90 Miles From Tyranny : 2013-02-17

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dorothy Questions...

What Happens After Forced Registration Of Guns?


For The First Time In My Adult Life...

When This Creature Said Those Words, I Knew Everything That I Needed To Know About Her And Her Husband.  How Anybody Voted For Them That Is Not An America Hater, I Will Never Understand.

An Enemy Agent In Our Midst...

How To Conquer And Enslave A Country

The Eternal Shadow..

Ann Coulter Quotes...

When you control all the strings of the media, you can rename anything you want to, even the timeless Star Trek opening.

"To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before" , Man meaning Mankind became:
"To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before", So Star Trek would only go to uninhabited, lifeless places?  This is the insanity of the leftist hatred of men.  There is no creature on earth more beautiful than the human woman, why is it so necessary of the left to diminish the male of the species?

Resist Tyranny

The Traitor.

Hillary Blood On Her Hands Clinton

It does make a difference and it does matter.  You helped to politicize and cover up the deaths of four Americans for political gain.  Shame on you, If the American media were not puppets your political career would be over.

The Government is Swine

A Little Reminder....

Dream Of The Archer

Dream Of The Archer

Wayfaring warrior Soul - still wild 
The archer stands 
Arrow measured to the goal - sing of 
Strong and living man 
In his mind there is a vision wand'ring 
Through the forest town 
Telling of riches only given if through 
The woods the way is found 

Crying "ah! Beautiful dancers... wake up 
From your sleep! 
Ahhh gentle romancers... drink of Love 
So sweet!" 

Treasure glowing in their eyes - Forest 
Deepens dark their dream 
"Keep to the pathway" he advise "the woods 
Are more than they might seem" 
"Heed you now the apparition bending never 
Ending sounds 
Call you into her mystery - are your eyes 
Not sparkling now?" 

Sighing "ahh! Take you no warning - 
Make no foolish fight 
Ahh, think not of morning - lie here 
Through the Night!" 

"Beauty take us!" they call "In my arms!" 
They hear her say 
As the silken web falls, mist illusion rips away 
"Helpless! Helpless!" now they scream it 
Helpless on the path he stands 
And awakens from his dream singing string 
Beneath his hand 

Gentle archer ages old - release the aim 
Free the goal 
Come and roll your arrow to my Soul - release the aim 
Free the goal

You'll Wish You Had This...

Guilty As Charged...


Two Faced Forked Tongue

Morning Maiden

Morning Mistress

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Friday, February 22, 2013

The First President To Create More Excuses Than Jobs

My Money Is On Israel

Aldous Huxley Quotes

Girls With Guns

Clueless Progressives

What Is She Afraid Of?

Not A Damn Thing.

Vintage Gun Porn

Carpe Diem

The Devastating Effects Of The Sequestor

There is no cut.  There is only a reduction in growth.  
This can only be a problem to the Troth Swine of Government.

Chicken Little...

What Difference Does It Make?!?

Guess It Depends On Whose Family You Ask...

Opposing Anti-Rape Tips

...Coming To A Theater Near You..

The Disaster Film Of The Current Political Agenda!

Zombie Killer

Water - Giver of Life...

More Duality And Hypocrisy

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