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Saturday, February 29, 2020

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The Greatest Life-Or-Death Crisis in China Isn’t What You Think

As the new virus strain known as COVID-19 makes global headlines, fears are mounting. Experts note this public health situation pales in comparison to China’s human rights abuses.

Since the first diagnosis on December 8 in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus has become a global concern.

The respiratory illness is now designated as coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization, currently 2,804 people have died from the virus. Nearly 98 percent of those fatalities have occurred within China.

“To the Chinese Communist Party, even one million people dying does not matter,” said Sean Lin, a microbiologist and U.S. Army veteran. “It’s just a statistic to them.”

Speaking on a Thursday panel at CPAC 2020, Lin joined two former generals and prominent China expert Gordon Chang to discuss “The Present Danger: China.”

While lamenting the loss of lives, they consider how the outbreak is exposing a regime’s decades of lies.

“The Chinese people understand that the disease is coronavirus,” said Chang, “— but the real disease is communism. For the first time, the Chinese people are starting to lose their fear of Xi Jinping and the Communist Party itself.”

“The disease is coronavirus — but the real disease is communism.” – Gordon Chang

For Americans, Robert Charles says this is no time to panic. He served as Assistant Secretary of State under George W. Bush which involved public health issues.

“From what we know currently, this appears to be overblown as a ‘crisis’ by politicians and the media,” said Charles in a phone interview. “But this is a health event, not a political event.”

Facts On Coronavirus — and China

According to the CDC, currently 15 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the U.S. with no fatalities.

“The coronavirus is really a group of viruses, this latest strain called COVID-19,” said Charles. “Its fatality rate is between 2 and 4 percent, depending on whose reported numbers you look at. That’s a much lower rate than we saw with SARS or Ebola.”

In the U.S., people recently back from China have been quarantined. The virus spreads via person to person contact.

“The vast majority who have contracted it recover,” said Charles. “Among those who contract it, those with weaker immune systems — such as very elderly people or newborn babies — are most at risk.”

Chang warned of China spreading the notion that this disease originated in the U.S., including in a statement they released on Thursday.

“A prominent Chinese physician just stated that the first diagnosis of coronavirus was in China, but the origin was not in China,” recounted Chang. “It’s a ludicrous, dangerous, and totally irresponsible charge.”

Rather than the virus, Chang sees other reasons to be concerned. The communist regime has spent decades building up military and technology assets.

“Just about everything is on the line here,” said Chang. “Americans have often been very good about ignoring what our enemies are saying about us. We must not be taken by surprise.”

Life-Or-Death Crises in China

Having seen communist states rise and fall during his tenure in diplomacy, Charles agrees the Chinese government cannot be trusted.

“Their authoritarian rule is brutal,” said Charles. “Confirmed reports show one million Chinese people have been placed in reeducation camps, just over the past year or so. Those few churches that do exist have surveillance cameras with facial recognition.

“It’s like what we saw in the Soviet Union decades ago, only this time with sophisticated technology.”

Sean Lin has a firsthand vantage point on China’s abuses.

As a student, he protested in Tiananmen Square in 1989. He escaped communist China years later and emigrated to the U.S.

Lin then served in the U.S. Army, ultimately directing a viral disease lab at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Today, he raises awareness of human rights abuses in China.

“One of their biggest crimes that has been exposed is organ harvesting,” said Lin.

“They remove the organs from innocent prisoners of conscience, killing them in the process. They make great profits from this state-run enterprise.”

Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting tracks these atrocities. They report more than one million Chinese people have been killed in...

The Chronicles Of A Dangerous Nut-Job...

Islamists Are Slaughtering Christians Left and Right in Nigeria

Abraham Cooper and Johnnie Moore of the New York Postprovided lurid details about the Christian slaughter taking place in Nigeria.

In recent years, Islamist terrorists of Boko Haram have gained notoriety for the slaughter of Christians in the African country.

A 9-year-old girl told them about her experience witnessing terrorists murder her parents and siblings with machetes.

They also recounted the story of the kidnapping of two female parishioners of a church that had been destroyed twice.

The church’s pastor had to rescue them by paying off the terrorists with a ransom.

According to the authors, “The ransom demanded was a fortune for any individual in his modest town. So he sold virtually all his possessions, as did other church members, to pay the thousand dollars required to save their lives.”

Another village’s experience didn’t turn out well:

Other stories didn’t end so happily. We met men from a village razed entirely by the Islamists. The livelihoods were sabotaged, their families’ massacred. The attackers waited till the middle of the night before assailing men, women and childnre with guns and machetes. Kidnapping wasn’t to their taste. They started fires, then unleashed horrific ethnic cleansing.

