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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Why Do Hysterical Warmists Hate The Scientific Method?

When Global Warming Cultists say words like "settled science", what they are really saying is: to HELL with The Scientific Method. Why do warmists hate science so much?  The Greek root of skepticism is identified as "skepticos", which means "thoughtful, inquiring."

From an Article entitled: IN SUPPORT OF SKEPTICISM:

For centuries, science has been founded on well-established methods of scientific investigation, which include recognition that "A scientific theory must be tentative and always subject to revision or abandonment in light of facts that are inconsistent with, or falsify, the theory. A theory that is by its own terms dogmatic, absolutist and never subject to revision is not a scientific theory" (Judge William R. Overton, in Science, 1982). Thus, a basic tenet of science is for scientists to posit and test hypotheses and theories. Scientific progress is made by accepting or rejecting hypotheses at specified levels of confidence, thus embodying skepticism in the heart of scientific methodology.

Nurse Faints 17 Minutes After Taking Covid Vaccine

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Girls With Guns

Gray Man Bad....



Same As it Ever Was.....

Before The Vaccine, They Said "Things Go Back To Normal Once We Get A Vaccine"

Vaccine Is Here They Say "Continue To Wear Masks, Social Distance, Keep Your Businesses And Churches Closed."

The Great Reset Is Government Hegemony.
Welcome To The Great Reset.

You may ask yourself, "What is that beautiful house?"
You may ask yourself, "Where does that highway go to?"
And you may ask yourself, "Am I right? Am I wrong?"
And you may say to yourself, "My God! What have I done?"

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Democrat....


The Unbearable Lightness Of Becoming Venezuela...

The Unbearable Lightheadedness Of Being Joe Biden...

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Inappropriately Awkward...

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Tasered - An Anonymous Tale Of Discovery...

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Vegan

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Jerry Nadler

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Joe Biden...

Kevin McCarthy receives FBI briefing on Eric Swalwell's relationship with a Chinese spy, and demands he be cut from Intel Committee

"That's the one question that was answered"

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) demanded that Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell (Calif.) be cut loose from the House Intelligence Committee after receiving an FBI briefing on his former relationship with a Chinese spy.

Swalwell has met with a chorus of condemnation after a report revealed that he had been in a personal relationship with a woman federal investigators believed to be a Chinese espionage agent.

The California Democrat cut ties with the woman, named Christine Fang, after receiving a "defensive briefing" by investigators in 2015.

However, Republican lawmakers and other critics of Swalwell have used the report to raise doubt about whether the congressman could be compromised by that former relationship.

McCarthy made his opinion clear in a tweet posted on Friday after the FBI briefing.

I had a briefing from the FBI today to learn more about Eric Swalwell's ties to a reported-spy from China, and one thing is now crystal clear: Swalwell should no longer...

If It Stands In The Way Of The Agenda Of Neo-Marxists.....

 ...They Will Go After It...

Democrats Protect Chinese Communist Propaganda ‘Confucius’ Groups From Punitive Action

House Democrats revised a bill targetting universities that house Chinese government-funded “Confucius Institutes,” blocking the Department of Education’s ability to restrict their funding and curtail Chinese Communist Party influence on campus.

The bill, which unanimously passed in the Senate, included a provision that allowed the Department of Education to withhold funding from universities hosting Chinese government-backed Confucius Institutes.

The amended version, which passed Congress on December 11th, significantly neutered this provision. Now, only the Defense Department to withhold federal funding from universities.

According to a senior congressional aide, the amendment narrowed the bill to “safeguarding Defense-funded research activities instead of the broad range of protections the original bill contemplated.” This also would make it easier for Confucius Institutes to continue operating on the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

The Trump administration designated Confucius Institutes “foreign missions” in light of their Chinese government funding and dissemination of propaganda geared towards making students “advocate for the interests of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Democrats, however, appear to feel otherwise, angering their Republican colleagues.

Senator John Kennedy, who helped write the anti-Confucius Institute measure, said Democrats “gutted” a key weapon to counter Chinese Communist Party influence in academia.

