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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Girls With Guns

Someday, ... Your Kind Will Pray For A Man With A Sword...

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..Sacrifice A Civilization For Strangers...

Culture Always Has Natural Character And Roots...

This Pretty Much Sums Up Today's Politicians...

All Liberty Is Rooted In Strength. All Bondage Is Rooted In Weakness...

Evil Preaches Tolerance Until It Is Dominant...

The Politician Is Probably The First Ruler In All History Who Runs No Risks By The Act Of Ruling...

The Truth Is Like A Lion...

Liberals Have Ravaged America...

Napoleon Smacks Down Obama...

What In God's Green Earth?

Coming To America: Non-Europeans surrounds Europeans and attack Europeans in London(2016-05-09)

The Zombie Voter Apocalypse: California Refuses to Admit Its Voter Fraud Problem

Hollywood has always loved making films about the walking dead, but in Southern California it appears they have a real life problem with “zombie” voters.

An investigation by CBSLA2 and KCAL9 found that hundreds of deceased persons are still on voter registration rolls in the area, and that many of these names have been voting for years in Los Angeles.

Julita Abutin, died in 2006 but voted in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014.

For example, John Cenkner died in 2003, according to Social Security Administration records, yet he voted in the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2010 elections. His daughter told the station that she was “astounded” and couldn’t “understand how anybody” could get away with this.

Another voter, Julita Abutin, died in 2006 but voted in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014. According to CBS, the county confirmed they have “signed vote-by-mail envelopes” from Abutin since she passed away. So either someone has been forging her signature or her ghost has quite an earthly presence.

The investigation revealed that 265 deceased persons voted in Southern California, 215 of them in Los Angeles County. Thirty-two were repeat voters, with eight posthumously-cast ballots each. One woman who died in 1988 has been voting for 26 years, including in the 2014 election.

This report comes 20 years after the contested election of Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif., from this same area. An investigation by a U.S. House committee found that hundreds of illegal ballots were...

Newt Gingrich schools two ignorant radical leftist college students

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Newt Gingrich Rips Paul Ryan for Trump Non-Endorsement — ‘He Has an Obligation to Unify the Party’

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Friday, June 3, 2016

Girls With Guns

Apes Abusing Other Animals...

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The Tragedy Of Alcohol Abuse...

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1 Year After Steinle Death, San Francisco Unveils Immigration Policy Keeping ‘Sanctuary’ Protections

Nearly one year after Kate Steinle was killed in San Francisco allegedly by a man living in the U.S. illegally, the city has approved a new policy restricting the circumstances under which it will cooperate with immigration requests from the federal government.

San Francisco’s new sheriff, Vicki Hennessy, and the city’s board of supervisors reached an agreement last week on legislation that bars law enforcement officials from notifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials when they will release a person from custody, except under limited conditions.

The death of Steinle, 32, in July 2015 and the arrest of Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez—a repeat drug offender from Mexico with multiple deportations—sparked a national conversation about local jurisdictions that have so-called “sanctuary” policies limiting their cooperation with federal immigration requests.

The sheriff at the time of Steinle’s death, Ross Mirkarimi, carried out a policy that barred communication with...

Newest Details Revealed In Clinton Aide Deposition Exposes Hillary As Terribly 'Incompetent'

Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills, finally had her deposition released and in it were some bombshells.

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: But what [Mills] did say is that Mrs. Clinton used exclusively her Blackberry. She didn’t have a laptop, she didn’t have a desktop, she didn’t have a tablet, she just used the Blackberry. Her Blackberry, not a government issued Blackberry. Because it was not government issue, it was blocked on the 7th floor of the State Department where her office is. What does that mean? That means that when she was in her office, she did not have the means to communicate electronically to her people all around the world for the entire time she was there. How did she do it? Take a security team, go from the 7th floor to the 6th floor where her Blackberry worked. Or she would have one of her aides come in and...

UCLA Shooter Entered U.S. on Foreign Student Visa In 2001

UCLA shooting suspect Mainak Sarkar came to the United States on a foreign student visa in 2001 after graduating from a prestigious Indian technology university and was granted permanent legal status in the U.S. in 2014.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued the following statement to Breitbart News on Thursday afternoon regarding Sarkar’s legal status in the country:

Department of Homeland Security databases indicate that Mr. Sarkar was in the United States lawfully at the time of his death, having been granted lawful permanent residence in May 2014. According to DHS databases, Mr. Sarkar originally came to the U.S. in 2001 on a foreign student visa to pursue graduate studies. DHS’ electronic records show he obtained three student visas between 2001 and 2008 to engage in masters and doctoral programs in the U.S.

