90 Miles From Tyranny : Colorful Munich: Socialist Bundestag member experiences ‘diversity’ up close and personal

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Colorful Munich: Socialist Bundestag member experiences ‘diversity’ up close and personal

In the real world of multiculturalism, sooner or later pro-immigration politicians are also bound to experience "the party and event scene" as the German mainstream media euphemistically calls immigrant mobs wreaking havoc on society. The SPD [Socialist] member of the Bundestag Florian Post was one of them.

The multicultural society imposed by globalist politicians is increasingly proving to be wishful thinking. The effects of foreign and non-integrable cultures have become so noticeable that they can hardly be overlooked. The self-sacrificing hospitality and tolerance towards certain cultural groups have not had the hoped-for effects.

The SPD member of the Bundestag Post (40) criticized young “party people” who regularly cause problems at Odeonsplatz in Munich. Post told German tabloid Bild: “These are often young men with a migration background. But you can’t say that — but I don’t want to hide it!”

Around midnight, a “young man” threw a beer bottle on the pavement at the entrance to a courtyard garden. When Post asked him what that was all about, the man hit him in the chest with full force, the Bild reporter learned.

Bild has also revealed, belatedly, that migrants are the absolute frontrunners in sexual criminal offenses. And they are mainly from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea. In addition, “leftist violence” has increased by an amazing 345,8 percent.

According to Bild: “Sexual crimes in trains and stations are mostly committed by migrants! This emerges from data from the responsible federal police, which Bild has exclusively … child abuse, rape, coercion, harassment, exhibitionistic acts and other crimes against sexual autonomy.”

In 2019, the federal police identified 693 suspects, 371 of them without German citizenship (53,5 percent). Most of the non-German suspects came from Romania, Syria and Afghanistan.

In 2020, 346 of the 621 suspects did not have a German passport (55,7 percent). Most of them came from Syria and Afghanistan. Between January and March 2021, 80 of 137 suspects were non-German (58,4 percent), most of them from Afghanistan and Eritrea.

“The proportion of non-German suspects is disproportionately high – and continues to rise” suggesting that only “swift asylum procedures and fast, consistent repatriations” would protect the population . Ultimately, “mainly rejected asylum seekers” made up “15 to 16 percent of the suspects in bodily harm or rape”.

An enormous increase in left-wing extremist acts of violence has also been seen in Germany. The number rose in 2020 by 34,3 percent to 1237 offenses. These include five attempted homicides and 423 assault offenses.

Bild noted a” high propensity for violence in left-wing extremism” and “numerous riots”. The number of trespassing offenses rose...

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