“Communist China is still buying influence on U.S. campuses, yet Democrats gutted a National Defense Authorization Act amendment that would protect academic freedom and give U.S. colleges control over what Confucius Institutes teach on our soil,” he added.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy similarly blasted Democrats for failing to tackle the Chinese government.

“The changes to the Confucius Institute language in NDAA are another example of the Democrats’ China problem. Americans know a whole-of-society approach is needed to combat the Chinese Communist Party’s attacks on our...

Democrats Lower the Standards Of Everything They Touch....


The Leftist Nonprofit Machine

“This book is about a political force of unprecedented magnitude in American life,” The New Leviathan warned. It defined the ‘New Leviathan’ as “a network of billion-dollar tax-exempt foundations and advocacy think tanks that work in concert with government unions and grassroots radical groups to make up the organizational core of the political left.”

When The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money-Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America's Future arrived in 2012, it came as a warning from David Horowitz, one of the veterans of the New Left, and Jacob Laskin, a talented Front Page Magazine author, about the new form of the enemy and the kind of struggle that the conservative movement would face.

Too few listened to that warning.

The New Leviathan demonstrated using hard numbers that the Democrats had become the party of the rich and of corporate America and were using that power to fundamentally transform the country using their 'leviathan' of massive tax-exempt foundations. Even while pretending to be the party of the working class, their political organizations were outspending conservatives.

Today, the infrastructure of the New Leviathan, as the book warned, “extends into every aspect of the nation’s life.” It is a political machine that dictates the terms on which governments operate, as well as corporations, the media, and academia, using the resources of the network to function as a shadow government.

The shadow network of lefty non-profits allowed Big Tech billionaires to hijack local elections with their own private armies of activists and armed foreign governments with a direct pipeline into the heart of our political system by funding think tanks and other political nonprofits.

The 2016 election introduced the nation to the Clinton Foundation and the 2020 election to the Biden Foundation as pipelines for foreign money influencing presidential candidates. The transformation of presidential foundations into tools for laundering money from enemy nations had been foreshadowed by prominent think tanks staffed with future members of Democrat administrations, like the Brookings Institute, being financed by foreign interests. What the Clintons and the Bidens did was cut out the middlemen to get to the sources of the cash.

The 2020 election also showed the devastating way that nonprofits, like the Center for Technology and Civic Life, funded by Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, could alter elections even in red states while still functioning under the umbrella of...



Hunter Biden Is Using His Art To Launder Foreign Money Used To Buy "Favorable Outcomes" In Washington For Chinese People's Liberation Army......

Straw Blown Alcohol Based Ink Blown On Japanese Yupo Paper -  entitled: "Check Mate" by R. H. Biden circa 2020

Three Anonymous well placed sources in the Chinese government has confirmed that Hunter Biden's "art", will be purchased by proxies to obtain "Favorable Outcomes" for the Chinese government and the People's Liberation Army.

The straws that Hunter Biden used to consume drugs will now be turned around to blow alcohol ink onto Japanese Yupo paper.

The venture capitalist turned artist, whose studio is in the pool house of his Hollywood Hills home, creates his work with a metal straw he uses to blow alcohol ink onto Japanese Yupo paper, creating abstract layers of colors and concentric circles. Painting “puts my energy toward something positive,” Biden explained. “It keeps me away from people and places where I shouldn’t be.” He also added, “The one thing I have left is my art. It’s the one thing they can’t take away from me or conflate with anything else.”

According to Page Six, the 50-year-old son of President-elect Joe Biden is in the midst of signing a deal to be represented as an artist in the Georges Berges Gallery in New York City and preparing for a solo art show next year. Georges Berges Gallery is a high end art Gallery where some paintings sell for millions of dollars.

The scheme is: compromised people, corporations and organizations buy what has been described as "Generic Post Zombie Formalism illustration art", under the radar and at grossly inflated prices to pay for the influence that the Chinese Communists will receive from the Biden crime family. 

Rumors are circling that Joe Biden's brother James Biden is about to become a wealthy spit wad sculpture artist, creating sculpture from sedimentary layers of spit wads blown out of borrowed straws from Hunter Biden. Spit Wad sedimentary art is a complicated process that involves the mechanics of velocity, gravity, air turbulence, moisture control, evaporation and spit wad shape aerodynamics to create this very expensive and intricate art form.

