90 Miles From Tyranny : Judge Refuses to Dismiss Terror Charges Against Young Conservative Who Posted Rifle Pic on Social Media

Monday, June 29, 2020

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Terror Charges Against Young Conservative Who Posted Rifle Pic on Social Media

The railroading of Lucas Gerhard continues.

20-year-old Lucas Gerhard, who faces up to 20 years in prison for posting a picture of his rifle on social media, was denied his motion to dismiss charges on June 11 in a Chippewa County court in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

Big League Politics broke the story earlier this year of how Gerhard was banned from continuing his studies at Lake Superior State University dorm and charged with making terroristic threats because he posted an image that triggered a far-left student on campus. Because the student was scared by a picture of a firearm with text making fun of liberal snowflakes, Gerhard is facing decades in prison as a result.

The Court repeatedly denied a request made by Gerhard’s lawyer, Nick Somberg to record the proceedings and broadcast them on the internet. They are determined to keep the railroading of an outspoken conservative under the cover of darkness, particularly now that the story has gone viral. Many supporters of Gerhard were denied entry into the courthouse as well, with the COVID-19 pandemic used as an excuse to keep them out.

The prosecutor made the argument that because Gerhard posted a picture of his rifle along with a comment regarding how the firearm would offend campus snowflakes on Snapchat, this was adequate to proceed with terror charges and a jury trial. Circuit Court Judge James Lambros ultimately concurred with the argument from the prosecution and denied Gerhard’s motion to dismiss. The case will likely head to trial as a result of Lambros’ decision.

“My opinion is that the judge had no choice but to take the safe approach, as many of the unorthodox and contextually misleading arguments that the prosecution introduced were simply bells that could not be unrung at that point,” said Gerhard’s father, Mark, a retired Marine Colonel, to Big League Politics.

Despite the judge commenting positively on Gerhard’s demeanor and complimenting the young man for his composure while facing the charges, Gerhard was ultimately kept on a tether because of highly irregular behavior from the prosecution. They inexplicably produced a video of a Mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand from 2019 and played it in the courtroom for several minutes to bias the proceedings.

“As a Marine, I’ve been exposed to some incredibly traumatic events [to include combat], and even so, it was entirely sickening watching the violent video. It was one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen in my life. The point of a tether is to prevent someone from fleeing bond. How the prosecutor was allowed to play this for seven or eight minutes, without any real contextual value linking the reasoning as to why Lucas should remain tethered, was both mystifying and...

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  1. The judge knows with certainty that this will be thrown out on appeal because the law does not allow for this use. He is doing it anyway to use the cost of defense as a punishment itself. The left ALWAYS does this in gun cases where the law does not support their view.


    1. Damn, you're 2 for 2 generac, correct again!
      Let the case proceed I say!
      When a jury tosses it out of court, he can persue the accuser, prosecutor, and judge in civil court for damages! Betcha you can find a conservative lawyer to take the case for free, too!