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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Women With Weapons

More Women with Weapons


Big Story?

Six famous thought experiments explained quickly

Pretty interesting and thought provoking...

Imagine, If You Will...

TEA Contains Essential Anti-Barakcidents

You don’t need subtitles to fear China’s newest sniper rifle

You don't want to be on the other end of this weapon. The Chinese military's latest anti-materiel rifle, the QBU-10, can loft a .50 caliber (12.7mm) round as far as 1 kilometer and still hit its intended target. It weighs nearly 30 pounds. And even though it isn't designed to be as accurate as some sniper rifles, it still punches finger-sized holes in metal plates from up to a kilometer away. Stand back.


Josie The Outlaw On Why Good People Should Be Armed

User Suggested..

The Audacity Of Hypocrisy

Government Must Be Held Accountable...

For the first time ever, more than half of current members of Congress are millionaires, according to a new report from the non-profit Center for Responsive Politics. 

Insider trading is legal to members of Congress. 

The country is going to shit but Congress gets richer and the wealthiest neighborhoods in the United States surround Washington D.C. like meth addicts.

This is wrong.  
They cannot change themselves.  
It is time for adults to take over.

Zoom Into Human Skin

Zoom into Human Skin by Weird_Weird_Science

Comparison Of Two Tyrannical Governments: The Hunger Games Vs. The Obama Tyranny

As long as we have the second amendment we still have hope.
Keep your hope.
Never relinquish you hope.
Never allow anyone to take your hope from you.

A Perfect Illustration Of What Voting Left Will Get You...

How To Lose A Democrat Voter..

Morning Mistress

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Girls With Guns

Thank You

I truly appreciate the support, Thank you very much!

We Need You Brother. Join The Revolution..

NASA X-ray Image Reveals The Hand of God..

A new NASA X-ray image captures a celestial object that resembles the "Hand of God."

The cosmic "hand of God" photo was produced when a star exploded and ejected an enormous cloud of material, which NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, glimpsed in high-energy X-rays, shown in blue in the photo. NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory had imaged the green and red parts previously, using lower-energy X-rays.

"NuSTAR's unique viewpoint, in seeing the highest-energy X-rays, is showing us well-studied objects and regions in a whole new light," NuSTAR telescope principal investigator Fiona Harrison, of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, said in a statement.

More Amazing Photos:

NASA X-ray Image Reveals The Hand of God..

Amazing Photos: The Parachuting Dogs Of World War II

A man standing atop a mountain of bison skulls that are about to be ground up into fertilizer 1870s

Amazing Photos Collection #1
Amazing Photos Collection #2
Amazing Photos Collection #3
Amazing Photos Collection #4
Amazing Photos Collection #5
Amazing Photos Collection #6 -or- Surreal picture of a Zeppelin under construction, circa 1935

Sowell On Gun Control..

A Moment Of Serenity..

What Greater Wealth...

Story That Kim Jong Un Fed Uncle To Dogs Was Probably Satire

It is easy to believe when a leftist does unbelievably horrible things to other human beings. Leftists have a long history of killing, murdering and torturing people to advance their depraved ideology.  The 20th century is filled with the hundreds of millions of corpses of leftist ideologies.  

Apparently the whole dog eat dog story was satire.

Here is the Story:

Reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Unexecuted his uncle and then fed him to dogs appear to be false. We say "appear" because the story first originated in a satirical post on Tencent Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site.
The post was picked up by Wen Wei Po, a Beijing-friendly Hong Kong tabloid, then by the South China Morning Post, and then by the Western media, turning, as the Guardian describes it, "a thinly-sourced horror story into an astonishing example of the media echo chamber gone awry."
Blogger Trevor Powell traced the story back to the post on Tencent Weibo. He wrote that the Hong Kong paper lifted a social media post by Pyongyang Choi Seongho, a widely followed China-based satirist. The background image on the satirist's Tencent Weibo account is Kim standing with both his arms and middle fingers extended.
Powell notes:
"It's amusing that given our faith in modern global news media to get to the bottom of a story, no one has actually gone back to the Wen Wei Po article and caught this. All analysis in the swaths of content that have been devoted to this report since it came out stops abruptly at a linguistic wall between the English language Straits Times story and the Chinese language Wen Wei Po article."
One takeaway from this, he says, is "that language is always a barrier." So is satire, apparently.
This isn't the first such story that's been reported as legitimate news. There was the time The Onion proclaimed Kim its Sexiest Man Alive in 2012. That story got picked up by China'sPeople's Daily.
Then there was the story in "America's Finest News Source" that "the overwhelming majority of rural white Americans said they would rather vote for Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad than U.S. president Barack Obama." That story got picked up by Iran's Fars news agency.
Which just goes to show that you can use the Internet to translate language, but not humor.

My Nipples Are Sore..

Norseman Hunting Red Stag

- Massimo Carnavelle

It Is Time For A Tea Party...

I Don't Need Feminism Because...

