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Monday, June 24, 2019

Morning Mistress

The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #662

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

Hot Pick of The Late Night

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Deported Illegal Alien Arrested for Allegedly Raping Tennessee Woman

An illegal alien who was already deported from the United States has been arrested on rape charges after returning to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Javier Morales, an illegal alien, allegedly raped a woman in January, pinning her to a wall and sexually assaulting her, according to local police. Before being prosecuted for the rape, the illegal alien was deported back to his native country.

Local officials placed warrants on Morales in the event that he returned to Knoxville. This week, Morales was arrested and charged for the rape after he arrived back in Knoxville after being deported, according to WVLT.

Currently, the illegal alien is being held at the Knoxville County Jail.

The rape case is the latest incident in Tennessee in which American citizens have been reportedly victimized by illegal aliens. 22-year-old Piece Corcoran was killed last year in a crash caused by an illegal alien who has yet to be prosecuted for his death.

Similarly, in April, Debbie Burgess was allegedly killed in Knoxville by an illegal alien driver. That same month, in Shelby County, Tennesee, a five-time deported illegal alien was charged with murdering a four-month-old baby by kicking the child to death. In Dyersburg, Tennessee in January, a pair of illegal aliens were charged with gang-raping a...

Girls With Guns

Hate Speech Is Defined As......

Supercaliforniafragile now isn't it?

We see a once great state dismantling itself with the mental illness of progressivism.

California was once Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.....

Banning Guns Is Just The Beginning Of The Slippery Slope To Complete Madness...

Leftist Media Agitprop...

How Political Correctness Hijacked Trump Inauguration Protesters’ Brains

The Weaponization of Wikipedia

The egregious vandalism and misuse of my biography page by Wikipedia agenda editors continues.

I understand that cases like this matter little except to those who are slandered. However, I would argue that they are important to the extent they represent what’s going on across the increasingly-troubled Wikipedia platform.

Wikipedia has been “weaponized.”

Anonymous political and special interests control pages on behalf of paid clients. Devoted ideologues use their authority on Wikipedia to censor and controversialize ideas with which they disagree. There are attacks, slander, biases, false information and censorship.

In my instance, the Wikipedia editors have violated multiple Wikipedia policies over the years governing matters such as neutrality, slander and attribution.

And there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

The well-meaning Wikipedia editors– and there are many– are simply outwitted and overpowered by the bad guys.

As I have reported and discussed these matters publicly, anonymous Wikipedia agenda editors controlling my biographical page have mounted a campaign to attack me beyond my Wikipedia page.

“To put it bluntly, this is unacceptable behavior,” wrote a Wikipedia agenda editor in discussing my public objections to the false information and slander on my Wikipedia biographical page. “…some action needs to be taken.” (Toa Nidhiki05 01:52, 9 June 2019 (UTC))

Wikipedia editors have long been known to track down, troll and attack those who criticize them.

As I reported in my Full Measure investigation, some Wikipedia editors have even gotten together and tracked down personal details about someone they don’t like, figuring out where they travel, what they do in their spare time, and where they work– even calling their boss on the phone to try to get them in trouble. No kidding.

Not long after the “something must be done” threat against me by the Wikipedia editor, additional false and biased information was edited onto my Wikipedia biographical page, an attack blog was published against me, and Wikipedia interests came after me on Twitter.

The Twitter attackers included a Wikipedia editor @wikigamaliel who calls himself “Gamaliel@ALA” on Twitter.

@Wikigamaliel proceeded to state that he knows “how I feel” and “what I think” about certain topics based on my Twitter followers, whom he called “nutty.” (He received a “like” from @Wikimedia UK regarding his “nutty” comment about my followers. These are Wikipedia’s supposedly neutral arbiters of information.)

When some Twitter users then flagged extensive hate, profanity and bias in @Wikigamaliel’s recent Tweets on many subjects, he deleted some of the Tweets and blocked the users.

But he’s still editing away on my Wikipedia biographical page and, presumably, many others.

The Talk Pages

Wikipedia’s “talk” pages are arcane, to be sure, but they can provide a window into the bias, twisted justifications, and mangled logic used by Wikipedia agenda editors to make sure false and biased information stays on a page… and fair, truthful information is censored.

