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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Women With Weapons

If They Didn't Need To Take Your Money....They Wouln't Need To Take Your Guns...

Fight Crime - Shoot Back..

1950's Pic Of Publix - The Florida Grocery Store..

They have just about chased Winn Dixie Out.

[From Wikipedia] Publix Super Markets, Inc., commonly known as Publix, is an employee-owned, premium American supermarket chain based in Lakeland, Florida.[5] Publix has operations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Founded in 1930 by George W. Jenkins, Publix is a private corporation that is wholly owned by present and past employees. It is currently ranked No. 67 on Fortune magazine's list of 100 Best Companies to Work For 2011[6] and was ranked No. 6 on Forbes' 2011 list of America's Largest Private Companies and is the largest in Florida.[7] The company's 2011 sales totaled US$27.1 billion, with profits of nearly $1.5 billion, ranking #106 on Fortune magazine's Fortune 500 list of U.S. companies for 2012.[8] Supermarket News ranked Publix No. 8 in the 2012 "Top 75 North American Food Retailers" based on 2008 fiscal year sales.[9] Based on 2011 revenue, Publix is the fourteenth-largest US retailer.[10] Publix's current stock price is $32.50 per share though it is privately held and not available to the public.[11]

In 2011, Publix announced they would be moving into the North Carolina market, first opening stores in Charlotte, North Carolina,[12] and later announced construction of a new store in Asheville, North Carolina.[13] The first Charlotte-area stores, located on the South Carolina side of the metropolitan area, opened in 2012; the first North Carolina store is slated to open sometime in 2014. Concurrently, Publix purchased seven Charlotte-area locations from competitor BI-LO stores.

Publix employs over 140,000 people at its 1,080 retail locations, cooking schools, corporate offices, eight grocery distribution centers, and nine Publix brand manufacturing facilities. The manufacturing facilities produce its dairy, deli, bakery, and other food products.[2]

Publix stands as one of the largest US regional grocery chains: one of a very small number which operates over 1,000 locations. Its main competitors are national grocery chains IGA, Kroger, SuperValu, and Whole Foods; consolidated retail and warehouse chains, including Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale Club; and several regional grocery chains, including BI-LO (operating under both its own name and that of its wholly owned subsidiary Winn-Dixie), Harris Teeter, Fresh Market, Piggly Wiggly, Ingles, and Rouses. Publix stores are found as far north as Clarksville, Tennessee, and as far south as Key West, Florida, while the westernmost location is in greater Mobile, Alabama. As of 2014, though, the state of Florida still has the largest number of stores, with 759, nearly three-quarters of the outlets. Publix's slogan is "Where Shopping is a Pleasure".

This Is A Form Of Censorship And...

Battles Of The Civil War..

Benghazi - Never Forget..

Hey Lefties...

Morning Mistress

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Girls With Guns

Sign the National Petition to End the Border Crisis Now!

No Funding for Illegal Aliens National Petition

To: Members of the U.S. House of Representatives

Whereas, thanks to Barack Obama’s pro-illegal alien policies, thousands of illegal aliens are right now pouring across our borders and overwhelming the Border Patrol, and;

Whereas, many of these immigrants belong to gangs or carry infectious diseases, and;

Whereas, if these people are allowed to settle in America they will demand welfare benefits and bankrupt governments, and;

Whereas, by allowing these immigrants to remain in the U.S. we are encouraging even more illegal immigrants to come pouring across our border, and;

Whereas, Barack Obama wants Congress to give him nearly $4 billion to pay for lawyers, food, and shelter for these immigrants as well as the cost of physically resettling them in America;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that I do hereby DEMAND that the House of Representatives reject this “illegal immigrant slush fund” spending request and force Barack Obama to send these illegal aliens home.

Sign The Petition HERE:

The Simple Life..

Sowell On Illegal Aliens, Democrats And Communists..


Liberal Logic..

Oakland University To Offer Post-Apocalyptic Survival Studies

This is definitely an improvement over womens studies classes, which teaches how to become an annoying victim for fun and welfare benefits.

Here is a sceenprint of their website:

Their course offerings do not have any Zombie scenario offerings, if they add a concentration on Zombie survival, I might consider taking it as distance learning. They should also consider Post-Obamalyptic classes.

