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Saturday, May 6, 2023

Girls With Guns

Epstein’s Latest Victim: The Public’s Right to Know

A free press has devolved into regime media.

Amid the oppressive, choking miasma of lies incessantly and unaccountably belched by this sock-puppet administration, which is amplified, massaged, and muted as necessary by its lapdog media, dissent is essential and must be heralded.

Therefore, one should recognize and laud the Wall Street Journal for its revelatory report, “Epstein’s Private Calendar Reveals Prominent Names, Including CIA Chief, Goldman’s Top Lawyer.” The article endeavors to resurrect interest in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking ring. Whether it can facilitate justice for the survivors (many of them minors at the time), or spark further revelations about the predator Epstein’s connections with the global elite, is perhaps unlikely. The odds are stacked against such a just outcome. (Some outlets, such as the Daily Caller, have helped further the article’s reach, and these outlets also are to be commended.)

Yet, the Journal story did accomplish one goal resoundingly. By proving the exception, it proved the rule: a free press has devolved into regime media.

The default response to the economic stresses the communication revolution’s democratization of information has placed upon traditional news outlets has been more partisanship in reporting. Confirmation bias is big business. And, yes, the bias being confirmed is almost always a liberal or leftist one, given the ideological disposition of liberal older management and woke younger reporters. Yet, because of public expectations, not even the most biased outlets can patently express their partisanship. After all, our largely for-profit media’s goal is to survive and thrive.

Leave it to the Left to justify its departure from objective reporting into ideological proselytization. Welcome to the skewed world of “accountability journalism,” which is neither accountable nor journalism. As previously explained in American Greatness, accountability journalism

allows the Left to ignore any claim of objectivity in their reporting, in order to serve a ‘higher truth’ and ‘greater good’—specifically, the leftist agenda. It assumes one’s leftist ideology is the only acceptable one; and, ergo, its premises and conclusions are infallible. Any challenge to their personal partisan premises and conclusions are ipso facto erroneous—i.e., ‘disinformation.’

Accountability journalism is the seminal deceit in the Left’s effort to preserve its “fiefdom of the press.”

Oblivious to the irony of a morally relative ideology purporting to identify “the truth” (or is it “a truth,” or “my truth”?) when ideologically necessary to advance a political “narrative,” accountability journalism reaps what it purports to stanch: the erosion of public trust in the media.

This lack of public trust stems from a second factor: the media’s transmogrification from objective journalism to “accountability journalism.” The latter is merely a pretext for leftist...

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China Is Selling Mexican Drug Cartels ‘Industrial Pill Press Equipment’ To Manufacture Fentanyl, DHS Official Says

China is selling “industrial pill press equipment” used to turn powdered fentanyl into pills to Mexican cartels, according to a senior Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official’s testimony Wednesday.

Over 70,000 people died of drug overdoses involving fentanyl in the United States in 2021, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Matthew Millhollin, assistant director with DHS’ Homeland Security Investigations, (HSI) briefed Senate members on what steps DHS is taking to combat the illicit fentanyl trade.

Millhollin said the Mexican cartels, using chemicals obtained from China, produce fentanyl-laced pills on an industrial scale to be smuggled to the United States.

“In order to manufacture these pills, Mexican cartels require industrial pill press equipment to turn powdered fentanyl into pill form. The Mexican cartels are purchasing these pill presses directly from Chinese manufacturers who are producing the equipment specifically for illicit activity,” said Millhollin during the testimony.

“Moreover, as Mexican Cartels have taken over fentanyl production and operate on an industrial scale, they are procuring precursor chemicals from China and synthesizing these chemicals in Mexico to produce fentanyl,” said Millhollin during the testimony.

In April, during a visit with Mexican government officials, China denied their involvement in the trafficking of fentanyl to Mexico and blamed the problem on the United States, according to an ABC News report.

“The pill presses that are used to press that finished fentanyl into pills are coming in from China exclusively. We just seized over...

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Friday, May 5, 2023

Girls With Guns

How Many Times Can You Stab People Before a Soros DA Locks You Up?

As many times as they like until they finally kill someone.

How many roads must a man walk down before he can call himself a man? How many times can a psychotic woman stab people before a Soros DA locks her up? The short answer: as many as she likes until someone dies.

Welcome to the grand experiment in billionaires like Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, George Soros or Steven Spielberg selecting pro-crime prosecutors who let monsters roam the streets until they kill someone.

Forget just legalizing shoplifting, cases like this show they legalized stabbing people.

Enjoy George Gascon’s LA. Try not to get stabbed. And if you do, remember that the stabber won’t even get a slap on the wrist, they’ll be set loose in a diversion program.

Jade Simone Brookfield’s first encounter with Los Angeles police happened in the early spring of 2020, during Gascon’s first year in office. Brookfield was arrested for attempted murder after she stabbed a woman in the chest with a knife, puncturing her lung.

Prosecution of the crime was delayed into 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. By then, the court reduced Brookfield’s charges to assault with a deadly weapon — still a felony charge that counts as one “strike” under California’s Three Strikes law — and prosecutors agreed to a deal where Brookfield was given mental health diversion instead of jail time.

A source said that Brookfield absconded and was initially terminated from the diversion program. However, she was permitted to re-enlist in diversion and was given another chance.

So Brookfield, knowing a good thing when she saw one, kept right on stabbing people.

In September 2021, Brookfield was arrested for battery of a peace officer. She was again given a mental health diversion and Gascon’s office dismissed the case.

Three months later in December, Brookfield was arrested for a third time for making criminal threats after she allegedly assaulted a man, pulled out two knives and threatened to kill him. Despite her known record of violent assault, prosecutors rejected the case because of a lack of evidence, according to Gascon’s office.

Brookfield remained in the mental health diversion program, but it does not seem to have helped her. In March of this year, Brookfield was arrested for a fourth time for another felony assault with knife. She allegedly swung a knife several times at a bus driver who missed her exit, according to law enforcement sources.

Three strikes and you’re out was a horrible racist policy. This is so much better. It’s unfair not to let criminals continue committing horrifying crimes.

Despite her criminal history, and despite this arrest being a blatant violation of her diversion, Brookfield was inexplicably ordered released from custody with an ankle monitor, a decision that proved to have deadly consequences.

Just weeks after her release for a second assault with a deadly weapon arrest, Brookfield was arrested and charged in Banner’s death.

Banner, a father of two young girls, was killed with a knife.

Who could have...

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