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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Girls With Guns

The Marxist Formulation Of "Systemic Racism" Is Insidiously Evil...


The Universal Scapegoat For All Of Humanities Ills....


The Heart of Whiteness: The Left's journey toward racial purification.

The Never Ending Story....

We Like Hamsters On An Infinite Wheel
Not Realizing What We Are Up Against
As The Great Reset Plan Is Unveiled
Piece By Malevolent Piece
The End Result Leads 
To Mass Genocide.

Google Doodle Promotes Ethno-Nationalist Boasting About His 'Pure Blood' And Refusal to Assimilate

Google's doodle on Friday "celebrated" ethno-nationalist La Raza activist Rodolfo Gonzales boasting about his "pure blood" and refusal to assimilate into America.

"I am the masses of my people and I refuse to be absorbed," the Google doodle said. "My faith unbreakable, my blood is pure."

The doodle features buttons for "Aztlan," a movement that advocates for Hispanics to reconquer the southern United States (La Reconquista), and "Chicano Power."

Gonzales brought together militant youth from street gangs, ex-convicts and assorted young Hispanics for the first ever "Chicano Youth Liberation Conference."
"Chicano youth believed that for Mexican Americans to be instilled with pride in their ethnicity and culture; Chicanos needed to reject the dominant values of American Society, including capitalism and white Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture," according to Wikipedia.

The first conference in March 1969 produced a document, "Plan Espiritual de Aztlán," which developed the concept of ethnic nationalism and self-determination in the struggle for Chicano liberation. The statement of the "revolutionary caucus" also came out of that conference. "For 144 years we have been trying to peacefully coexist but no peace has come to our communities. Revolution is the only means available to us. We owe no allegiance, no respect, to any of the laws of this racist country. Our liberation struggle is a war of survival."

The second Chicano Youth Liberation Conference (CYLC) in 1970 (March 25) represented a further refinement in Gonzáles's efforts toward Chicano self-determination, the formation of the Colorado Raza Unida Party. The demonstration of "Chicano Youth Unity" became the "spirit of Denver." Juan Lopez and Sam Kushner wrote about the Second Youth Conference calling it "a call for the creation of a Nation of Aztlan and the formation of an independent Chicano party, guided by...

An Eye For An Eye, A Mosque For A Cathedral....

We Are Losing On Every Single Front.

I Don't Know, Perhaps We Should Join The Battle Or Something...

FDA Document Shows An Undisclosed Mystery Ingredient In COVID Vaccine: What Is It?

Physicians For Informed Consent (PIC), a large group of doctors and scientists advocating for informed consent when it comes to vaccines, recently posted a document from the Food and Drug Administration via their Instagram profile showing there is an undisclosed ingredient in the Pfizer/Comirnaty COVID vaccine.

PIC explains,
Table 2 shows that 0.45 mL of an undisclosed excipient is part of the composition of the diluted vaccine solution. Because the entire solution in a multi-dose vial measures 2.25 mL, that excipient comprises 20% of the solution and potentially 20% of each vaccine dose. The undisclosed ingredient is also not disclosed in the vaccine package insert. If the American people don’t know the identity of an ingredient in an FDA-approved vaccine, how is informed consent possible?

Physicians For Informed Consent (PIC), a large group of doctors and scientists advocating for informed consent when it comes to vaccines, recently posted a document from the Food and Drug Administration via their Instagram profile showing there is an undisclosed ingredient in the Pfizer/Comirnaty COVID vaccine.

PIC explains,
Table 2 shows that 0.45 mL of an undisclosed excipient is part of the composition of the diluted vaccine solution. Because the entire solution in a multi-dose vial measures 2.25 mL, that excipient comprises 20% of the solution and potentially 20% of each vaccine dose. The undisclosed ingredient is also not disclosed in the vaccine package insert. If the American people don’t know the identity of an ingredient in an FDA-approved vaccine, how is informed consent possible?

The document is from August 23, 2021. Perhaps this mystery ingredient is disclosed somewhere else, and just not within this document.

