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Saturday, February 4, 2017

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Why Do We Own Guns? This Is Why...

Judge Who Blocked Trump Action Has Activist Past

U.S. District Court Judge James Robart, who Friday temporarily curtailed President Donald Trump’s refugee executive order, has something of an activist history on the bench.

When Robart ruled in favor of Washington state’s attorney generals Friday, he claimed that Trump’s order temporarily banning U.S. entry to citizens from seven terrorism-compromised nations was not “rationally based” and has “harmed” the states and “inflicted” damage upon them. Writing that “the court concludes that the circumstances brought before it today are such that it must intervene to fulfill its constitutional role in our tripartite government,” Robart issued a decision hailed by the mainstream media and liberal activists.

“Judge Robart’s decision, effective immediately, effective now, puts a halt to President Trump’s unconstitutional and unlawful executive order. It puts a stop to it immediately, nationwide,” Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson told reporters, according to Politico. “What the judge announced today was nationwide; the president’s executive order does not apply.”

Robart, who was nominated to his position by former President George W. Bush in 2004, said the phrase “black lives matter” during a court hearing for a case in August 2016 concerning the Seattle Police Departments potential use of excessive force in a racially charged situation. The Obama administration filed the lawsuit after...

You Know Leftists Are Losing When They Savage Their Mewling Attack Dog Chuck Schumer..

Our Leftist Bomb Throwers Over At The Daily KOS Are Cannibalizing Themselves...

Out With The Trash...

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The Crusades: A Documentary

Friday, February 3, 2017

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Smuggling Migrants to Europe Now a Major Funding Source for Islamic State

Islamist terror groups including Islamic State are now getting much of their revenue from smuggling migrants into Europe, Italy’s intelligence chief has said.

Information gathered by intelligence agencies shows that criminal gangs in Africa who work to traffick migrants into Europe have developed “partnerships” with terrorist organisations in the Middle East including Islamic State, Alessandro Pansa told La Stampa on Tuesday.

“ISIS is facing serious setbacks. Its biggest sources of income — smuggling oil products and antiquities, are at the edge of drying out. We think terrorists are resorting to human trafficking as a new source of revenue,” Pansa told the newspaper.

Pansa, the Director General of the Department of Information Security, revealed the intelligence agency’s findings at a talk in Naples about Africa and the ‘risks and opportunities’ of immigration.

Describing the involvement of Islamic terror groups in human trafficking as a major challenge for Italy, the security chief said it’s vital that Italy works with governments in Africa to “attack...

The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists

More Churchill:

Churchill Wisdom...

It Is Always Ok And Correct When Democrats Do It...

The leftist media must be usurped!

It Is Time To Revisit The Arab Spring In Iran...

Free the people of Iran from the totalitarian Theocracy..

No Benefits To Illegal Aliens..

Didn't Get Your Way?

It is time to rein in these idiots.

Wilders: Trump Has Already Done More Than Europe Ever Has To Curb Mass Migration

Dutch populist leader Geert Wilders praised U.S. President Donald Trump for his executive order to temporarily ban immigration from seven countries, saying he has already done more to curb mass migration than the entire European continent ever has.

“Here there is a politician who does not only keep his promises and fulfills his promises in the election campaign, but has done more to beat the mass immigration in two weeks time than the whole European governments [have] in their whole existence,” Wilders said during a book release in The Hague Thursday. “I’m sure if we would have had that kind of policy for instance in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe, that a lot of turmoil, a lot of terrorism would have been spared.”

Populist leaders from across Europe recently met in Koblenz, Germany to set up a game plan for the key election in 2017. Wilders said he was inspired by Trump’s election victory and...

BREAKING REPORT: Secret Service Managers Fired, Escorted from White House Grounds

At least two manager level Secret Service officials were fired and escorted from the White House complex, according to a report by reporter Steve Clemons.

The Secret Service has been accused of slow-walking an investigation of an agent based in Denver who publicly stated she would not ‘take a bullet’ for President Donald Trump.

