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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Girls With Guns

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Girls With Guns

The Flaming Truth...

Adios Asshole, Good Riddance...

Boehner Caves In Again... Blames The Right?

Iraqi Priest Pleads for Pope Francis to Help End ‘Genocide’ of Christians

As ISIS terrorists forced Father Behnam Benoka and his fellow Christian people from their homes last summer, they left behind possessions, money, documents, and history.

Carrying nothing but faith, Benoka, the former rector of the seminary in Mosul, Iraq, set up a makeshift health clinic at a refugee camp for internally displaced minorities near Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

As he went about recruiting volunteer physicians to dispense free medicine and health care to desperate Iraqis, Benoka received a blessing from a faraway — but closely connected — source: the most powerful religious figure in the world.

Indeed, at his lowest moment last August, Benoka wrote a letter to Pope Francis, asking for love and blessings. Francis answered the prayer with a phone call, vowing to Benoka that “I will never leave you.”

“I wrote to him that we are dying, we are suffering, I am afraid that his children, his little children are dying, please help...

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

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Liberalism Is A Parasitic Disease That Will Eventually Kill Its Host...

Burning Extra Jet Fuel To Make It Look Good – Climate Hypocrites Obama, Francis Put Theater Ahead Of “Principles”

There’s nothing like some symbolic hypocrisy to reveal a false humanitarian visit for the political propaganda stunt that it is.

Argentine Pope Francis is supposedly visiting the United States to scold us all for being free capitalists and not yet submitting to our assigned role as the worker bees supporting the rest of the world. He sees international obligation as including the redistribution of our wealth. We should willingly supply everyone else with unlimited quantities of the fruits of our labor and success, our honey. He and Obama are playing beekeeper and they’re setting up the smoke screen of climate change to distract and obfuscate. They don’t want us to sting them while they’re helping themselves to the contents of our hive.

Even in the best choreographed stage productions, as this is, sometimes your timing is a little off. Either Pope Francis left Comrade Fidel in Cuba too early, his luxury jet flew too fast, or Obama was too late in arriving at the airport. One can lose track of time when taking selfies of the most irresistible “man” on earth. He just blame the traffic, even though all peasants must wait when his...

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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The "I Just Barfed A Little In My Mouth" Face...

No, America Was Not Founded On Racist Principles

Last week, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., told an audience at Liberty University that the United States was founded “on racist principles.” He added, “That’s a fact. We have come a long way as a nation.”

The principles on which on our country was established are articulated with clarity in the Declaration of Independence. On the matter of race, the Declaration has one simple but profound teaching: “all men are created equal.” That’s it. There are no qualifications or subtractions.

Nowhere does the Declaration or the Constitution, for that matter, classify human beings according to the color of their skin.

Far from the principle of equality being a product of racism, it actually struck at the heart of slavery. By making equality the defining principle of the nation, the Founders hoped to put slavery on the course of its ultimate extinction.

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While some of the Founders held slaves, they all knew that blacks were human beings.

In a rough draft of the Declaration, Jefferson charged King George III with waging “cruel war against human nature itself” by keeping “open a market where men should be bought & sold.” By calling slaves men, Jefferson clearly recognized their humanity.

Not only did the Founders think that blacks were human beings, but they also acknowledged the wrongness of slavery in principle.

Benjamin Franklin succinctly stated his opinion on slavery: “Slavery is…

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Girls With Guns


GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump is a lifetime member of the NRA and a concealed carry permit holder who believes the advantages an armed citizenry provides to America are so evident as to be beyond “debate.”

In a recent interview with Ammoland, Trump said:
I am a Life Member of the NRA and am proud of their service in protecting our right to keep and bear arms. The NRA’s efforts to stop dangerous, gun-banning legislation and regulation is invaluable. The media focus on those efforts overshadows the great work the NRA does on behalf of safety and conservation.

He went on to talk about this “permit to carry” in New York and said, “I know firsthand the challenges law-abiding citizens have in exercising their Second Amendment rights.”

Trump cited figures showing how concealed carry impacts crime and focused on how states with less restrictions on carry—”right to carry states”—enjoy a lower “violent crime” and a “lower murder rate” than other parts of the country. He contrasted this with the fact that gun control “has consistently failed to stop violence” and said there really isn’t anything remaining to “debate” on these things.

Ammoland asked Trump about a statement he made 15 years ago regarding “assault weapons,” trying to ascertain where Trump stands on the ongoing opposition to AR-15s from people like Senator Dianna Feinstein (D-CA). Trump responded by saying he believes the left’s targeted assault on AR-15s is really just an extension of the left’s usual habit of going after whatever it is that Americans love at a given moment.

Because of this, he said they focus on things that are non-essential—like grips, magazines, etc.

Here are Trump’s exact words:

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Monday, September 21, 2015

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

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