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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Boy Have Democrats Changed....

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MSNBC host suggests treating COVID lockdown skeptics like domestic terrorists

Girls With Guns

The Hypocrisy And Sanctimony Of Democrats Is Sickening And Repulsive...


Drama On The Capital Steps....

 Ted Cruz Is Such A Cowboy....

I am just a cowboy lonesome on the trail
Lord, I'm just thinking about a certain female
The nights we spent together riding on the range
Looking back it seems so strange...

On Democrats And Walls....


The Democrats Are Pursuing a Palpatine Strategy

The far-Left Democrats are far down the road toward one-party control.

This one is for all the “Star Wars” fans out there. The three “Star Wars” prequel movies tell the story of how the Republic became an Empire. Sheev Palpatine was born on the planet Naboo and became infatuated with the Dark Side. After he became proficient as a Sith Lord, he hid his true nature, and rose to become Senator, playing the political game masterfully. He secretly instigated a group of Chinese-sounding traders to blockade Naboo, which exposed the weakness of the Republic to provide security. The Queen of Naboo called for a vote of no confidence in the government. This led to Palpatine becoming chancellor and assuming extraordinary powers.

At every stage of this process, Palpatine pretended to be the upholder of the Republic, while simultaneously destabilizing it and aggrandizing himself. By the time he was crowned Emperor, his lawlessness had been transformed in the minds of the public into the side of law and order. His authority was seen as legitimately granted and his stormtroopers and Death Stars were officially seen as vital peacekeepers, instead of as key mainstays of his police state.

Does this sound familiar at all?

The Democrats destabilized and resisted the Trump presidency from the time of his swearing-in. The Democrats claimed to be the party of constitutional propriety, defending the country against Russian interference, while people like Representatives Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) were perpetuating stories that they knew to be untrue without any repercussions. Even worse in Swalwell’s case, he was literally sleeping with the enemy—a Chinese spy!

Meanwhile, nationalists and populists played into the Democrats’ hands with the inexcusable and feckless Capitol Hill riot. President Trump and his lawyers contributed to the Georgia Senate debacle by alienating the Georgia state Republican leadership, suppressing the populist vote, and firing up the Democrats’ base. The Trump campaign’s actions during the period between the election and the swearing-in would have been comical, were they not so tragic.

Because of this stupidity, ironically, the Democrats get to position themselves as “defenders of democracy.” How rich is that? Does anyone recall Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s severed head?

Palpatine: I AM The Senate Scene..

What would today’s press do if an actress held up Joe Biden’s decapitated head? BLM and Antifa thugs burnt federal courthouses and intimidated local residents throughout the summer and fall, causing over 30 deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. In the Democrats’ worldview, this is not even close to being equivalent with what happened on January 6, even though it certainly set a precedent for public behavior. In a recent Department of Homeland Security briefing, the Biden Administration briefers highlighted the threat from potential domestic violent extremists like the Boogaloo and Proud Boys, but turned themselves into pretzels trying to argue that the BLM and Antifa riots were “lawful protests.”

The Democratic Party is like a Trojan Horse for the far Left. Palpatine is a cover for Darth Sidious. Joe Biden has the avuncular façade of a forgetful grandpa, but he is allowing a radical, globalist, anti-American agenda to metastasize.

The Democratic Party used to be the party of the working class. It used to be the party for everyday Americans. There are still millions of Americans who vote for the Democrats because of this heritage. But now, the Democratic Party has been captured by billionaire tech and finance titans, pro-LGBTQ, anti-Christian, pro-illegal alien and anti-U.S. wage earner, pro-critical theory, and anti-traditional American values, pro-globalist and anti-nationalist...

When Does Concrete Turn To Dust In The Wind??


Teacher who was fired over lecture attacking 'radical feminist orthodoxy' speaks out to accuse the school of 'a craven response to a cancel culture' and 'appeasement'

Will Knowland prepares to make a claim to an employment tribunal for discrimination, following his dismissal last month

Speaking to Times Radio, the English teacher warned the 'soul of Eton,' was in danger.

Will Knowland fighting against cancel culture and political correctness

He claims Mr Henderson insinuated there may have been another reason he was dismissed - something the college has vehemently denied. 

Mr Knowland claimed: 'This "something else" rumour was, in my opinion, particularly damaging in the context of the most recent suspended master, Matthew Mowbray, who was recently sentenced for sexual crimes involving children. 