One victim — Leah Shurabi — has stood out among the rest. This Christian teenager was 14 years old when she refused to convert to Islam despite the constant threats coming from her terrorist captors. The two authors were in Nigeria on the second anniversary of her abduction.

Nigeria’s Muslim president, Muhammadu Buhari, shared her Christian testimony in a statement on the front page of a leading newspaper in Nigeria.

“Leah remains in the hands of the terrorists,” declared Buhari. “They say [it’s] because she refuses to renounce her Christian faith. We say that no person has the right to force another to...

I Would Not Put It Past Them...

Congolese Migrants Riot in Paris, Set Fire to Dozens of Vehicles

Diversity continues to be a strength.

A crowd consisting primarily of Congolese migrants rioted in Paris, setting fire to dozens of vehicles as firefighters battled blazes around the Gare de Lyon train station.

The station was partially evacuated late Friday as police urged the public to avoid the area.

“At least 30 motorcycles, scooters & rental cars have been torched. Part of a building was also set alight,” tweeted reporter Oliver Miocic.

Another video shows plumes of black smoke rising from a large fire near the station.

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that this is a video from some war in the Middle East but it actually is migrant riots today in Paris near .Congolese migrants are fighting the police because some singer(FallyIpupa)that they don’t like will play

RT reports that the mob “tried to prevent firefighters from putting out the blaze” and video footage appears to confirm that...

I Burning For You!

Wall Street Journal Shouldn’t Apologize for Article Criticizing China’s Communist Party

The Wall Street Journal should stand firm in the face of China’s action last week to rescind the media credentials of three Journal reporters and order them to leave the country.

Chinese authorities said the expulsion was over the Journal’s publishing a commentary by academic Walter Russell Mead headlined “China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia,” which addresses the communist nation’s economic fragility and the worldwide effects of a possible Chinese collapse.

The Chinese government claimed that use of the term “Sick Man of Asia” in the headline of the Feb. 3 article was racist toward the Chinese people.

Next, 53 employees of the Journal signed a letter demanding that the newspaper paper apologize and retract the original headline. They did this even though it is widely known that the Chinese government manipulates the media credentialing process to influence American news outlets to avoid criticism of “sensitive” topics.

The Wall Street Journal should not apologize. This is a ploy by the Chinese government that attempts to exploit Americans’ fear of political incorrectness to stir up racial outrage and gain power over the U.S. media.

Yes, the “Sick Man of Asia” term could be interpreted as archaic as some Asian activists alleged. Nevertheless, it is much closer to a historical term than a racial slur.

Unlike clear and obvious slurs against Chinese people and other racial groups (which are well-known), “Sick Man of Asia” has been used in many nonracist historical contexts as well as in current affairs. In fact, the first recorded use of the phrase was in 1896, in a Chinese newspaper called the North China Daily News, to describe the country’s humiliation.

Since then, the phrase has made its way into many scholarly works and journals. A 2011 article written by Foreign Affairs correspondent Yanzhong Huang describes China’s health crisis with the headline “The Sick Man of Asia.” Scholars have used the same moniker to describe other Asian countries.

Although not a flattering term, it’s probably the rhetorical equivalent of calling an African country “screwed up” or calling Russia a “kleptocracy.”

Naturally, however, the Chinese government has weaponized criticism of the Journal article’s headline to attack the free press and whip up a nationalistic frenzy against the United States.

The forced expulsion of U.S. journalists, including one who currently resides in Wuhan to report on the deadly coronavirus, forebodes a strong push to restrict critical media coverage in China as many residents continue to seek out ways to get noncensored news, especially on the coronavirus and the Hong Kong protests.

This is Exhibit A of the Chinese Communist Party’s propagandistic media strategy: First, conflate criticism of the government with criticism of the entire Chinese race. Then, stir up nationalistic rage and gain leverage over the American media so they steer clear of reporting on the Communist Party’s systematic curtailment of the people’s rights.

It is apparent that Chinese government is desperate to distract the Chinese people from its own free speech issues and economic turmoil. As The Washington Post reports about the Feb. 19 expulsions: “The authorities also appeared to be attempting to stoke nationalist outrage in China at a time of extreme duress for the ruling Communist Party.”

Several weeks ago, a Chinese doctor named Li Wenliang tried to warn fellow citizens about the then-infant coronavirus, but he was suppressed and told off by Chinese police. Now Li is dead from that same coronavirus, and the Chinese people are not able to gain access to his potentially lifesaving information.

When Chinese citizens took to the social media site Weibo with the trending hashtag “We want freedom of speech” (#WeWantFreedomOfSpeech), the government quickly censored them.

As Mead argues in the “Sick Man of Asia’” article in the Journal, along with the Communist Party’s unprepared response to the coronavirus epidemic, China maintains a unitary power structure that may prove too brittle to handle unexpected “black swan” events such as viruses, terrorist attacks, and mass protests.

