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Friday, August 23, 2019

Concerning Survey Finds Too Many People Believe Snopes Is A Legitimate Fact-Checking Website

U.S.—A troubling new survey released by The Babylon Bee confirmed Wednesday that too many people think Snopes is a real fact-checking website.

The survey found that over 60% of people believe Snopes is a real website, while only 25% understand that it's satire. The remaining minority thinks that Snopes is the name of a gangsta rapper from California, "one of those guys who makes the hip-hop about the devil's lettuce and shooting people."

In the study, we went to a Walmart and grabbed random people by the arm and started shouting at them: "HEY, DO YOU THINK SNOPES IS REAL!?" The ones who didn't run away screaming or call for security responded, and of those few dozen people, we got our results. Most said, "Sure, yeah, whatever, please just leave me alone and don't hurt me!" while others said they thought it was satire site. A few people said, "Snopes Dogg? I loved his album, Straight Outta Compton."

Despite the fact-checks on Snopes.com clearly being "labelled fact-checks," many people were taken in by the site's ruse. Snopes has managed to fool many readers with its brand of fact-checking in the past. We're not sure if muddying the details of actual investigative journalism qualifies Snopes as a real "fact-checker."

"This is clearly a threat to democracy," said the head researcher we specifically paid to say "this is clearly a threat to democracy." "Maybe people who read Snopes just aren't as informed or educated as people who...

Fascist Oppression: When The Chinese Government And The American Media Mirror Each Other...

Pro-Transgender Book, Recommended to Teens, Normalizes Sex Acts with 6-Year-Old Children

This depraved literature is being promoted in the youth section of libraries in Australia.

The line between transgenderism and pedophilia is getting blurred further, and a book that is recommended for teenagers shows how the LGBT agenda is normalizing child sex as apart of their wicked movement.

The book, “Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out,” is recommended at local libraries and references a transgender individual reminiscing about how they performed oral sex when they were six years of age, implying that it wasn’t a big deal, and saying how enjoyable it was.

The disgusting excerpt can be seen here:
From six up, I used to kiss other guys in my neighborhood, make out with them, and perform oral sex on them. I liked it. I used to love oral. And I touched their you-know-whats. We were really young, but that’s what we did.
“These stories are being promoted to young people who may not have the capacity to judge whether this is good or bad behavior. And despite the illicit nature of their accounts, each concludes by celebrating their transition,” said Kirralie Smith, who works as director of Binary Australia.

“Such material has no place in tax-payer funded libraries and should certainly never be promoted to children,” she added.

Another troubling excerpt describes pedophiles making passes at children and pleasuring themselves as the depravity of the LGBT lifestyle is described:

Guys used to hit on me—perverts—pedophiles. I’d see guys giving me a look, and it kinda creeped me out. They would touch themselves, saying, “Come here, sweetie.” Something told me not to go. I ran away. I ran to where there was a lot of people.

Smith published a video blog on YouTube hoping to raise awareness about this book that is being made readily available to...

The Handmaid's Tale Fallacy...

Ethnic Studies’ Latest Ploy to Brainwash Kids

President Donald Trump told a rally last week: “We are all Americans. We all share the same home. We all share the same heart.” He cautioned that “the radical Democrats are trying to tear this country apart” with their divisive identity politics.

Warning to parents: Left-wing activists are using these same divisive tactics to target your kids’ schools and co-opt their young minds.

Across the country, leftists are demanding that public schools teach “ethnic studies.” Don’t be fooled by the title. Many of these courses demonize America’s past, label whites as oppressors, and convert students into “social justice organizers.”

California Democrats are pushing to make ethnic studies a high school graduation requirement statewide. Their drafted curriculum defines ethnic studies as the “experiences of people of color in the United States” and the “forms of oppression” they’ve endured.

The California course urges students to become “agents of change” and mandates that all students complete an “engagement/action project.” Astoundingly, the course guide suggests only one project to meet this requirement: promoting “voting rights for undocumented immigrant residents” in local elections.

