that highlights how the gun debate divides along regional and partisan lines as well as the influence of grassroots gun activists and lobbying groups.

“Gun control has been seen as purely partisan for quite some time, but it was really urban vs. rural,” said Harry Wilson, director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College and author of multiple books on guns and politics. “They were correlated, but not nearly as strongly as they are now.”

Both sides of the issue have ratcheted up the rhetoric among supporters. Both sides warn that the words and actions of the other side will lead to a “civil war.” Gun owners have accused local government leaders unwilling to become gun sanctuaries as “traitors” and committing “treason.”

Magpul airlifted 1000 PMAG’s for attendees in support of the gun rights effort effort.

That apparently triggered the delicate flowers at the CSGV:

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  1. The left is the new nazi party. Filled with many hitlers. They are not to be trusted, even if they say the Sun will come up in the east.

  2. Do people really believe that the courts are going to ride to the rescue??? What we are witnessing is the Constitution being nullified by the government. I had a poster years ago that I posted on my front door. It was a copy of the Declaration of Independence and had the following large letters printed in red "Void Where Prohibited by Law"!!!! They are nullifying it and daring you to do anything about it. The Democrat party in Virginia is telling the average Patriotic American to cram it up their ass!!!

  3. Note that the first law they are going to pass is associated with keeping guns out of the capital. They are literally afraid of gun owners. That is the real drive behind their gun grab. They know what they are going to do, socialize the country, is not going to be taken sitting down by a huge fraction of the population and by taking guns they are protecting their butts. Plan accordingly

  4. heard a great thought here: they are grabbing guns and mags as fast as they can because they plan on doing something they will be shot for doing.
    well put in my opinion.
    it's one of the reasons I have stocked up on 7.62X51 armor piercing ammo.


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