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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Girls With Guns

How To Reduce Voter Fraud...

Voter Fraud Is Real. Here’s The Proof

Communist Indoctrination in America?


Children are undeniably the future of every country in the world. It is also logical that a look into today’s classrooms is a look at the society of tomorrow.

As reported by German media, the German government’s latest data on demographics has reached potentially far reaching conclusions about those classrooms of today.

Data from its 2016 micro census revealed that 23% of the 82 million people in Germany had a so-called migration background (meaning that either they or one of their parents do not have German citizenship. This means children with families of non-German origin are no longer considered in this statistic if both parents have acquired German citizenship).

However, in the age group of 6 years old and younger, that number climbs to 38%. In former West Germany, which unlike the East has had large scale immigration for decades, the number is 42% of all children reaching school age.

Children of ethnic German origin are already a minority in Bremen (53% children of foreign background/31% of the total population), Frankfurt am Main (69%/51%) and the population of the State of Hessen (50%/30%).

This microcensus did not even consider the hundreds of thousands of migrants that came to Germany as asylum seekers, most of which are men in the younger age brackets.

Furthermore, the report points out that Germany’s population has been increasing lately, entirely because of mass immigration. The number of ethnic Germans has been sinking constantly, leading to the population replacement that is now visible and evident.

The stark contrast between the younger and older age groups shows that migrants and their descendants are rapidly outpacing the German population – if current trends continue, it is a matter of years until ethnic German children are a minority in the newly born generations. The immigrant heavy classrooms of today are already set to make for a vastly different adult society of tomorrow.

This marks a fundamental and radical transformation of German society – for the first time, ethnic Germans are at a concrete risk of becoming a minority in their own homeland. Indeed, these numbers are an indication that...

John Adams On The Most Useless Thing of All....

-John Adams

Hey John Adams, How Do You Enslave A Nation?

The Despicable Things The Media Lets You Get Away With When You Are A Leftist...

No Matter What President Trump Does, The Leftist Media Will Find Something Worng With It, Period.

Five Words for Black Lives Matter

These Three Represent The Standards Of The Democrat Party....

How American Leftist Anarchy Parallels China’s Cultural Revolution

I’ve been avoiding the news lately because it pains me to see my beloved country so divided, with people so bitterly angry at each other. All the shouting, violence, and destruction of historical monuments have only brought up a feeling of déjà vu.

America is clearly undergoing a Cultural Revolution that is eerily similar to Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution which took place in China in the 1960s. Maybe Karl Marx was right after all when he declared that “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

Both Movements Started On Campuses, And Spread

China’s Cultural Revolution was triggered by a group of students at Beijing University, the most elitist college in China. They called themselves the Red Guards because they worshiped China’s communist dictator Mao and his socialist/communist ideology feverishly. In their manifesto, they questioned the usefulness of knowledge, and condemned their professors and university administrators for harboring “intellectual elitism and bourgeois tendencies” and for stalling China’s progress towards a communist utopia.

Mao immediately realized that he could use these over-zealous and ignorant teenagers as a political tool to purge his enemies and shape society to his own liking. He elevated the Red Guards’ status by appearing at a massive Red Guard rally on August 18, 1966 at Tiananmen Square. This event lent Red Guards political legitimacy, and officially kicked off the Cultural Revolution. The Red Guards’ ideas quickly spread from colleges to high schools.

No one on campus dared challenge the Red Guards. Capitulations from school authorities only emboldened them. They led students to strike, refusing to take classes from people who were deemed less than ideologically pure. Professors, teachers, and school administrators were paraded and forced to make numerous public self-criticisms about “transgressions” against government-sanctioned orthodoxy. Soon, college entrance exams were suspended and many schools, from universities to high schools, were closed. The entire education system was paralyzed.

Without schools to go to, the Red Guards traveled all over China to spread their ideas and tactics to the “real world.” Other people, such as factory workers unhappy with the shortages, organized their own groups to challenge leadership of their own work units. Since no one was working, businesses, factories, and many government agencies were shut down. The entire country fell into lawlessness and chaos.

American College Students: Resurrecting The Red Guard?