The curriculum tars white students—by virtue of their whiteness—as oppressors. The course outline calls for “the privilege walk,” an exercise to teach white students about privileges they take for granted. “Whiteness,” defined as “more than a racial identity marker,” apparently “separates those that are privileged from those that are not.”

White kids will have to endure this harassment to graduate.

Meanwhile, the course encourages minorities to think of themselves as oppressed. No mention of success stories like Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Clarence Thomas. No explanation for why millions around the globe are struggling to get into the U.S., even scaling walls and wading rivers, to make this country their home.

American capitalism is demonized as a system in which “people of color are disproportionately exploited.” Never mind that capitalism has lifted billions of people of color out of poverty worldwide.

Educators could point to Hispanic American and African American stars such as billionaire real estate developer Jorge Perez or former Citigroup CEO and Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons as role models for minority students.

Instead, the curriculum is a one-sided Marxist indoctrination to make students hate America. To what end? To brainwash the next generation of voters into...

Gentlemen, The Enemy Have Appeared And They Are HILARIOUS!

Twitter Bans Analyst Who Revealed AntiFa Connections With Journalists.

Does China Know Why an Indian Aircraft Carrier Went Ablaze?

The Indian Navy reported that the fire had not seriously damaged the combat capabilities of the vessel, which is India’s only operational carrier. The 45,000-ton Vikramaditya – the ex-Soviet carrier Admiral Gorshkov -- had just completed a deployment in the Arabian Sea, and was preparing to begin joint exercises with the French Navy’s only aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, off the Indian coast.

India’s only aircraft carrier suffered a fire that left one sailor dead.

And China, which is India’s rival, says this is because Indians aren’t competent enough to operate advanced military equipment.

The fire broke out in the engine room of the carrier Vikramaditya as it entered the Indian naval base at Karwar on April 26.

The blaze was extinguished, but not before an Indian Navy lieutenant commander, who led the firefighting effort, was overcome by fumes and later died in hospital, according to Indian media. He had gotten married just a month earlier.

The Indian Navy reported that the fire had not seriously damaged the combat capabilities of the vessel, which is India’s only operational carrier. The 45,000-ton Vikramaditya – the ex-Soviet carrier Admiral Gorshkov -- had just completed a deployment in the Arabian Sea, and was preparing to begin joint exercises with the French Navy’s only aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, off the Indian coast.

The cause of the fire has not yet been disclosed. But Chinese media quickly ran a story that suggested the fire was the result of Indian incompetence. Li Jie, a Chinese naval expert, told the state-owned Global Times newspaper “that the fire was more likely to be out of human error rather than mechanical problems. The fire and the extinguishing process suggested that they are unprofessional and unprepared to address such an emergency, he said.”

“India has been actively developing its military in recent years, but ‘its military culture is lax and it has loose regulations,’ which cannot effectively train soldiers to operate advanced military equipment, Li said.”

That criticism comes despite that fact that India has far more experience than China in...

Koch And Soros Unite To Censor The Internet

Establishment left-wing and establishment conservative billionaires are teaming up to censor the Internet. It looks like elitists on both sides of the political aisle are trying to make sure you only get the information they want you to have.

Organizations established by left-winger George Soros and neo-conservative Charles Koch have been working together on a key priority of globalist neoliberals and neoconservatives: censorship of the Internet, according to Breitbart News. Censorship is necessary for tyranny so it makes sense that those who need the government to enslave humanity would be working together to achieve the means to an end.
Last year, the Charles Koch Institute pledged its support for the “After Charlottesville Project,” an initiative organized by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) aimed at combating “online extremism.”

Sponsors of the initiative include Comcast, NBC Universal, the Kresge Foundation, and the George Soros Charitable Foundation.

Other groups involved in the project include a host of Soros-funded organizations, including “Hope not Hate,” the British equivalent of the far-left SPLC, and the pro-immigration National Immigration Forum.