Will Knowland claims Eton's head master, Simon Henderson, insinuated there was another reason for the English teacher's dismissal
Will Knowland claims Eton's head master, Simon Henderson, insinuated there was another reason for the English teacher's dismissal

Mr Knowland has suggested he could bring a defamation case against Mr Henderson, as well as Eton's Provost Lord Waldegrave. Eton has vehemently denied the former English teacher's claim that he was dismissed for any reason other than the online lecture he shared

Eton College said it was categorically untrue that the school or head master had ever suggested the dismissal related to anything other than the video shared online.

Called the Patriarchy Paradox, the video was posted on Mr Knowland's personal YouTube channel and not delivered to pupils because of the pandemic.

Last month scores of Old Etonians threatened to withhold £2million in funding from the elite school unless Mr Henderson, often referred to as 'Trendy Hendy,' resigns.

Last month scores of Old Etonians threatened to withhold £2million in funding from the elite school unless Mr Henderson, often referred to as 'Trendy Hendy,' resign

Tory peer Lord Bellingham, a former pupil at the Berkshire college, warned a dining club of 45 alumni were incensed by the sacking.

In a letter to Eton College, Lord Bellingham said Mr Henderson's 'woeful handling of this issue' has further damaged his 'very shaky' authority and inflicted 'very severe...

Few Things Frost Me More Than Lying Hypocrites...


Hypocrite and Climate Czar John Kerry: Flying a private plane is ‘the only choice for someone like me’

Rep. Mike Rogers Vows to Do ‘Exact Same Thing’ to Democrats what they did to Marjorie Taylor Greene When GOP in Majority — ‘They’ve Got More Nuts Than We’ve Got’

Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL), the ranking Republican member on the House Armed Services Committee, says Democrats were setting a precedent by expelling controversial freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from her assigned congressional committees.

During an interview that aired Friday on Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5, Rogers explained there were plusses to Democrats spending time on Greene and impeachment. According to the Alabama GOP lawmaker, if Democrats continued to pursue Greene and former President Donald Trump, they were not passing legislation.

“You just described why I’m not that unhappy about what they’re doing,” he said. “I hope this impeachment trial in the Senate lasts three months. If they’re spending two or three months on an impeachment trial, they’re not passing bills into law. I’ve been doing this a long time. The further you go into an election cycle, the dimmer the chances of you passing meaningful legislation are happening. If you want to get big things done, you better do it in the first three or four months of a two-year cycle because big things don’t happen that closer that election gets to you. I want them to spend a lot of time on silly stuff because that means they’re not passing bills.”

Rogers said when Republicans eventually regained control of the U.S. House of Representatives, which is a strong possibility after the 2022 midterm elections, a GOP majority could pursue similar actions against Democrat House members imposed on Greene.

“I hate what they’re doing with what we call MTG, Marjorie Taylor Greene, because it’s just a terrible precedent,” Rogers continued. “They’re trying to hold something somebody said before they were in Congress and take their seats away. And plus, we have never allowed in the history of the Congress allowed the majority party to decide what committees minority parties are in. It’s always been each party decided that for...

Don't Talk To Me About Conspiracies You Hypocrite Nutjob...


FBI Raids Trump Supporters Who Spoke At Rally The DAY BEFORE The Capitol 'Storming'; Interrogates Random Trump Supporters Who Never Even Went

The FBI reportedly raided the homes of two Trump supporters who spoke at rallies the day before the Capitol protest and is now contacting random Trump supporters who didn't attend any Capitol protest-related events for questioning.

From CNN:
The FBI recently raided the homes of two men who sponsored an invective-laced rally near the US Capitol a day before the deadly insurrection, the first known search warrants involving people who organized and spoke at rallies preceding the attack.

CNN learned of the raids through an eyewitness account, public records, a lawyer representing one of the rally organizers and an FBI spokeswoman who confirmed details of the searches.

FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller confirmed that federal agents executed search warrants last week at two properties in Orange County, California, which public records indicate belong to Russell Taylor and Alan Hostetter. The two men run the American Phoenix Project, which co-sponsored a pro-Donald Trump rally near the Supreme Court on January 5, one day before the attack.

Neither man has been charged with any crimes.

Footage of the rally shows the men spewing militant vitriol: Hostetter told the crowd to prepare for "war tomorrow" against "vipers" in Congress who refused to nullify President Joe Biden's win. Taylor said, "We will not return to our peaceful way of life until this election is made right."

