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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Girls With Guns

Taxes???? The Clinton's Don't Have To Pay Taxes....

That's only for the "little" people....

Crooked Hillary Is Too Stupid And Incompetent...And The Democrat Nominee - PERFECT.

Meanwhile In The Mainstream Media....

When doves cry.

The Hillary Condom....

Choose her and you will get screwed. 
It will not be pleasant.

Did Ivanka Trump Really Say THis About Her Father?

Yes, yes she did grasshopper.

What Could Go Wrong?

Donald Trump Quietly Helped Marine Left To Rot In Mexican Prison For 214 Days, Who Obama Ignored

Greta Van Susteren told her audience this week that it was true that Donald Trump helped out Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi after his release from a Mexican jail. Greta also said Obama wouldn’t even pick up a phone to help the Marine.

 “In all seriousness, Donald did help out Sgt. Tahmooressi. He sent him some money to help him jump start his life. Sgt. Tahmooressi rotted in a Mexican prison for 214 days. President Obama wouldn’t even pick up the phone to help.”

But Obama did have plenty of time to go golfing while Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi rotted in a Mexican prison. 

WikiLeaks Emails: DNC Approved Fake Trump Ads For ‘Hot Women’ Comfortable With ‘Gropes Under The Meeting Table’

The WikiLeaks cache of 19,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee has only been online for a couple of hours, and already it’s revealing some of the party’s dirty tricks.

In an email dated May 18, 2016, Christina Freundlich, Deputy Communications Director at the DNC proposed that the Democrats impersonate the Trump Organization on Craigslist, placing a fake ad for “hot women” aimed at making the Republican candidate look as sexist as possible. The email, which can be read below, contains the full text of the fake ad. It includes requirements for employees to “not gain weight on the job,” to “evaluate other women’s hotness,” and be comfortable with a range of illegal workplace sexual harassment including allowing the boss to “grope you under the...

Morning Mistress

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Muslim Migrant Punches Italian Bus Driver, Gets Pummeled!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Girls With Guns

Guilty Of Mishandling Top Secret Information? Channel Your Inner Clinton...

The Difference Between Life And Death Can Be Just A Few Seconds...

More Great Gifs!


Trump Leads With The Military..

Black Votes Matter

The First Presidential Portrait Of Bill Clinton Was NOT Approved...

I Shamelessly PILFERED This Image from HERE

More Shameless Pilfering:

Barack Obama's Ronald Reagan Moment...

It Came From the Depths Of HELL!!!

Likely Crooked Hillary VP Pick Tim Kaine Pushing Bill To Make ‘Gun Sellers’ Criminally Liable For Misuse Of Guns

Less than two weeks after a heinous attack in which a Virginia TV reporter and and her cameraman were killed by a gunman who passed a a background check for his firearm, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) is is pushing legislation to make “gun sellers” criminally liable for the misuse of guns they sell.

The bill is designed to “raise the bar” and require more “accountability” on the part of gun sellers. It also expands the federal net to open the door to criminal liability charges against private sellers too.

According to The Roanoke Times, Kaine’s bill is titled the Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act. It “would make gun sellers criminally liable for a bad sale if they...

The Iran Nuclear Deal Continues to Unravel

The steady drip of disturbing revelations about President Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear agreement continues unabated. On Monday, the Associated Press reported that key restrictions on Iran’s uranium enrichment activities will significantly ease after 10 years, long before those restrictions expire after 15 years.

The AP acquired a confidential document, leaked by an anonymous diplomat involved in the Iran nuclear issue, which it described as an add-on agreement in the form of a declaration submitted by Iran to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The document, the Joint Comprehensive Plan for Action, detailsIran’s plans for expanding its enrichment activities and makes it clear that some of the most restrictive provisions of the nuclear agreement are relaxed after only 10 years, although they will function as more permissive constraints for up to 15 years.

The published text of the nuclear agreement was vague on the exact timing of what happens to Iran’s uranium enrichment program after 10 years.

But the new document indicates that after 10 years, Iran plans to start replacing its current centrifuges with thousands of...

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Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Trump Vs. The Media

Trump Supporter Video - EP 2 "The Return to Greatness"

Trump Supporter Video - EP 4 "The Last Hope for America"

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Girls With Guns

Damn The Data, Full Speed Ahead...

CDC Gun Research Backfires on Obama

Empowerment Series: Women With Weapons #86

If You Ever Feel Stupid...

There are actually living organisms that think Hillary Clinton would make a good president...
Of course, these organisms have no brain because they are Democrats.

One Of These Two Love America...