The former group, Hope not Hate, has a reputation for far-left extremism. Liberal anti-extremism campaigner Maajid Nawaz accused them of “book burning” after it announced a campaign to get allegedly “racist” books banned by major retailers. It was also forced to retract a smear against a Jewish pro-Israel activist last year.-Breitbart News

The Charles Koch Institute, once seen as a conservative nemesis of the left, has now aligned itself with this group of left-wing, pro-censorship, anti-Trump agitators. When it comes to censoring the Internet, both the progressive and “conservative” establishment appear to be converging on a common position.
The Charles Koch Institute now also appears committed to advancing Internet censorship and aligning with totalitarianism and slavery over freedom and libertarian principles. Koch is now for “content moderation,” as they call it. Sarah Ruger, the Institute’s director of “free expression initiatives” has praised Airbnb for canceling the reservations of...

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The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #25

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #722

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

64% Of Federal Arrests Were Of Non-Citizens In 2018, DOJ Finds

Federal arrests of non-citizens has increased exponentially over the past two decades, and account for the majority of all federal arrests, data released by the Justice Department revealed.

Non-citizens made up 64% of all federal arrests in 2018 despite making up 7% of the U.S. population, according to Justice Department data released Thursday and reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation. Between 1998 and 2018, federal arrests of non-citizens grew by 234%, while federal arrest of U.S. citizens climbed 10%.

While the numbers provide credence to the President Donald Trump’s argument that illegal immigration results in increased crime, immigration experts also pointed out that migrant apprehensions make up a significant portion of current federal arrests.

“Experience has taught the immigration agencies and DOJ that this works to reduce recidivism — in other words, when illegal crossers face some more severe consequence than just being sent back home, they don’t keep doing it,” Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies told the Washington Examiner.
Trump made increased immigration enforcement a hallmark goal of his administration. His efforts at beefing up border security and providing additional funding to the Customs and Border Protection have yielded satisfactory results. Federal immigration apprehension climbed more than 50,000 from 2017 to 2018, according to the Justice Department data.

Ninety-five percent of the increase in federal arrests over the past 20 years were, in fact, due to immigration offenses, the Justice Department data found. Non-citizens accounted for 28% of all federal fraud arrests, 25% of all...

Girls With Guns

If You're Gonna Fight....

Insanity And Hypocrisy At Its Finest...

Updating Clinton's Legacy...

US Sets Combined Oil and Gas Production Records as China Demand Soars

The U.S. Energy Information Agency reported America achieved new energy production records in 2018 with oil up 17 percent and gas up 12 percent, as China demand soared.

The U.S. energy production was evenly balanced in 2018 with petroleum liquids accounting for 28.7 quadrillion British Thermal Units (Btu) and U.S. dry natural gas production averaging 28.5 billion cubic feet per day. Liquids’ production both hit records with 11 million barrels of oil per day (b/d) and 5 million b/d of condensate gas.

The United States surpassed Saudi Arabia in 2018 as the world’s largest petroleum producer for the first time since 1973, and extended its decade-long lead over Russia as the world’s largest natural gas producer.

Global energy demand grew by +2.9 percent last year with China consumption accounting for 34 percent of growth, followed by +20 percent from the United States and +15 percent from India. China surpassed the United States as the world’s largest crude oil importer with 8.4 million b/d in 2017. Imports currently exceed 10 million b/d and are still rising.

China’s domestic oil production peaked at 4.4 million b/d in June 2015, but over-working in its main drilling fields is blamed for production falling to...

Stealing The Election....

Sweden: Bombings and Explosions Up 45 Percent in 2019

Swedish police say that the number of explosive incidents and bombings in Sweden from January to July has increased 45 percent compared to the same period in 2018.

Statistics released by the police show that Sweden saw a total of 83 explosive incidents during the period from January to July, a number that has increased to 120 this year, Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports.

Last year saw a total of 157 explosions across the country according to Dagens Nyheter, but actual numbers are somewhat unclear, with other groups such as the Crime Prevention Council BRÅ reporting 108 claims of general destruction by an explosion in 2018.