“Reports coming in that some Secret Service mgr level personnel forced 2 resign 2nite & escorted out of EEOB. Two out but source says more…Repeat. Two (& perhaps more) @SecretService Mgr level staff abtuptly forced to resign tonight & escorted out of EEOB #trump #whitehouse”

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After Berkeley: A Right Wing Call to Self-Defense

Thursday, February 2, 2017

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This Does Not Belong In America...

Trump Is Exactly Right About This...

Don't Allow Muggles To Destroy Hogwarts!

Never Let Jackasses Stand In Your Way..

Leftists Be Like...

9mm Winchester Ammunition Review And Comparison For Wideners.com

Wideners.com, which has great prices by the way, (don't take my word for it, see for yourself HERE), asked me to review some 9mm ammunition for them. Specifically, the traditional Winchester 9mm White Box, which I have used before and currently have a tidy supply of, and the new steel cased, USA Forged brand 9mm ammunition also from Winchester. 

Anne from Wideners.com sent me one box of USA Forged, which contains 150 rounds of the new steel cased ammunition, and two boxes of the standard brass cased 9mm shells. Here is a link to Wideners 9mm Ammo: https://www.wideners.com/handgun/9mm-ammo

I have two 9mm handguns: a Glock 19 and a Ruger LC9. Before shooting, I was pretty confident that my Glock would pretty much shoot any kind of 9mm round, but I have had a few jams in the past with my Ruger LC9, so I was pretty interested in seeing how the new steel cased Winchester shells would perform with it.

I headed over to Nexus Shooting in Davie Florida, not because over fifty percent of their staff is female, but because of ummm, errr... propinquity, yeah that's the ticket.

Unfortunately there was a 45 minute wait for the target range, so I went to the digital range, which I reviewed here in the past, so, yeah... I shot up some animated zombies, defended the earth from asteroids (you are welcome), and obliterated numerous animated digital targets with ammunition from Wideners.com. It was fun!

Steel cased Winchester USA Forged:

I put 100 steel cased rounds through my Glock 19, which happily processed each round flawlessly, no misfires, no jams and all with the high level accuracy that I expect from my Glock.

And now the big test: will my Ruger LC9 perform as well?

Whenever it has been a while between shooting my LC9, it takes a few rounds to get used to the overly long trigger pull, which is my biggest complaint about the LC9, but once I settled in with it, I pumped the last 50 rounds of the steel cased ammo through the LC9 with no problems whatsoever.

Brass cased Winchester white box:

The brass cased Winchester rounds also performed flawlessly in both guns, no jams, no misfires.

The steel cased USA forged rounds left a residue on my fingers, and that was about the only drawback of the new rounds. 


Since the new Winchester USA Forged steel cased rounds are cheaper than the Winchester brass cased rounds, they are a good option to save some money and to keep Americans employed by buying American!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Sheriff Clarke Gets It!

Reducing Regulations Saves Paper

Trump Is A Gamer.

Immigrating To America Is A Privilege, Not A Right...

Such Star Power.

The American Left Is Regressive And Vulgar.

Immigration Expert: Illegal Aliens Can Pay for Wall

A plan to have Mexico pay for the not-yet-built border wall has been floated around President Donald Trump’s administration for weeks now.

Trump announced that he may impose a 20 percent tax on all products from Mexico to quickly pay for the wall, without American taxpayers being directly hit with the expected $10 to $14 billion cost.

David North, an immigration expert with the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) says he has a solution that would entail illegal immigrants living in the U.S. actually footing the bill. Under North’s proposal, he argues that by shuttering programs which federally fund illegal immigrants, nearly $1 to $3 billion could be shored annually, paying for the wall in potentially less than a decade.

“Put a 2 percent fee on all outgoing remittances,” North writes. “The rate is low enough to discourage alternative ways of sending money to the homelands, and the paper created will give IRS good leads for collecting unpaid income taxes.”

