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Friday, November 15, 2019

Protecting The Corrupt Deep State..

Storytime: How President Trump Won His Second Term....

That Moment When You Just Walked Away From A Sure Death...

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Judge Rules for America: Denies Citizenship to US-born Alabama Muslim Who Joined ISIS and who urged Muslims in America to ‘Go On Drive-Bys and SPILL ALL THEIR BLOOD’

She fled the country to fight alongside a vicious, brutal whose stated goal was to destroy America and install an Islamic state. She left the United States to join the jihad against America. She married three ISIS fighters.

Hoda Muthana “is not and never was a U.S. citizen. Muthana’s parents enjoyed diplomatic-agent-level immunity at that time of her birth, meaning that she was born not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and thus could not and did not acquire U.S. citizenship at birth. And because A.M.’s only claim to citizenship rests on his mother (Muthana) being a U.S. citizen, the claims related to A.M. must also be dismissed.” Motion, p. 16.

Judge rules ‘ISIS bride’ is not US citizen, cannot return to America
Hoda Muthana burned her U.S. passport in 2014 when she declared herself part of the caliphate.

A federal judge ruled Thursday that an American-born woman who traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State (ISIS) group and now wants to return to her family in Alabama is not a U.S. citizen.
U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton dismissed a lawsuit brought by the family of Hoda Muthana to force the federal government to let her in the country.

Muthana, 25, currently lives with her 2-year-old son in a refugee camp in Syria and has since repudiated the terrorist group. A court motion said she and child, identified only as John Doe, were moved from...

30 Hours Of Hunter Biden....

How Many Children Did ABC Help To Victimize?

German Farmers Block Hamburg in Revolt Against Globalist Environmental Regulations

Protesters fury at new measures they say threaten their livelihoods.

German farmers are blocking roads in Hamburg with their tractors to protest against environment regulations as the rural revolt against globalism spreads across Europe.

4,000 tractors arrived in Hamburg yesterday in a massive rebuke to what protesters assert is government bullying amidst efforts to impose Green New Deal-style control measures.

Regional environment ministers were meeting to discuss plans to ban certain weed killers and fertilizers, something that farmers insist will kill their livelihoods.

Placards displayed on the tractors included one that read, “No farm, no food, no future,” with farmers expressing their fury at being blamed while their contribution to the economy is ignored and ministers refuse to engage in dialogue with them.

“The rules, which are coming from the German government, are so hard for us that we can’t work on our farms,” Klaus-Peter Lucht, Vice President of the regional Farmers Association, told RT. “We can’t make good crops. We can’t have good fodder for the dairy [cows].”

The kilometer long convoys of tractors caused “considerable traffic disruption” across the city, according to authorities.

Hamburg is just the latest site of a rural revolt against globalism that is sweeping...

If She Kills You, She's Got A Plan For That Too!

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Be A Victim Oh So Very Bad....

Adam Schiff linked to sex predator in SHOCK video

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. is leading the second day of the impeachment proceedings on Capitol Hill.

So far his so-called “witch hunt” has been a disaster — and that’s not even Schiff’s biggest problem on Friday.

Far away in Schiff’s home state of California, right in his backyard, a potential political crisis in developing.

The House Intel Committee chairman had already been linked to the alleged murderer Ed Buck, a prominent Democratic donor who was arrested in September.

Friday’s video linked Schiff to a different alleged predator — former NBC correspondent Dr. Bruce Hensel.

If that name is familiar, The Horn News reported on Hensel’s arrest on Thursday. The former 11-time Emmy-winner and NBC medical correspondent was arrested in connection with receiving sexual photos of his friend’s 9-year-old daughter.

It turns out that his friend and political ally is an alleged pedophile who has been charged with soliciting sexual acts from an elementary school child.

According to uncovered video, Schiff and Hensel are very close.

Schiff introduced the longtime NBC correspondent as, “My dear friend Dr. Bruce Hansel,” in 2009.

The video was first discovered by Jack Posobiec of One America News Network.

