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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

They Will Have To Fire Me Before I Take The Jab....

I'll Be Back In The Saddle...

Come easy, go easy
All right until the rising sun

I'm calling all the shots tonight
I'm like a loaded gun

Peeling off my boots and chaps
I'm saddle sore

Four bits gets you time in the racks
I scream for more

Fool's gold out of their mines
The girls are soaking wet

No tongue's drier than mine
I'll come when I get back

Biden's Border Policy Is Like Opening Pandora's Box...


All the Ills of the World

Then Zeus sent this beautiful treachery as a gift to Prometheus' brother Epimetheus, who ignored Prometheus's advice to never accept gifts from Zeus. In the house of Epimetheus, there was a jar—in some versions, it too was a gift from Zeus—and because of her insatiable greedy woman's curiosity, Pandora lifted the lid on it.

Out from the jar flew every trouble known to humanity. Strife, sickness, toil and myriad other ills escaped from the jar to afflict men and women forever more. Pandora managed to keep one spirit in the jar as she shut the lid, a timid sprite named Elpis, usually translated as "hope."

County Clerk Submits Report That Colorado Secretary of State And Dominion ‘Destroyed’ Election Data

Mesa County, Colorado Clerk and Recorder Tina M. Peters has submitted a forensic examination report to the Mesa County commissioners. The report shows that a massive amount of election data was deleted and “destroyed” by the office of the Democrat Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and Dominion Voting Systems, which performed a supposed system upgrade on the voting equipment in May. Luckily, Peters had the data backed up before it was destroyed, hopefully keeping alive the prospect of performing a full forensic audit of the 2020 election. (READ THE REPORT HERE)

Mesa County Clerks and Recorder Tina M. Peters states in her letter to the county Commissioners: “Enclosed is the first report from the cybersecurity experts who have analyzed thoroughly the two forensic images of the drive of the DVS Democracy Suite Election Management System in my office which we used for the management of the 2020 election. Because the report documents a substantial amount of data destruction during the May 25 “Trusted Build” conducted by the Secretary of State’s office and the vendor, I wanted to get this in your hands immediately. I just received this report today. From my review of the executive summary, it does appear that my concerns were more than justified. As you know, the legal duty to preserve election records falls solely to me and my office. “Extensive” amounts of data required to be preserved were instead destroyed, and done in a way that was totally beyond my control or knowledge. Among other things, these deletions would preclude a forensic audit of the last election. Thanks to the pre-Trusted Build image I had commissioned in May, these data have been preserved, in full compliance with my obligations under federal and state law, preserving the integrity of our county’s election record archive and permitting a forensic audit if no one were conducted. According to this report, the forensic examination has determined that this system and procedures “cannot meet the certification requirements of the state of Colorado and should not have been certified for use in the state.” Obviously, this is highly relevant to any decision whether to continue to use these systems in our county.”

The report states (page 1): “Federal law requires the preservation of election records — which includes records in electronic or digital form — for twenty-two months after an election. Colorado law requires the preservation of election records for an additional three months beyond the Federal requirement…Forensic examination found that election records, including data described in the Federal Election Commission’s 2002 Voting System Standards (VSS) mandated by Colorado law as certification requirements for Colorado voting systems, have been destroyed on Mesa County’s voting system, by the system vendor and the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. Because similar system modifications were reportedly performed upon county election servers across the state, it is possible, if not likely, that such data destruction in violation of state and federal law has occurred in numerous other counties. The extent and manner of the destruction of the data comprising these election records is consequential, precluding the possibility of any comprehensive forensic audit of the conduct of...

Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #16

Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #15

Masked Servants Waiting on Psychopathic Elites Is ‘Visually Perfect’ Illustration of a Decadent, Dystopian, Sci-Fi Society

Amanda Milius, director of The Plot Against the President, described masked servants waiting on maskless celebrities and assorted elites as a “visual representation” of a decadent society reminiscent of fictional dystopian science fiction universes.

Guests of the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards — held on Sunday in Los Angeles, CA — were not wearing masks as they were served by masked staffers, as Breitbart News reported.

California, via its health department, currently mandates the wearing of masks in indoor settings for “unvaccinated individuals.”

(L-R) Leann Bowen, Jeff Ingold , Tina Pawlik, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster , Bill Lawrence, Brett Goldstein, Hannah Waddingham, Jason Sudeikis, Juno Temple, Brendan Hunt, Bill Wrubel, Phoebe Walsh, and Nick Mohammed, pose during the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards at L.A. LIVE on September 19, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Milius contrasted the masking of event staffers with maskless celebrities and other television entertainment professionals at the event in an interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

“They want us to know that there are different rules for them than there are for us,” Milius said of elites demonstration of their own immunity to decrees ostensibly issued to reduce COVID-19 transmission. “It’s just totally off-putting. What’s kind of gross about it is that they are just shoving it in our faces — how distant and how different the rules are for them than for us.”

She remarked, “The big thing last night was how the COVID rules were so flaunted and just obviously not for the elites, but then the rest of us have mask restrictions in California and everything like that.”

