90 Miles From Tyranny : Ah Yeah Boi!!!

Friday, September 18, 2020

Ah Yeah Boi!!!

Now Get The Rest Of The Commies And Lock Their Seditious Asses Up.

Intentionally Blinding People Is EVIL

Watch the Navy Take Down a Drone With ... a Laser


  1. This is good.
    I wonder if there is anything reflective or polarized that can mitigate the damage.
    Of course, I personally think something in .45, .223, or 9mm is a good way to fix the problem. Lasers go in a straight line so it's hard to say "it wasn't me"

  2. I want to know where the laser came from?
    You can’t buy one that powerful on Amazon!
    My guess is industrial, or university.
    And since none of those types ever had a job not involving a deep fryer...
    Find out which university, defund it and sue it out of existence!

  3. Hope they hang this bastard!!!


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