This is where matters of controversy are supposedly arbitrated and settled. Instead, it’s the place where the agenda editors band together and play games to beat back attempts to...

Sorbo On Illegal Alien Murders...

Kevin Sorbo On "Feminist Hypocrisy"

Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It’s time to switch.

Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser — in a single week. Here’s why Firefox is better.

You open your browser to look at the web. Do you know who is looking back at you?

Over a recent week of web surfing, I peered under the hood of Google Chrome and found it brought along a few thousand friends. Shopping, news and even government sites quietly tagged my browser to let ad and data companies ride shotgun while I clicked around the web.

This was made possible by the web’s biggest snoop of all: Google. Seen from the inside, its Chrome browser looks a lot like surveillance software.

Lately I’ve been investigating the secret life of my data, running experiments to see what technology really is up to under the cover of privacy policies that nobody reads. It turns out, having the world’s biggest advertising company make the most-popular web browser was about as smart as letting kids run a candy shop.

It made me decide to ditch Chrome for a new version of nonprofit Mozilla’s Firefox, which has default privacy protections. Switching involved less inconvenience than you might imagine.

My tests of Chrome versus Firefox unearthed a personal data caper of absurd proportions. In a week of web surfing on my desktop, I discovered 11,189 requests for tracker “cookies” that Chrome would have ushered right onto my computer, but were automatically blocked by Firefox. These little files are the hooks that data firms, including Google itself, use to follow what websites you visit so they can build profiles of your interests, income and personality.

Chrome welcomed trackers even at websites you’d think would be private. I watched Aetna and the Federal Student Aid website set cookies for Facebook and Google. They surreptitiously told the data giants every time I pulled up the insurance and loan service’s log-in pages.

And that’s not the half of it.

Look in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser. See a picture or a name in the circle? If so, you’re logged in to the browser, and Google might be tapping into your web activity to...

Democrats Hate A Great Economy...Trump's Great Economy....

44 MORE ARRESTED: “HISTORICAL child sex grooming” in unending Muslim child rape/sex trafficking horrors

The BBC reports, “Detectives investigating claims of historical child sex grooming have arrested 44 people.” These latest arrests center around the time the victims were children in the Dewsbury and Batley areas of Kirklees.
Here is what is never addressed; the underlying belief is the same: non-Muslim women exist for the pleasure of Muslim men. It’s in the Quran: Muslims can take “captives of the right hand” and use them for sex (4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30).
Four women complained of being abused between 1995 and 2005 when they were aged between 12 and 16.

During the course of an investigation police said they had arrested dozens of people across Bradford, Leeds, Kirklees and other areas of the country.

Those arrested within the past two weeks include 36 men and three women. Five other men were arrested earlier.

West Yorkshire Police, who are dealing with the allegations, said those arrested ranged in age from 39 to 81.

All of the 44 people questioned have been released under investigation.

In a statement police said the allegations of sexual abuse centred around the time the women were children in the Dewsbury and Batley areas of Kirklees.
Det Insp Seth Robinson said: "We hope that these recent arrests reassure our local communities that we are wholly committed to tackling child sexual exploitation in Kirklees, both current and non-recent.

"Child sexual abuse and exploitation is an abhorrent and heinous crime and one which affects some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

"We would urge anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse, whether recent or historical, to report it to...

The Effects Of Four Horrible Addictions...

Anonymous Group of 3D-Printed Gun Makers Is Spreading Online

A decentralised network of gun-printing advocates is mobilising online, they're anonymously sharing blueprints, advice and building a community. There's no easy way they can be halted

A new network of 3D-printed gun advocates is growing in America – and this time things are different. Unlike previous attempts to popularise 3D-printed guns, this operation is entirely decentralised. There’s no headquarters, no trademarks, and no real leader. The people behind it reckon that this means they can’t be stopped by governments.

“If they [the government] were to come after me, they’d first have to find my identity,” says Ivan the Troll, a member of the group. “I’m one of many, many like-minded individuals who’re doing this sort of work.”

