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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Girls With Guns

This Is Your Effing Change..

On Stupid Laws..

Beautiful And Informed..

And A New Adventure Begins..

Take That Leftist Losers...

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I just read the story of a poor college girl who was jumped by 7 undercover cops for carrying water... 

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I Am Han Solo...

Pirro On Illegals...

Morning Mistress

Outrageous: Bloomberg's Group Honors the Boston Bomber

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Girls With Guns

Problem? What Problem?

Remember When The UN Protected Americans?

Neither Do I.

However, As Their Statue Suggests: The UN Likes Victims...

Obama's Leadership On The Economy...

You Are All Washed Up Obama.

Let's Stop Throwing Away Taxpayer Money On Unions..

You Don't Want To Be My Friend?

Let's Rumble Ostrich!

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Trey Gowdy: Is It Too Much To Ask The President To Affirm His Devotion To The Law?

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Land Of The Free Government Tyranny...

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Tens of thousands of Central Americans have entered the country illegally since
October 2013; most of them will be likely considered "refugees" and ultimately be allowed to remain in the U.S. Consequently, many of the migrants will receive welfare from the federal government, funded by taxpayers. Health and Human Services (HHS) documents, obtained by Breitbart Texas, show that significant federal funds go towards encouraging refugees to enroll in long term welfare programs, and towards administering such benefits directly.

HHS' Office of Refugee and Resettlement (ORR) provides funding and grants to various organizations that help refugees collect welfare.

One such organization is ICF International, which claims that it helps foreign refugees develop "partnerships" with federal, state, and community-based programs--"especially related to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program."

TANF is a mammoth federal welfare program that gives cash assistance to needy U.S. families. But refugees can collect the benefits as well. "Refugees qualify for mainstream federal public benefit programs, including TANF," HHS states on its website.

In 2014 alone, taxpayer shelled out about $17.35 billion on TANF payments.

In addition to promoting TANF assistance, HHS has also rolled out multiple initiatives to encourage foreign refugees to sign up for Obamacare (or the Affordable Care Act, "ACA"). ICF International is also involved in this effort, using tax dollars for the "translation of documents related to the Affordable Care Act into languages commonly spoken by refugees."

Breitbart Texas obtained an HHS document for Fiscal Year 2014 that further states, "ORR populations are covered by the ACA to the same extent as US citizens." Many refugees " will be
able to purchase health insurance through a Marketplace at a discounted price."

HHS also expands welfare for foreigners through its Matching Grant (MG) program. The program administers "but is not limited to, case management, employment services, maintenance assistance, cash allowance, and administration." The goal of the MG program is for recipients to become self-sufficient within 120-180 days of program eligibility. But an HHS document reveals that  the program is not successful.
During Fiscal Year 2012, 109,073 foreigners received benefits from the MG program--but only 7,903 were self sufficient after 180 days. In other words, only about seven percent of the programs recipients achieved the intended results.

It is easy to imagine that U.S. taxpayers are frustrated that their funds are being spent to provide long term welfare to individuals who entered the country illegally. Further disenchantment may be fueled by the fact that a significant number of U.S. citizens remain homeless and hungry.

So far tens of thousands of.. read more below..


A year after insisting that Congress must pass comprehensive amnesty legislation, Cisco announced Wednesday that it would lay off another 6,000 workers, about 8% of its workforce.

According to BizJournals, Cisco has previously announced that "it would lay off 4,000 workers in 2013; 1,300 in 2012; 6,500 in 2011; and 2,000 in 2009." The new layoffs will occur in 2015.

In 2013, Cisco, along with other big-business interests, wrote to Congress that "failure to act is not an option" on amnesty legislation even though the Congressional Budget Office determined that the bill in question would lower the wages of American workers. In addition, numerous scholars and studies have debunked the notion that there is a shortage of American high-tech workers, but high-tech companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and Facebook want more guest-worker visas to import more foreign workers.

BizJournals reported that Cisco's revenue in the second quarter was reportedly $12.36 billion, down from $12.42 billion a year ago.

Last month, Microsoft announced it was laying off 18,000 workers one week after its former head Bill Gates called in a New York Times op-ed for an unlimited number of certain guest-worker high-tech visas.

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Forging The Star Wars Lightsaber Katana

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A Moment Of Serenity..

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Girls With Guns

..And Now He Won't Go Away...

What Does A Liberal Think?

It's Three In The Morning...What Are You Wearing?

The World Is On Fire...

...While Zero Fiddles...

More Obama Leadership:

Rome Burns While Zero Selfies...

Australians Save Man Stuck Between Subway Car And Track...

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Barack Obama Explains The Three Branches Of Government..

Swords In Rock - A Monument To The Battle That Unified Norway Under One Crown...

Sverd i fjell
Sverd i fjell is a commemorative monument located at the Hafrsfjord fjord, just outside the city of Stavanger in Norway. The monument was created by sculptor Fritz Røed from Bryne and was unveiled by king Olav V of Norway in 1983. Wikipedia

Thoughts Of The Inner Man...

Morning Mistress

MSNBC - Lean Over...

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Girls With Guns

Get Help - Communism Is A Disease..

The Modus Operandi Of The Left...

Logic Is An Enemy And Truth Is A Menace...

Do You Ever Feel Like You Are The Only One?

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Liberty!

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Why Are Liberals Intent On Abolishing Liberty?

- Ludwig Von Mises

Mose Mises:

On Bad Governments...

Yes, It's Hump Day!

The Mistake Of The Century..

Morning Mistress

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Vintage Smut

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