In simple terms, throughout the document “(b) (4)” shows up in a number of areas that are redacted. One of the ingredients has been redacted. Perhaps it has been redacted to protect proprietary processes. But can a company protect ingredients and still offer a product under informed consent?

The Pulse has contacted the FDA to inquire about why this redaction appears. We will update this article when/if we receive a response from them. Perhaps the FDA has a good explanation for lack of transparency, we will see when
The document is from August 23, 2021. Perhaps this mystery ingredient is disclosed somewhere else, and just not within this document.

In simple terms, throughout the document “(b) (4)” shows up in a number of areas that are redacted. One of the ingredients has been redacted. Perhaps it has been redacted to protect proprietary processes. But can a company protect ingredients and still offer a product under informed consent?

The Pulse has contacted the FDA to inquire about why this redaction appears. We will update this article when/if we receive a response from them. Perhaps the FDA has a good explanation for lack of transparency, we will see when...



‘Lymphocyte riot’: Pathologists investigate deaths after Corona vaccination

Pathology professor Arne Burkhardt

Anyone who followed the press conference of German pathology professors Arne Burkhardt and Walter Lang must be wondering how long the Covid-19 vaccines will still be on the market. The autopsy of ten people who died after Corona vaccinations speak for themselves.

If you don’t get vaccinated against Covid-19, you have to face harsh consequences, politicians claim. On September 20, Dr. Arne Burkhardt listed insights into the pathological findings of ten autopsied people over the age of 50 who died at different intervals after a Covid-19 vaccination.

Over the past few months, the pathologist from Reutlingen and Professor Walter Lang have examined tissue material from the deceased microscopically. The material was made available to them by other forensic doctors and pathologists from German-speaking countries.

The list of pathologists contained specific information on persons, vaccinations and time of death.

During his presentation, Burkhardt emphasized that the examination results were backed up by two pathologists. In five of the ten cases mentioned above, the two physicians rate the connection between death and vaccination as very probable, in two cases as probable. One case has not yet been evaluated. The other two cases were classified as unclear/possible or “rather coincident”.

Regarding the causes of death, Burkhardt pointed out that lymphocytic myocarditis, the most common diagnosis, is hardly detectable macroscopically. It is even often not recognized histologically, i.e. when examined under the microscope, and under certain circumstances it is misinterpreted as an infarction.

The doctors suspect that further corona vaccination side effects with potential death consequences are autoimmune phenomena, reduction in immune capacity, acceleration of cancer growth, vascular damage “endothelitis”, vasculitis, perivasculitis and erythrocyte “clumping”. Further investigations, which have already been initiated, are necessary for this.
Rare autoimmune diseases and vaccine contamination

Burkhardt described it as “extreme” that three very rare autoimmune diseases, namely Sjogren’s syndrome, leucoclasmic vasculitis of the skin and Hashimoto’s disease were found among the ten deceased.

Burkhardt and his colleagues have been investigating for the past few months. He said he could only think of one thing in seeing the results – “ a lymphocyte riot”, potentially in all tissues and organs. Lymphocytes were found in a wide variety of tissues such as the liver, kidneys, spleen up to the uterus and tumors, which massively attacked the tissue there.

Burkhardt also mentioned vaccine contamination. In Japan, for example, a metallic substance was found in the Moderna vaccine.

Burkhardt criticized the fact that death certificates, as they currently exist, are “completely unsuitable” and “ultimately statistically worthless”.

Burkhardt concluded that politicians say: “If you don’t want to be vaccinated, you have to face the consequences, but everyone who gets vaccinated also has to face the consequences.” These are still largely unknown. “So far, only the first, but worrying, findings have been documented, which will be further investigated with...

Massie Megaphones Malfeasance In The Malignant Mega-Marketing Menace...


More #Wordplay:

The Cartographical Consensus For Clandestine Caravans That Circumnavigate Conspicuous Corridors Is Counterfactual To Common Commute...

Tricky Testicle Testimony Terrifies Troubled Trinidadian....

The Trials And Tribulations Of Testes Thwarted By Terrible Talented Tomboys....