The National Forensic Center (NFC), which also investigates explosive incidents, sets the number of cases in 2018 at 255 and 196 so far this year. NFC statistics show a steady increase in cases year-on-year with only 93 cases occurring in 2013.

While the exact numbers differ, all of the organisations agree that 2019 has seen a rise in explosions and bombings.

Criminologist Sven Granath commented on the explosions saying, “Yes, unfortunately, it has increased. Why we do not know, this may be due to the increase in gun violence at the national level. In individual locations, there may be one or more conflicts between...

Not On My Watch.

Trump signs order to wipe out student loan debt for disabled veterans

President Trump canceled federal student loan debts Wednesday for tens of thousands of veterans who are 100% disabled, saying it’s the nation who owes them instead for their service.

At the 75th annual American Veterans convention in Louisville, Kentucky, the president signed an executive action directing the Education Department to eliminate “every penny” of student loan debt for about 25,000 disabled veterans, who owe an average of $30,000.

The president said the action is worthy of veterans “who have made immense sacrifices, the ultimate sacrifice in many ways, for our nation.”

“That’s hundreds of millions of dollars in student debt held by our severely wounded warriors — it’s gone forever,” the president said.

Mr. Trump called to the stage retired Sgt. Katherine Cassell, who developed severe lung problems and other ailments after serving two tours in Iraq with the Army, Navy and Air Force. She is now working toward a degree at the University of Nevada.

“This is an amazing relief on my family, as well as — I know — many thousands of veterans,” she told the president.

Mr. Trump said of his action, “Veterans like Katherine, who have made such enormous sacrifices for our country, should not be asked to pay any more. Rather it is America who owes our heroes a supreme debt of gratitude.”

Bipartisan legislation was introduced in June in Congress that would dismiss all federal student loan debt for eligible veterans, regardless of whether they applied for related programs at the Education and Veterans Affairs departments.

The president also addressed the suicide crisis among veterans. He touted a new...

This Is How We Conquer Greenland For Free...

Tucker Carlson RIPS Senator Mike Lee for Capitulating to Google, Big Tech

Tucker has returned to Fox News, and he is taking no prisoners.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson hammered Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) on an Tuesday for becoming one of the Senate’s most groveling shills for Big Tech after at one time opposing the Silicon Valley corporations that actively discriminate against the free speech of conservatives.

“Lee has questioned whether Congress should even bother with antitrust investigations of tech companies. Lee has introduced legislation that would make it harder for the government to block corporate mergers. Lee has complained about the E.U. imposing fines on Google for its behavior,” Carlson said on his eponymous TV program.

He connected the dots, showing that Lee has grown to be a Google apologist as the tech giant has opened up their pocketbooks toward Lee and ramped up their business in his home state of Utah.

“Starting in 2013, Google spent millions of dollars rolling out its high-speed Internet service, Google Fiber, in both Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2015, Google hosted a high-profile fundraiser for Lee at its Silicon Valley law firm. The fundraiser got a lot of attention, so Google backed out. But the fundraiser itself went ahead, and Lee received a sizable donation from Google’s political action committee,” Carlson noted.

“Ever since that fundraiser and the money he took, Lee’s interest in having the FTC investigate tech companies seems to have completely evaporated,” Carlson added.

He explained that Google hired Lee’s former senior counsel from the Senate Judiciary Committee and curried favor with neoliberal Washington D.C. think-tanks, the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute. This also helped curry Lee’s favor, as Google plays the conservative movement like a fiddle.

The careful message crafting that resulted from Google’s successful lobbying effort has become the doctrinaire line across much of the conservative movement. This is another example of the corrosive libertarianism that plagues GOP politics, according to Carlson.

“The message they pushed was that Google and other tech monopolies are really something conservatives ought to celebrate. These companies are triumphs of the free market. We should be grateful for them. And worrying about their...

This Is What Happened When Obama Saw AG William Barr...

Wikipedia Has ICE Facilities Listed Under ‘Concentration And Internment Camps’ Section

Wikipedia Goes Fake News.

