90 Miles From Tyranny : The Devolution Of Deranged Democrat Demagogues...

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Devolution Of Deranged Democrat Demagogues...

Virtue Signaling Yourself Into Self-Genocide...

More #Wordplay:

Witless Whitmer Wanting Willing Worrisome Whits Who Weaponize Whining...

Witless Whitmer Wanting Wicked Wanton Woe

Schifty Schiff, Schellgame Schenanigans...
Promise based On A Premise Of Political Prowess Proves problematic...

Miscellaneous Memeage On Media Manipulation Marketed To The Masses...

Massie Makes A Massive Mark On Mealy Mouthed Malevolent Messengers...


  1. Dear "baby names",
    Your sister is an asshole. You really want to help your kid? Strive for the best, not the least.

  2. Brought to you by our Public School (Indoctrination) System.

    Little miss woketard may be an asshole but the system that made her does not care, they welcome assholes, not to mention criminals, kooks, dopes, perverts, addicts, etc. so long as they promote the leftist agenda.

    They discriminate only against those who do not properly parrot their world view.

  3. His friends will call him by a nickname, as his teachers will willingly also do. On his 18th birthday, he will go to court, change his name, move out, and never speak to his mother again.

  4. She still the idea from Johnny Cash, A boy named Sue.

  5. It's libtards like this that make me think the eugenicists had a point. Whether the lack of innate intelligence, or just the lack of a common sense gene, I think that a credible argument can be made for sterilizing her and every child she has.

  6. I think the perfect age (year in the time of our Lord) would be when the Hassidim begin to name the male offspring "Adolf" (אדולף)

  7. She had best hope that Adolph never learns about the Menendez brothers.


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