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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Girls With Guns

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Two Minutes Hate: Biden Rails Against His Fellow Americans in Dark, Threatening Prime-Time Speech

Joe Biden harangued and threatened the nation for 20 minutes on national TV on Thursday in a speech that will be remembered for its vicious rhetoric and blood-red lighting.

In the highly partisan speech, Biden railed against MAGA America like there was no tomorrow—he used the words “MAGA Republicans” 11 times in the first 12 minutes. Some of the most-used words in the speech were: violence, darkness, threat, and politics. The most-used word was “democracy,” the Marxist-leaning crowd’s favorite term of derision for our republic.

But that’s all Joe Biden’s got right now. By nearly every metric, America is worse off than it was during the Trump years, so Biden can only resort to fearmongering and demagoguery.

For most politicians, Independence Hall in Philadelphia would be the perfect backdrop for a patriotic speech. But Biden’s handlers apparently thought it would be better to stage the boss’s dark rhetoric with blood-red lighting and shadowy Marines standing at attention, suggesting a cross between the 6th circle of Hell and a Fidel Castro rally.

Some compared it to a Nazi rally.

CNN apparently watched the speech through rose-colored glasses. Notice anything different about the lighting here:

Is the spike protein acting as a prion with regard to hemoglobin molecules? And is porphyria being induced?

Figure 1: Red Blood Cells is a photograph by Dennis Kunkel Microscopy/science Photo Library which was uploaded on September 17th, 2018.

If the answers are 'yes', this is very bad news.

Strap in, hold onto your hats and grab a glass of wine. This is a long article. And it’s very important.


Pfizer to Acquire Global Blood Therapeutics for $5.4 Billion to Enhance Presence in Rare Hematology

On blood

Blood. Ahh blood. From silly B-rated horror films, to the first time we scraped our knees falling off of our bikes, we all know a little about blood. It runs. It clots. It’s red. It smells like… iron. Blood runs through our arteries and veins and is an essential component to our incredible living bodies and our circulatory systems. Blood is made up of white blood cells, platelets, plasma (that contains proteins, water, hormones, nutrients, etc) and red blood cells. The following delightful artistic depiction shows red blood cells (red), white blood cells (yellow) and activated platelets (green).

On red blood cells/erythrocytes

Red blood cells or erythrocytes, comprise a large component of the blood and originate from the bone marrow.1 Production of red blood cells is controlled by a kidney-sourced hormone called erythropoietin (meaning ‘make red’ from ancient Greek: ερυθρός/erythros(=red) + ποιέω/poieo (=create, make)). They come about from the bone marrow as immature cells, and take about 7 days to mature to end up circulating in the blood, where they ‘live’ about 120 days. They are anucleated (they do not contain a nucleus) so they can slip in and out of tight spaces like blood vessels within the circulatory system. Each cell contains millions of proteins called hemoglobin. Blood is red because of red blood cell content, and red blood cells are red because of the iron cores in the heme (porphyrin containing iron ring - I explain this soon) that make up the hemoglobin proteins.

“Specifically it is the iron (Fe) atom in the heme component that contributes with a bound Oxygen molecule to the red color.”2 Red blood cells also balance Nitric Oxide (NO) scavenging and production.3 Perhaps one of the most relevant characteristics of red blood cells is that they express Cluster of Differentiation molecule 147 (CD147) on their cell surfaces, which is a ligand of SARS-nCoV-2 spike protein.4 I will write more on this in the following sections.

Figure 2: Healthy red blood cells with a granular white cell. http://medicalpicturesinfo.com/red-blood-cells/

Red blood cells also carry blood group antigens on their surfaces. This means that depending on which blood type you are, you will have specific antigens on the surfaces of your red blood cells.