Feigning Faux Forewarning, Fauci Foolheartedly Forbids Forest Frolic In The Future...

Gab Gets Greek With Gutless Galling Gratuitous Guy...

‘Jailing Him For Speaking The Truth’: Lara Logan Says Outspoken Marine ‘Did Something That Everyone … Has Been Waiting For For Years’

Fox Nation host Lara Logan said Friday that outspoken Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller has been jailed for “speaking the truth,” but in doing so he “did something that every American” has longed to hear.


“So what they are really doing is jailing him for speaking the truth,” Logan told “Fox News Primetime.”

Scheller drew national attention in August when he posted a video where he offered to “throw” away his military career over asking for accountability from military leadership for the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Scheller announced a few days later that posting the video had led to him being “relieved for cause” by his superior officers.

His parents confirmed this week that the senior officer had been moved to the brig over his insubordination.

“And, you know, I listened to the parents. And I want them to know, and I want everyone in America to know that I stand 100% with their son, because he did something that everyone in America has been waiting for for years,” she continued. “Brian. You know it, and I know it, right?” she asked Fox News host Brian Kilmeade.

“But on top of that, the generals who are actually responsible are not taking responsibility. But they’re holding someone lower down in the chain of command responsible,” Logan claimed, insisting that this “kind of hypocrisy” is something that...

Vagabond of the Western World


Here’s What Happened to Murder Rates When Texas’ Capital Defunded Police

Drivers heading south on U.S. Route 183 in Austin, Texas, have become familiar with a billboard urging city police officers to relocate to Spokane, Washington, to become deputy sheriffs and collect a $15,000 bonus.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has targeted Texas’ capital city, already in a personnel crunch as the homicide rate reached a record high, along with other jurisdictions that recently slashed police budgets.

Amid the “defund the police” movement in 2020, the Austin City Council cut the police budget by about one-third and eventually lost 150 officers. In August, shortly before the city reached its all-time record for annual homicides, the council restored the funding.

“Austin is an incredibly fast-growing city. So we have more people coming in. We are losing about 15 police officers a month,” Lars Trautman, national director of the Right on Crime program for the Austin-based think tank Texas Public Policy Foundation, told The Daily Signal.

“And now we have a giant billboard go up along one of our highways from the Spokane Sheriff’s Department trying to lure our police officers away,” Trautman said. “It’s certainly not something that Austin residents like to see on their drive to work in the morning.”

The Austin City Council restored the police budget and then some, largely to comply with a new Texas law that withholds state aid to jurisdictions that defund their police forces.

But the Austin Police Department still struggles with a personnel shortage.

The council’s budget cut last year brought the number of officers from 1,949 to 1,809. However, as of Thursday, the Austin Police Department employed 1,612 officers, a police spokesman told The Daily Signal.

The council voted 9-2 late Thursday night to confirm department veteran Joseph Chacon, who is white, as the city’s new police chief over the objections of NAACP leaders and other activists who favored one of two black candidates from the Los Angeles and Dallas forces.

Chacon, previously an assistant chief, had served as interim chief for about six months when City Manager Spencer Cronk appointed him to the post on a permanent basis last week, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

The newspaper reported that the council’s vote to confirm Chacon as chief came a day after he announced that the department no longer would respond to some calls due to limited staffing, including burglary in cases where the intruder has left the scene, plus auto theft, vandalism, and other thefts.
Homicide at 37-Year High

The homicide rate this year in Austin, with a population topping 950,000, is the highest recorded in the 61 years such data has been available.

As of Sept. 12, 60 homicides had occurred so far in 2021, more than in any full calendar year on record, according to statistics compiled by KVUE-TV, Austin’s ABC affiliate, and the Austin American-Statesman newspaper using a combination of...

California to introduce mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for schoolchildren, in nationwide first

Under a new mandate by Governor Gavin Newsom, California will require all eligible schoolchildren to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The order is the first of its kind in the US, and will affect millions of kids.
“Our schools already require vaccines for measles, mumps and more,” Newsom tweeted on Friday. “Why? Because vaccines work. This is about keeping our kids safe & healthy.”

