90 Miles From Tyranny : 2013-11-24

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Thrill Is Gone...

Hot dog stand - Chicago 1962

Things To Fight Against...

On American Government...

..and the smaller it is, the more I like it because I love freedom.

The Dream...

Tyranny Starts With....

George Mason IV (December 11, 1725 – October 7, 1792) was an American Patriot, statesman and a delegate from Virginia to the U.S. Constitutional Convention. Along with James Madison, he is called the "Father of the United States Bill of Rights."[1][2][3][4] For these reasons he is considered one of the "Founding Fathers" of the United States.[5][6]

I Want You To Know, That Your President IS A Crook...

What Happens When You Allow Voting Without Identification?

Morning Mistress

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Friday, November 29, 2013

Women With Weapons

Compound Bow too!

Paul Is The Problem...


At The Point Of A Gun....

The Oath...

Building The Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam penstocks and outlet pipes such as this one were fabricated from 45,000 tons of steel and welded into nearly three miles of pipe varying from 8.5-30ft (2.6-9m) in diameter.

More Awesome Photos HERE

George Washington On Virtue...

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Girls With Guns

Target Acquired...

The War On Reality...

1984 - Our Dystopian Reality...

More 1984 HERE

Thanksgiving 1919

Repeat It Until It Becomes....

A Lying Sack Of Shit.

Professor corrects minority students’ capitalization, is accused of racism...

I have a little bit of schadenfreude for California liberals, they certainly deserve this insanity since they promote insanity, but this is just so crazy, it is just hard to fathom:

Racial tensions are inflamed at the University of California at Los Angeles following several incidents — most notably, one where a professor corrected the grammar, punctuation and capitalization in minority students’ assignments.

The act of correcting a black student was “micro-aggression,” according to the members of the student group “Call 2 Action: Graduate Students of Color,” which launched a sit-in during a subsequent meeting of the class.

“A hostile campus climate has been the norm for Students of Color in this class throughout the quarter as our epistemological and methodological commitments have been repeatedly questioned by our classmates and our instructor,” wrote the group in a statement to the college. “[The] barrage of questions by white colleagues and the grammar ‘lessons’ by the professor have contributed to a hostile class climate.”

Some 25 students participated in the sit-in, including five of the 10 members of the class.

Val Rust, a professor of education and information, was the official target of the sit-in, though the aggrieved minority students had problems with UCLA’s handling of racial issues that went far beyond just one classroom, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Rust is guest-lecturing in China this week, and did not respond to a request for comment. He sent a letter to his colleagues in the education department, however, in which he clarified that he meant no offense to minorities.

“I have attempted to be rather thorough on the papers and am particularly concerned that they do a good job with their bibliographies and citations, and these students apparently don’t feel that is appropriate,” he said in a statement, according to The Daily Bruin.

Some of the corrections were clarified by sit-in organizer Kenjus Watson. Rust told one student that she should not capitalize the word “indigenous” in her papers. This correction was ideologically-motivated, according to Watson.

Rust admitted that he likely made matters worse by not aggressively and proactively taking the side of a minority student who was engaged in an argument with a white female student. The minority student told the woman that she had no right to feel oppressed, and Rust did not express agreement either way.

“Two weeks ago a Student of Color and a white female student got into a big discussion,” said Rust. “She wants to use Standpoint Theory [a method of analysis coined by feminist sociologist Dorothy Smith, based on the idea that all knowledge is subjective and based on one's position in society] in her dissertation, and the Student of Color told her she had no business claiming that she was a

Indignity Is Lost On the Ignoble...

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Susan Dey

Hope They Bought Her New Underwear...

Please Don't Insult The Titanic

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Girls With Guns

The ObamaCare Dental Plan...

Gold Teeth Now Free For Everyone!

How Long Will We Accept The Endless Fountain Of Lies Coming From This Administration?

Harry Reid: DOLT

Homes raided, subpoenas issued targeting conservative groups and allies of Scott Walker


In Wisconsin, dozens of conservative groups and allies of Gov. Scott Walker are undergoing political intimidation from the left at the hands of a special prosecutor.