Court documents related to the search warrants are still under seal, but the raids are the first publicly known federal actions against people who organized rallies linked to the Capitol attack. Federal investigators have issued more than 500 subpoenas and search warrants in the probe.

[...] An FBI spokesperson told CNN the search was conducted at the property Taylor owns at 6 a.m. Wednesday. CNN obtained photos and videos of FBI agents at his house hours later.

Spokespeople for the FBI and the Justice Department declined to comment further about the raids or what investigators were searching for, noting that the case files are still sealed.

A lawyer for Taylor, Dyke Huish, told CNN that the agents were "just gathering information on people that were at or near the Capitol building on the day in question," referring to January 6. Huish said Taylor "cooperated with investigators" and the search was finished "without incident." Eimiller, the FBI spokeswoman, said "no arrests were made" during the searches.

Taylor acknowledged the raid on his Orange County home in a Telegram post on Friday. Using a pseudonym, Taylor urged his followers to "hold the line," adding, "I am working with a lawyer and per his recommendation he said to keep on the down low for a bit to stay off any radars."
"Hostetter is a former infantryman, sheriff's deputy, SWAT officer and police chief," The Washington Post reported.

Their story sounds a bit strange, especially the whole part about how Taylor "cooperated with investigators."

Neither took part in the "storming."

Their story has a lot of parallels with...

Hogg Tied...

David Hogg Was A Parkland Student Who Was Not There During The Shooting, He Biked To The School After It Was Over And Started Talking To Reporters, Like He Was There....He Too, Became A Media Darling...

Never Trust A Hogg!

Biggest Gun Control Bill in History Targets the Poor, Will Make Millions of Felons Overnight

HR127, known as the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act introduced by Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18], is, without a doubt, the most tyrannical gun control bill ever proposed. Like all gun control measures, this bill would hit the poor and minority communities the hardest. Its massive scope would also turn tens of millions of legal, law abiding gun owners into felons overnight.

As TFTP reported in December, before Joe Biden took office, his administration has major plans for eviscerating the Second Amendment. Biden has been an outspoken gun grabber and on his campaign website, he’s stated that he will use executive action to enforce gun control.

On the site, Biden states that he will use executive action to “get weapons of war off our streets.” Calling an AR-style weapon a “weapon of war” is laughable given the fact that Biden, under president Obama, aided in the wholesale slaughter of countless innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia — using actual “weapons of war” like drone strikes, hellfire missiles, and sanctions.

Nevertheless, the new boss — who is the same as the old boss, contrary to what many believe — is presiding over a Congress that will consider the most tyrannical gun control measures in the history of America, HR127.

Former vice presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, Spike Cohen points out that “HR127 would be most heavily enforced against those with the least ability to defend themselves in court: the poor, and minorities. It will also make things much worse in marginalized communities, where only police and criminals will have guns.”

In a post to Facebook, Cohen narrowed down some of the bill’s most ominous points that would target every single gun owner in the country.
  1.  Firearms License required for any new gun purchases or ownership transfers.
  2. Licensee Must be 21, complete a 24 hour gun safety training course, and must undergo a psych evaluation.
  3. Multi-tier license. Individual license for ownership and display of “antique” firearm, standard firearm license, and “military style” license.
  4. Military license requires additional 24 hour safety course.
  5. Licensing is revoked immediately for anyone indicted of a crime in which the sentence lasts longer than 1 year.
  6. This heavily discriminates against anyone who has ever seen a therapist or had to get mental health treatment, such as victims of abuse and people with depression, and veterans seeking care for PTSD. Depression and addiction are mentioned specifically as reasons for licensing denial.
  7. Also, gun licensing is expensive, which makes ownership less accessible for those who need their own protection most.
  8.  Requires an $800 annual government insurance fee for all current and future gun owners, to be paid to the Attorney General EVERY YEAR.
  9. There is no grandfather clause, meaning this applies to anyone that owns a gun at all, not just those who purchase a new firearm after this passes.
  10. This fee will certainly go up each year. It’s yet another barrier for those in poverty to be able to defend themselves.
  11.  Mandatory Nationwide Firearms Registration & Database
  12. ALL firearms owned shall be registered under penalty of up to $150,000 and 15 years in prison.
  13. Serial, make, model, date, identity of owner, and the location of where the firearm will be stored to be collected and maintained in a database by the US Attorney General.
  14. Names and information of all those who may have access to the firearms shall be collected as well.
  15. This information to be accessible by state, local, and federal police, military, as well as state and local governments.
  16.  Ammunition and Magazine Bans
  17. Bans .50cal and larger ammunition outright.
  18. Bans all mags that hold more than 10 rounds
  19. This ammo is mostly used for hunting and is rarely used against people. The most common handguns and rifles use magazines that exceed this arbitrary limit, which makes TENS OF MILLIONS of law-abiding gun owners felons overnight.
  20. Illegal ownership of even a single round of banned ammo will result in up to $100,000 in fines AND 20 years in prison.
This bill was originally presented last year and reinvented this year with a whole new level of tyranny added to it both in the government and out of it. For example, the registration data will be made public. Given the cancel culture mass hysteria-inciting media frenzy as of late, this list could be used by big tech and woke cults to target their political rivals. They could seek out this data and use it to implement blacklists, social media bans, and any other number of ways the cancel culture attacks those with...