Like Mao’s Red Guards, some American college students and their supporters have been shouting down anyone who dares to disagree with them. These modern-day Red Guards demand that college campuses be an inclusive and safe place, but are bent on making sure the campus is an unwelcoming and unsafe place for anyone who doesn’t show unconditional support for students’ sanctioned orthodoxy. From Yale to Middlebury, college professors and administrators have caved to these students mobs’ preposterous demands. Exhibit A is Nicholas Christakis, the Silliman master at the center of Yale’s debate over Halloween costumes. His very public self-criticism probably would have won over Maoist Red Guards in China, but failed to gain sympathy from privileged Yale students.

Now that kind of zealous demand for thought conformity has expanded outside campuses to the “real world.” When...

The Rat Bastard Circle Of Corruption...

Facebook deleting thousands of accounts in Germany prior to election there

The nature of Facebook's political power is on display in Germany, where the company has started deleting thousands of Facebook accounts in advance of elections there, lest they be used to spread "disinformation." Chris Tomlinson reports in Breitbart:

Social media giant Facebook has deleted thousands of German accounts ahead of the German national election next month, in a major crack down on facilitators of "fake news".

Around ten thousand "fake accounts" were taken down by the company who claimed to have done so in order to protect users from "disinformation" ahead of next month's national election.

The mass-banning of accounts is the latest crackdown by the company on what they deem to be the spread of "fake news", Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports.

This tweet exposes the doubly disturbing nature of the move:

Germany Threatens to Sue Facebook Because They Aren't Deleting Posts the Government Dislikes Fast Enough https://t.co/Hsv1XZIClY pic.twitter.com/ekU53unmyn

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) December 17, 2016

While it is already alarming enough that one media company is the source of a substantial share of the news consumption of any nation, it is even more disturbing when the company links with a regime to do its bidding in suppressing information the...

Morning Mistress

Anti-Trump Gay Karaoke Night CRASHED by Crowder... as Trump!

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Maxine Waters Runs From Russia Corruption Question | March For Truth Protester Fails

Friday, August 25, 2017

Girls With Guns

Always Be Aware When A Communist Is Near..

Charlottesville: The truth. Most important video you will watch!

Would You Like To Fly In My Beautiful Balloon...

Animated Gif Collection #5

Bet You've Never Had A Day This Bad...

Look What The Right Did To This Peace Protestor!!

These Communist Thugs Want Only To Bring Down The US Government, And The Media Is In Full Assist.

What Is The Punishment For Treason?


oohh.. sounds kind of severe....hehe

Stanford students start a ‘disrupting whiteness’ club

  • A recent Stanford University graduate launched a "disrupting whiteness" club in September, citing a need to "educate other white people" about "implicit bias."
  • As of now, the club, which plans to put an end to "white liberal apathy," has more than 200 members and will host weekly meetings throughout the fall.

Students at Stanford University can join a “Disrupting Whiteness” club in an effort to end the “white liberal apathy” and “white privilege” of their peers.

The club, formally known as Disrupting Whiteness: Stanford University, was founded under the leadership of recent graduate Micaela Suminski as a way to “get more students to learn about, discuss, and educate others about whiteness.”

“White students must step up to educate themselves and those around them,” a club description states, adding that “white students can and should do a lot more than we currently do in when it comes to race education and anti-racist action.”

The group recently attracted attention after Suminski published a documentfollowing the Charlottesville riots in which she sought to teach white people how they can “step up,” listing efforts such as advocating for the renaming of plazas and giving money “to actual black, brown, and...

Retardo Dog Speaks Out About ANTIFA...

The Misadventures Of Commie Bug...

I Consider Myself To Be Right Wing, But What Does That Mean?

A couple of years ago, I was chatting up a pretty lady in a bar (it was maybe our fourth date), and as the conversation continued, it became pretty clear that she was left of center, at some point in time, she asked me if I was a Republican, and that label did not really fit how I see myself, so I paused a minute, thought about it and I told her that I was a right-wing libertarian. She gasped and a look of shock and disbelief appeared on her face. I was a little taken aback and blurted out, there's nothing bad about that. I can only imagine what was going through her head, rows of Nazi's sporting roman salutes or some kind of skinhead hate group, because the media has conditioned her to believe that right wing is bad, while being a left wing communist is an acceptable political persuasion.

