90 Miles From Tyranny : Mail In Ballots For Trump Trashed In Pennsylvania...

Friday, September 25, 2020

Mail In Ballots For Trump Trashed In Pennsylvania...

The Justice Department ordered Pennsylvania election officials to change how it does business after a handful of ballots sent in by members of the military were found in — well, DOJ didn’t say, but ABC did: “Nine ballots were found in the trash, prompting an FBI investigation,” the news outlet reported.

Oh my. Seven were votes for President Donald Trump; the other two were sealed and “unknown,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Middle District of Pennsylvania said.

What a coincidence.

Democrats have a crappy candidate for president. Democrats are on an all-courts press to get as many voters as possible to mail in ballots, rather than vote in person. And here are these “Trump for president” ballots from the Luzerne County Board of Elections that turn up discarded. What’s a good Republican citizen to think?

The FBI’s Scranton office reported its agents “began an inquiry into reports of potential issues with a...

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