Here is their Description:

Beginning in fall 2014, Oakland University will be offering an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for what some believe is the inevitable — the end of the world as we know it. The Post-Apocalyptic Survival Studies (PASS) program will provide the necessary skills to not only survive as an individual in an apocalyptic aftermath, but to contribute in a meaningful way. Blending theory and hands-on experience, students will take the required core courses and then choose one of three concentrations: 

  • Back to Basics
  • Rebuilding a 21st Century Society
  • Health and Wellness
Requirements for the degree include 24 credits hours in core courses and an additional 16 credits in one of three concentrations. The university’s General Education requirements must also be satisfied.

For those students who are much less concerned about the end of modern civilization, each of the concentrations can also be taken as a minor or certificate program. 

What if there isn’t an apocalypse in our time? Sure, there’s a chance that a catastrophic disaster will not force civilization into a downward spiral. But wouldn’t you rather be prepared if it did? In the event that the next 80 years are rather uneventful, the B.A. in Post-Apocalyptic Survival Studies still provides valuable insight into prehistoric conditions, literary and cinematic trends. As a graduate of Oakland’s program — the first of its kind — you will be uniquely qualified to: 
  • Design post-apocalyptic stock imagery
  • Write, produce or direct approximately 80 percent of the TV series and movies expected to be released in the next 100 years
  • Survive in otherwise extreme conditions longer than most people
  • Most likely win The Hunger Games or prevail victoriously on an upcoming season of Survivor
And here is the website:

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There Is An Upside Down Man Hiding In Joaquin Phoenix's Forehead..

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Girls With Guns

The Way Were Are Going...

We will not have a future that looks like this:

It will look more like this:

Thanks Obama.

Since The Sun Is Now Inactive, Watch The Stars!

10:45 AM | The sun has gone quiet…solar cycle 24 continues to rank as one of the weakest cycles more than a century

solar stuff gif


Ten days ago, the sun was quite active and peppered with several large spots. Now the sun has gone quiet and it is nearly completely blank. It appears that the solar maximum phase for solar cycle 24 may have been reached and it is not very impressive. It looks as if this solar cycle is “double-peaked” (see below) which is not all that uncommon; however, it is somewhat rare that the second peak in sunspot number during the solar max phase is larger than the first. In fact, this solar cycle continues to rank among the weakest on record which continues the recent trend for increasingly weaker cycles. The current predicted and observed size makes this the smallest sunspot cycle since Cycle 14 which had a maximum of 64.2 in February of 1906. Going back to 1755, there have been only a few solar cycles in the previous 23 that have had a lower number of sunspots during its maximum phase. For this reason, many solar researchers are calling this current solar maximum a “mini-max”. Solar cycle 24 began after an unusually deep solar minimum that lasted from 2007 to 2009. In fact, in 2008 and 2009, there were almost no sunspots, a very unusual situation during a solar minimum phase that had not happened for almost a century.
Consequences of a weak solar cycle
First, the weak solar cycle has resulted in rather benign “space weather” in recent times with generally weaker-than-normal geomagnetic storms. By all Earth-based measures of geomagnetic and geoeffective solar activity, this cycle has been extremely quiet. However, there is some evidence that most large events such as strong solar flares and significant geomagnetic storms tend to occur in the declining phase of the solar cycle. In other words, there is still a chance for significant solar activity in the months and years ahead.
Second, it is pretty well understood that solar activity has a direct impact on temperatures at very high altitudes in a part of the Earth’s atmosphere called the thermosphere. This is the biggest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere which lies directly above the mesosphere and below the exosphere. Thermospheric temperatures increase with altitude due to absorption of highly energetic solar radiation and are highly dependent on solar activity.
Finally, if history is a guide, it is safe to say that weak solar activity for a prolonged period of time can have a negative impact on global temperatures in the troposphere which is the bottom-most layer of Earth’s atmosphere - and where we all live. There have been two notable historical periods with decades-long episodes of low solar activity. The first period is known as the “Maunder Minimum”, named after the solar astronomer Edward Maunder, and it lasted from around 1645 to 1715. The second one is referred to as the “Dalton Minimum”, named for the English meteorologist John Dalton, and it lasted from about 1790 to 1830. Both of these historical periods coincided with below-normal global temperatures in an era now referred to by many as the “Little Ice Age”. In addition, research studies in just the past couple of decades have found a complicated relationship between solar activity, cosmic rays, and clouds on Earth. This research suggests that in times of low solar activity where solar winds are typically weak; more cosmic rays reach the Earth’s atmosphere which, in turn, has been found to lead to an increase in certain types of clouds that can act to cool the Earth.
The increasingly likely outcome for an historically weak solar cycle continues the ...