Known only by his online moniker, Ivan the Troll is the de facto spokesman of an underground wave of 3D-printing gunsmiths. Ivan says he knows of at least 100 people who are actively developing 3D-printed gun technology, and he claims there are thousands taking part in the network. This loose-knit community spans across the whole world.

They communicate across several digital platforms, including Signal, Twitter, IRC, and Discord. They critique each other's work, exchange 3D gun CAD files, offer advice, talk theory, and collaborate on future blueprints. These 3D-printed gun enthusiasts – who share similar ideas and political viewpoints on gun control – mostly found each other online via gun control subreddits and forums.

Ivan is just one small part of this network. He says he is from Illinois, and is of “college age”, but otherwise he remains mostly anonymous, to lie low. At the same time though, he’s launched bombastic PR videos demonstrating the new 3D-printed gun parts he’s created in his garage, including a Glock 17 handgun frame.

One of his most recent videos shows the polymer Glock 17 frame in various stages of production in his workshop. The footage is set to fast-paced synthwave music and is run through a trendy VHS filter – the aesthetics are important. Toward the end, Ivan fires several rounds with the fully built handgun, as text flashes up saying “ANYONE CAN MAKE IT”, “LIVE FREE OR DIE”, and “GO AHEAD TRY TO STOP THIS YOU FILTHY STATISTS”. He’s also uploaded the complete CAD reference model designs for a 3D-printed AR-15 assault rifle to his file-sharing space online. It’s clear Ivan is trying to provoke his detractors as much as possible.

In February of this year, Ivan and his group decided to name themselves “Deterrence Dispensed”, which is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the notorious Defence Distributed – a 3D-printing gun company formerly run by Texan crypto-anarchist Cody Wilson.

In September 2018, Wilson, 30, was arrested and chargedwith sexual assault against a minor. He is alleged to have paid $500 to have sex with a 16-year-old girl in his home city of Austin, Texas. Needless to say, this arrest effectively took Wilson out of the 3D-printed gun world entirely. Many of the people who looked up to him were either disgusted or realised that his time was up. He stepped down from Defence Distributed, which was before seen as the driving force behind 3D-printed guns since it launched in 2012. Wilson was released on a $150,000 bail, but has remained silent since.

Defence Distributed has many other ongoing legal battles. Attorney generals from more than 20 US states are currently in the process of suing the company – which has countersued – in a bid to reverse a court win that momentarily allowed Defence Distributed to upload and share 3D-printed gun blueprints online. Their headaches are long, drawn out, and ongoing. (New York State has just passed a law to ban 3D-printed guns).

For Ivan’s group, Deterrence Dispensed, none of this is relevant. They’re uploading these files individually on services such as Spee.ch, a media-hosting site underpinned by the LBRY blockchain, and they aren’t waiting for anyone to give them permission. They’ve made their own 3D-printed gun designs, modified old ones, and are keeping all the Defence Distributed ones available for free too.

“Even if there was no government telling me I couldn’t do this, I think that I would still do it,” Ivan says. “Some people get a kick out of video games, I like spending hours and hours drawing stuff on CAD.”

Ivan isn’t just “drawing stuff on CAD” though. He’s providing free files to help anyone with a half-decent FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printer and some hand tools to make a workable handgun. Once the CAD file is downloaded, it’s opened in a “slicer” program that translates the CAD files into instructions that the 3D printer can understand. Once the 3D-printed gun parts are ready, they can be assembled into a fully workable gun.

The CAD gun designs put out by Deterrence Dispensed are so well-made, according to Ivan, that they’re not just “workable”, but superior. “Our AR15 CAD model is the best in the public domain without a doubt,” says Ivan.

Despite being overtly antagonistic Ivan has had no real run-ins with the authorities so far. His Twitter account was permanently suspended after New Jersey state senator Bob Menendez lobbied for it to be taken down, but as far as the government and law enforcement goes, things have been...

When You Love The People Inside Your Walls...

You Protect The People You Love.