One does not. 
It is time we brought American Pride back to the Whitehouse.
#melania trump

Why jihadists laugh at gun control

The “attack minister” and spokesman of ISIS, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, is not worried by Democrat calls for gun control laws. Here are instructions he issued two years ago.

If you cannot (detonate) a bomb or (fire) a bullet, arrange to meet alone with a French or an American infidel and bash his skull in with a rock, slaughter him with a knife, run him over with your car, throw him off a cliff, strangle him, or inject him with poison,” he said.

Al-Adnani said there was no need to “consult anyone” as all unbelievers are fair game: “It is immaterial if the infidel is a combatant or a civilian… They are both enemies. The blood of...

It Came From the Depths Of HELL!!!

I Shamelessly Lifted This Image from HERE

FLASHBACK: Ted Cruz PROMISES to Endorse Donald Trump on National TV (VIDEO)

On March 3, 2016 Senator Ted Cruz told the FOX News debate audience he would support Donald Trump if he was the Republican nominee.

Bret Baier: Senator Cruz will you support Donald Trump if he is the nominee?

Senator Ted Cruz: Yes, because I gave my word I would. And what I have endeavored to do every day in the senate is do what I said I would do.

But that was all a lie.

Cruz reneged on his promise to endorse the Republican nominee Donald Trump.


Melania Trump’s Speech Destroys Anti-Immigrant Narrative

by: Javier Manjarres

If you speak to many Hispanics around the country like I have, most, if not all who follow politics will tell you that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is a racist that hates all “Brown People.”

But according to these same Hispanics and the entire Democratic Party, Trump doesn’t just hate Hispanics, Trump hates all immigrants.

This could not be any further from the truth.

Many of you will remember when I dissected Trump’s controversial comments regarding Mexico, outlining all of the crime and violence that the Mexican government allows to spill over in the U.S, right?

I backed up his completely accurate remarks, saying that they just not delivered in the most politically correct way.

But now that Trump’s wife Melania introduced herself to the American electorate when...

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Hot Pick Of The Late Night - Coca Cola Edition...

China planning an economic zone near North Korea border to access Korean slave labor...

SEOUL, July 20 (UPI) -- China is planning an economic cooperation zone between the border city of Dandong and Tonghua, another city facing North Korea.

The project is being launched less than two months after Chinese President Xi Jinping met with North Korean envoy Ri Su Yong, who previously served as Pyongyang's foreign minister.

During the meeting Xi had said China "highly values" friendly cooperation with North Korea.

While the new economic zone does not involve North Korea directly, the project known as the "Tongdan Economic Belt" is being inaugurated in an area of China that has been actively engaged in trade with North Korea.

The two Chinese cities signed...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Girls With Guns

Obama:The Deceitful Liar...

Today's Muslim Horoscopes

Cancer It's a good day to martyr yourself. Your 72 virgins are getting impatient waiting for you, and they are feeling very lonely today. They need to feel to touch of a hero who knows his way around a suicide belt.

Leo Take time to celebrate the deaths in Benghazi and support legislation restricting access to Benghazi documents. Tonight: go out in large groups and harass the locals, infidels never defend themselves.

Virgo A good day to lawyer up. Not that you did anything wrong! Still, a very, very good day to lawyer up with a free CAIR Lawyer. Tonight: practice saying "I was targeted because I belong to the religion of peace" in the mirror.

Libra Accuse your opponents of playing the blame game. When they accuse you of playing the blame game by accusing them of playing the blame game, feign chest pains until they apologize. Then start playing the blame-them-for-your-chest-pains game.

Scorpio Take the bus, bring a plastic axe and a plastic knife, then stare down passengers while slowly touching your neck. If the police harass you, tell them you are going to a comic con. When the police leave, explain to the nearest female what they do to women who dress like her in Islamic countries.

Sagittarius Rent a box truck today. If they harass you, call CAIR and claim discrimination and harassment because of your religion. Accuse conservative TV personality of saying things you disagree with, and insisting that he shut up! Add a P.S. suggesting he knows nothing of sharia and has no right to discuss sharia.

Capricorn Today you'll get the urge to express your opposition to legal immigration by accusing anyone opposing illegal immigration of racism. If someone voices skepticism, call them a racist, an islamophobe, an infidel and an apostate.

Aquarius Count your blessings as an Islamist, such as unfettered love and adoration from the media, newspapers, periodicals and supporting Hollywood movies that allows you to get away with lies, murder and building your caliphate. Tonight: Spray paint hate messages on your mosque and blame it on the locals just for fun.

Pisces Don’t take no for an answer. Give no for an answer. The 5th amendment is your and your friends friend.