Sources say...

Useful Idiots BLM Thought They Would Get A Seat At The Table...

 I Think They Should Burn Down The Democrat Party, Google, Twitter, Facebook...

They Betrayed Your Neo-Marxist Agenda And Will Pursue Their Own Neo-Marxist Agenda Without You. 

Burn Them Down.

New York Times Normalizes Racist Eugenics Supported by Woke Doctors

When it comes to deciding who will receive the coronavirus vaccine, the far-left New York Times is normalizing the idea that skin color is more important than need, risk, and vulnerability.

Yep, the Times is perfectly comfortable arguing that it is okay to sacrifice your grandparents on the altar of social justice.

Feel free to accuse me of hyperbole, but the truth is the truth, and the truth is that not since Nazi Germany have we seen something like what the New York Times is guilty of, which is an establishment news organization openly normalizing the idea of choosing who lives and who dies, not on need, but on race and skin color.

Wither the Hippocratic Oath.

An article published by the Times this month examined the dilemma of the Trump vaccine. “The Elderly vs. Essential Workers: Who Should Get the Coronavirus Vaccine First?” the headline read, which is a perfectly legitimate moral dilemma for a newspaper to look into. We can’t vaccinate everyone at once, so who goes first and why?

So dummy me, because I sometimes forget how far gone the media are, how morally illiterate the children who run organizations such as the Times are, I’m expecting a thoughtful debate over who is more at risk and how tough decisions sometimes have to be made. I’m even willing to accept a look at something like, “Well, if we vaccinate grandma and not Dr. Happy and Dr. Happy dies or gets sick, more people might die with Dr. Happy out of action.”

Hey, I’m an adult. I get nuance and thinking out loud. I can handle that.

I’ll tell you what I didn’t expect…

I did not expect the New York Times to normalize the openly racist practice of eugenics. I’m going to quote fully below what the New York Times published as an acceptable line of thought, and since you may not believe me, you can look for yourself right here.

I’m not making any of this up, nor am I taking anyone out of context. The only thing I am adding is the bold emphasis:
Harald Schmidt, an expert in ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania, said that it is reasonable to put essential workers ahead of older adults, given their risks, and that they are disproportionately minorities. “Older populations are whiter, ” Dr. Schmidt said. “Society is structured in a way that enables them to live longer. Instead of giving additional health benefits to those who already had more of them, we can start to level the playing field a bit.”
I think that what he meant to say was, Ve can ztart to level out ze playing field a bit!
Marc Lipsitch, an infectious-disease epidemiologist at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, argued that teachers should not be included as essential workers, if a central goal of the committee is to reduce health inequities.

“Teachers have middle-class salaries, are very often white, and they have college degrees,” he said. “Of course they should be treated better, but they are not among the most mistreated of workers.”
I think what he meant to say was, Vy would we vazzinate ze very white teachers!

BREAKING: We've obtained video of LA D.A. George Gascon at the Pomona courthouse today where he can be heard saying "It's unfortunate that some people do not have enough education to keep their mouth shut so we can talk" as the family of a murdered victim yells at him.


What Does The FBI/CIA Have On John Roberts?

Morning Mistress

The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #507

Before You Click On The "Read More" Link, 

Please Only Do So If You Are Over 21 Years Old.

If You are Easily Upset, Triggered Or Offended, This Is Not The Place For You.  

Please Leave Silently Into The Night......

The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1207

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Friday, December 18, 2020

Girls With Guns

Santa Should Avoid Democrat Run Cities This Christmas....

...Or At Least Do Them Last!

Sam I Am And The Hippocratic Oath...

Do you like
This Strange Vaccine?

I do not like them,
I do not like
This Strange Vaccine

Would you like them Here or there?

I would not like them
Here or there.
I would not like them
I do not like
This Strange Vaccine
I do not like them,

Would you like them
In a house?
Would you like them
With a mouse?

I do not like them
In a house.
I do not like them
With a mouse.
I do not like them
Here or there.
I do not like them
I do not like This Strange Vaccine
I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

If you will let me be,
I will try them.
You will see.

