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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Girls With Guns

Allen West Quotes

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I Know There Is A Sun Tzu Quote In Here Somewhere..

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How To Break Down A Door..

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Logic Puzzle: Can You ACE This One?

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Ted Cruz On Traitors...

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AL Sharpton Gets Called Out On All His Racist Remarks..

Morning Mistress

Hot Pick Of the Late Night - Black Lingerie

Friday, May 23, 2014

Girls With Guns

Jay Carney's Sit'n Spin!

Teaches your child how to lie and lie and lie and lie!
Remember, lying is ok to advance our socialist agenda!

Can You Say, Adrenaline Rush?

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How To Make A Torch..

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How To Escape Zip Ties

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Logic Puzzle: Timothy's Money

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Just An FYI

I will not be answering any emails this entire weekend.

I will be on a secret mission to .....

Anyways, I am not ignoring you.

May everyone have a meaningful Memorial Day Weekend.


Klotzbach-Gray: Only three hurricanes forecast in 2014

It's a small one..
The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season could prove the recent very political National Climate Assessment to be as wrong as exchanging freedom for big government, which is what the climate assessment is all about, increasing the size of government and limiting individual liberties.

Phil Klotzbach and William Gray released their outlook Thursday, calling for nine named storms, including three hurricanes, one intense. That's far below the average of 12 named storms, including six hurricanes, three major.

The two renowned climatologists say they expect El Niño, the large-scale weather pattern that suppresses storm formation, to emerge by the heart of the season in August. They also note the tropical Atlantic has cooled in the past few months.

"El Niño is coming," Klotzbach said. "It has the potential to be a strong one, too."

Although the Atlantic basin remains in an era of heightened tropical intensity, another forecast team concurs it should be a tame season. London-based Tropical Storm Risk calls for 12 named storms, including five hurricanes.

However, April outlooks can be far off. Several climatologists predicted 2013 would be highly active but there were only two Category 1 hurricanes and neither hit the U.S. coastline.

As part of their subdued forecast, Klotzbach and Gray predict a 35 percent chance that a hurricane will strike Florida, compared with the long-term average of 51 percent. The state has gone a record eight seasons without a hurricane hit.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Girls With Guns - Ok, She Scares Me..

Utility Not Luxury.

Shut Your Pie Hole, Thief.

Yeah, That Could Be A Concussion..


Which Is Of These Do Islamists Fight Against?

Logic Puzzle - Who Gets To Marry The Princess?

A king wants his daughter to marry the smartest of 3 extremely intelligent young princes, and so the king's wise men devised an intelligence test.

The princes are gathered into a room and seated, facing one another, and are shown 2 black hats and 3 white hats. They are blindfolded, and 1 hat is placed on each of their heads, with the remaining hats hidden in a different room.

The king tells them that the first prince to deduce the color of his hat without removing it or looking at it will marry his daughter. A wrong guess will mean death. The blindfolds are then removed.

You are one of the princes. You see 2 white hats on the other prince's heads. After some time you realize that the other prince's are unable to deduce the color of their hat, or are unwilling to guess. What color is your hat?

Note: You know that your competitors are very intelligent and want nothing more than to marry the princess. You also know that the king is a man of his word, and he has said that the test is a fair test of intelligence and bravery.

Answer Is Below

Chipotle Has Banned Guns....Let's ban Chipotle...

Don't reward gun grabbers.  Don't reward Chipotle, they have joined Starbucks, Target, and Staples in banning the open carry of guns in their stores.

Viva Second Amendment!

$1 Million Bounty to Be Offered for ‘Smoking Gun’ in IRS Targeting Scandal

A nonprofit group hopes to award a $1 million bounty to anyone who can provide “smoking gun” evidence to implicate IRS leadership or members of the Obama administration who purposefully targeted conservative and tea party-affiliated groups, TheBlaze has learned.

Gregg Phillips, the managing director for The Voters Trust, a political nonprofit 501 (c)(4) which was established to identify and mobilize Americans, told TheBlaze on Wednesday “that this is the people’s bounty to seek the truth.”

Catherine Engelbrecht, president of the nonprofit group True the Vote, will be officially announcing the bounty Wednesday night on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show, “The Kelly File” at 9 p.m. ET.