Despite her assessment of conservatives’ highlighting of left-wing “hypocrisy” as often “useless,” Milius appraised the contradiction of masked servants waiting on maskless celebrities at the Emmys as particularly noteworthy. She said, “Pointing out the left’s hypocrisy … is the thing that I hate doing because it feels so so useless, but in an occasion like that, it is really obvious. That’s what they want us to feel.”

Marlow recalled the same display of masked staffers attending to maskless elites at the Met Gala.

“At the Met Gala, [we saw] all of these celebrities with their stupid political slogans, and they’re not wearing masks,” he remarked, “and then all the servants wearing masks and then you look at the Emmys and it’s the same thing. It’s the elite in their goofy outfits, no masks, but the servants who are bringing them Veuve Clicquot [are] wearing the masks. … They’re actually discriminating against normal people.”

Milius described celebrities’ conduct at the Emmys as a signal of elite status and an increasingly brazenness declaration of contempt for those they view as ordinary.

“We’re finally at the point where they get to visually articulate how they actually feel about the lower classes, because they have to do all this lip service,” she said. “The hardest thing about being a rich left-wing celebrity is figuring out how to pretend that you don’t have disdain for the lower classes outwardly, so they do all this work to act like they care about these things, using phrases like ‘income inequality’ and caring about distant social issues that don’t actually do...

The Science Is Funded By The Money, The Money Decides What Is Science...


DHS Sec. Says Biden Regime’s Plan is ‘Working,’ and Has Led to ‘a Drop in the Number of Encounters at the US Border’

During a Senate hearing Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed the Biden Regime’s border policies are “working,” and have led to a drop of encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mayorkas was responding to Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), who was grilling the DHS chief about the ongoing surge of illegal immigrants at the border during a Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on “Threats to the Homeland.”

After noting that Mayorkas had previously testified to Congress that DHS had “a plan,” and was “executing the plan,” Hawley pointed out that for two straight months, in July and August, US Customs and Border Protection officials had encountered more than 200,000 illegal immigrants. Hawley said such a staggering number of border crossers hadn’t been seen in decades.

“My question is, when’s your plan going to work?” the Missouri Senator pressed.

Mayorkas responded defensively that “in fact, we are implementing the plan, and I can walk through the measures we’ve taken.”

Hawley shot back: “My question is when is it going to work?”

Mayorkas responded, “it is, in fact, working. We have seen over the last several weeks—if not, the month—a drop in the number of encounters at the United States border.

In recent days, the border has been swamped with up to 15,000 Haitian migrants who have massed in squalid, third-world conditions in Del Rio, Texas. Thousands of the Haitians have since been removed by Border Patrol, and hundreds more have crossed the Rio Grand back to Mexico.

“We happen to be working very closely with Mexico to increase interdictions,” Mayorkas declared. “We have addressed the issue of recidivism, and if in fact, people have been previously removed, we are referring them to criminal prosecution.”

Hawley stopped Mayorkas to doublecheck whether he was sure the plan was working given that border officials were seeing over 200,000 encounters a month and now a small city of Haitians living under a bridge in Del Rio.

“Are you happy with what is happening at the border now? Is this success?” Hawley asked incredulously.

Mayorkas repeated his robotic answer about DHS having “a plan,” and “executing our plan.”

“We have a plan. We’re executing our plan, and we will continue to do so,” he said.

“But you just testified that it’s working so I’m just trying to understand,” Hawley responded, confused. “Is this success? Are you telling me this is successful? Your plan is successful currently?”

Mayorkas answered defensively that his department has not yet finished executing its plan, and muttered that he had never suggested it had.

“We continue to do the work that we are required to do to secure our border. That is an ongoing process, and indeed we are executing it,” the DHS Sec insisted, sticking to his talking points.

Asked once again if he was happy with the results, Mayorkas replied, “Senator, we need to do better, and we need to do more, and we are committed to...

The Cartographical Consensus For Clandestine Caravans That Circumnavigate Conspicuous Corridors Is Counterfactual To Common Commute...



Clarence Thomas’ Remarks Reveal America’s True Culture War

Last week, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas arrived at the University of Notre Dame to speak about the Declaration of Independence.

Speaking invitations like this that Thomas accepts are few and far between.

Anyone who cares about our country and listens to this address will wish that he would agree to speak more.

His presentation was a brilliant and profound articulation of what America is about at its core.

It is what every American needs to hear in these troublesome and divisive times.

Thomas tells his own story and how his life’s journey led him to understand what America is about.

He grew up poor near Savannah, Georgia, raised by his grandparents, under the tutelage of his grandfather, a devout Catholic and American patriot.

Thomas’ grandfather understood that the injustices of the country were not about flaws in the country but about flaws in human beings in living up to ideals handed down to them. What needed to be fixed were the people—not the nation.

This insight strikes at the heart of the divisions going on today that are so bitterly dividing us.

But Thomas left his grandfather’s house and went to college in the midst of the civil rights movement. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, and Thomas became filled with bitterness and the sense that America is an irredeemably flawed, racist nation, which is so much in the spirit of the times today.

