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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Morning Mistress

The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #205

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #903

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Democrats Have Declared War on America’s Blue-Collar Boom

Girls With Guns

Rick Has An Important Message For All To Hear:

All Government Spending Comes From Your Taxes Or Your Future Debt.

All Taxation Is Theft.

When Your Only Virtue Is Having Money To Burn....

The Absolute Sickness Of The Leftist Mind...

The Same Could Be Said Of Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, Etc, Etc.

Bloomberg’s China Conflict of Interest

The inevitable cratering of Joe Biden’s campaign, accelerated by the impeachment fiasco orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi and the inexorable rise of Bernie Sanders, has caused the Ruling Class to turn their lonely eyes to a hoped-for savior, Michael Bloomberg. But along with Bloomberg comes his de facto business partner and long-time close ally: China, a nation determined to destabilize American security, prosperity and freedom while growing more tyrannical and secretive internally and more dangerous than ever externally as it faces a potential economic and societal cataclysm.

In a September 2019 interview with PBS’s Firing Line Bloomberg said: “The Communist Party wants to stay in power in China and they listen to the public.” Further, “Xi Jinping is not a dictator. He has to satisfy his constituents or he’s not going to survive.”

Bloomberg failed to mention that in 2013 Bloomberg News was caught in a scandal when it killed news stories revealing corruption related to Xi Jinping’s family members, prompting various reporters and editors to resign. It turned out that Bloomberg News leadership told the editors that stories about the families of politburo members were off limits.

When challenged by host Margaret Hoover of PBS on whether he really believes Xi is “responsive” to the democratic will of the people, Bloomberg doubled down. “The Chinese Communist Party looks at Russia and they look for where the Communist Party is and they don’t find it anymore. And they don’t want that to happen. So, they really are responsive.”

These absurd statements fly in the face of the what is happening in Xinjiang province with the forced imprisonment of nearly 2 million Uighur Muslims in “re-education” camps. The continuing government crackdown on the citizens of Hong Kong as well as the closing of innumerable Christian churches, jailing pastors and even rewriting Scripture. (Additionally, nearly 500,000 individuals are currently detained in “Black Jails” and mental health institutions without trial, charges or access to legal aid. Most recently, video has surfaced of the government’s reaction to the coronavirus by physically dragging victims or potential victims of the virus kicking and screaming into expansive state pens.

Michael Bloomberg, in pursuit of power and riches, has refused over the past 25 years to acknowledge these abuses and threats by China to world peace and stability.

As Josh Rogin of the Washington Post points out, among the ways Michael Bloomberg and his company Bloomberg LP make a considerable amount of money in China is not only through the extraordinarily profitable licensing of its financial software but via its massive Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index. Bloomberg LP is helping finance Chinese companies by sending billions of U.S. investor dollars into the Chinese bond market.

In 2019, the index began a 20-month plan to support 364 Chinese firms by directing an estimated $150 Billion into their bond offerings, including 159 controlled directly by the Chinese government. Bloomberg, along with other Wall Street firms, is effectively supporting the Chinese government’s human rights abuses, their resistance to Donald Trump’s efforts to rein in Chinese trade exploitation and espionage, all the while exposing American investors to increased risk in a nation that habitually obfuscates its economic statistics and manipulates its...

He's Still The Same Stinking Communist He Has Always Been...

If This Man Becomes President, He Will Implement One Of The Greatest National Diet Plans Ever Created...

Campaign Donations Show Letter Demanding Barr’s Resignation Comes From Leftist Hacks Pretending To Be ‘Bipartisan’

Had liberal outlets bothered to act like journalists, they would have quickly discovered evidence of a partisan bias underlying the letter calling for William Barr’s resignation.

“More than 1,100 former federal prosecutors and Justice Department officials called on Attorney General William P. Barr on Sunday to step down after he intervened last week to lower the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation for President Trump’s longtime friend Roger J. Stone, Jr.,” The New York Times reported on Sunday—if you can call it reporting.

Not once in the 800-word article did the Times address the overwhelming evidence that the thousand-plus signatories were politically motivated critics of President Donald Trump. In fact, to the contrary, the Times claimed “the former Justice Department lawyers” “came from across the political spectrum” to sign the open letter that condemned “President Trump’s and Attorney General Barr’s interference in the fair administration of justice.” Those actions, the much-touted letter claimed, “require Mr. Barr to resign.”

The letter and the charge that Barr interfered “in the fair administration of justice” focused on the decision last week by senior Department of Justice officials to override the recommendation lower-level prosecutors had made for a nine-year prison sentence for Roger Stone. The AG’s office viewed a nine-year sentence recommendation as too severe for Stone’s non-violent offenses but did not make a specific recommendation for an appropriate prison sentence.

Barr denied politics played any role in the DOJ’s decision and the Justice Department stressed that no one had discussed the Stone case with anyone at the White House. And there is no evidence to the contrary. Nonetheless, several Democrats pounced, pushing for Barr to resign, or, as Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren threatened, be impeached.

Over the weekend and earlier this week, left-leaning media outlets coalesced on the latest anti-Trump conspiracy theory, using the letter of the former DOJ employees to bolster the appearance of impropriety. In addition to the Times, Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post pointed to the 1,100 signatories as evidence of Trump’s misconduct and Barr’s supposed acquiescence. (At least Rubin wrote under the opinion category, unlike the Times article.)

NPR likewise parroted the misleading claim that “the signatories on a letter have worked under both Republican and Democratic administrations,” when interviewing Julie Zebrak, one of the signatories and a former DOJ attorney of nearly 20 years. NPR did provide a tad of pushback, though, asking Zebrak what she would say to listeners who dismiss what she says as “partisanship.” Zebrak’s reply followed the same misdirection, noting that “if you look at the list, you’ll see that almost everyone on that list has served through multiple administrations, including Republican and Democrat.”

That may well be true, but as Peter Strzok and Lisa Page proved beyond doubt, you can be an extreme, left-leaning, hate-filled partisan and work in (and against) Republican administrations. Had the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, or any of the other liberal outlets bothered to act like journalists instead of the PR arms of Democratic and anti-Trump outfits, they would have quickly discovered evidence of a partisan bias underlying the letter calling for Barr’s resignation.

First, as The New York Times noted, “Protect Democracy, a nonprofit legal group, gathered the signatures from Justice Department alumni and said it would collect more.” Here’s what the Times and other outlets failed to report: Protect Democracy was founded in 2017 by Ian Bassin, who was the associate White House counsel for President Barack Obama from 2009-2011, and Justin Florence, who also served in the Office of the White House Counsel as a...