Left Wing Success Is In Reinventing Failure By Disguising Disaster - Greg Gutfeld

Keynesian Economist Paul Krugman Comes Out Against Bitcoin

Paul Krugman Penned a Blogpost in the New York Times entitled "BitCoin Is Evil"

Paul Krugman is never right about anything.

Time to invest in BitCoin.

It is fun making fun of Paul Krugman.  Enjoy:

Krugman Disappointed

Watch This Woman Shatter The World Record For Eating A 72 Ounce Steak

When the Enemy Was A Friend

B-17-PhotoDecember 20, 1943, was a typically cold, overcast winter day in Britain as 2d Lt. Charles L. Brown’s B-17F lined up for takeoff. It was 21-year-old Charlie Brown’s first combat mission as an aircraft commander with the 379th Bomb Group, the target an FW-190 factory at Bremen, Germany. He and his crew of Ye Olde Pub were to become participants in an event probably unique at that time in the air war over Europe — a mission that would remain shrouded in mystery for many years.
The bombers began their 10-minute bomb run at 27,300 feet, the temperature: negative 60 degrees. Flak was heavy and accurate. Before “bombs away,” Brown’s B-17 took hits that shattered the Plexiglas nose, knocked out the number two engine, damaged number four — which frequently had to be throttled back to prevent overspeeding — and caused undetermined damage to the controls. Coming off target, Lieutenant Brown was unable to stay with the formation and became a straggler.
Almost immediately, the lone and limping B-17 came under a series of fighter attacks from 12 to 15 Bf-109s and FW-190s that lasted for more than 10 minutes. The number three engine was hit and would produce only half power. Oxygen, hydraulic and electrical systems were damaged, and the controls were only partially responsive. The bomber’s 11 defensive guns were reduced by the extreme cold to only the two top turret guns and one forward-firing nose gun. The tailgunner was killed and all but one of the crew in the rear incapacitated by wounds or exposure to the frigid air. Lt. Brown took a bullet fragment in his right shoulder.
Charlie Brown figured the only chance of surviving this pitifully unequal battle was to go on the offensive. Each time a wave of attackers approached, he turned into them, trying to disrupt their aim with his remaining firepower. The last thing oxygen-starved Brown remembers was reversing a steep turn, becoming inverted, and looking “up” at the ground. When he regained full consciousness, the B-17 was miraculously level at less than 1,000 feet.
After escorting them for several miles out over the North Sea, the Luftwaffe pilot saluted, rolled over and disappeared. Why had he not shot them down? The answer did not emerge for many years.
Still partially dazed, Lieutenant Brown began a slow climb with only one engine at full power. With three seriously injured aboard, he rejected bailing out or crash landing. The alternative was a thin chance of reaching the U.K. While nursing the battered bomber toward England, Brown looked out the right window and saw a Bf-109 flying on his wing. The pilot waved, then flew across the B-17’s nose and motioned Brown to land in Germany, which Brown refused to do. After escorting them for several miles out over the North Sea, the Luftwaffe pilot saluted, rolled over and disappeared.
Why had he not shot them down? The answer did not emerge for many years.
The B-17 did make it across 250 miles of storm-tossed North Sea and landed at Seething near the English coast, home of the 448th Bomb Group, which had not yet flown its first mission. The crew was debriefed on their mission, including the strange encounter with the Bf-109. For unknown reasons, the debriefing was classified “secret” and remained so for many years. Lt. Brown went on to complete a combat tour, finish college, accept a regular commission and serve in the Office of Special Investigations, with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and in other Air Force and State Department assignments until his retirement. He now lives in Miami, Florida, where he is founder and president of an energy and environmental research center.
The image of his strange encounter with the Bf-109 remained firmly embedded in Charlie Brown’s memory. In 1986, he began a search for the anonymous pilot. Finally, in 1990, former Oberleutnant Franz Stigler, now living in Canada, responded to a notice published in a newsletter for German fighter pilots. By comparing time, place and aircraft markings, it was determined that Stigler was the chivalrous pilot who had allowed Brown’s crew to live. Not surprisingly, Brown and Stigler have become close friends.
On that December day in 1943, there had been two persuasive reasons why Stigler should have shot down the B-17. First, earlier in the day, he had downed two four-engine bombers and needed only one more that day to earn a Knight’s Cross. Second, his decision to not finish off the aircraft was a court-martial offense in Nazi Germany, and if revealed could have led to his execution. He considered these alternatives while flying formation with the B-17, “the most heavily damaged aircraft I ever saw that was still flying.” He could see the wounded aboard and thought, “I cannot kill these half-dead people. It would be like shooting at a parachute.”
Franz Stigler’s act of chivalry has been justly, though belatedly, honored by several military organizations here and abroad. On the other hand, Charles Brown was not decorated for his heroism over Germany, which never was reported by the 448th Bomb Group at Seething to his commanders. Such are the fortunes of war and its aftermath.