If the Communist Party fails, there indeed is little to stop China from going into a meltdown, with deleterious effects on the rest of the world.

Mead writes:
Given the accumulated costs of decades of state-driven lending, massive malfeasance by local officials in cahoots with local banks, a towering property bubble, and vast industrial overcapacity, China is as ripe as a country can be for a massive economic correction.
Americans should not buy the Chinese Communist Party’s line. We should be allowed to criticize an increasingly oppressive, fragile government of an unfree...

Mom, We've Got A Virus On The TV!

Fox News hits biggest viewership milestone in network's 23-year history

The Fox News Channel surpassed all-time records in its 23 years on the air in February, with 3.5 million viewers tuning in during prime time.

February was the network's 218th month as the most-watched cable news station, with an average of 3.5 million viewers during prime time and 2 million viewers during a day, according toNielsen Media Research. The boost in ratings is partly due to one coveted demographic: viewers between the ages of 25 and 54. Prime-time viewership grew by 35% overall since February of last year and 27% in the key 25- to 54-year-old demographic.

Fox host Laura Ingraham dominated in ratings and became the most-watched “female host in cable news history” after her show, The Ingraham Angle, averaged 3.6 million viewers.

“Thank you, @foxnews viewers and all the producers and staff who work hard to make this possible,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

Sean Hannity, host of the network’s highest-rated show, said he is “humbled and extremely grateful to the greatest and most loyal audience in all of television."

"While I don’t take myself seriously, I do take my job and responsibility very seriously," he added.

The cable channel beat out competition during the New Hampshire primary, with Hannity garnering 4.7 million viewers on Feb. 11. It was also the network of choice during President Trump’s State of the Union address earlier this month.

Fox News beat MSNBC and CNN in combined viewership from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., with an average of 1.95 million viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 997,000 and CNN’s 683,000.

The Greg Gutfeld Show, a weekly, late night , political satire program, beat Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in viewers, as well as The Daily Show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and...

Pork Fact #76

More critical issues about bacon:

Bacon - This Blog's Radical Muslim Repellent

Bacon Decision Chart

Morning Mistress

The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #214

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #912

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It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
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from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Friday, February 28, 2020

Girls With Guns

Borders Work:

Democrats Have No Limits When It Comes To People Voting Against Them...

An Ideology Of Hate...

When You Try To Rob A Bank, But Find Out It Is Not A Gun Free Zone...

More Unbelievably Good Animated Gifs:

The Kid Lived But Who Died?

FBI admitted they had nothing on Trump but appointed Mueller anyway

It has been clear for a while that the FBI knew the President had no role in Russian collusion, yet they proceeded with the investigation anyway.

The FBI knew the dossier was fraudulent by January 2017, and again in March and May when they interviewed Christopher Steele’s sub-source.

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page testified in May 2017, the FBI still had no evidence that Trump had colluded with the Russians to win the election.

We now know the FBI admitted the President did not believe the President was a suspect. We know it from an FBI 302 report that Dan Bongino discussed on his podcast.

In the following excerpts from an FBI 302 report (interview summary), it is made clear three times that the FBI did not believe President Trump was a suspect.

FBI agents told acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on May 10, 2017, that the President was not a suspect. Rosenstein had the same impression from his initial April 28 briefing he received from then Director Comey. Rosenstein said that based on his May 10 briefing, “there appeared to be no evidence the President was involved personally.”

FBI Interview of Rod Rosenstein: May 23, 2017, via the 302:

May 10, 2017
Rosenstein first contacted Robert Mueller on May 10 at 7:34 am, but he was allegedly thinking about the issue of appointing a special counsel before that time.

Then, at 11:30 am, Rosenstein attended a previously scheduled meeting with the prosecutors assigned to the FBI’s Russia investigation. This was the first regularly scheduled meeting on the matter. During this first meeting, and in light of all the controversy surrounding the investigation, Rosenstein declared, “In my acting capacity as the Attorney General, leave no stone unturned,” or something along those lines. However, those assigned to the case are career prosecutors, so in his personal opinion, telling them to do so was unnecessary because he knew they would do the right thing.

During his May 10 briefing, the team confirmed for Rosenstein that the President was not a suspect. This was also Rosenstein’s impression from his initial April 28 briefing he received from then Director Comey. Carl Ghattas may have attended this briefing, as well as several prosecutors.

Rosenstein elaborated that based on his May 10 briefing, “there appeared to be no evidence the President was involved personally.” Rosenstein inquired whether they needed additional resources, and was informed there was no such need.
So, why did Rosenstein appoint special counsel Robert Mueller?

Bongino and the Tactical Nuke

Bongino called it a “tactical nuke.”