Figure 3: Blood group antigens on red blood cells. https://www.coursehero.com/study-guides/microbiology/hypersensitivities/

If you are blood type O, then you do not have blood group antigens on your red blood cells, but you do have anti-A and B isohemagglutinins (antibodies) against A and B antigens. That’s why you can’t get a blood transfusion from someone who doesn’t have blood type O, if you are blood type O, for example. Your ‘O’ anti-A and B isohemagglutinins will recognize the foreign blood group antigens on those red blood cells and destroy them (hemolysis). Blood type O (Rh D-) individuals are the so-called ‘universal donors’, therefore: they can give to anyone because they lack antigens on their red blood cell surfaces. Blood type ABers (Rh D+), the so-called universal recipients, can get blood from everyone, because they don’t have attack antibodies! Very cool, eh? *One must also consider the...

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Trump to look at ‘full pardons with an apology’ for Jan 6th protesters if he is president again

President Trump called in to Wendy Bell’s radio show on Newsmax Thursday, and the two spoke at length regarding Jan. 6 protesters who are incarcerated as well as those who are not. Trump said he is currently financially supporting several of the accused protestors and suggested pardons in the future if he runs and wins in 2024.

“How do we right this wrong? What can you do?” Bell asked to begin the topic discussion.

“So I met with them a number of times, but I met with and I’m financially supporting people that are incredible, and they were in my office actually two days ago. That’s very much on my mind. It’s a disgrace what they’ve done to them, what they’ve done to these people. It’s disgraceful,” he declared.

Trump continued, “And mostly, I mean, you know, it’s firemen. They’re policemen. They’re people in the military. They’re people that were you know, you look at what took place with the police, where they’re ushering them in and so many different things.”

(Video: Wendy Bell/Rumble)

“And we’re working on it very hard. We’re working with legals, you know, this radical left system. These people are sick. There’s something wrong with them. Nobody’s ever seen anything like this and they don’t mind and they’re cold,” Trump explained.

“You know, they were telling me that some of these, some of the legal people on the other side, they’re the most cold-hearted people. They don’t care about families. They don’t care about anything. And you see what they’re doing with the sentencing. And I will tell you and I’m looking at it very carefully, I’ve studied it. I study cases and contributions should be made,” he advised.

“We have to do that because, you know, they have some good lawyers,” Trump continued, railing against a Department of Justice and intelligence agencies that are becoming increasingly less trustworthy as American institutions with each...

Morning Mistress

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This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Friday, September 2, 2022

Girls With Guns

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America: In the Midst of a Communist Color Revolution

Many thought it was odd that during the entire time leading up to the last election, Joe Biden rarely campaigned and refused to come out of his "basement," while President Trump held huge rallies with more than 50,000 in attendance.

Whenever Biden did step out of his basement, the numbers in attendance could be summed up as a few dozen here and there.

Anyone with eyesight could see that Trump was on his way to victory which made Biden's invisibility was incomprehensible.

With hindsight, Biden, and the cabal behind him, had no need to campaign because his selection was smugly secured. As Biden, in a rare moment of truth, once stated, "We have assembled the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of the United States". He and his cabal (George Soros called it a "temporary glitch") were not going to permit a replay of 2016 once again. They were simply going to take the presidency by any means necessary.

With more than enough evidence to support the charge the 2020 presidential election was stolen by the Democrats through a myriad of mechanisms, representative government is no longer a guaranteed option. Using hackable voting machines, Zuckerbucks, mail-in ballots, zero voter IDs, and ballot harvesting as the means for voting, Americans no longer trust the integrity of elections.

On his first day in office, Biden began to issue his exhaustive list of executive orders to undo the policies President Trump enacted in his mission to transplant our constitutional republic into a socialist/communist state. He and his cabal wasted no time marketing the new language of "wokeism" to an unsuspecting, gullible public.

Following the playbook of past communist revolutions, erasing our history began immediately (and even in the summer before) with the destruction of historical statues and monuments by Antifa and BLM mobs, the unofficial paramilitary arm of the DNC.