Chicago: Muslim students riot over alleged Quran burning (VIDEO)

TINLEY PARK, Ill. — A group of students protested in Tinley Park after a fight inside a high school that stemmed from a video shared with students.

On Thursday, about 60 students gathered outside of Victor J. Andrew High School to protest what they said is unfair treatment by the school administration and to condemn intolerance at the school.

The principal confirmed there was a physical altercation at the school Wednesday. In a letter to families, Principal Bob Nolting said the situation is believed to be a result of a year-old social media post containing a video showing a “culturally insensitive act” by one of the students. Nolting said a video was AirDropped to many students, so its origins are unclear.

The racial tension at the school was simmering when a video posted on social media showed a white student in blackface. Things then boiled over when white students allegedly burned a Quran.

One student, Alaa Emeria, said three students got suspended, but said the white students involved received no punishment.

After the alleged incidents, there were more postings on social media and threats that someone would bring a gun to school. Rumors of a weapon turned out to be unfounded.

On Thursday, the school’s principal said more police were on hand and about 400 hundred students stayed home amidst the threats.

“We are not immune to the hate and intolerance in our world,” the principal said in a voicemail to students and parents. “That said, I know we can address this and celebrate all of our kids, no matter their race, religion, gender, or orientation. As we continue to work through yesterday’s events, please know that we are committed to moving forward with open dialogue among our students staff and community.”

The principal said the students involved in the fight have been disciplined. He also urged parents to talk to their children about respecting others.

However, some parents said these issues have been going on for... (video at link)

Chicken Schiff...

Said He Stop Stop Anyone Who Mentioned The Whistle Blowers Name: (Eric CIAmarella).
Claims He Doesn't Know The Whistle-blowers Name.
How Do You Know He's Lying?  His Lips Are Moving...

Backed by Soros Cash, Radical District Attorneys Take Control in DC Suburbs

Radical social justice activists will serve as the top prosecutors for three major Washington, D.C., suburbs—including the two wealthiest counties in the U.S.—after George Soros’ political action committee poured $2.1 million into ordinarily sleepy local races.

In Virginia’s Fairfax and Arlington counties, the “reformer” attorneys ran on platforms far to the left of the Democratic incumbents, beating them in primary races before ultimately winning the general elections.

In both cases, the incumbents expressed concern for public safety if the Soros-backed candidates took control. They also said that the activists were pushing a national platform about racism and over-incarceration that had no basis in reality in the affluent, liberal jurisdictions.

After losing the Democratic primary to Soros-backed Steve Descano, Fairfax’s longtime prosecutor, Ray Morrogh, warned his fellow party members that safety could be at risk if they elected Descano in the general election. He quit the party to endorse Jonathan Fahey, an experienced prosecutor who was running as an independent, to try to avert a Descano victory.

The demand for socialism is on the rise from young Americans today. But is socialism even morally sound? Find out more now >>

Descano “is completely unqualified for the office of commonwealth attorney,” Morrogh said in a video. “The only case he tried, he disgraced himself when the judge reversed the conviction because [he] lied in closing argument. This man is not fit to hold office in Fairfax County.”

“I’ve dedicated 36 years of my life to keeping you safe in Fairfax County, and I’ve never asked for anything,” Morrogh continued. “But I love my country, I love this county, and I believe in public safety. I’m asking you, vote for Jonathan Fahey for all the victims in this county.”

Descano narrowly beat Morrogh in the primary after receiving $400,000 from Soros’ PAC, financial disclosures show. Morrogh raised $250,000, with no one donor giving more than $10,000.

Fahey told The Daily Caller News Foundation, “The weird thing is, as a result of Soros pouring money into low-turnout primaries, center-left voters are unquestionably more closely aligned to the Republican candidates than they are to these radical challengers. If the citizens were informed they’d never vote for this.”

With little media coverage of suburban politics, locals seemed unaware of the schism between traditional Democrats and the far-left candidates backed by the New York billionaire’s...