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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA technology discusses the Spike Protein

Girls With Guns

Teach Your Children Well....

You, who are on the road
Must have a code
That you can live by

And so
Become yourself
Because the past
Is just a good-bye

Our Hill Is Also In Yonder Distance....

 Shall We Not Stand Atop It?

Adverse Reactions From The Experimental Jab:


Statement From Joe Biden:

 I'm Pretty Sure I Disapprove.

Plunging Crop Supplies Send Prices Soaring And Reignite Food Inflation Fears, WASDE Reports

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report was released Thursday afternoon and pointed to declining grain supplies that sent grain futures prices higher and will keep food inflation in focus.

The closely watched supply and demand report slashed estimates for corn yields and stockpiles. World inventories for wheat were reported near a five-year low.

Grain and oilseed futures soared to a near-decade high earlier this year but have been in a holding pattern for the last month, awaiting new reports on the outlook for upcoming U.S. harvests. A megadrought and back-to-back heat waves have plagued the corn belt and the U.S. West for much of the summer.

December corn futures were up more than 2% to $5.7150 a bushel on the Chicago Board of Trade, soybean futures popped on the report and are now flat at the end of the U.S. cash session, wheat futures rose more than 3%, hitting a fresh eight-year high.

The Bloomberg Grains Index closed up 1% on the report.

Bloomberg outlines the key takeaways from the August WASDE report:

DROUGHT BITES: U.S. corn and soybean yields fell below analyst expectations and the declines were largely centered in the drought-stricken northern Plains, where severe drought has withered crops.

RUSSIA: So goes Russia's harvest, so goes the wheat market. A large cut in the harvest means a lot less global wheat supplies and Russia's wheat-export throne as the world's top shipper is in doubt with the current forecast in line with exports out of the E.U.

WHEAT PEAK: Benchmark Chicago wheat prices hit the highest levels for a most-active contract since 2013. Corn and soybeans each touched multi-week highs but remain below multi-year peaks from earlier in 2021.

YOUR MOVE, FUNDS: With the USDA seeming to appease bullish traders with aggressive cuts and dry weather continuing to grip the Plains, an influx of speculative buying could bring the rally in grains, nearly a year-old at this point, to new heights.

FOOD INFLATION: Of course, with grain and soybean prices elevated for months, the higher costs should start to filter through the supply chain, pointing to higher prices for feed, seed, fertilizer, food and other goods.

This report means that adverse weather conditions are another driver of food inflation that shows no signs of stopping. We noted not too long ago, grocery store prices were expected to rise through...

We’ve Never Seen Vaccine Injuries on This Scale — Why Are Regulatory Agencies Hiding COVID Vaccine Safety Signals?

In under a year, more than 500,000 post-COVID vaccine injuries have been reported to VAERS — nearly a third of all reports accumulated over the system’s entire three-decade lifespan — yet regulatory agencies remain silent.

A few months before the first COVID-19 vaccines received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in late 2020, a global vaccine safety expert cautioned the rushed circumstances made it essential to “get [safety monitoring] right” by “intensively” and “robustly” scrutinizing adverse events following the experimental rollout.

As this expert stated, “Deploying any new vaccine based on data from expedited clinical trials into a population without a functioning safety monitoring system in place is reckless and irresponsible given the tools that are available.”

Moreover, she added, any investments needed to beef up safety monitoring would be “inexpensive in comparison” to the massive funding allocated to COVID-19 vaccine development and scale-up.

In theory, the U.S. has had a national vaccine safety monitoring system in place since 1990 — the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) — intended to function as an “early warning system.”

VAERS and its U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) counterpart FAERS (FDA Adverse Event Reporting System) constitute the principal data sources that regulators rely on when pulling drugs or vaccines from the market for safety reasons.

Not only has VAERS never lived up to its promise, but there can be little doubt its glaring failures are largely, and malignantly, by design.
Whistleblowers Welcome! Help Humanity – Securely Share COVID-19 Corruption

For example, when a government-commissioned study highlighted VAERS inadequacies in 2010 — estimating more than 99% of vaccine adverse reactions were going unreported and that one of every 39 doses of vaccine administered was linked to adverse events corroborated in vaccine package inserts — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) simply shut the project down.