Get your motor runnin' Head out on the highway!

Morning Mistress

The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #556

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1256

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Friday, February 5, 2021

Perserverance Rover - Everything You Need To Know...

That Time When Rand Paul Actually Experienced What AOC Lied About...

Girls With Guns

President Donald J. Trump Cancels Cancel Culture....


How Many People Died Because Of Facebook?


Sue The Winklevoss Out Of Mark Zuckerberg....

Let Me Introduce You To: Our New Fascist Overlords:


Remember Free Speech, A Free Press? We May Never Have That Recipe Again....

Skater Vs. Car Door Vs. Wall

More Fantastic Gifs:

Hope They Bought Her New Underwear...

How To Lose Your Camera At 150 MPH

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Biden Is Putting Migrant Kids In Cages And Now ‘AOC’ Doesn’t Care.

Joe Biden is re-opening a child migrant detention center, but neither the establishment media nor left-wing politicians appear to care. The response is starkly different from when President Trump operated the detention centers he inherited from the Obama-Biden administration.

The move is said to be a direct result of the relaxation of border enforcement, a stunning admission made in CNN reports.

A recent article states:

The Biden administration is opening an overflow facility for unaccompanied migrant children apprehended at the US-Mexico border, the federal agency tasked with the children’s care told CNN in a statement.

The Health and Human Services Department will reopen a facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas, that can accommodate about 700 children and can be expanded if necessary.

The reopening of the facility comes amid an increase in apprehensions of unaccompanied children on the Southwest border, fueled in part by deteriorating conditions in Latin America and a perceived possible relaxation of enforcement, and reduced capacity limits at other facilities due to Covid-19. It also comes as President Joe Biden rolls out new immigration executive orders tackling migration to the US southern border.

The silence from the national, establishment media as well as Democrats on Capitol Hill has been notable.

Once known for crying at a fence overlooking a parking lot, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has – at the time of publication – said nothing about Biden’s new move to “put kids in cages.”

National advocacy groups are also silent, and outlets such as the New York Times and CNN have failed to criticize Biden and his regime for re-opening the center and congregating migrant children in close conditions.

Perhaps the most important part of why these centers need to reopen in the first instance is the most important: the relaxation of enforcement. In other words, Joe Biden has signaled for people to come, illegally, into...

AM I Seeing Double?

Absolute Lunacy.

Biden's Department of Homeland Sleaze Chief

Everything old is new again. The corruptocracy of the Obama administration is back with a vengeance in the White House. Once more, the “S” in “DHS” stands not for security — but for sleaze. Our nation is back for sale to the highest foreign bidders and their “America last” cronies.

Last Thursday, the Senate Homeland Security Committee pushed through the nomination of Alejandro “Ali” Mayorkas to head the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Six Senate Republicans sided with Democrats in breaking a GOP filibuster: Sens. Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, Rob Portman of Ohio, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, and Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Just call them the Senate GOP Traitors’ Caucus.

“Inclement weather” forced the postponement of the full and final Senate vote scheduled Monday, but the swamp always gets its way come rain, shine, sleet or snow. Seven years ago, I first raised alarms when Barack Obama’s shady Chicago crony Mayorkas was tapped for the No. 2 position at DHS. Feckless Senate Republicans surrendered then, as they will again now.

Mayorkas’ main qualification for the deputy DHS secretary slot was his glorious record of achievement as a top Obama presidential campaign fundraiser in 2008. “Obama bundler” bestowed the same magical powers of access for Ali Mayorkas as “Open, sesame!” did for Ali Baba.