Above: Synthetic Biology Modifies Free Will

I do so like
This Strange Vaccine!
Thank you!
Thank you,

Equal Justice Under The Law?


Everything In Our Government Is Corrupt. Draining The Swamp Is No Longer Enough.  We Need To Burn It Down.

The sky is red, I don't understand
Past midnight I still see the land

People are saying the woman is damned
She makes you burn with a wave of her hand

The city's ablaze, the town's on fire
The woman's flames are reaching higher
We were fools, we called her a liar

All I hear is

Two High Speed Motorcycles Collide Head-on....

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Police Launch Investigation Into Death of Vaccine Safety Advocate Brandy Vaughn

Brandy Vaughn, a Merck whistleblower (she began her career as a top Merck rep) who became an outspoken advocate for safe vaccines, founded Learn The Risk to fight the wave of mandatory vaccination laws initiated by the pharmaceutical industry. Brandy died suddenly on Dec. 7.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office Monday announced it is investigating the sudden death of Brandy Vaughn, a well-known Pharma whistleblower and advocate for vaccine safety, who died Dec. 7.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said in a statement that investigators won’t determine the cause of Vaughn’s death until the completion of a pending toxicology screening, a process that normally takes 4 – 6 weeks.

Brandy’s death was originally reported as resulting from gallbladder complications. But many of her friends and co-activists in the vaccine safety movement suspect foul play. Those suspicions have gained traction due to a wave of mysterious deaths — many of them violent —among alternative and integrative medical doctors in recent years. In response to this trend, Brandy made a Facebook post almost exactly a year before her death in which she said, “If something were to happen to me, I have arranged for a close group of my friends … to hire a team of private investigators to figure out all the details …”

Here’s what Brandy’s Facebook post said on Dec. 1, 2019:

The post I wish didn’t have to write…

But given certain sudden tragedies over the last couple of years, I feel it’s absolutely necessary to post these ten facts…and please screenshot this for the record. 

  • I’ve NEVER had any thoughts of taking my own life, not once, ever. Even before I had my son.
  • I have a huge mission in this life. Even when they make it very difficult and scary, I would NEVER take my own life. Period.
  • Bastien means everything to me and I would NEVER leave him. Period. I have sole custody and he needs me as much as I need him. I would NEVER think of leaving him for a second.
  • I have NEVER been on an anti-depressant nor been diagnosed as depressed — don’t believe it if you ever hear anything like this.
  • I’ve NEVER taken a daily pharmaceutical drug. And I haven’t taken any pharmaceuticals in 10 years (and ten years ago it was one pill, one day). Nothing over the counter, nothing by prescription. In other words, I’m not on anything that could kill me unexpectedly or suddenly. I’ve never done illegal drugs either. Not even once.
  • There’s no way anyone could get into my house, no robbers, no angry exes (which I don’t have btw), no fanatical people — my house is like Fort Knox…unless it was someone super professional. It just wouldn’t be possible for anyone without highly special equipment and tactics (I.e. remotely taking down my high-level security system, which they have done before, unfortunately). But my place is also highly secure in a hard-wired kinda way. So even if the power was out, most people could still never get in.
  • If something were to happen to me, it’s foul play and you know exactly who and why — given my work and mission in this life. I’m also NOT accident prone. And I got the highest health rating possible when I went through a battery of medical tests a couple of years ago for my life insurance policy.
  • If something were to happen to me, I have arranged for a close group of my friends to start a GoFundMe to hire a team of private investigators to figure out all the details (I have the team and have passed the info on to them). Oh, and money for a PR firm to make It national news. There would be a press release sent to every journalist in this country (and more). It would not be swept under the rug, and it would be their worst nightmare.
  • There have been many on this mission or a similar one that have been killed and it’s time this bullshit stopped. The darkness cannot win.
  • I will NEVER stop speaking out for those who no longer can. Even if from the other side, where I imagine I would be FAR MORE powerful.
I have a team of angels surrounding me every step of this journey, but prayers of protection and love are ALWAYS appreciated.