Look, A Horse And A Horses Ass!

The NSA..

Illegal Aliens...

Keep Fighting!

Microsoft Now laying Off 18,000 Employees

In This Article:

More Than 5,000 American Microsoft Employees Could Be Laid Off This Week As Microsoft Pushes For More H-1B Visas

It was reported that Microsoft was going to lay off 5,000 workers, now it is 18,000 workers.

The new CEO also said they would be hiring in new strategic areas.
Those jobs will undoubtedly got to H-1B and offshore hire's.

We are becoming a third world nation on every level.

If Looks Could Kill They Probably Will In Games Without Frontiers - War Without Tears...

Morning Mistress

You Know Nothing Jon Snow, But We Know Who Your Mother Is

Jon Snow may know nothing when it comes to his parentage, but a few "Game of Thrones" conspiracy theorists think they do.

More Game Of Thrones:

Game Of Thrones - A Dysfunctional Family Tree...

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Girls With Guns

“In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.”

-Pamela Geller Quotes

Full Employment First And...

Dangerous Spider Bites Guide...

More Prepping Info HERE

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire..

B-24 Liberator shot down by Japanese anti aircraft artillery

More Amazing Animated Gifs HERE

Where The "Kids" Got This Crazy idea..

Doctor: Border Crisis Is 'Absolutely a Health Threat' to Nation

The U.S. is facing a major health threat due to the explosion of disease at detention centers holding
thousands of illegal-immigrant children on the southern border, says Dr. Elaina George, who specializes in ear, nose and throat afflictions.

"It’s absolutely a health threat,'' George, a board-certified otolaryngologist, told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV Monday.

"It's like a perfect pressure cooker … a culture medium if you really want to think about it in that manner — a 1700 mile track by foot, by train or however else they're coming up.

"They haven't been fed, they're dehydrated their immune systems have basically taken a major hit and you have to remember that they're young children so they don't have a lot of reserve to begin with.''

And the illnesses are plentiful, ranging from the common cold to tuberculosis.

"Frontline health professionals that say that they're seeing people with active TB who are coughing up blood, who are short of breath, who are physically in the throes of active TB and they are communicable,'' George said.

"Not everybody shows symptoms right away, but they could have the disease before it actually manifests or shows itself. So they're just as infectious.''

Just as serious is the fact that many of these sick youngsters are being jetted around the country to be placed in foster homes.

"They are putting them on commercial airliners. [The] TSA has been ordered to stand down and allow these children and adults to get on planes without ID. So they're arriving in Georgia, they're arriving in Maryland they're arriving...

More Than 5,000 American Microsoft Employees Could Be Laid Off This Week As Microsoft Pushes For More H-1B Visas

The H-1B Visa Scam is being used to replace American technology workers with low cost H-1B Technology workers from foreign countries.

Satya Nadella took over as Microsoft's CEO just under six months ago and he's already poised to give thousands of employees a pink slip "as soon as this week." Bloomberg reports that the restructuring "may end up being the biggest in Microsoft history," and could surpass the 5,800 employees laid off in 2009.

Even NBC sees what is happening here: 
Each year, thousands of applications for coveted H-1B visas pour in from companies looking to employ foreign workers in highly specialized positions the firms say mostly cannot be filled by Americans. This year, about 172,500 applications were received, according to Citizenship and Immigration Services.
This is simply a false narrative and is being used to keep American technology job wages down... 

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Muslim Leader: “Gentlemen! Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill Christians!”

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Vintage Sci-Fi

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Girls With Guns