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Traitor Bowe Bergdahl seeks pardon from President Obama

According to a well-placed source, Bergdahl thanked the president for rescuing him in May 2014 in a controversial exchange for five Taliban prisoners from Gitmo, in addition to asking for a pardon in the letter.

The Secretary of the Army was copied on the letter to the president, but the pardon was not formally requested through the military chain of command.

A Justice Department official confirms that it received a pardon petition from Bergdahl. Pentagon and White House officials would not immediately respond for comment.

Bergdahl’s pardon letter was sent to the president via the Department of Justice, officials said. There was no immediate comment from DOJ. […]

Calling the released terrorists “five Taliban prisoners” doesn’t quite capture it. These were five field commanders, i.e. Taliban generals. It was a ridiculously lopsided swap.

On the campaign trail a year ago President-elect Donald Trump said Bergdahl should have been executed for abandoning his post in Afghanistan.

“We’re tired of Sgt. Bergdahl, who’s a traitor, a no-good traitor, who should have been executed,” Trump said to...

BUSTED: 7 Fake Hate Crimes Blamed on Trump Supporters

As soon as Donald Trump won the presidential election, a plethora of stories about how Trump supporters abused liberals started being reported. It turns out most of those stories have turned out to be lies or exaggerations not related to Trump.

Twitchy laid out 7 of the worst fake hate crimes blamed on Trump supporters:

1) Fake hijab attack in Louisiana.

A student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette falsified a story that she was attacked for wearing a hijab. Police quickly determined that she had fabricated the story.

2) Student hands out deportation notices at school.


German student Maria Ladenburger was raped, murdered by Muslim Migrant

Another Merkel Muslim migrant murder. You won’t read about it in the enemedia. They only traffic in hate and smear pieces against European politicians who oppose the Muslim invasion of Europe like Geert Wilders.

The rape and murder victim of this Muslim migrant was a member of an organization that helped refugees.

German reader Freda wrote me (her translation is a bit awkward, but you get the picture): 

“Two German girls were raped and killed in the same German town, Freiburg, and in a short time. The one girl who was raped and killed you can see here on the first photo , they found today finally the rapist and killer. A 17. years old Afghan who came in 2015 as a “teenager” and refugee to Germany and a German family took him warmly as a family member .
That he is only 17 years old, I think is a lie.
He is never never 17 but at least 2 years older or even more! How do I know?I lived with Pashtuns etc. and know that they are normaly 2 years older as written on their passport , but on the way to the west it can also be a bit more “younger” ! He was so grateful that he did not rape and kill the woman or women of the family, but a beautiful young German girl, a student of medicine. I am 100% sure that the other girl was also raped and killed by a so called refugee and in my view it must be really not the same. It is not like it was in Germany before, that there was one sick killer once a time and who did it several times. We are talking here about people who are here to spread their Islam and sick mentality towards women and especially ...

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