Morning Mistress

The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #661

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

Hot Pick of The Late Night

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Black Parolee Who Raped White Woman Said She “Deserved” it Because of “Slavery”

A black parolee who raped a white woman in New York said she “deserved” it because of “slavery,” another example of how identity politics hysteria is having real world consequences.

The brutal attack, described as “one of the worst he’s ever seen” by a Special Victims Division investigator according to police sources, took place earlier this month in the Bronx.

23-year-old Temar Bishop punched the victim in the face numerous times before raping her on a rooftop on Alexander Avenue in Mott Haven.

After the sexual assault, Bishop continued to punch and kick the 20-year-old woman until she passed out. The victim suffered a fractured nose and lacerations to her face and body.

It’s now been revealed that Bishop justified the attack by claiming it was justified because of the historical enslavement of African-Americans.

“She was a white girl. She deserved it because us minorities have been through slavery,” Bishop allegedly said to a witness who saw the attack.

“This is what they used to do to us. This is what they did to us during slavery. They used to beat us and whip us,” he added.

The debate surrounding slavery and reparations has come to the fore once again in recent weeks.

Earlier today saw the first congressional hearing in a decade to explore whether the descendants of slaves should be compensated.

Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee also proposed a bill which would set up a commission to explore whether African-Americans should be given reparations for...

Girls With Guns

If Trump Keeps Winning....

 ...I Will Be Vacationing In South Dakota...

Voting For Democrats Leads To Bubonic Plague...

True Dat.

The Answer My Friend....

...Is Blowing In the Wind,
The Answer is Blowing In The Wind....

Democrats Should Pay Restitution...

FBI Won’t Say Whether It’s Seen Un-Redacted Tech Documents to Draw Conclusions on DNC Hack

The FBI would not provide a comment when asked whether it saw the un-redacted sections of three reports from the private firm CrowdStrike that served as a basis for the Obama-era intelligence agencies’ conclusion that Russian agents hacked the servers of the Democratic National Committee.

“The FBI does not have a comment to provide,” a spokesperson for the FBI Office of Public Affairs wrote in response to a Breitbart News email request on the matter.

Yesterday, this reporter documented that, according to a U.S. government filing, the Obama-era intelligence community relied on three redacted CrowdStrike reports marked as drafts to reach the Russia hack conclusion.

The U.S. government further admitted in the same lawsuit that it does not possess the un-redacted CrowdStrike reports about what allegedly happened to the DNC servers and that it relied upon DNC lawyers to generally characterize what was in the redacted sections. The revelation prompted Breitbart News to request comment on whether the FBI ever saw the un-redacted sections of the reports at all.

The admissions about the CrowdStrike reports were contained in a U.S. government court response to a motion filed by attorneys for former Trump confidante Roger Stone, seeking to compel the government to release un-redacted CrowdStrike reports about the alleged hacks — reports the government says it doesn’t possess.

The DNC famously refused to allow the FBI to access its server to verify the allegation that Russia carried out a hack during the 2016 presidential campaign. Instead, the DNC reached an arrangement with the FBI in which a third party company, CrowdStrike, conducted forensics on the server and shared details with the FBI.

As Breitbart News previously documented, CrowdStrike was financed to the tune of $100 million via a funding drive by Google Capital.

Google Capital, which now goes by the name of CapitalG, is an arm of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Alphabet, has been a staunch and active supporter of Hillary Clinton and is a longtime donor to...

2 Things You Can Never Have Too Much Of:

Leak: ICE raids to round up illegals who have been ordered out of the country to begin

It’s a good thing the federal bureaucracy and American press weren’t as politicized in the 1940s as they are today, otherwise, America would either have lost World War II with the Axis Powers or us and our allies would have suffered millions more casualties.

The plans for D-Day and several other major operations would have been leaked to willing media accomplices in order to ’embarrass’ or ‘thwart’ President Franklin D. Roosevelt the way details about presidential actions, policies, and decisions are leaked today to subvert President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Like his immigration enforcement efforts.

Earlier this week the president himself tweeted that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would begin mass deportations of illegal aliens who have been ordered out of the country by immigration courts but who have refused to leave.

Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States. They will be removed as fast as they come in. Mexico, using their strong immigration laws, is doing a very good job of stopping people.......
64.7K people are talking about this
“Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States,” the president tweeted on Monday night.

“They will be removed as fast as they come in,” the president continued, adding that Mexico is now “doing a very good job of stopping people” from entering its country.

Now, some have questioned why the president would publicly announce such raids, and the answer is, perhaps our compassionate commander-in-chief wanted to give those in our country illegally a chance to leave on their own.

Fair enough. But beyond that very public warning, the details of ICE operations would necessarily remain covert so that agents could achieve maximum results for their efforts.

But no. Someone within government leaked to The Washington Post details of the raids which, if the Post leak is correct, will begin on Sunday in major U.S. cities the paper named specifically:

Milking Victimhood...

It Helps No One, Hurts Everyone.

Foiled Pittsburgh Terror Attack Is A Warning Immigration Laws Must Be Fixed

A 21-year-old Syrian refugee, was arrested Wednesday after the FBI discovered he was plotting to carry out several terrorist attacks in Pittsburgh, PA in the name of ISIS but his arrest is a reminder that failed immigration laws put American lives at risk, said Sara Carter who spoke to Laura Ingraham on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday night,

According to investigators, he had extensive plans to carry out an attack on a local church and was also planning to follow up the attack with a secondary bomb to target first responders and police.

The suspect arrived in the U.S. in 2016 before President Donald Trump instituted a travel ban on countries with terrorist activity and issues with vetting individuals exiting and entering their borders. Syria was at the top of the list because it’s a hotbed for Islamic State terrorists.

The suspect appeared to have some training and had some tactical understanding of conducting terror strikes, similar to what has been seen in previous terror attacks in Europe and the United States, Carter said.

“He was planning on a secondary bomb after the church was attacked, he had discussed this with the two FBI agents,” said Carter.

"This is not just about immigrants. This is a national security problem. The Democrats don't want to bring this up." @SaraCarterDC @IWF joined @IngrahamAngle to discuss the Syrian refugee who plotted to bomb a church and immigration.
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Carter spoke on her own experiences as a journalist whose covered the war zones in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

“When I covered the war, they would always say, don’t go right after the bombing because there’s always a secondary,” that could possibly occur, said Carter.

With the rise of extremist groups, like al-Qaeda and Islamic State, there has always been incredible concern that the roughly 2,000 mile porous border with Mexico could be used to infiltrate terrorists into the country. Broken and failed immigration laws, coupled with narco-traffickers operating with impunity to the south make the situation precarious for U.S. federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Guatemalan officials told Carter Thursday that they’ve seen large numbers of illegal migrants heading to the U.S. from both Africa and the Middle East in recent months. This is due in part to U.S. lawmakers who fail to come to an agreement on the border crisis. This should not be political but instead lawmakers should be looking at the national security implications of not securing the...

Bring In The Klownz

10 Offbeat Stories You Might Have Missed This Week (6/22/19)

Keeping up with all the news in the world can be a difficult task. That’s why we are here to help with a few weekly lists that look at notable events that occurred recently. Click here if you missed out on last week’s list.

We have an abundance of unique stories this week. There’s a love story that set sparks flying. A four-year-old takes the family car for a joyride. There’s an island that wants to give up time. Scientists taught seals to sing, and the Italian “Bonnie and Clyde” are finally behind bars.

10Paws-itively Political

Photo credit: AFP
A politician from Pakistan livestreamed a press conference where he unwittingly donned pink kitty ears and whiskers because a member of his staff accidentally turned on the “cat filter.”Regional minister Shaukat Yousafzai from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Party held a Q&A with journalists last Friday which could be seen live on social media. At first, this sounded relatively mundane. However, viewers soon spotted that the minister, as well as various other accompanying officials, were wearing cat ears and whiskers.Yousafzai later confirmed that his bizarre appearance was due to someone turning on Facebook’s “augmented reality (AR) filter” by mistake. This is a function that can detect and track a human face, even during live video, and apply various comical accoutrements.The PTI deleted the online recording minutes after the press conference ended and later attributed the gaffe to “human error.” Yousafzai downplayed the event, saying that we should “not take everything so seriously.”[1] At the same time, he tried to divert some of the attention onto the other officials in the video, saying that he wasn’t the only one “hit by the cat filter.”