After the December 2 terror attack in San Bernardino perpetrated by K-1 fiancée visa recipient Tashfeen Malik and her husband, U.S. citizen Syed Rizwan Farook, serious questions arose over the vetting of those granted visas to the United States. It was discovered after the attack that Malik and Farook may never have even met before she came to the U.S. as required for the visa to be approved.

Sarkar graduated from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) in 2000 with a degree in aerospace engineering, according to the Los Angeles Times. The IIT has been criticized for diminishing quality in recent years. The Times reported, “The intense pressure for success has resulted in a growing mental health crisis at top Indian educational institutions, including IIT.” Reports indicate 57 aspiring IIT students have committed suicide in the last five years.

The motives for Sarkar’s alleged murder suicide at UCLA on Wednesday are still under investigation. Police are said to be looking into Sarkar’s grades and relationship with the professor he is accused of murdering, William Klug.

Police did find what is being described as Sarkar’s “kill list” at his Minnesota home, spelling out the names of three ...

Soros Ballot-Stuffing Backfires

Billionaire George Soros’s crusade to make voter fraud even easier to commit suffered a setback in Virginia when an attempt to erase a common sense voter ID requirement from the law books was slapped down by a federal judge.

It comes amidst an outbreak of voter fraud, the crime the Left says is a figment of conservatives’ imagination, in southern California. Investigative reporter David Goldstein of CBS2/KCAL9 in Los Angeles discovered official records showing votes have been cast in successive recent elections by 265 dead persons – 86 Republicans and 146 Democrats. Of the 215 dead voters from L.A. County, 212 remain registered and eligible to vote in this month’s primary elections in the Golden State.

“What it does is every single vote that’s cast by a dead voter actually cancels out a vote of a lawful voter cause if they voted for one candidate and you voted let’s say for another, your vote got canceled out,” said Ellen Swensen of civil rights group True the Vote.

Conservatives have long considered Democrats to be allergic to honest elections and have marveled at their ability to resurrect deceased voters. And the Obama administration has helped out by making it difficult to remove dead people from voter rolls. Moreover, Attorney General Loretta Lynch doesn’t enforce laws she doesn’t like.

Obama ally Soros, a radical speculator and Hillary Clinton donor, has been trying for years to undermine the sanctity of the ballot box in order to help push America farther leftward.

Soros helped to underwrite Democrats’ recent unsuccessful challenge to Virginia’s voter ID statute.

“I guess George Soros isn’t done wasting his money yet,” Matt Moran, spokesman for Virginia Speaker of the House William Howell (R) said of the activist Left’s real life Daddy Warbucks. “Which is disappointing, because he’s got a lot more of it than the taxpayers who are stuck paying to defend the Democrats’ politically motivated...

Gutfeld: Why did Katie Couric come clean on the edited gun video?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Girls With Guns

It Is Better To Be A Warrior In A Garden Than A Gardener In A War...

Amazing Photos: The Parachuting Dogs Of World War II

During World War II, the 13th (Lancashire) Parachute Battalion started an adventurous experiment as it prepared for D-Day: enlisting dogs into their ranks. The so-called "paradogs" (short for "parachuting dogs") were specifically trained to perform tasks such as locating mines, keeping watch and warning about enemies.

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One of the oldest photos of the Great Sphinx, from 1880

Mark Zuckerberg: Appeaser Of Evil...

Zuck vs. Trump: The Real Issue Is Immigration

There Is No Security, No Safety, In The Appeasement Of Evil...

- Ronald Reagan

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Parroting Islam...

20 Quotes By Barack Obama About Islam

Nationalism Built the Judeo-Christian West

George Friedman writes that the current rise of nationalism has nothing to do with fascism; rather, it’s a return to “the core of the Enlightenment’s notion of liberal democracy” – the right to self-determination.

Recently, there have been a number of articles and statements asserting that fascism is rising in Europe, and that Donald Trump is an American example of fascism. This is a misrepresentation of a very real phenomenon. The nation-state is reasserting itself as the primary vehicle of political life. Multinational institutions like the European Union and multilateral trade treaties are being challenged because they are seen by some as not being in the national interest. The charge of a rise in fascism derives from a profound misunderstanding of what fascism is. It is also an attempt to discredit the resurgence of nationalism and to defend the multinational systems that have dominated the West since World War II.

Nationalism is the core of the Enlightenment’s notion of liberal democracy. It asserts that the multinational dynasties that ruled autocratically denied basic human rights. Among these was the right to national self-determination and the right of citizens to decide what was in the national interest. The Enlightenment feared tyranny and saw the...

Why Social Justice Warriors Are So DEMENTED

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