Now, in less than a year, more than half a million reports of injuries have flooded into VAERS following experimental COVID jabs, including thousands of deaths. Yet a deafening regulatory silence has greeted this record-setting volume of adverse reactions, which accounts for...

CDC admits it DID overcount Florida's COVID cases: Agency revises down state's weekend numbers from 28,000 to 19,000 but offers no explanation after falsely claiming 'record' infections

  • CDC has revised Florida's COVID-19 figures after the state Department of Health accused the agency of overcounting Sunday's totals
  • The federal health agency reported a new record of more than 28,000 cases on Sunday
  • Florida's DOH accused the CDC of combining multiple days' worth of data into one and that the true figure is really 15,000, which is an overcount of 15,000
  • The state reported 56,000 cases from Friday to Sunday and it is believed that the CDC split the total over two days - Saturday and Sunday - rather than three days
  • The CDC's updated Covid numbers, reporting 19,000 on Sunday, are still higher than the figures published by the DOH
  • Florida no longer reports daily COVID-19 cases, instead publicly revealing weekly counts every Friday
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has quietly updated Florida's COVID-19 figures after accusations of overcounting earlier this week.

On Monday, the Florida Department of Health (DOH) accused the CDC of misreporting the state's weekend COVID-19 numbers.

The federal health agency had posted that 28,317 new Covid cases were recorded in The Sunshine State on Sunday, a record-high that was reported by multiple media outlets.

However, the DOH stated that is true total was 15,319 cases, indicating an overcount of more than 13,000.

On Wednesday, the CDC updated Florida's new cases to 23,958 for Friday, 21,487 on Saturday and 19,584 on Sunday - quietly admitting that the state DOH was right - but did not offer an explanation as to why.

Interestingly, the revised CDC numbers are still higher than totals the DOH published to its Twitter account on Monday.

CDC revised Florida's COVID-19 figures after the state Department of Health accused the agency of overcounting Sunday's totals with updated figures showing 19,584 new cases (left). CDC previously reported an inaccurate new record of more than 28,000 cases (right)

Florida's DOH said the true number of cases on Sunday is 15,000, making the CDC's original number an overreport of 13,000 cases and not a record-high

The DOH official Twitter account took aim at local news outlets who published stories about the state setting a new record of daily COVID-19 cases on Monday, citing the CDC data.

'This is not accurate,' the agency tweeted on Monday evening, in response to...

CNN: Afghanistan's Fall Is a Neville Chamberlain-esque Failure and It's Joe Biden's Fault

CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen greeted Joe Biden’s vacation with a harsh but factual assessment of the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan: It is Biden’s fault.
A group of religious warriors, riding on captured American military vehicles, vanquish a US-trained military, which relinquishes much of its power without a fight.

Sound familiar?

That’s what happened in Iraq after the US withdrawal of troops from the country at the end of 2011. Within three years, an army of ISIS fighters was only a few miles from the gates of Baghdad and had taken many of the significant cities in Iraq.

It was then-Vice President Joe Biden who had negotiated the Obama administration’s drawdown from Iraq.
Anyone who has watched Joe Biden’s career could and should have seen this coming. For all his and his supporters’ claims that he is some foreign policy expert, Joe Biden has been expert at getting foreign policy questions wrong. He wanted to pay Iran cash right after 9-11, just because he wanted to. His own staff killed that notion. He’s still trying to pay Iran in cash, just as the Obama administration did while Biden was vice president. One could surmise that Joe Biden really wants to hand Iran, which backs terrorism against Israel and has declared itself an enemy of the United States since the 1979 revolution, large piles of American cash. One could also surmise that Biden is on course to exceed even Jimmy Carter’s disastrous Middle East foreign policy — a foreign policy that helped beget revolutionary Iran in the first place.

Biden wanted to carve up Iraq along sectarian lines as some kind of solution to the violence that plagued the country following the U.S. invasion. Iran was fomenting much of that violence through proxies with the express intent of hurting the United States, destabilizing Iraq, and extending its influence. Any armchair analyst could see that from the comfort of home in the U.S. I saw it first-hand in Baghdad in 2007 and was given a classified briefing on the situation in detail by American Army officers who had been fighting that war for years. But Biden evidently never saw it and still doesn’t.