To qualify for the bounty, the person needs to provide “relevant evidence including emails, eye-witness accounts, or testimony of political targeting of Americans by the IRS or the Obama administration that has not previously been reported,” according to an official press release from the group obtained by TheBlaze.

Phillips said the evidence must lead directly to...

New Proof of Extensive IRS Scheme To Tyrannize The Tea Party

Since the founding of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a sacrosanct rule in American politics has been that the IRS would never be used to target political enemies.

However, we now know that this rule was violated by Democrats just a few short months after Barack Obama assumed power.

Last week, the legal advocacy organization, Judicial Watch, released incriminating emails that prove the IRS abused its authority by singling out Tea Party conservatives for punitive actions. The most damaging email was sent by Lois Lerner, the now-disgraced IRS honcho who’s still refusing to testify before Congress, and it revealed that raw political motives were behind the efforts.

Since the emails weren’t covered extensively in the mainstream media, I wanted to emphasize these revelations and the intense IRS corruption that they brought to light.

Clear and Indisputable Proof

On March 30, 2012, Democratic Sen. Carl Levin wrote a letter to then-IRS Commissioner, Douglas Shulman, discussing the issue of political activity by nonprofit applicants. Levin asked if the IRS was sending out additional information requests to applicant groups.

“Some entities claiming tax-exempt status as social welfare organizations under 26 U.S.C.&501(c)(4) appear to be engaged in political activities more appropriate for political organizations claiming tax-exempt status under 26 U.S.C.&527,” Sen. Levin wrote. “Because of the urgency of the issues involved in this matter, please provide the following information by April 20, 2012.”

This email is the smoking gun that proves there was political pressure behind the IRS moves. Correspondence between Senator Levin and Shulman powerfully implies that Levin wasn’t simply looking for information about the actions of the IRS. Rather, Levin seems to be guiding the IRS and calling for retaliatory processes.

Another email, sent by Lerner in April 2013, includes a description of the criteria for targeting. The list is a “BOLO” (government lingo for “be on the lookout”) directive targeting any nonprofit applicant linked to the Tea Party.

The email specifically named “organizations meeting any of the following criteria as falling within the BOLO’s reference to ‘Tea Party’ organizations: 1. ‘Tea Party,’ ‘Patriots,’ or ’9/12 Project’ is referenced in the case file. 2. Issues include government spending, government debt and taxes. 3. Educate the public through advocacy/legislative activities to make America a better place to live. 4. Statements in the case file that are critical of how the country is being run.”

Why anyone would be against an organization wanting to “make America a better place to live,” I’ll never understand. Either way, this is the criteria set by Lerner for IRS targeting.

In addition to the Lerner email, Judicial Watch released two other highly damaging pieces of internal IRS correspondence.

In another email, Holly Paz, then-Director of the IRS Rulings and Agreements Division, directed IRS lawyer Steven Grodnitzky “to let Cindy and Sharon know how we have been handling Tea Party applications in the last few months.”

Grodnitzky was assigned to the IRS headquarters’ Exempt Organizations Technical Unit. When he responded to Paz, he assured her that their colleagues were “working the Tea Party applications in coordination with [Cincinnati]. We are developing a few applications here in D.C., and providing copies of our development letters with the agent to use as examples in the development of their cases.”

These emails rip to shreds the Obama administration’s oft-repeated lie that the targeting effort was exclusive to the Cincinnati IRS office. It’s now obvious that there was an organized, deliberate campaign to target Tea Party groups.

Not surprisingly,

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Video: More Russian High Risk Stunts

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CIA Hiding Iranian Terrorist Known To Have KILLED HUNDREDS Of AMERICANS!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Girls With Guns - Camo Bikini?

A Moment Of Serenity

The aftermath of the Great Hurricane of 1900 which killed an estimated 8,000 people in Galveston, Texas.

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The Five Stages Of Living In A National Surveillance State..

Never Give In, Never Give Up To The Thought Police, Our Privacy Is Too Precious...

Dissing The Fourth Amendment...

This Guy Is Either Drunk Or He Is On ObamaCare..