Mayorkas will fit right in under the rein of Quid Pro Joe. As I reported during Mayorkas’ 2013 confirmation hearings, Mayorkas phoned the Clinton White House while U.S. attorney on behalf of convicted drug dealer Carlos Vignali. Mayorkas joined other high-profile California liberals in the dialing-for-pardons campaign. Vignali’s father (also suspected of drug trafficking) had dumped $200,000 in the coffers of Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh, to secure his son’s commutation.

Naturally, Mayorkas pleaded ignorance of Vignali senior’s suspected criminal activity and admitted failure to do his “due diligence.” Mayorkas’ pardongate “mistake” cost him nothing. Like so many slimy swamp creatures in Washington, he has repeatedly failed upward by design, not accident. As the former head of Obama/Biden’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency, allegations of fraud, reckless rubber-stamping and lax enforcement — from veteran internal whistleblowers —plagued Mayorkas’ tenure. Senate Republicans went along with his appointment to the DHS No. 2 slot even though he had been under investigation for his role as a meddling fixer in foreign EB-5 visas-for-sale schemes for 15 months before that nomination.

Federal investigators interviewed more than 15 whistleblowers ranging from rank-and-file employees to several senior managers in California and at the D.C. headquarters who accused Mayorkas of bestowing preferential access and treatment to politically connected EB-5 applicants and stakeholders. They detailed how Mayorkas “created special processes and revised existing policies in the EB-5 program to accommodate specific parties” while serving as director of...

Keynesian Economics Says Breaking Things Is Good Right?


Damn Keynesians...

Keynesian Economics Vs. Austrian Economics...

Keynesian Economics - Bound For the Dustbin Of History...

Keynesian Economist Paul Krugman Comes Out Against Bitcoin

Islamic Terrorist Supporter and non-Veteran Named Secretary of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Terrorist / Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Magid (Left) with new VA Secretary Denis McDonough (Right), who praises Magid

He “sailed” through confirmation hearings and his main goal will be administering the China virus vaccine to veterans. What could go wrong?

The U.S. Senate just confirmed terrorist supporter Denis McDonough to be the new Secretary of the Veterans Administration.

McDonough has a long history of openly supporting terrorists/jihadis while in public office.

The counter-terrorism policies and strategies created under his watch as Deputy National Security Advisor and Chief of Staff under President Obama demonstrate his overt support for individuals and entities who openly call for the overthrow of the U.S. government and the destruction of liberty and innocent life.

McDonough’s seditious and unlawful actions are unprecedented in their brazenness and blatant violation of his oath and the law.

For instance, as the Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama, McDonough went to the Muslim Brotherhood’s mosque, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) in Sterling, Virginia with senior U.S. leaders including FBI, DHS, NSC, etc to PRAISE its Imam.

The ADAMS Center Imam is Mohamed Magid, a Muslim Brotherhood leader.

See the video of McDonough’s speech at ADAMS HERE. (By the way, Denis McDonough lied when he said Thomas Jefferson held “the first Iftar dinner at the White House”)

For years, Muslim Brother Imam Mohamed Magid served as the Vice President and then President of one of North America’s largest Muslim Brotherhood organizations, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

ISNA was identified by the Department of Justice as a Muslim Brotherhood organization which directly funded Hamas leaders and organizations overseas.

The evidence was revealed in the largest terrorism financing trials ever successfully prosecuted in American history – US v Holy Land Foundation (HLF), Northern District of Texas (Dallas), 2008.

You can see ISNA’s financial transactions sending money to the designated Foreign Terrorist Organization Hamas, entered into evidence at the HLF trial HERE.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a designated terrorist organization in several nations, and the U.S. House and Senate both have bills pending to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group in America. See the...

Ain't No Circle Back Girl....

A few times I've been around that track
So it's not just gonna happen like that

'Cause I ain't no Hollaback Girl
I ain't no Hollaback Girl

A few times I've been around that track
So it's not just gonna happen like that

'Cause I ain't no Hollaback Girl
I ain't no Hollaback Girl

Believe it or not, this is also Gwen Stefani....She's Gorgeous..

SPLC’s Partisan ‘Hate Group’ Label For Judeo-Christian Organizations Threatens To Scare Donors Away

Thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) erroneously classifying Christian or conservative organizations under a sweeping “hate group” label, these organizations and the charities and foundations that donated to them are now being blackballed.

On Wednesday, the Chronicle of Philanthropy released a report based on Internal Revenue Service records identifying 351 donor organizations and 280 private foundations that have donated $52.8 million to “SPLC-designated hate groups.” The top-donors mentioned are the National Christian Foundation at $26,878,059, the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund at $3,118,538, and the Christian Community Foundation at $2,216,667.