When it came time to deal with Afghanistan from the Oval Office, Biden once again failed to see the facts on the ground and plan for anything. He even set the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, engineered from Afghan soil by al Qaeda under the aegis of the Taliban, as the date certain for U.S. withdrawal, believing that to be some kind of PR gain. That might be the mother of all head-scratchers unless the intent was to give the Taliban, not the United States, a PR boost.

Now he’s moved that date up to August 31, while also sending more troops in to protect the U.S. embassy in Kabul and at the same time begging the Taliban not to attack that embassy. It’s all as irresponsible as it is incoherent. And it’s all vintage Joe Biden.

CNN’s Bergen likens Biden’s effort to one of history’s most notorious moments of rank cowardice.
(U.S. Ambassador Zalmay) Khalilzad agreed to pressure the Afghan government to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners, several of whom simply rejoined their old comrades on the battlefield once they were released. It’s hard to recall a more failed and counterproductive diplomatic effort. Maybe British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s attempt to reach a lasting peace agreement with Adolf Hitler in 1938 in Munich on the cusp of World War II?
Bergen notes that the fall of Afghanistan will be seen as a significant jihadist victory just as the Obama withdrawal from Iraq was. That withdrawal set the stage for ISIS to arise there and in Syria. Holy warriors poured in and the world saw them perpetrate horror after horror.

Afghanistan is unlikely to be any different. It could be worse, actually, with as many as 20 jihadist groups and tens of thousands of warriors-in-training moving in and setting up shop sure in the knowledge that the Americans will not...

Do Leftists Dream of Trans Sheep?

@Philip K. Dick
Want More Dick?

This Is Why The Left Manipulates The Words We Use....

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The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #745

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1445

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Friday, August 13, 2021

Girls With Guns

Free The Hostages.


Exercise Your....


Free Will.

EXCLUSIVE: NY Supreme Court Sides with O'Keefe. Project Veritas will be permitted to depose The New York Times.

Statement From James O'Keefe:

As you know, we sued the Times for claiming our Minnesota ballot harvesting video was “deceptive.” The New York Times attempted to dismiss the case and we won a historic victory when the New York Supreme Court denied the motion, ruling that the terms “deceptive” and “disinformation” apply to the New York Times’ reporters’ actions and claims. The Times appealed and then asked the Court to issue a stay that would effectively prohibit us from deposing the Times until the appeal is resolved – a process that could last up to three years.

The Court today issued a mic drop of an opinion: “Here, having failed to convince the Court that [Project Veritas’] case should be dismissed, [The New York Times] also failed to demonstrate the extraordinary justification required for the imposition of the drastic remedy of a stay pending appeal.” The Court noted that “despite the fact that [the New York Times has] been permitted to file anti-SLAPP motions to dismiss for decades, the [New York Times] here failed to cite any cases in which an unsuccessful moving was granted a stay pending appeal[.]”...

Why Do Some People Support Tyranny While Others Defy It?

There is a fundamental question that haunts the pages of history and it is one that has never been addressed in a satisfactory manner. There are many schools of thought on why and how tyranny rises in any given society and all of them miss the mark in terms of explanations, primarily because they all allow their biases to rule their conclusions and blind them to the deeper aspects of power and conspiracy. In other words, they are willing to go down the rabbit hole only so far, and then they deny that the rabbit hole even exists.

The common assumption when it comes to autocracy or oligarchy is that people are “stupid” and easily manipulated into following compelling personalities that make promises they never intend to keep. This is a foolish oversimplification. In truth, the level of manipulation needed to lure a majority of people into dictatorship is so complex that it requires an advanced understanding of human psychology.

In our modern era, people cannot merely be ordered to submit at gunpoint, at least not right away. They must be tricked into conforming, and not only that, but they must be made to think that it was THEIR IDEA all along. Without this dynamic of self censorship and self enslavement, the population will eventually rebel no matter how oppressive the regime. A thousand year tyranny cannot exist unless a number of people are conned into applauding it, or, they directly benefit from it.

And this is where we find the true key to totalitarianism – It only thrives because there is an inherent portion of any given society that secretly loves it and wants it to exist. We might call these people useful idiots, but it is much more than that. They are not necessarily unaware of what they are doing; they understand to some extent that they are helping in the destruction of other people’s freedoms…and they revel in it. Sure, there are elitists and globalists that levy core conspiracies and seek out more and more control, but they could not accomplish much of anything without the aid of the army of sociopathic aberrations that live among us.

