90 Miles From Tyranny : Proof That ANTIFA Are Setting Fires In The West...

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Proof That ANTIFA Are Setting Fires In The West...


  1. There has been plenty in the news even that have proven this. Arrests have been made but of course those would just be minimal. I have read of caches of flammables being found as well. They found that people in the suburbs are armed and not worth the bother; just take down everything around them and do as much as you can to destroy the coast.

    Normally I have a great view of Washington State across the water. Cannot see past the next street for the heavy smoke. No sun. Just dirty yellow air. We apparently have the worst quality air on the planet at the moment.

    And Mike, this is what they plan for the rest of America. The Coast has just been a testing ground as Soros' forces solidify. They do not want these elections and this is just a warm up.

    God bless your nation. I so worry for America and the good decent folk within it.

    1. I heard you couldn't even see across the Inner Harbour for the last couple of days.


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