Speaking at a San Francisco school shortly afterwards, Newsom said the order would apply to kids between 7th and 12th grade, aged between 12 and 17 years, and would come into effect once the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves shots for this age group. At present, the FDA has issued emergency authorization for Pfizer’s vaccine to be given to children as young as 11, but it has not fully approved the jab for this group.

Once in effect, children without the jab will be forced to attend classes online, though religious and medical exemptions will be available, Newsom revealed.

The governor said that children in kindergarten through to 6th grade would come under the mandate once the FDA approves vaccines for children aged five to 11. Pfizer submitted trial data for...

Morning Mistress

The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #794

Before You Click On The "Read More" Link, 

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If You are Easily Upset, Triggered Or Offended, This Is Not The Place For You.  

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1494

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Friday, October 1, 2021

Girls With Guns

Australia: It's Over.

Report: Suicide Rise from Lockdowns to Kill More than Coronavirus in Australia

Liberals blame ‘climate change’ for Australia fires — as dozens investigated for arson


When Solving A Problem Removes Your Income Stream...

Just Like Every Government Program.

Florida Will Be Invasion Free....


Florida Man Vs. Gator...

The Gifs That Keep On Giving:

He Ain't Gonna Let You Cross That Street...

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Nets Spike Durham Subpoenaing Another With Clinton Ties in Collusion Hoax

On Thursday, Special Counsel John Durham made more moves in the investigation into the origin of the Russia collusion hoax. Again, the person in question is a tech executive with ties to Hillary Clinton, plus ties to the man charged with feeding the FBI false information about then-candidate Donald Trump having a secret server to communicate with Russia. Of course, this latest development went right into the newsroom wastebasket of the broadcast networks who ignored it that evening.

Only the highest priorities and news judgment from the liberal media were on full display Thursday evening.

Instead of covering how another person in the Clinton orbit was under the legal microscope, ABC’s World News Tonight chose to try to boast about President Biden supposedly leading negotiations with his party to save his agenda. On CBS Evening News, they were busy touting how Biden would arrest and deport fewer illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, NBC Nightly News was hyping the lineup for the Super Bowl Half Time Show next February.

Then there was Fox News Channel’s Special Report, where anchor Bret Baier made the story a priority. “Also breaking tonight, there is more movement in the investigation into the origins of the Trump/Russia collusion probe. The special prosecutor, John Durham, is going after another individual with connections to Hillary Clinton,” he announced.

According to the reporting from Fox News correspondent David Spunt, the man in question, Rodney Joffe was linked to Michael Sussmann, the man who presented false information to the FBI against Trump and falsely presented his affiliations:

They Celebrated Alexander Vindman For Lying And They Jail Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller For Telling The Truth...

 Free Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

‘Ignoring the Science’: Sen. Rand Paul Exposes HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra for ‘Lying To People About Natural Immunity’ for COVID-19

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) grilled HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra on Thursday for “lying to people about natural immunity” to COVID-19 as well as “ignoring science.”

“Mr. Becerra, are you familiar with an Israeli study that had 2.5 million patients and found that the vaccinated group was actually seven times more likely to get infected with Covid than the people who had gotten Covid naturally?” Paul asked the health bureaucrat during a Senate Health Committee hearing.

“I’m not familiar with that,” Becerra said in response, feigning ignorance with the well-publicized study.

“I think you might want to be if you’re going to travel the country insulting the millions of Americans, including NBA star Jonathan Isaac, who had Covid, recovered, look at a study with 2.5 million people, and say, well, you know what, I should make the decision. Instead, you’ve called Jonathan Isaac and others, myself included, flat earthers,” Paul clapped back.

“We find that very insulting… Are you a doctor or a medical doctor?” the liberty-loving senator asked.

“I have worked for over 30 years on health policy,” Becerra said.

This is when Paul went in for the killshot on the paid shill for Big Pharma.