In his own words, “What had given my life meaning and sense of belonging, that this country was my home, was jettisoned as old-fashioned and antiquated. … It was easy and convenient to fill that void with victimhood. … So much of my time focused intently on our racial differences and grievances, much like today.”

“As I matured,” Thomas continued, “I began to see that the theories of my young adulthood were destructive and self-defeating. … I had rejected my country, my birthright as a citizen, and I had nothing to show for it.”

“The wholesomeness of my childhood had been replaced with an emptiness, cynicism, and despair. I was faced with the simple fact that there was no greater truth than what my nuns and grandparents had taught me:

Anxious for the new Armageddon

Did you ever lie
Ever wonder why
Nobody believed you honey

What a pretty smile
Drive the people wild
Wonder who ran off with the money

Do you ever change
Is it going to rain
Will it bring you pennies from heaven

Do you know the score
Are you waiting for
Anxious for the new Armageddon


Bloomberg Confirms 'Wokeism' is a Tool For 'Exporting' U.S. Influence, Serves Elite Interests

Wokeism serves elite interests by getting radicals to focus on fighting the "patriarchy" and "white supremacy" (aka their middle class neighbors) rather than our Jeffrey Epstein-compromised elite.

Economist Tyler Cowen all but admitted as much in a column for Bloomberg News on Sunday.

From Bloomberg:

Why Wokeism Will Rule the World

The woke movement could be the next great U.S. cultural export — and it is going to do many other countries some real good.

One question raised by the woke movement, though hardly ever asked, is whether the U.S. will be able to deploy this new intellectual tool for exporting American cultural influence. Put another way: If there is going to be an international progressive class, why not Americanize it?

Wokeism is an idea that can be adapted to virtually every country: Identify a major form of oppression in a given region or nation, argue that people should be more sensitive to it, add some rhetorical flourishes, purge some wrongdoers (and a few innocents) and voila — you have created another woke movement.

As the technology writer and lawyer Paul Skallas has written: "MeToo and BlackLivesMatter are essentially US culture issues which provide an effective identity for internationals of the progressive class." Almost every other country now has its own version of woke, though it may differ greatly from the American version.

The French clearly see wokeism as a carrier of American cultural influence. "French politicians, high-profile intellectuals and journalists are warning that progressive American ideas — specifically on race, gender, post-colonialism — are undermining their society," the New York Times reported in February. It quoted France's education minister on the need to fight "against an intellectual matrix from American universities.''

But even the un-woke among us might think Francophone society and culture could stand to be a little more woke. The boss needs to know he doesn't have the right to sleep with his secretary. And Belgians need to come to terms more honestly with their colonial heritage in Africa. Wokeism has turned out to be a way to get them to do that.

I also think French culture and society will emerge just fine from this engagement with wokeism. Most of all, wokeism is a way of spreading ideas from a relatively feminized American culture to a world less supportive of women's rights.

Returning to the glories of American cultural imperialism, consider the British philosophical pessimist John Gray. He recently wrote the following, weird but insightful:

Wokery is the successor ideology of neo-conservatism, a singularly American world-view. That may be why it has become a powerful force only in countries (such as Britain) heavily exposed to American culture wars. In much of the world — Asian and Islamic societies and large parts of Europe, for example — the woke movement is marginal, and its American prototype viewed with bemused indifference or contempt.

Does that make you feel better or worse about wokeism? I say better. Again, keep the bigger picture in mind. It doesn't much matter who controls the English department at Oberlin College. But it would be nice if the Saudis moved to allow more rights for women.
Cowen goes on to argue that wokeism is great because it gives the masses fake enemies to oppose rather than oppose our parasitic elite:

Inflation to Rise Faster Than Previously Projected: OECD

Consumer prices in the United States and most other leading economies will rise faster than previously anticipated and will settle above pre-pandemic levels, the OECD said in its newest economic outlook, while urging central banks to set out clear strategies for managing inflationary pressures.

The headline rate of consumer price inflation is projected at 3.7 percent in 2021 on average in the Group of 20 leading economies, before rising to 3.9 percent in 2022, the Paris-based organization said in its September economic outlook (pdf). This is 0.2 of a percentage point higher for 2021 and 0.5 of a percentage point higher for 2022 than the previous May estimate.

In the United States, inflation is now expected to come in at 3.6 percent in 2021, higher by 0.7 of a percentage point over May’s estimate. In 2022, U.S. consumer price inflation is projected at 3.1 percent in 2022, an upward revision of 0.5 of a percentage point compared to prior estimates.

“Nevertheless, the outlook for inflation varies markedly. It has risen sharply in the U.S. and some emerging market economies but remains relatively low in many other advanced economies, particularly in Europe,” the OECD said in a release.

The international organization said higher commodity prices and global shipping costs were adding around 1.5 percentage points to annual consumer price inflation in the G-20 countries and that these factors are to blame for the bulk of the uptick in prices over the past year.

The OECD expects the impact of commodity prices and rising shipping costs on inflation to ease gradually, with capacity expanding and costs stabilizing.

“Supply pressures should...