This strange and destructive characteristic is ever visible today in light of the covid lockdowns and the push for forced vaccinations. It is clear that there are some people out there that are overly concerned with the personal health decisions of everyone else. The science and the stats prove there is nothing for them to worry about from the virus, but they ignore the science. They thirst for the taste of power. They have become a cult which ignores all logic and demands fealty to their fraudulent narrative. They do not care about the facts, they only care that we comply.

Well, as I have said time and time again: We Will Not Comply!

And so begins the epic conflict; a tale as old as civilization itself. There are two types of people in this world: Those that want to control others, and those that want to be left alone. But what motivates the control freaks? Why are they the way they are? Lets examine some of the causes…

The Fear Engine

There are people that are driven by success, by merit, by hope, by prosperity, by faith, by optimism, by love, and by honor. And then, there are people driven by fear. There are hundreds of various fears, but only a few ways to react to any of them. Collectivists respond to fear with a desperate need to micromanage their environment; they believe that if they can dictate people and events to a certain degree, they can eliminate unexpected outcomes and be free of fear. But life does not work this way and it never will.

The level of influence these people seek is so far beyond them that it can never be attained. That is to say, they will never be satisfied until they get more. Their fears will always haunt them because...

Concealed Carry Saves Families Lives.....

The Gift Of Gif:

This Is What The News Media Looked Like Trying To Stop Trump From Becoming President...

Hitting A Truck At High Speed... BAD IDEA.

I Was Just Driving Along And...BOOM!

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The Justice Department’s ‘Troubling’ Discovery Delays

January 6 defendants appear to have practically no shot at a fair trial in Washington, D.C. Some judges are finally pushing back.

It’s been almost seven months since the FBI conducted a pre-dawn raid at the Virginia farm of Thomas and Sharon Caldwell. Dozens of armed agents broke down their front door, ransacked their home, and arrested Tom Caldwell on January 19. A week later, a grand jury indicted Caldwell and two other alleged Oath Keepers for various crimes related to their participation in the Capitol protest on January 6.

Despite the fact Caldwell never entered the building, carried no weapon, and assaulted no one, the Justice Department sought to keep the 66-year-old former Navy lieutenant with service-related disabilities in jail awaiting trial. Caldwell, a decorated military veteran, has no criminal record.

Nonetheless, on February 12, Judge Amit Mehta ordered Caldwell to remain behind bars: “What Mr. Caldwell is accused of is conspiring with others to plot an insurrection against the government of the United States, particularly the Congress of the United States, while it was attempting to certify the Electoral College vote,” Mehta said during Caldwell’s detention hearing.

“So the concern with Mr. Caldwell is less what he specifically did on January 6th, like others,” Mehta continued. “It doesn’t look like he actually entered the Capitol building, didn’t assault any police officers. But what he did prior to January the 6th is clearly engage in planning and preparation for conduct that others were engaged in and that others participated in, in the incursion that took place at the Capitol and the violence that followed.”

Caldwell interrupted the hearing to plead for mercy. “I beg your indulgence, sir. But my life hangs in the balance.”

Caldwell spent 50 days in jail before Mehta reversed himself on March 12 and released Caldwell to very limited home detention.

It now appears Mehta is having additional second thoughts about the Justice Department’s handling of the Capitol breach probe. In dozens of pre-trial detention motions filed by Joe Biden’s Justice Department, the evidence against January 6 defendants rests solely in the hands of the government. Detention hearings act instead almost as ex-parte criminal trials where federal judges in Washington, D.C. declare guilt or innocence based largely on what federal prosecutors present in court, occasionally sending defendants to jail for months before a trial can begin.

Caldwell was one of more than 100 Americans ensnared in what the top prosecutor managing the first stage of the January 6 investigation called a “shock and awe” campaign to intimidate Americans out of coming to the nation’s capital to protest Joe Biden’s inauguration. But that short-term political goal doesn’t seem to be working as a long-term legal strategy for the Justice Department.

Mehta, who has denied bond to three other Oath Keepers now incarcerated in the D.C. jail for months awaiting trials that won’t begin until 2022, expressed his displeasure with the government this week during a status hearing for Caldwell and 16 other defendants in the Oath Keepers conspiracy case.