Subpoenas have been issued demanding correspondence and donor information of right-leaning organizations and individuals and raids have been conducted resulting in law enforcement officers taking computers and files in a secret investigation, according to reports.

“In recent weeks, special prosecutor Francis Schmitz has hit dozens of conservative groups with subpoenas demanding documents related to the 2011 and 2012 campaigns to recall Governor Walker and state legislative leaders,” the Wall Street Journal writes.

It continues, “Copies of two subpoenas we’ve seen demand ‘all memoranda, email . . . correspondence, and communications’ both internally and between the subpoena target and some 29 conservative groups, including Wisconsin and national nonprofits, political vendors and party committees. The groups include the League of American Voters, Wisconsin Family Action, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Americans for Prosperity—Wisconsin, American Crossroads, the Republican Governors Association, Friends of Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin.”

The WSJ says the latest actions are taking place under Wisconsin’s John Doe law, which makes it difficult for the groups involved to defend themselves publicly.

The law, “Bars a subpoena’s targets from disclosing its contents to anyone but his attorneys. John Doe probes work much like a grand jury, allowing prosecutors to issue subpoenas and conduct searches, while the gag orders leave the targets facing the resources of the state with no way to publicly defend themselves.”

The orders reportedly began in

What If Patriotic Americans Adopted The Cloward-Piven Strategy?

To Overthrow Socialism and Create A Constitutional Republic?

What Line Do I Wait In For My Rations?

It's Time To Purge The Party Of The Big Government Profiteers...

SURPRISE! Common Core Third Grade Text Book Portrays Obama as God-Like Figure

Queue the chorus of angelic voices...
Check out this excerpt from the article:
"Barry rose – his mother’s voice driving him from dream land. ‘Time for learning English grammar and the Golden Rule. Be honest, be kind, be fair,’ she taught him.”

"Be Honest, be kind, be fair."  So what happened?  How did he turn into a lying, stealing sack of... 
Commie mommy must not have taught him so well....

...the rest of the article is HERE 

King Obama Is A Tyrant...

The Left Slays Me...

The Story Of Bubba...

Author Unkown
Bubba was bragging to his boss one day, "You know, I know everyone there is to know. Just name someone, anyone, and I know them."

Tired of his boasting, his boss called his bluff, "OK, Bubba how about Tom Cruise?"

"Sure, yes, Tom and I are old friends, and I can prove it. "

So Bubba and his boss fly out to Hollywood and knock on Tom Cruise's door, and sure enough, Tom Cruise, shouts, "Bubba! Great to see you! You and your friend come right in and join me for lunch!"

Although impressed, Bubba's boss is still skeptical. After they leave Cruise's house, he tells Bubba that he thinks Bubba's knowing Cruise was just lucky.

"No, no, just name anyone else," Bubba says.

"President Clinton," his boss quickly retorts.

"Yes," Bubba says, "I know him, let's fly out to Washington."

And off they go. At the White House, Clinton spots Bubba on the tour and motions him and his boss over, saying, "Bubba, what a surprise, I was just on my way to a meeting, but you and your friend come on in and let's have a cup of coffee first and catch up."

Well, the boss is very shaken by now, but still not totally convinced. After they leave the White house grounds, he expresses his doubts to Bubba, who again implores him to name anyone else.

"The Pope," his boss replies.

"Sure!" says Bubba. "My folks are from Poland, and I've known the Pope a long time."

So off they fly to Rome. Bubba and his boss are assembled with the masses in Vatican Square when Bubba says, "This will never work. I can't catch the Pope's eye among all these people. Tell you what, I know all the guards so let me just go upstairs and I'll come out on the balcony with the Pope."

And he disappears into the crowd headed toward the Vatican. Sure enough, half an hour later Bubba emerges with the Pope on the balcony.

But by the time Bubba returns, he finds that his boss has had a heart attack and is surrounded by paramedics. Working his way to his boss' side, Bubba asks him, "What happened?"

His boss looks up and says, "I was doing fine until you and the Pope came out on the balcony and the man next to me said, "Who's that on the balcony with Bubba?'

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