Likely will not be edited or removed any time soon

Wikipedia, the online Encyclopedia, which has been routinely accused of left wing bias, has a list of ICE facilities under a section titled “concentration and internment camps,” and is keeping it there despite critics requesting it be removed.

The list of ICE facilities reappeared on the concentration camps page after Democrats, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, used the rhetoric to describe US holding centers on the border with Mexico.

Editors of the Wikipedia page cited the Democrats’ use of the term “concentration camp” to justify the inclusion of the ICE centers on the page.

A discussion regarding the inclusion of the centers has been closed, with the list of facilities remaining on the page.

Wikipedia policy states that another discussion with have to be opened before the matter can be reviewed again.

The way Wikipedia functions means that even unregistered users are able to add sections to pages, which can then be edited and added to by other users.

After the ICE facilities were initially added to the concentration camp page last year, media coverage by leftist entities such as Vice and Gizmodo acted as if the entries were proof that the ICE facilities are indeed internment camps.

Gizmodo called the action “a surprisingly unbiased entry that’s clearly presenting information without taking sides.”

Vice said that the ICE facilities had been listed next to “other sites of atrocity throughout...

Solomon on Spygate: If Trump declassifies these 10 documents, the Democrats are finished

It’s been about a year since President Donald Trump teased the idea of declassifying virtually every document related to the “Spygate” scandal — a counterintelligence operation to keep him from winning office followed by a bona fide soft coup attempt to drive him out.

“The documents to be declassified also include 12 FBI reports on interviews with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all other applications to surveil Carter Page,” Fox News and other outlets reported.

But it didn’t happen. For some reason, the president was talked into delaying the declassification process.

Then again in May, POTUS instructed the federal law enforcement and intelligence community to turn over all documents requested by Attorney General William Barr for declassification as they relate to “Spygate.”

We haven’t heard anything since. Meanwhile, the hostile establishment media and Democrats have sort of moved on from Spygate and the Mueller probe, settling on new strategies aimed at driving down the president’s polling numbers and, eventually, from office.

They are shifting their anti-Trump narrative back to “racist”, “white supremacist”, “xenophobe,” as the mainstream media screech “recession!” But it could be that the administration is getting ready to play some ‘trump cards’ (sorry).

Investigative reporter John Solomon of The Hill, who has been an extremely reliable source in terms of revealing new information related to Spygate, notes that should the president decide to release 10 documents and document chains, Democrats would be in heap big trouble.

And given Solomon’s timing — writing about this now — he may be tipping us off to what’s coming.

Via The Hill here’s what Solomon believes may be coming:

How a 6th-grade history project exonerated the captain who was blamed for one of the Navy's worst WWII disasters

  • At the end of World War II, the USS Indianapolis sailed into one of the Navy's worst disasters of the war, losing more than two-thirds of its crew after being sunk in the Pacific.
  • The cruiser's captain, Charles B. McVay III, was blamed for the loss for decades, until a grade-school project set the record straight for good.
In 1945, the USS Indianapolis completed its top secret mission of delivering atomic bomb components to Tinian Island in the Pacific Theater of World War II. The heavy cruiser was sunk on its way to join a task force near Okinawa.

Of the ship's 1195 crew members, only 316 survived the sinking and the subsequent time adrift at sea in the middle of nowhere. Among the survivors was the captain of the Indianapolis, Charles B. McVay III.

McVay would be charged with negligence in the loss of the ship. Even though he was restored to active duty after his court-martial and retired a rear admiral, the guilt of the loss haunted him for the rest of his life. He committed suicide with his Navy revolver on his own front lawn with a toy sailor in his hand.

McVay did everything he could in the wake of the torpedoing of the Indianapolis. He sounded the alarm, giving the order to abandon ship and was one of the last men off. Many of the survivors of the sinking publicly stated he was not to blame for its loss. But this wasn't enough for the family members of the ship's crew, who hounded McVay year after year, blaming him for the loss of their sons.
Survivors from the USS Indianapolis en route to a hospital on Peleilu. U.S. Navy

The Navy was partly to blame. They didn't warn Indianapolis that the submarine I-58 was operating along the area of the ship's course to Okinawa. They also didn't warn the ship to zigzag in its pattern to evade enemy submarines. When the Indianapolis radioed a distress signal, it was picked up by three Navy stations, who ignored the call because one was drunk, the other had a commander who didn't want to be disturbed, and the last thought it was a trap.