Mehta said it was “troubling” to learn that the full trove of discovery material won’t be accessible to defendants until early 2022. That means defendants like Caldwell will have to wait at least a year before all the evidence related to their case will be available to...

Gaming The New System...

Whistling tunes, we hide in the dunes by the seaside

Whistling tunes, we're kissing baboons in the jungle
It's a knockout

If looks could kill, they probably will
In games without frontiers, war without tears

If looks could kill, they probably will
In games without frontiers, war without tears
Games without frontiers, war without tears

Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin Celebrates Demographic Decline of White Americans as “Fabulous News”

“A more diverse society.”

Washington Post journalist Jennifer Rubin celebrated the fact that the white population in America has fallen for the first time since 1790 as “fabulous news.”

“New U.S. census data released on Thursday show the white population declined for the first time in history last decade, with significant increases among people who identify as multi-racial, Hispanic and Asian driving much of the population growth between 2010 and 2020,” reports Reuters.

Non-Hispanic whites in America have shrunk by 8.6% over the last decade alone and now account for 57.8% of the U.S. population – the lowest share ever.

According to Rubin, this is marvelous.

“A more diverse, more inclusive society,” Rubin remarked on Twitter. “This is fabulous news.”

As Chris Menahan notes, Rubin had previously enthusiastically shared a tweet by fellow WaPo columnist Max Boot which asserted that the Trump era “will be seen as a sad last gasp of white resistance” and that “hard-working Latin American” illegal immigrants should replace “contemptible Republican cowards” in order to “enhance America’s greatness.”

“A few decades from now, when the entire country is majority-minority, the Trump era will be seen as a sad last gasp of white resistance — a reprehensible episode that will be recounted alongside the McCarthy era, the internment of citizens and noncitizens of Japanese descent during World War II, and the Palmer Raids,” Boot said.

“Yes!” exclaimed Rubin.

The media routinely claims that expressing concern over the demographic decline of white people is a “dangerous conspiracy theory,” although it’s apparently not dangerous nor a conspiracy and is in fact a great thing when the likes of Rubin and Boot are celebrating it.

Democrats routinely hail the decline of the white demographic and are its biggest cheerleaders because it’s far easier to brainwash dependent non-whites into...

Biden asks OPEC to increase oil output, but keeps domestic drilling ban in place

 Absolute Insanity.

‘Most Significant Threat To Freedom In My Lifetime’: DeSantis Says COVID Unleashed ‘Medical Authoritarianism’

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the alleged “medical authoritarianism” he claims has characterized the COVID-19 pandemic is “probably the most significant threat to freedom in [his] lifetime.”

“They are basically saying that we are all just subservient to a medical authoritarianism,” DeSantis told Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder, Tucker Carlson. “Whatever they think needs to be done, we have to submit to it: it’s probably, Tucker, the most significant threat to freedom in my lifetime, certainly since the fall of the Berlin Wall.”


“Because taking it to its logical conclusion, you end up with Australia where they’re forcing lockdowns,” DeSantis continued. The governor also claimed that the Biden administration is allegedly “more concerned” about attacking him than dealing with pressing issues, such as the border crisis, inflation and gas prices. 

DeSantis argued that Biden ran on a promise to “shut down” the coronavirus but had failed to do so, citing the border crisis and influx of illegal immigrants as a possible source of new COVID-19 variants. He also reiterated his view that...

I Have Issues With Dan Crenshaw, But He Is Right On This:


MUST WATCH: Dan Crenshaw’s Wife Allegedly Steals Phone From Activist to Delete Gun Control Rant by Husband

Fully vaccinated man dies of COVID-19, daughter says he was cautious

Vaccines are not 100 percent effective.
  • A woman’s fully vaccinated father died from COVID-19.
  • No vaccines provide 100 percent protection against the virus.
  • The father was mostly indoors and wore a mask, his surviving daughter said.
A woman’s fully vaccinated father died from COVID-19, with her saying she “can't imagine how much more he would have suffered if he had not gotten the vaccine.”

Yvonne Rodriguez saw her ill father, Patricio Elizondo, for the last time at the hospital. She remembered him struggling to breathe on his own, Newsweek reported.

America is changing faster than ever! Add Changing America to your Facebook or Twitter feed to stay on top of the news.