Brandy had followed the stories of a number of natural health physicians and activists who, like herself, were outspoken critics of Big Pharma, and who had died suddenly and in some cases mysteriously.

A former Merck pharmaceutical representative, Brandy founded Learn The Risk in response to one of the nation’s first mandatory vaccination for education laws — SB277 in California.

After leaving the pharmaceutical industry, Brandy spent eight years living in Europe where she saw how healthcare is handled in nations less corrupted by the Pharmaceutical paradigm. She gave birth to her son Bastien while overseas.

Brandy then spent several years researching vaccine ingredients and the risks of vaccinating versus..

They Want Us To Run To The Hills....


Soldier blue in the barren streets
Hunting and killing their game
Raping the women and wasting the men
The only good Americans are tame
Selling them lies and taking their gold
Enslaving the young and destroying the old

Run to the hills, run for your lives
Run to the hills, run for your lives

Run For Your Life.

'Woke mob' says Socialist Helen Keller is 'just another' 'privileged white person' in Time article

The "woke mob" attacked a fellow Socialist for being white, saying deaf and blind Socialist activist Helen Keller was a “privileged white person” in a recent Time magazine article.

"As a mother to a child with a disability, this is extremely offensive. Helen Keller dedicated her life to advocating for those with disabilities and illness. To suddenly cancel her now because of her skin color is not only outrageous, it's racist," the executive director of the Senate Conservatives Fund, Mary Vought, told the Washington Examiner.

The Time piece, titled "Co-Founding the ACLU, Fighting for Labor Rights and Other Helen Keller Accomplishments Students Don't Learn in School," highlighted the lack of focus in education on the achievements of people with disabilities.

The portion of the Time story that drew ire reads: “However, to some Black disability rights activists, like Anita Cameron, Helen Keller is not radical at all, 'just another, despite disabilities, privileged white person,' and yet another example of history telling the story of privileged white Americans."

“You’ve got to be kidding me. The woke mob is now going after Helen Keller for being white,” Vought added on Twitter. “Nevermind the advancements she worked to achieve for those with disabilities.”

“Anyone that helps fight for those with ailments is a hero, not a villain,” Vought continued. “It doesn’t matter what color their skin is!”

Others joined her in condemning the comment on Keller, calling it "ridiculous" on Twitter, with one person saying, "We've lost our damn minds," and another saying she can "only sputter in disbelief."
Perhaps America’s most famous disabled activist, Keller was left deaf and blind as a young child. Despite the disabilities, she went on to learn to communicate and became the first deaf-blind graduate of Radcliffe College. She later became an activist, co-founding the American Civil Liberties Union and supporting the NAACP.

Keller traveled the world, raising awareness for people with disabilities and once testifying before Congress to advocate for...

For the times they are a-changin'

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
The battle outside ragin'
Will soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'

‘Theft By A Thousand Cuts’ Report Conclusive On Election Fraud, Slams Media Cover Up

A new report detailing massive fraud plaguing the 2020 election alleges there was a widespread, “theft by a thousand cuts” strategy “across six dimensions and six battleground states.” The report cites comprehensive evidence, and blasts the media for its failure to cover the matter accurately.

In the report, Peter Navarro, also a White House Trade Adviser, outlines a “coordinated strategy to effectively stack the election deck against the Trump-Pence ticket” occurring in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The full report is embedded at the bottom of this article.


The Navarro Report also notes how President Trump’s leads in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin were reversed by “a flood of mail-in and absentee ballots”:


The report explains how “outright voter fraud,” including “the large-scale manufacturing of fake ballots, bribery, and dead voters” and “ballots cast by ineligible voters such as felons and illegal aliens, ballots counted multiple times, and illegal out-of-state voters,” plagued swing states:


Navarro also alleges that “‘ballot mishandling” via a “lack of adequate voter ID check,” “signature matching abuses,” “backdating of ballots,” a “broken chain of custody,” and more jeopardized election results:


Contestable process fouls, such as the “abuse of poll watchers and observers,” allowing improperly registered people to vote, and illegal ballot curing also plagued every swing state:


All six states also violated the Equal Protection Clause by carrying out varying standards for ballot curing, poll watcher treatment, and certification of in-person and mail-in ballots:


Machines used to conduct elections also contributed to the fraud, experiencing “large-scale inaccuracies together with inexplicable vote switching and vote surges, often in favor Joe Biden”:

When Your Protection Scheme Runs Out....