North also cites terminating the ruling which allows families with illegal immigrant family members obtain food-stamps, getting rid of...

Travel Ban and National Security

Trump's executive order does indeed reflect American values - values that scream national security, and a strong stance against the totalitarian barbarism offered by the Islamic jihad.

The executive order on immigration and refugees that President Trump signed right before the launch of last weekend has the liberal left Democrats beside themselves in anger. The protest-laden display of their anger has simply been confirmation for Trump supporters why they want nothing to do, anymore, with the unhinged liberal left Democrats in America. Simply put, the executive order in question puts a freeze on immigration and travel into the United States from seven countries that are either historically and currently supporters and a funding source for the Islamic jihad, or has actors committing terrorism throughout their population, and we simply cannot fully trust the alleged refugees coming here from those countries to not be a part of that jihad effort. The “ban” is a 120 day program, drastically cutting the number of Muslim migrants we admit into this country, and limits some travel from certain Muslim-majority countries.

The liberal left democrats consider the executive order “cruel” and a departure from America’s “come one, come all” immigration attitude.

The increase in attacks as the number of Muslim “refugees” in the country increases is not a coincidence. There is a direct correlation

While it is true the United States has a beautiful history of sheltering and accepting those fleeing violence and persecution, and has always been the world leader in refugee resettlement, it is also important to understand that the enemy, in this case Islamism, is not shy about inserting itself among the fleeing populations. The unfortunate reality is that the migrants are largely made up of jihad-age males.

While among those fleeing the Middle East there are those who truly seek refuge in the United States, to protect the receiving population it is necessary to take a strong stance with the vetting process to ensure that only those seeking to make America their home and wish to be contributing members of our society are who we accept. I have no problem extending a hand of generosity to those people. But, to keep us safe, let us make sure that the jihadists are...

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OMG! Look At The Carton Of Milk!

Poor Jebby Jeb. He thought putting an exclamation point after his name would make him exciting.
2% Low Energy.

Immigration Hurts The Poor...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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CNN Is On The Job!

Time Travel Can Be Fun!

Mass Fake News From The Fake Stream Media...

Breaking: President Trump Issues Executive Order On Michael Moore...

We Will Need to Import Less Food Now...

Report: Trump Halted $181 Billion in Regulatory Costs on First Day in Office

In one of his first acts as president, Donald Trump effectively halted nearly $200 billion worth of regulations, according to a new analysis.

President Trump has taken aggressive action to curb regulations in his first week, promising to cut 75 percent or "maybe more," and signing an executive order Monday to cut two regulations from the books when every new rule is introduced.

The first move came in the form of a memo to all federal agencies from Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, freezing all recently finalized and pending regulations. The American Action Forum, a center-right policy institute, found the action resulted in stopping rules that would cost the economy $181 billion.

"On day one in office, President Trump’s Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, signed a memo to all executive agencies imposing a regulatory moratorium," wrote Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy for the American Action Forum. "This may sound like an extraordinary action, but President Obama’s then-Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, penned an almost identical memo eight years ago."

"According to American Action Forum (AAF) research, this memo put a hold on $181 billion in total regulatory costs, including $17 billion in annual costs, and 5.5 million hours of paperwork," Batkins wrote. "This moratorium freezes 22 rulemakings with annual costs above $100 million and 16 measures with more than $1 billion in long-term costs."

The Trump administration memo stopped the publication of new rules in the Federal Register, withdrew regulations that were sent for formal publication so they can be reviewed, and postponed recently finalized regulations for 60 days.

The American Action Forum found 206 rules that are subject to the administration memo, including five major rules that will likely be scaled back or withdrawn altogether.

One rule halted was the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation's plan to mandate all new cars, vans, and SUVs install technology that would share their speed and brake status information with nearby vehicles.

The Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications rule would have cost an estimated...

Will An Airport Protester Please Take This Refugee In?

Two birds, One stone.