© 2004 John L. Frisbee

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Girls With Guns

Rule 5 - Girls with Guns HERE

Rachel Maddow Dedicates Entire Show To Chris Christie Traffic Prank

Rachel Maddow was silent on Fast and Furious.
Rachel Maddow spent a little time attempting to argue that the IRS scandal was not mainly against the right wing.
Rachel Maddow ignores the multitudes of scandals, unconstitutionality, the march towards tyranny, or any of the myriad abuses of power the Obama Administration commits on an almost daily basis.

But what grabs Ms. Maddow's ire?  A traffic prank.

Warmist Gun Grabber, Chris Christie is facing the breathless onslaught of the leftist media finally with a real scandal to uncover!  The evil traffic pranksters! This will certainly be the top story of 2014 and the media is on it like lard on the first shadies wife.

Warmist Gun Grabber, Chris Christie issued a fatwah:
“I am a very sad person today,” the governor said. “I am heartbroken that someone I permitted to be in that circle of trust for the past five years betrayed that trust.”

Ok, wait it looks like MSNBC is completely full court press with wall to wall coverage of breathless impassioned reporting on this MAJOR story, the energy and glee they exhibit, foretelling of the end of Christie's presidential run. Finally the moribund doldrums are over and these journalists have a story of real hard hitting news to tell over and over! This is the essence of journalistic reporting, these months and years of no political news, have finally ended. The joy and thrill these hard nosed reporters must feel!

I could give two shits about Christie. He should not be the Republican nominee.

For MSNBC? I feel only disgust at these despicable propagandists.

On Courage..

Fight Discrimination

It Is Time To Rename This Ship...

To the USS Inconvenient Truth

oooh, This guy is not too happy about that...

Ummmm...I have no idea what this guy is thinking....

Countries With Indefinite Detention...

From My Cold, Dead Hands...

Guess Which One Has Papers?


Dear Liberals, Stay Out Of My Red State, Your Voting Is Toxic To My Prosperity..

Nov. 4, 1942: Two alert U.S. Marines stand beside their small tank on Guadalcanal

Nov. 4, 1942: Two alert U.S. Marines stand beside their small tank on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands during World War II. The military tank was used against the Japanese in the battle of the Tenaru River during the early stages of fighting. (AP Photo)

More Awesome Photos HERE

Women With Weapons

More Graphic Art HERE

Some SteamPunk HERE

Hot Anime Girls with Guns HERE

Rule 5 Girls HERE

I Am An American And I Want My Country Back..

The Right Of The People To Be Secure In Their Persons....Against Unreasonable Searches And Seizures...

Reading Emails, Tapping Phone Records, and Data Mining American Citizens with big data is a violation of the 4th amendment.  This is a criminal act, it is unconstitutional, if you participate in these acts, you deserve to be imprisoned and you should be.  You will be held accountable.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Girls With Guns..

Heartbreaking Video Shows “The Thug Cycle” Continuing

From The Omaha Police Officers Union:

Folks…this video is bad.

Really, really bad and it will make you angry.

It contains extreme profanity and discussion about adult situations and gang violence…and worst of all…a toddler.

Viewer discretion is strongly advised.


So a loyal follower alerted us to a local thug’s public Facebook page today.

She was outraged about what the thug had just posted for all to see.

We here at OmahaPOA.com viewed the video and we knew that despite the fact that it is sickening, heartbreaking footage, we have an obligation to share it to continue to educate the law abiding public about the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.

Here it is.


Now while we didn’t see anything in this video that is blatantly “illegal”, we sure did see a lot that is flat out immoral and completely unhealthy for this little child from a healthy upbringing standpoint.

Listen to the discussions this child is immersed in.-Sexual discussions.
-Gang discussions.

The thug that posted this video indicates in a subsequent comment that the child is his nephew.

You can clearly hear at least two other adults in the background as well, one being a female.

A man can be heard asking the toddler, “what hood you from?”.

We can only assume that the female voice is likely the child’s mother, and if that’s true that means she actually allowed this behavior to occur.

We refuse to give this thug any notoriety or attention, and as much as we would love to publicly shame him, we will keep his identity private.

If for no other reason, for the sake of his nephew.

So what did this thug’s Facebook friends think about this?

Well see for yourselves…

2 people actually “liked” it….

And the “comments”?

Well….they speak for themselves…

Folks….soak this in.

You are literally watching “the cycle” of violence continue right in front of your eyes.

A powerful cycle that must be broken if we ever hope to get a handle on violence in Omaha.

A powerful cycle that the police alone cannot stop.
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One Response to Heartbreaking Video Shows “The Thug Cycle” Continuing
erie johnson says:
January 8, 2014 at 6:08 AM

There is ample evidence for child services to get involved and remove this child from an obvious abusive, hateful, and dangerous environment. As mandated reporters all police, social service, etc. should take immediate action and the mother should be involved in Nebraska ‘s social service system.
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