Three and a half days later, the survivors were rescued from the open water, suffering from salt water poisoning, exposure, hypothermia, and the largest case of shark attacks ever recorded. It was truly a horrifying scene. The horror is what led to McVay's court martial, one of very few commanders to face such a trial concerning the loss of a ship.

Even though the Japanese commander of I-58, the man who actually destroyed the Indianapolis, told the US Navy that standard Navy evasion techniques would not have worked — Indianapolis was doomed from the get-go. Even that didn't satisfy McVay's critics.

It wasn't until sixth-grader Hunter Scott began a history project in school about the sinking of the Indianapolis.

He poured through official Navy documents until he found the evidence he needed to conclusively prove that McVay wasn't responsible for the loss of his ship. His project caught the attention of then-Congressman Joe Scarborough and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich who helped pass a Congressional resolution exonerating McVay. It was signed by President Bill Clinton in 2000.

Hunter Scott, the onetime sixth-grader and eternal friend to the crew of the Indianapolis, is now a naval aviator. He attended the University of North Carolina on a Navy ROTC scholarship and joined active duty in...

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The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #24

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #721

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

What Is Freedom?


Girls With Guns

The Christmas List Of DOOM!

Destroying All Opponents....

Elizabeth Warren Proves The Privilege Question...

Elizabeth Warren's Pow Wow Chow 'Cherokee' recipes were word for word COPIES of famous FRENCH chef's techniques

Breaking: Trump ‘Seriously Considering’ Ending Birthright Citizenship for Children of Illegal Immigrants

Today President Trump said he is “seriously” considering issuing an executive order to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants when speaking to reporters outside the White House.

Trump said it is “frankly ridiculous” that the United States affords citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants. “We’re looking at that very seriously, birthright citizenship, where you have a baby on our land, you walk over the border, have a baby – congratulations, the baby is now a U.S. citizen” Trump exclaimed.

Last year Trump told Axios “we’re the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States…with all of those benefits…it’s ridiculous. And it has to end.”

The issue of birthright citizenship has been a controversial issue for decades. Hundreds of thousands of women, particularly from countries in the Middle East and Mexico, take advantage of the birthright citizenship policy. These women come into the United States and obtain the minimal amount of legally required care under United States doctors so their children can be born here and have dual citizenship. In most cases the families return to their country of origin immediately following birth.

Many investigations have been done showing women living in Mexico are receiving welfare checks from the United States because they had their...

The Consequences Of Trump Losing The 2020 Election....

Pure insanity.

PHOTO EVIDENCE: Dan Crenshaw Pushed Red Flags After Meeting With Bloomberg Gun Control Activists

Crenshaw’s recent flirtation with red flag gun confiscation laws might not be so coincidental after all.

BLP reported on Crenshaw’s advocacy for pre-crime legislation such red flag laws and The Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act following the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

Now photo evidence has emerged of Crenshaw previously meeting with the staunchly anti-gun organization Moms Demand Action to discuss red flag laws and universal background checks legislation back in February.

Texas @MomsDemand across the state are meeting with their representatives and staff to introduce themselves and talk about laws, and the passage of . We must , they now

View image on Twitter

29 people are talking about this

Moms Demand Action is notorious for its advocacy of bans on so-called “assault weapons”, universal background checks, and red flag gun confiscation orders. It has used the clever label of “gun safety” to market its intrusive gun control policies.

The gun control group has also been able to pressure corporate entities into embracing certain anti-gun policies and shift the culture in a more anti-gun direction.

Crenshaw’s meeting with a known enemy of gun rights suggests that he had plans of introducing some variant of gun control legislation from...