9The Dragon Beats The Mountain

Photo credit: Martins Licis/Instagram
“The Mountain” has been toppled following last weekend’s World’s Strongest Man (WSM) competition. Hafthor Bjornsson, best known for playing Gregor Clegane on Game of Thrones, came in third place as Latvian-born American Martins “The Dragon” Licis is the new strongest man in the world.The 2019 edition of the WSM competition took place in Bradenton, Florida. Bjornsson hoped to become back-to-back champion following his first title, which he won last year in Manila, Philippines. However, he suffered a torn plantar fascia on the first day of competition, which limited his speed and mobility. His bronze medal still earned him a top-three finish for the eighth straight year.The final day of this year’s contest took place on Anna Maria Island, where 28-year-old Licis completed the infamous Atlas stones challenge in less than 28 seconds to claim his first-ever podium finish and the title as world’s strongest man.[2]

8Taking Down Bonnie And Clyde

Photo credit: The Telegraph
A couple of fraudsters dubbed the “Italian Bonnie and Clyde” were apprehended in Thailand following years on the run thanks to a joint operation between Interpol and the Royal Thai Police.Francesco Galdelli and his wife, Vanya Goffi, made headlines years back when they were accused of using George Clooney’s name and image to create a bogus fashion line. In 2010, the actor even took the stand in Italy and testified that the two had forged his signature and impersonated him. This was just one of the multiple scams that the couples ran, which also included selling fake Rolexes online and sending their buyers packets of salt instead. The duo was finally convicted in 2014, but they went on the run in Thailand. Galdelli was apprehended abroad soon after, but he escaped a day later after bribing the prison guards. The couple managed to elude authorities until last Saturday, when they were finally apprehended in a luxury villa in the Thai resort city of Pattaya.[3]

7Need For Chocolate

Photo credit: KMSP-TV
On Wednesday morning, a four-year-old from Blaine, Minnesota, with a hankering for some candy stole the keys to his great-grandpa’s SUV and took the car for a joyride to the nearest convenience store.Sebastian Swenson might barely be able to see over the steering wheel, but that did not deter him from climbing into the driver’s seat of his great-grandfather’s Hyundai Santa Fe and driving 2.4 kilometers (1.5 mi) to fix his sugar craving.According to witnesses, the vehicle was moving erratically at speeds of up to 24 kilometers per hour (15 mph).[4] Police officers were on the scene as soon as it came to a stop. The SUV had hit a few mailboxes and a tree, and the bumper got left behind in a neighbor’s garden, but nobody was injured.Blaine Police Captain Mark Boerboom said he had never heard of someone so young being able to drive a car. Sebastian’s family promised that, from now on, they will lock up the car keys to keep them away from the unruly youngster.

6Semper Ad Meliora

A long-running Finnish weekly broadcast in Latin aired its final bulletin last Friday evening after 30 years on the air.Yle, short for Yleisradio Oy (General Radio), is Finland’s national public broadcasting company, founded in 1926. Outside of the country, Yle is best known for Nuntii Latini, a five-minute weekly news broadcast in Latin. It first aired on September 1, 1989, as the brainchild of journalist Hannu Taanila and Latin professor Tuomo Pekkanen. It was a surprise hit, and the rise of the Internet attracted thousands of new Latin enthusiasts from around the world.The team behind Nuntii Latini first announced plans to end the program back in late 2017.[5] The main reason cited was the online availability of other Latin-based media. However, thousands of callers and a public campaign to save the broadcast prompted its creators to push back the shutdown to last week.

5An Australian Amorous Avian Adventure

A recent power outage in Australia was caused by two kookaburras which began mating on a power line and caused sparks to fly . . . literally.Last week, about 1,000 homes in the suburbs of Perth lost power. According to Western Power, the cause of the outage was an “amorous avian adventure” between two of the country’s most famous feathered residents, known for their distinctive call.An eyewitness said that he saw the birds on a pole when, suddenly...