The problem? The SPLC is notorious nowadays for identifying a whole swath of right-leaning organizations as hate groups for simply supporting conservative causes. The Family Research Council, Ruth Institute, and Alliance Defending Freedom are among those blackballed for pushing traditional family values, as well as non-woke views concerning gender and sexuality.

“ADF is one of the nation’s most respected and successful Supreme Court advocates, and has won 11 cases at the U.S. Supreme Court since 2011,” said Jeremy Tedesco, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, in response to the SPLC designation. “Once a respected civil rights organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center has destroyed its own credibility because of its blatant partisan agenda and discredited fundraising scheme. It has devolved into a group that attacks and spreads lies about organizations and people who do not agree with its far-left agenda.”

While the SPLC plays God by dictating what is the proper standard for morality in 2021, it is important to note that its former President Richard Cohen resigned in 2019 after allegations were made of racism and misogyny. In 2013, Cohen wrote a column in the Washington Post that came under heavy scrutiny by virtually all left-wing publications as plainly bigoted. Author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote in The Atlantic at the time that it is Cohen’s “logic that killed Trayvon Martin,” concerning “living” with being black.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy notes that the Christian organization Liberty Counsel received $1,004,079 in funding. As of today, the SPLC cites it as anti-LGTB “under the guise of religious liberty.” This is primarily because the Liberty Counsel has historically had a firm stance on same-sex marriage, which is common to a lot of Christian organizations that rely on textualism concerning the basis of men and women to guide their political theory.

The Family Research Council is referenced as having received $11,162,422 (second-most to the American Family Association). This is an organization that primarily focuses on life and human dignity, religious liberty and conscience, marriage, family and sexuality, and civil society issues. Since 1983, Family Research Council has spearheaded efforts to guide pro-life policy and was founded by Gerald P. Regier, a former Reagan administration appointee in...

USA Today Op-Ed Denounces Tom Brady For Being White

USA Today published an op-ed which denounced Tom Brady for refusing to walk back his previous support for Donald Trump and for being “white.”

Yes, really.

With the Super Bowl just days away, Nancy Armour (who is white), took the opportunity to fan the flames of more political and racial division by attacking Brady for refusing to cave to the woke mob that requires total subservience to its ideological consensus.

As Dave Blount explains, the motivation for the hit piece is the fact that Brady committed the sin of refusing to recant his previous statements about Trump. In order to terrify the rest into compliance, leftists appear to reserve their most vitriolic invective for celebrities who simply try to avoid wading into the putrid swamp that is modern politics.

“Brady has expressed support in the past for his golfing buddy Donald Trump. Nowadays, Brady is keeping a low profile on anything political, which is understandable, considering that the establishment is out for blood. People suspected of being among the 74 million who voted to reelect Trump are having their lives destroyed by vindictive liberals who hold all the levers of power.”

“The left-wing piranhas comprising the media would love for Brady to denounce his friend, so they could revel in his submission and humiliation. They wouldn’t mind for him to defend Trump, so they could feature Brady for the Two Minutes Hate. But just keeping his mouth shut on the grounds that athletes should not have to justify their political views to ideological bullies is not acceptable. So USA Today attacks in the most vicious way liberals can conceive of: by denouncing him for being Caucasian.”

Armour vents her fury at Brady simply because he wants to mind his own business and won’t be trampled by the mob into being an amplifier of demented progressive authodoxy.

“The Make America Great Again hat in his locker, the flippant endorsement of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Only when those ties became inconvenient did Brady decide he wanted to “stick to sports,” and that he preferred to be a beacon of positivity rather than delve into society’s thorny ills,” she writes.

She then engages in brazen racism by declaring, “How mighty white of him.”

Armour then whines about how Brady’s refusal to be ideologically browbeaten into submission by duplicitous racial grifters like her is an example of his “white privilege.”

“Brady’s ability to enter and exit the debate at his choosing, to shield himself from accountability, is the height of white privilege. As this country grapples with the far reaches of systemic racism, look no further than Brady, for whom the expectations, and allowances granted, will always be different [because he is white].”

Armour, who has been with USA Today since 2014, has a history of disguising social justice activism behind a thin veil of sports journalism.

She previously called for the abolition of NFL cheerleaders and has consistently pushed Black Lives Matter rhetoric.

Armour is a cretin, a bully and an intellectual coward, but...