AMA Lied – How Many Died?

The American Medical Association has been adamantly against hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic for COVID for the past year. Just a few days before the presidential election they reversed course, reversing their opposition. Did they suddenly realize HCQ might have benefit in certain patient groups or were they lying for the past year? How many individuals died as a result of being denied potential lifesaving treatment?

The AMA is synonymous with organized medicine, despite myriad specialty societies that may better represent the needs of its member physicians. In fact, only 12 percent of practicing physicians belong to the AMA due to concerns that the AMA is more interested in its own finances and politics than the concerns of doctors.

When the AMA talks, media and the public listen, due to their perceived clout. Last spring, the AMA issued a statement critical of hydroxychloroquine as it was being used off-label in the treatment of COVID, not FDA-approved for this purpose with supposed “dangerous side effects.”

Quietly at the end of October, the AMA issued a new statement, conveniently overlooked by the media, giving the green light to doctors prescribing HCQ to their COVID patients.
RESOLVED, that our American Medical Association rescind its statement calling for physicians to stop prescribing hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine until sufficient evidence becomes available to conclusively illustrate that the harm associated with use outweighs benefit early in the disease course.
An updated statement clarifying our support for a physician’s ability to prescribe an FDA-approved medication for off label use, if it is in her/his best clinical judgement, with specific reference to the use of hydroxychloroquine and combination therapies for the treatment of the earliest stage of COVID-19.

What changed since last spring? How many COVID deaths could have been prevented if doctors, using their professional and clinical judgement, could have prescribed HCQ without fear of ostracization or loss of their jobs?

HCQ has been around since the 1950s, approved as a malarial preventative and for treatment of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. It is relatively safe, except for the one in a thousand with a rare cardiac arrhythmia, easily identified by a pretreatment EKG. In many African countries, HCQ is available without a prescription for malaria prevention.

The problem arose when President Trump touted HCQ as a “potential therapeutic,” based on early reports of doctors prescribing it with good results. He did not tell anyone to take it but held it out as hope to a country suffering under a pandemic with lockdowns, quarantines, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Trump also took HCQ himself, prescribed by the White House medical team. If Trump claimed drinking water was healthy, the media and medical establishment would have denounced it, citing cases of people dying from drinking too much water.

A perfect example was Fox News crank Neil Cavuto screaming how hydroxy “will kill you.” This was based on a flawed...

Colorado Coroner Blows the Whistle on Falsely Reported COVID-19 Deaths Used to Foment Mass Hysteria The scamdemic continues.

A coroner in Grand County, Colo. is blowing the whistle about bogus numbers of COVID-19 deaths that are being reported to continue the nationwide mass hysteria over the largely benign virus.

The coroner, Brenda Bock, is calling out the state health department for classifying two out of five deaths that she reviewed as being COVID related despite the fact that these individuals had gunshot wounds. Bock noted that these individuals were used to pad the state-wide total of COVID deaths.

“It’s absurd that they would even put that on there,” she said. “Would you want to go to a county that has really high death numbers? Would you want to go visit that county because they are contagious. You know I might get it, and I could die if all of a sudden one county has a high death count. We don’t have it, and we don’t need those numbers inflated.”

The state department is hiding behind the protocol from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to excuse their dishonest and disreputable behavior.

“This information is required by the CDC and is crucial for public health surveillance, as it provides more information about disease transmission and can help identify risk factors among all deaths across populations,” the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) on its Frequently Asked Questions page.

Big League Politics has reported on how COVID-19 mass hysteria has put the public into a delusional state of psychosis:
A California psychiatrist is blowing the whistle about the state of “delusional psychosis” that millions of Americans have succumbed to after months and months of successful media-related propaganda about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Mark McDonald says that America will be “lost” because of how weak-minded, manipulable, cowardly Americans are turning on each other to enforce “nonsensical” restrictions supposedly meant to...