Saturday, December 31, 2016

Learn How To Fake Army Documents Online With Dan Rather At

Learn how to produce fake news just like Dan Rather at Fake news is only valid news when it is produced to promote extreme leftist views, then it is called nightly news.

That is why has hired discredited leftist journalist Dan Rather, to put lipstick on all the fake news that will teach you to produce.

If you don't want America to become great again, the folks at will help you to keep them damn patriots down and in their place.  At, we will teach you that flying the American flag is simply racist, homophobic, and misogynistic. See how simple that was? 

We have even more tricks up our sleeves, just pay our monthly fees and we will teach you how to fake government documents using only Microsoft word and a copy machine! Sign up now to get the trump Trump special inaugural kit!

If satire pisses you off, you must be an extremist leftist.

CBS — disgraced by Dan Rather forged document scandal — warns of ‘fake news’

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  1. When Dan left there were hundreds to take his place.