90 Miles From Tyranny : ‘The suburbs are rising up’: Armed couple hold BLM at bay as they march up on their property; libs are offended

Monday, June 29, 2020

‘The suburbs are rising up’: Armed couple hold BLM at bay as they march up on their property; libs are offended

The radical left is evolving into the monster that can no longer be controlled, with the Democratic Party playing the role of Dr. Frankenstein.

At the same time, American citizens are gearing up for the challenge, as seen Sunday in St. Louis when an armed couple stood guard outside their historic home located on a private road, as Black Lives Matter protesters marched outside.

The dramatic scene was either inspirational or terrifying, depending on your views of private property and the God-given inherent right to defend yourself.

Organizers can be seen in the video moving the mob along, as the husband and wife hold a pistol and automatic rifle outside the upscale property.

With rioters burning and looting all across America these past weeks, destroying all that stands in its path, the couple cannot be blamed for wanting to protect the palace.

The words of an organizer of the protest, Ohun Ashe, as reported by KSDK, adds to that concern: “It’s meant to be disruptive. It’s meant to be disturbing.”

The home is reportedly on the National Historic Register, as...

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  1. Trespassing in masks? Disobeying the law? Remember to aim low. These assholes will be back.

  2. Nobody needs an AR15 with a 30 round magazine. Yeah, right.

  3. Wonderful. If the rich don't face it, it never happened. Hopefully they get confused and trick or treat where the real Hwood dolts live. And it would be fantastic to see Pelosi's place burn, along with her fortune in ice cream and freezers just for them. Won't happen, blm is a deepstate plant, or they wouldn't be pushing for jobs for illegals or queer supports. Real blacks hate illegals more than whites, and queers are hated more than illegals... when they aren't raping them. Must be a touch of islam in blacks.

  4. Welcome to the Boogaloo people!!!!