Rosenstein was briefed in April that there was no case and the President was not a suspect, “and they refuse to clear him. Why?”

Bongino answers the question from his perspective.

“Because the Mueller probe has one purpose – to nail Donald Trump.”

On May 10, Mueller was appointed to investigate a non-case with a...

We Are The Dead...

Trouble in Paradise: Establishment Democrats Working to Eliminate AOC’s House Seat

According to an article from Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, Democrat leadership is making an effort eliminate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s house seat.

Elected in 2018, in New York’s 14th congressional district, AOC has become the face of a new generation of Democrat radicals.

Jarret noted however that AOC’s extreme politics is creating a “divide amongst her own party, even with the head honcho herself, Nancy Pelosi.”

From radical open borders policies to Medicare for All, AOC is pushing the legislative envelope. She has also set up a PAC “Courage to Change” that is currently funding seven House candidates. On Twitter, AOC declared, “it’s time to elect a progressive majority in Congress accountable to strong, grassroots movements that push support for issues like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, racial justice, & more.”

However, The NY Post noted that Democrat leadership are making efforts to derail her hype train. In the article, the Post noted that AOC “may not last in Congress.” The freshman congresswoman is “Already in hot water for refusing to pay dues to her caucus’ fundraising arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, she’s now devoting her resources instead to defeating Democrats.”

The Post concluded, “Don’t be surprised when the established Democrats who’ll control redistricting after the 2020 Census does their best to eliminate her seat.”

This recent struggle shows how the culturally radical wing of the Democrat Party is starting to butt heads with the establishment gate-...

This Is Socialism Perfectly Implemented...

'She’ll do some ranting and raving': Hillary Clinton launching podcast with 'irreverence involved'

Hillary Clinton is launching a new podcast that will include wide-ranging conversations styled after late night host Conan O'Brien's podcast.

"Conan just exudes enthusiasm about this platform, and he does these interviews that are really evergreen, and the idea with her, in part inspired by that experience, is to do the same thing," a person close to Clinton told Politico on Thursday.

"She wants to try to have a wider-ranging conversation that will be lasting, so you can listen to it in a year, or you can listen to it tomorrow, and it will be interesting," the person added. "And then, of course, she’ll do some ranting and raving about news of the day."

The failed 2016 presidential candidate is also looking to Howard Stern's show for inspiration. Clinton appeared on the show late last year and reportedly fell in love with its style.

"It was an incredible experience. We’ve been thinking through based on that experience how to create a similar format," the source said. "Stern has a cast of characters, so could you have some people on the show in...

And In The End, The Love You Make Is Equal To The Love You Make...

The Diseased Love Of The Democrats...

California: Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Arrested for Triple Homicide

A twice-deported illegal alien, accused of murdering three men in the sanctuary state of California, has been arrested by law enforcement officials.

Jose Luis Torres Garcia, a 33-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was identified this week by Riverside County Sheriff’s Office in Southern California for allegedly murdering three men execution-style, as Breitbart News reported. The victims include 50-year-old Jaime Covarrubias Espindola, 38-year-old Jose Maria Aguilar-Espejel, and 28-year-old Rodrigo Aguilar-Esepjel.

Garcia had been on the run, fleeing to Cheyenne, Wyoming, but was arrested by local authorities there when he was pulled over for a traffic stop. During his arrest, police found 15 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle.

According to law enforcement, Garcia already has an active warrant for his arrest for allegedly drunk driving and a warrant for drug crimes before the murders. Though the illegal alien was previously deported from the U.S. twice, he returned to California at an unknown time following his last deportation.

Law enforcement officials were worried that Garcia may have...

Journalist Labeled Racist for Mocking Indian Reporter During White House Press Conference

Had previously written article complaining about casual racism being widespread.

A New York Post journalist who once wrote about casual racism being widespread was caught on camera mocking an Indian reporter behind his back during a White House press conference.

The clip shows Ebony Bowden pulling strange faces and asking another journalist sat next to her “who is this guy?” as the Indian expresses his best wishes that the Trump administration will “keep America safe” from coronavirus.

Bowden then appears to look at another journalist to her right and bursts out in laughter before shaking her head.

She then scowls as if trying to understand the Indian reporter’s accent before raising her eyebrow.

The Twitter user who posted the video remarked, “Who is that reporter in the green mocking an Indian reporter? I bet she thinks Trump is racist..”

He then posted a link to an article Bowden had written in which she asserts that “casual racism” is “widespread” in Australia.

- She could be laughing at what he is saying (since it’s not related to the subject of the conference)
- She could be laughing at his accent.
I don’t know, you don’t neither, because we can’t read her mind.

The only thing we can say is that it doesn’t look professional.

The Indian reporter in question, Raghubir Goyal, has been a White House reporter since the days of President Carter, so it’s unlikely that...