Aries Sad thoughts may bedevil you today. Clear them out of your head by thinking of destroying western society. Tonight: party like a Barbary Pirate.

Taurus Beat your wife today, any excuse will do: maybe she did not bring you goat curry fast enough, or pehaps she did not submit to your carnal desire with enough enthusiasm, be creative if you have to, she needs to know her place and be humbled and humiliated.

Gemini Practice saying into a mirror: "I'm smart enough, I'm good enough and dog gone it, I'm really good at killing infidels". Then check on the progress of your bomb building crew.



June Democrat Politician Horoscopes

Fixed That For You Kenqueca...

Justice Is America Is Now A Two-Tiered System...

And we are on the bottom.

Proof Obama And His Injustice Department Want People To Die In Order To Confiscate Guns...

From Pyongyang with love – North Korea restarts coded spy broadcasts

SEOUL (Reuters) – “Now we’ll begin a mathematics review assignment for members of the 27th expeditionary unit of the distance learning university,” the woman’s voice crackled over the radio.

North resumes coded radio broadcast

“Turn to page 459, question 35; 913, question 55; 135, question 86.”

Isolated North Korea has restarted coded radio broadcasts, presumed to be targeted at its spies, for the first time in 16 years this month, South Korea said on Wednesday.

The messages, a recording of which was broadcast by South Korean TV channel KBS, were disguised as a mathematics lesson for distance learners and reappeared on North Korean radio station Voice of Korea in the early hours of Friday.


The radio messages, also known as numbers stations, work by broadcasting strings of seemingly random numbers over shortwave signals to an agent in the field. The technique, a method of sending one-way secret messages, dates to the French Resistance in...

Obama's Jobs Council Member GE, Who Pays No Taxes, Creates More Jobs In China...

General Electric Co (GE.N) on Wednesday said it would partner with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] to develop smart machines designed to boost productivity, part of a drive to promote its "industrial internet" business in China.

The U.S. industrial giant announced the partnership as it launched an $11 million digital space in Shanghai, where it plans to incubate start-ups and have developers work on new software applications to make machines more intelligent.

The move is part of GE's ambitious plans to lead a productivity revolution in global industry by combining machinery with analytics, after selling off its financial assets and embarking on a major restructuring.

Chief Digital Officer Bill Ruh said the world's biggest maker of jet engines and diesel locomotives had already made $500 million in productivity savings for itself this year by using smarter machines, and he expected this to grow to $1 billion in total by 2020.

"Once we got it right for ourselves we take it to our customers ... We're bringing this to China, we're open for business in China today to be able to do this," he said at a company event in Shanghai.

GE is investing $500 million annually in...

EXCLUSIVE: Benghazi Survivor Says Special Operators Will Leave The Military If Clinton Gets Elected

The best and brightest of the U.S. military and special operations community will quit if Hillary Clinton gets elected president, according to Benghazi survivor and former CIA operative John “Tig” Tiegen.

Tiegen witnessed firsthand the results of Clinton’s policy when he and his comrades in the Benghazi CIA Global Response Service Team defended U.S. consulate and CIA officials from a massive assault by radical Libyan jihadis Sept. 11, 2013. He told The Daily Caller News Foundation Clinton’s failure as secretary of state during the Benghazi attack has caused many of the nation’s most elite special operations forces to quit their jobs — a problem that will only get worse if Clinton is elected.

Morning Mistress

Pakistan's ‘Kim Kardashian' strangled to death by her brother in honor killing

Qandeel Baloch was reportedly drugged and strangled to death by her younger brother, Muhammad Waseem, for refusing to stop posting provocative photographs on Facebook and Instagram.

MULTAN CITY, PAKISTAN — Qandeel Baloch, known by many online as the “Kim Kardashian” of Pakistan, was murdered by her brother after she refused to stop posting provocative photos online. 

On July 15, the 26-year-old Baloch, whose real name was Fauzia Aseem, was at her family home in Multan City. Her younger brother, Muhammad Waseem, said for some time he had been receiving photos of her from friends, so he finally decided to do something about it. Around 10:45 that evening, Waseem drugged his sister and strangled her to death.

Waseem said he did it because she was bringing dishonor and shame to his family through her revealing photographs. He even said, “I am a drug addict but I was in my senses when I murdered her and I accept it with pride.”

Pakistan is a deeply conservative Muslim country, where honor killings are more common than most places. Those who carry out honor killings, often relatives, can sometimes walk free because of a law that allows the family to forgive them for the murder.

Qandeel Baloch was on the record as being against the...

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Such A Cute Puppy!

What A Beautiful Sunrise....

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Girls With Guns