“You’re not a medical doctor. Do you have a science degree? And yet you travel the country, calling people flat earthers, who have had Covid, looked at studies of millions of people, and made their own personal decision that their immunity they naturally acquired is sufficient but you presume somehow to tell over 100 million Americans who survived Covid that we have no right to determine our own medical care,” Paul said. “You alone are on high and you’ve made these decisions, a lawyer with no scientific background, no medical degree. This is an arrogance coupled with an authoritarianism that is unseemly and un-American.”

“You, sir, are the one ignoring the science,” he added.

Paul then demanded an apology from Becerra and told the Biden official that he should be ashamed of himself for his reckless and arrogant comments.

“The vast preponderance of scientific studies, dozens and dozens, show robust, long-lasting immunity after Covid infection. Even the CDC does not recommend measles vaccine if you have measles immunity. The same was true for smallpox. But you ignore history and science to shame the flat earthers, as you call them. You should be ashamed of yourself and apologize to the American people for being dishonest about naturally acquired immunity,” Paul said.

“You want more people to choose vaccination? So do I. You want to lessen vaccine hesitancy? So do I. You want to have that happen? Quit lying to people about naturally acquired immunity,” he continued.

“Quit lording it over people, acting as if these people are deplorable and unwashed. Try persuasion instead of government cudgels. Try humility instead of arrogance. Try freedom instead of coercion. Most of all, try understanding there is no more basic medical right than deciding what we inject into our bodies. Today, half a hearing that millions of people in a study prove — show without a doubt that there is a great deal of immunity from getting it naturally, do you want to apologize to the 100 million Americans who suffered through covid, survived, have immunity, and yet you want to hold them down and vaccinate them? Do you want to apologize for calling those people flat earthers?” Paul added.

The full exchange can be seen here:

Paul, who has defaced the American Mengele, Dr. Anthony Fauci, on many occasions, has shown through his exchange with Becerra that he will not discriminate when it comes to cutting disreputable health officials down to...


House Budget Chair Yarmuth: $3.5 Trillion in Spending ‘Is Pretty Inconsequential’ – ‘Government Can Afford Anything’

Young Black Girl Scams Liberal Man Using 'White Guilt' in New Animated Series

The Harper House on Paramount+ follows Debbie Harper (voice of Rhea Seehorn) and her family as they struggle to adapt to their new life after Debbie loses her job and they must move from the wealthy side to the poor side of a small Arkansas town. They are a woke liberal family so it is not at all surprising that the episode that began streaming on September 30, titled “Baby Talk/Coupon Kid,” centered on white guilt and black neighbors.

One day, school girl Shauna Bradley went to the Harper house selling coupon pages for the "Irish Heritage Foundation." Dad Freddie (voice of Gabourey Sidibe) tried to turn down her sales pitch but Shauna persisted, throwing the race card, “C’mon, man. You’re white. Are you saying that you don’t have money for a girl like me?” Immediately Freddie caved and gave her the $20 she requested.

After Shauna left, Freddie admitted he didn’t want to buy the coupon page but couldn’t turn her down. Todd (voice of Ryan Flynn) and his sister Ollie (voice of Tatiana Maslaney) told their father that he was probably scammed as Shauna has a reputation at school for being cunning and all the teachers are scared of her.
Todd: I'm pretty sure she just took advantage of your white guilt, dad.

Ollie: Todd, Dad’s life dream is to have black friends and to have all black people like him.

Todd: Then why didn’t we see any black people in real life until we moved to the north side? I mean, isn’t that a bit racist?
But Freddie brushed them off saying, "Whatever, she's just a kid."

After Freddie took Ollie’s soccer team for post-game fast food and tried to pay for it with the coupons, he found out they really were a scam. Freddie said he couldn’t believe a “cute little black girl” would scam him and confronted her at the next soccer game when Ollie’s team played Shauna’s team. Instead of agreeing to give Freddie’s money back to him, she offered to return his money through a bet on the game. Naturally, she outwitted Freddie and he lost more money to her. Freddie is portrayed as a stupid white man who is unable to outsmart a...