When Rodriguez saw an X-ray of her father’s chest it was explained that he contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated and being cautious.

Initially, she thought her father was experiencing a flare-up of congestive heart failure or a recurring infection. In addition to heart problems, Elizondo had diabetes, making him a greater risk of developing severe COVID-19.

Elizondo mostly stayed indoors and wore his mask, Rodriguez said, not knowing where he got the virus that ultimately messed up his lungs.

On Tuesday, Elizondo died after succumbing to lung complications related to having COVID-19.

According to Jan Patterson, an infectious disease specialist at UT Health, Rodriguez was right in her assessment, that her father would have suffered more if he had not been vaccinated.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, “There is some evidence that vaccination may make illness less severe for those who are vaccinated and still get sick.”

There are no vaccines that provide 100 percent protection against the virus, with the CDC stating that “there will be a small percentage of fully vaccinated people who still get sick, are hospitalized, or die from...

The Anti-White Infrastructure Bill

The infrastructure bill the Senate passed on Tuesday discriminates against whites at every turn.

Americans are enthusiastic about spending money on infrastructure -- bridges, roads, broadband and green technologies. But this racist bill locates and hands out jobs and contracts projects based on race, not merit. Minority businesses and neighborhoods hold the inside track. If you're white, you're low priority.

The bill includes grants to install solar or wind technologies and generate jobs in areas decimated by closing coal mines or coal-fired electric plans. Here's the catch: when contractors bid, the bill says minority-owned businesses will get chosen first. Bad news for white contractors and displaced coal miners, who are overwhelmingly white and need jobs. (Section 40209)

The same is true for the bill's proposals to improve traffic patterns in cities. Contractors and subcontractors get priority only if they're owned by minorities or women. White male business owners can take a hike. (Section 11509)

Americans should be outraged. But not surprised. After all, President Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan Act, which passed in March, also put into place an ugly system of discrimination against whites. It offered debt relief to Black farmers but not white farmers. Another provision offered billions in aid to minority-owned and women-owned restaurants, but it told struggling restaurants owners who happened to be white men that they had to go to the back of the line.

The injustice was obvious. White male farmers and restaurant owners sued, claiming the anti-white provisions are unconstitutional. So far, they're winning. In every case, federal judges have halted the race-based programs in the American Rescue Plan Act until the challengers have their day in court. Politico reported last week that Biden's Justice Department may fold without a fight on the Black farmer debt relief cases because the law is not on their side.

You'd think Democrats and the Biden White House would get the message. Instead, they're doubling down on rigging legislation and divvying up taxpayer dollars to benefit minorities and shortchange whites.

Chances are high that the infrastructure bill's hodgepodge of anti-white discrimination will be struck down by federal courts. In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled that the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution bars the government from trying to even the score by discriminating against whites and in favor of minorities. The justices warned against creating "a patchwork of racial preferences based on statistical generalizations" to correct past injustices. That's precisely what this...

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The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #744

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1444

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Rand Paul Powerful Message About Standing Up For Your FREEDOM "It's time to RESIST!!!"

This Is One Of The Videos From Rand Paul That Was Banned By YouTube.

Girls With Guns

Either The Virus Was Designed To Target Conservative Venues Or Government Scientists Are Being Paid To Do It...


Much Of Science Today Is Biased Political Science...

Political Science Requires No Scientific Method...

Fauci Does Not Believe In The Scientific Method:

Why Do Hysterical Warmists Hate The Scientific Method?

The Are Trying To Shut Rand Paul Up - This Means What He Says Is Important...


It's Time To Re-Allocate Resources...


If you don’t fight mask mandates, eventually you will get vaccine mandates

We should resist mask mandates not only because they didn't work the first time, but because they will lead to even worse, liberty-infringing mandates.

Those who want to control people will always take as much power as they can get.

The Los Angeles Times reports, "Los Angeles officials took a step Wednesday toward requiring people to have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before venturing into indoor restaurants, bars, gyms, shops, movie theaters and other venues — a move they argued would combat the resurgent coronavirus... L.A. previously announced that it will require city employees to either provide proof of vaccination or undergo weekly testing."

The LA Times added, "It is not alone in considering such steps in hopes of blunting the latest COVID-19 wave."