90 Miles From Tyranny : REVEALED: Ford Motors Makes Millions From Police Cruisers While The Ford Foundation Donates Millions To ‘Defund The Police’

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

REVEALED: Ford Motors Makes Millions From Police Cruisers While The Ford Foundation Donates Millions To ‘Defund The Police’

This May in Detroit, Ford Motors unveiled its newest Police SUV – complete with technology that temporarily raises interior temperatures to help reduce viral concentrations inside the vehicle.

“Everything about it was designed for keeping police officers safe, comfortable and ready for action,” said Bill Gubing, a Ford engineer, last year.

Ford Motors built America’s first police cruiser in 1950. Today the company holds 65 percent of the market share for police cars.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the Ford Foundation is proudly taking part in the Defund the Police movement on its website:

“We’ve seen our grantees at the forefront of the change that’s taken place over the last few days—from the City Council of Minneapolis’s pledge to dismantle the police department to reimagine public safety, to Mayor Garcetti’s commitment to divest $250 million of the LAPD’s budget.”

Founded in 1936 by Edsel Ford, the Ford Foundation is one of the country’s most recognized charitable organizations. In 2019, it handed out $500 million in grants to promote a “just, fair, and peaceful world with opportunity for all.”

But now, for the first time since 1976, a member of the Ford Motors dynasty sits on the Board of the Foundation. 


Henry “Sonny” Ford, joined the Foundation’s Board of Trustees in February of 2019 to help drive its “racial injustice” agenda.

Speaking in February 2019, Foundation president Darren Walker said: “Although we were established to be an independent institution, our recent efforts in southeastern Michigan have marked a reconnection with the Ford family, coming full circle with Henry’s election to our board.”


Mr. Ford oversees grant-making policies, management and governance at the Foundation. He also serves as a public ambassador for the Foundation’s work.

The move is aimed at giving the Ford Foundation more legitimacy as it presses forward with its social justice policies. But it could spell trouble for the Ford car company.

To find the core of Ford Foundation’s push to abolish the police in America, we turn to their website:

“The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and Sean Reed are the result of an ugly, painful legacy of systemic racism and violence at the heart of the American story. It’s a story that begins with the genocide of indigenous peoples and continued with the enslavement of African people, whose free labor built the wealth of countless white Americans.”

Translation: America’s founding was unjust, it was unfair, and now, the country’s people deserve no peace. This appears to be the Ford Foundation’s new doctrine.

How does Mr. Ford conceptualize his risk of being associated with the Foundation, given its history of working to spread Marxism through this country and others?

For the answer, we turn to a video from November 2019, from the Ford Foundation’s YouTube channel.

Titled, “Extending Privilege,” Mr. Ford discusses in the video, among other things, him straddling responsibilities at the Foundation with his prominent role at the Ford Motor Company.

Mr. Ford says that he happily accepts the risks his Foundation’s work poses to his family’s car company. He chuckles as he recounts for the audience the effects of a boycott the company faced in the past as a result of its linkage to the Foundation.

“My grandfather would be extremely proud, as I am, of the work the Foundation is...

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  1. Won't watch the video but find it funny/ironic that all three in the image are whiter than white. Where's their token minority in the conversation.

  2. Most of those old charitable foundations have been taken over by leftist executives who use the assets of the foundation to support their leftist causes. That's why we have so much communism in the USA. It pays better here than in communist countries. I wonder if ford could see how his fortune would be used by future generations if he might have just burned it instead.


  3. Ford Motor Comoany and the Ford Foundation are two completely different and separate entities.


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