What she did not realize is that like Communism and Socialism, Fascism is a collectivist ideology that minimizes the individual to the point that he has no rights that supercede the group, therefore the sacrifice of an individual for the good of the group is an acceptable proposition. All three are leftist, collectivist ideologies.

But what is right wing? For me it is supporting the constitution, free speech, the second amendment, individual rights, free markets, capitalism (not the crony kind), small government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, anti-communism, borders, language, and culture. How on earth does this get a bad name? These are the core values that made America great, and somehow are disparaged in the media in a never ending fountain of hatred and vitriol. 

What we call right wing today is closer to classic liberalism in days of past. At the same time, left wing today is becoming ever more radicalized, pc, intolerant, communist and anti-free speech.

I continued to date this lady for more than a year, mostly because we had a very satisfying mutual physical attraction to each other. I loved her easy laugh, and she appreciated my easy-going kindness, charity, and responsible nature.  We tended to avoid politics, and both of us knew our relationship was eventually doomed to fail. 

At the beginning of this year, she moved to another state, the juxtaposition of left and right was consigned to oblivion and Florida grew a little colder that day.

Folks, I Have Just Returned From The Future And....


As loathsome and pernicious as John McCain has been over a prolonged period has given cover to Arizona’s other rotten RINO Senator – Jeff Flake.

Flake has repeatedly opposed President Trump’s agenda. From the primaries right up through Charlottesville, he has aligned himself with the Never Trumpers and as recently as last month, was calling for a Republican rebellion against a president who is in their own party.

Trump has noticed that Flake is a snake and continues to counterattack, even suggesting support of his primary challenger Dr. Kelli Ward. As a result of his tussles with Trump, Flake’s favorability ratings in his own state had dropped to an abysmal 18 percent in a poll conducted earlier this month.

The President took to Twitter after his triumphant return to Phoenix on Tuesday to once again jab at Flake:

Phoenix crowd last night was amazing - a packed house. I love the Great State of Arizona. Not a fan of Jeff Flake, weak on crime & border!

The Mormon from Snowflake, AZ (you can’t make stuff like this up) however is fighting back and appears ready to throw his support to a GOP primary challenge against Trump in a bid to thwart his reelection with the likely opponent being ...

America’s Post-Charlottesville Nervous Breakdown Was Deliberately Induced

Americans are being emotionally manipulated to take up cause with those whose ultimate purpose is the repeal of the First Amendment and erasure of national memory.

Wars are won or lost based mostly on perceptions of events, not on what actually happens. This is true for any given battlefield, whether it’s the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam or the ideological battlefield over the future of the First Amendment as played out in Charlottesville in 2017. The reality of what takes place in the public arena is always secondary to any projected illusion.

So let’s never forget this: Whoever has the power to dictate public perceptions of reality is in a position to dictate public opinion and behavior. Abusing language and images to stir up emotions is an ancient trick of power-mongers. And once journalism turns into unchecked propaganda, we become trapped in its dangerous illusions.

Only the teensiest fraction of Americans have any real interest in violent extremism, whether it be the violence represented by the specter of the Klu Klux Klan or the violence promoted by groups like Antifa who pretend they are fighting for social justice. But the media is promoting imagery of the former as a foil for the latter.

Why Are We Being Assaulted With Fringe Concerns?

Most Americans today are still just trying to live freely, to pursue happiness peacefully. Meanwhile, power elites in politics and the media are providing a daily platform for fringe elements who identify as white supremacists. Why would anyone in his right mind do such a thing? Again, we can only deduce that such imagery serves as a useful foil to lend moral high ground to “counter-protesters.” The media elites provoking them need white supremacy bogeymen in order to achieve their ultimate agenda, which, ironically, is to achieve...

VIDEO: Black Trump supporter punched in the head by violent anti-Trump protester!

Hating Whitey

ACLU Apologizes For Tweeting Pic Of White Toddler Holding American Flag

The American Civil Liberties Union is very sorry they furthered "white supremacy" by tweeting out a picture of a blond haired toddler holding an American flag.

On Wednesday, the group tweeted out the image of the young child along with the text, "This is the future that ACLU members want."

The notion a white child could possibly have a place in the future of America caused outrage:

Morning Mistress

Twitter CEO Hates Statues & History

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Girls With Guns

How To Offend Communists...

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