90 Miles From Tyranny : 2012-11-04

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Scary, scary picture..

Mikey finds out that his future has been Sold Out.

Women with Weapons

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Booty

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Girls with Guns

A new beginning...

What is clear from this election is that we can no longer depend on common sense coming from the American People.  We need to begin to create new structures.  We need to supplant the corrupt media, we need to become media creators to battle corrupt hollywood and we need to work together to begin to create a new union,  Here is one idea called the Common Sense Resistance:

Girls with Guns

I'll just stay here and guard your back.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Women with Weapons

Befitting my mood.

I fight on.

In my deepest somber moribund melancholy there still beats a sliver of hope for this country.  I will not give up on you America.  I will continue to meet the forces of mediocrity, socialism and marxism on the bloodied field of battle.  I will lick my wounds and arise like the Phoenix and bring my wrath down upon the forces of evil allied against us.  The corrupt U.S. media, the lying politicians, the hollywood elite, marxists, socialists, warmists, kleptocrats, takers, unions, Islamofascists and all corrupt leftists.  I can never give in to the entropic forces that threaten civilization.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dear America...

You fucking idiots.  I have always been offended when Europeans and socialists called Americans simple and unintelligent.  They were right and I was wrong.  You are fucking imbecilic children, wanting to suck on the nipple of the productive class.  What the fuck are you thinking?  I don't know you any more.  Do you not understand the responsibility we as Americans had to ourselves and to the world?  We were the shining city on the hill, we were that which all other civilizations were supposed to aspire to.  We were hope to the oppressed, the downtrodden, an example of what individuals could accomplish in a free society.  We used to celebrate success now we demonize it?  How did we come to this?  When did we become a country of competing ethnicity's competing for the ever decreasing handouts from government bureaucrats?  Did you not see the lies of the deceiver?  Did you keep yourself so uninformed as to know know that when his lips moved, he was probably lying?  As we go down the path of Greece and take the world with us, I will feel the deep sorrow and despair that I feel right now.

Now, all you fucking western Europeans who tweeted and blogged and supported the Marxist President Obama.  Fuck you.  The U.S. has subsidized all of your failing socialist economies by giving you military protection for free all these decades.  Western civilization is now officially over.  It has failed.  As America sinks into the ash heap of history, you will now have to defend yourselves against the mongols at your doorstep.  Whether they conquer you by force or from within, it is over, you deserve it and you did it to yourselves. So go fuck yourselves you stupid fucking eurocommie idiots.

Barack Obama: You fucking Marxist idiot.  Do you not realize that your social justice, Marxist ideology will continue to destroy this nation?  Do you believe that when you wage war on the wealthy and entrepreneurs of America that they will sit there and just take it?  They will simply pack up and leave taking their cash and entrepreneurial spirit with them.  Your politics of racial division has driven America (the land that I formerly loved) apart.

Dear America:  Why? I loved you with a passion so deep, so hard, I believed in you.  There was no one more proud of you, you had no greater defender, I bled red white and blue.  Why have you done me so wrong?  Even as the world did not appreciate you or give you credit for your accomplishments for keeping the world safe from tyranny, it did not matter I gave you all the approval and encouragement that any country could need.  My America, what happened to you, what happened to us?  I don't know you any more. I don't think I love you any more, you filthy bitch.

Idiot Americans: You are Murderers.  Western civilization was that last hope of the human race. You killed it.  You also mortally poisoned liberty.  How long until freedom of speech/thought is suspended? Shortly after the freedom to bear arms is suspended.  Fuck all you filthy idiots for destroying my love affair with America.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Women with Weapons

Romney will win because....

Mitt Romney will win by a larger than expected margin because...many reasons:

1. Republicans are energized, they understand the importance of this election and that Mitt Romney is the right man at the right time to begin to solve the economic problems we face.
2. Independents are voting for Romney by double-digit margins.
3. Democrats are demoralized, after four years of failure, they will not come out in the same numbers they came out in for 2008.

4. The polls are skewed to favor a Democratic turnout.  The corrupt U.S. media still believes that Democrats will again vote in the same numbers that they did in 2008 when Obama was the messiah who could lower the seas and heal the earth.  Independents are now the largest voting bloc and Republicans are the ones that are energized. Skewing the polls to favor Democratic turnout is completely unrealistic and the polling agencies will suffer the same reputation hit the corrupt U.S. media is receiving.

Romney ran a campaign of positive unifying economic transformation while Obama ran a negative polarizing campaign designed to pit ethnic, racial, religious and economic classes against each other.  The American people will reject Obama's identity politics and embrace Romney's inclusive, positive message.