Take The Vaccine Like Everyone Else Is For The Common Good....

Someone Has To Survive To Rebuild Society...

I Have Dibs On The Ant-Jab Supermodels.

Finland: Immigrants overrepresented in sex crimes

Finnish children are targeted online by immigrant groomers.

Coming on the heels of a Swedish study, a government report from Finland revealed that especially immigrants were prone to commit sexual offences.

Commissioned by the Sanna Marin administration, the recent 148-page study done by the Finnish Youth Research Network and the University of Helsinki’s Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy (Krimo) examined the risks related to the background of sex offenders and underlying reasons for sexual offences.

The researchers tried to minimize the ethnicity and culture of foreigners, stating that no single factor could account for the prevalence of sexual crime since perpetrators were often “bad at solving problems, impulsive, had issues with regulating emotions, and poor self-esteem”.

In 2020, almost 38 percent of rape suspects in Finland were foreign-born, while they only represent 7 percent of the Finnish population in a country of 5,5 million inhabitants.

But the fact remains that non-Western immigrants are overrepresented in child sexual abuse cases and the number of these suspects has risen even more dramatically in recent years, reaching 24 percent in 2019.

From 2011 to 2020, 27 percent of all rape suspects were foreign-born and those suspected of child sexual abuse was 15 percent. Young male immigrants were more prone to the sexual exploitation of children, while such minors represented a significant group of perpetrators.

The study also emphasised that social disadvantage alone could not explain the overrepresentation of immigrants, but cited “mental illness”, the use of intoxicants, antisocial behaviour, and a criminal past as...

Our Porcine Two-Legged Wokeists

Orwell would say of the woke Obamas, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Bernie Sanders, LeBron James, or Ibram Kendi—and their supposed unwoke, but similarly rich enemies, “It was impossible to say which was which.”

“Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

—George Orwell, Animal Farm

What were we to make of multimillionaire Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash at his Martha’s Vineyard estate, and the throng of the woke wealthy and their masked helot attendants?
Was socialist Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) suffering for the people when she wore a designer dress to the more than $30,000 a ticket Met gala? Her entourage needs were certainly well attended to by masked Morlock servants.

Did the leftist celebrities at the recent Emmy awards gather to discuss opening Malibu beaches to the homeless when the (unmasked) stars virtue-signaled their wokeness?

For answers about these hypocritical wokeists, always turn first to George Orwell. In his brief allegorical novella, Animal Farm, an array of animal characters—led by the thinking pigs of the farm—staged a revolution, driving out their human overseers.

The antihuman animal comrades started out sounding like zealous Russian Bolsheviks (“four legs good, two legs bad”). But soon they ended up conned by a murderous cult of pigs under a Joseph Stalin-like leader. And so, the revolution became what it once had opposed (“four legs good, two legs better”).

Our own woke, year-zero revolution is now in its second year. Yet last year’s four-legged piggish revolutionaries are already strutting on two legs. They are not just hobnobbing with the “white supremacists” and “capitalists,” but outdoing them in their revolutionary zeal for the rarified privileges of the material good life.

The Marxist co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, is now on her fourth woke home. She has moved on from the barricades to the security fences of her Topanga Canyon digs in a mostly all-white, all-rich rural paradise—the rewards for revolutionary service.

Professor Ibram X. Kendi has evolved from the edgy revolutionary work of flying all over the country, hawking his Orwellian message of “All racism bad! But some racism good!” Now he has mastered the art of zooming the wannabe woke for his $20,000 an hour avant garde hectoring.

What of Colin Kaepernick, the mediocre second-string quarterback turned sudden firebrand? He refused to stand for the National Anthem and spread his “take a knee” kitsch throughout professional sports.

Kaepernick became a boutique revolutionary multimillionaire. For $12 million a year, he pitches Nike sneakers, often made in Chinese forced-labor camps.

Woke NBA star LeBron James, from his $23 million Brentwood mansion, blasts America for its endless unfairness—in service to his totalitarian Chinese paymasters who will ensure his...

Morning Mistress