How To Escape Zip Ties

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We can’t allow David Barron to be a judge.

Mike, do you think the President has the authority to kill American citizens without due process?
President Obama nominated law professor David Barron for First Circuit Court Judge, and Barron doesn’t believe the 5th Amendment applies to every American citizen. He wrote legal memos for Obama authorizing the execution of American citizens overseas without due process.
In America, we believe in “innocent until proven guilty.” We fought a war of independence against the British to prove it.
David Barron’s views are a gross distortion of our Constitution. He must be stopped. The Senate may vote on Barron’s nomination in a few hours. Rand Paul is fighting this nomination tooth and nail. Will you stand with him?
We can’t allow David Barron to be a judge. His views are terrifying, and make a mockery of our constitutional system of government.
With this nomination, Obama is shredding the Constitution. He’s tearing apart our Bill of Rights,and he’s destroying the framework that built our great nation.
We need to stand up to Obama. More importantly, we need to stand up for the Constitution – we can’t let ONE president throw out our entire national heritage.
Get on the phone with your Senators now. Urge them to vote “NO” on confirming David Barron as a First Circuit Court judge.
Our lives, liberty, and the future of our country may rest on this vote.
In Liberty,
Matt Kibbe Signature
Matt Kibbe
President & CEO, FreedomWorks

Logic Puzzle - Death And Robots..

You are trapped in a room with two doors. One leads to certain death and the other leads to freedom. You don't know which is which.

There are two robots guarding the doors. They will let you choose one door but upon doing so you must go through it.

You can, however, ask one robot one question. The problem is one robot always tells the truth, the other always lies and you don't know which is which.

What is the question you ask?

Government Bureaucrats Want Real Time Access To Your (formerly) Private Medical Records

This administration clearly has our fourth amendment, second amendment, well hell, the whole bill of rights is under attack with this crew of socialists and cultural Marxists. You can bet that this will translate into gun registration checks into your medical records, and if they find ANYTHING, they will deny you your second amendment rights.

(CNSNews.com) – The federal government is piecing together a sweeping national

“biosurveillance” system that will give bureaucrats near real-time access to Americans’ private medical information in the name of national security, according to Twila Brase, a public health nurse and co-founder of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom.
The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response is currently seeking public comment on a 52-page draft of the proposed “National Health Security Strategy 2015-2018” (NHSS).

The deadline for comment is 5 pm EST on May 21st. (See Draft National Health Security Strategy 2015-2018.pdf)

“Health situational awareness includes biosurveillance and other health and non-health inputs (e.g., lab/diagnostics, health service utilization, active intelligence, and supply chain information), as well as systems and processes for effective communication among responders and critical health resource monitoring and allocation,” the draft states.

But Brase warns that the NHSS proposal would allow the federal government to monitor an individual’s behavior before, during and after any government-defined health “incident” – which could be anything from a local outbreak of the flu to a terrorist anthrax attack.

“It’s very broad. It doesn’t seem to have any limits, except they say something about, you know, properly protecting the data. But from our perspective, if the government gets access to this kind of data, 

A Perpetual Rape Orgy Is Occurring In Sweden Right Now

What color skirts do Swedish men wear? Swedish men, the descendants of Vikings, a proud people of alpha males are allowing foreigners to rape their women and children in a perpetual orgy of violence and hate that only Caligula or Lucifer could appreciate. Sweden now has the second highest rape rate in the entire world due to the fact that Swedish men simply will not defend their women and children from Muslim men that comprise what 3 percent of the population? 

Sweden has a problem. It is called progressivism. The idea that if you are just nice to evil, they will be nice back. You filthy Swedish leftist pussies, was being nice to a Viking Marauder good strategy? No. The Viking would spit down their enemies throat after they cut their heads off. If you want a thriving modern society, you need to purge your country of the evil you have invited in, and then to learn a
little enlightened self interest and let the eighth century salafists rot and kill each other off in their own lands. Learn some conservative values and purge yourselves of the two fascist ideologies of salafism and progressivism. It is not too late to exercise your human right of self defense and purge the infiltrators from your lands and from the wombs of your long suffering, tortured and bloodied women.

Morning Mistress

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