90 Miles From Tyranny : Mayor Cheat: Nevada Democrats Tap Buttigieg Staffer to Lead Voter Protection Effort

Monday, February 10, 2020

Mayor Cheat: Nevada Democrats Tap Buttigieg Staffer to Lead Voter Protection Effort

Democrats know what Democrats are capable of...

The Nevada Democratic Party has reportedly hired a former Pete Buttigieg staffer to lead its voter protection efforts, increasing fears that party leaders are trying to rig the nomination in favor of the ex-mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

On Sunday, it emerged that Nevada Democrats had hired Emily Goldman to be their director of voter protection. Goldman, who has a law degree from the University of Michigan, was most recently a top organizer for the Buttigieg campaign in Iowa. Little is known about the parameters of her new position, especially as the Nevada state party had not announced the hire publicly and has yet to include Goldman’s biography and title on their website. Goldman, herself, added to the mystery by locking her professional and private social media accounts after news of the hiring first broke.
The Nevada Democratic Party just hired a paid Buttigieg organizer to be their “Voter Protection Director”
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The revelations about Goldman’s newfound role comes as progressive backing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) are worried the Democrat establishment is trying to rig the nominating contest in favor of a moderate, pro-business candidate.

The suspicion stems from the 2016 Democratic primaries, where leaders of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) reportedly went to great length to assure former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the nomination over Sanders. Anti-Sanders bias among DNC leaders was best exhibited during that primary campaign by Donna Brazile. Despite being a high-ranking DNC official at the time, Brazile was infamously caught feeding questions to Clinton prior to a CNN Democrat town hall between the candidates in March 2016.

Given that history, Sanders supporters have begun speculating that Buttigieg is now the vehicle through whom the establishment plans to deny their candidate the nomination. Such fears seemed to be confirmed last week when it became public that...

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