Our new administration said and did nothing as statues were torn down, blocks of cities burned, stores looted while police and civilians were murdered. Along this backdrop and a first in our history, a barbed wire fence was erected around the Capitol with 20,000 National Guardsmen standing guard to protect the Thief-in-Chief and his accomplices. The hundreds, if not thousands, who engaged in actual physical violence were not arrested; nor charged for the nationwide chaos and destruction they caused. The irony of it did not go unnoticed when hundreds of January 6 protesters were arrested, charged, and placed in jail indefinitely for the crime of trespassing at the Capitol in what increasingly appears to have been an inside job by Capitol Police, some members of Congress, and Antifa thugs masquerading as Trump supporters.

The FBI and the DOJ are holding 14,000 hours of video tape which they refuse to release for fear it may incriminate them; however, there are several viewable public videos which vindicate and exonerate the Trump supporters. The videos show Trump supporters openly being led into the Capitol building by Capitol police. If it was, as the mainstream pundits like to point out an "armed insurrection," then why would the Capitol Police usher in "armed protesters" into the Capitol building? Clearly, they were unarmed, and the entire narrative was a set-up!

As the Biden administration began to operate, Cultural Marxism was inconspicuously introduced using palatable language such as "equity," "intersectionality," "love is love," "white privilege," Critical Race Theory, gender fluidity, and social emotional learning. We encounter it in our schools, universities, our press and media, television programs, our news, movies, corporations, and in all professional walks of life. Politically incorrect views are not tolerated in the classroom or in the boardroom.

Censorship is alive on the information highways by Big Tech at the urging and illegal demands of the FBI and the Biden administration. With the advancement of communism, equity is now the principal criteria upon entrance into medical school, law school and in the hiring practices of airline pilots. Where once the goal was a colorblind society, today there is open discrimination against Whites in the pursuit of equity. In the field of science and medicine where data was once held up to scrutiny, those who question or criticize scientific findings are marginalized, ostracized, and often fired from...

As America Self-Destructs With Green Energy, China Preps For War With Coal

The West’s insistence on the widespread implementation of green energy may backfire as China continues to use coal in preparation for war.

In Aug. 25, the California Air Resources Board, the state’s air quality regulator, announced a ban on the sales of new gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035.

Less than a week later, a heat wave threatened California with seven days of power shortages. So the state’s grid operator asked electric vehicle owners not to recharge when they come home from work.

This is all a painful part of the energy transition, we are told — needed to save the planet.

In its effort to wean itself off fossil fuels, California has found a willing and enthusiastic partner in the People’s Republic of China. Most batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines that make California’s green dreams possible are made in China.

California leaders — from former Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to former Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, and current Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom — have traveled to China to tout their green cooperation with Red China.

The push for electric vehicles by California and China raises an intriguing question: Are both sides really weaning themselves off fossil fuels to save the planet and reduce pollution, or might there be an entirely different intention — at least for China?

U.S. climate czar John Kerry, a former senator, former secretary of state, and the Democratic nominee for president in 2004, epitomized American elite opinion when he said on Aug. 30 that China has “generally speaking, outperformed its (climate) commitments” and that the U.S. and China can make a difference for the world by “working together.”

When policymakers and strategists erroneously ascribe to others the same motives that they have themselves, it is called the Mirror-Image Fallacy. Opponents in warfare seek to deceive — the best deception plans are those that show the enemy what the enemy wants to believe. Mirror-Image Fallacy and deception plans can work hand-in-glove.

If China was truly going all-in on EVs to reduce pollution and curb its greenhouse gas emissions, one would expect to see that in its energy consumption profile. Instead, we see something different. Yes, China has been adding wind, solar, and nuclear power, but coal use is also increasing.

From 2010 to 2020, the amount of electricity produced by coal in China rose by 57 percent to 4,775 terawatt hours. From 2010 to 2021 — the latest year available and 2020 having been...

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