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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Girls With Guns

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WHO Pushes “Early Childhood Masturbation” For Toddlers, Encourages Questions About Gender Identity For Kids Aged 4

“Sexuality education starts from birth”

Backlash has ensued following the renewed focus on the World Health Organisation’s “sexuality education” guidance for schools to provide to children as young as four years old.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the guidance states that children under four should be encouraged to “ask questions about sexuality” and “explore gender identities.”

The 68-page report titled Standards For Sexuality Education in Europe, also calls for supplying information to toddlers about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation.”

The policy paper also states that kids between four and six years should “talk about sexual matters” and “consolidate their gender identity.”

The document also asserts that sexuality is present from birth, claiming “From birth, babies learn the value and pleasure of bodily contact, warmth and intimacy. Soon after that, they learn what is ‘clean’ and what is ‘dirty’,” adding “In other words, they are engaging in sexuality education.”

The WHO told reporters that “Our guidelines reflect established psychological facts based on decades of research.”

Covering the issue, GB News reporter Mark Dolan called the development “sick” and urged that the WHO can “go to hell.”

Conservative shadow minister for education in Wales, Laura Anne Jones, has called for the global health body to “rescind the advice immediately,” further labelling it “disturbing.”

Jones urged “We must stop this pushing of harmful gender ideology into sex education in Wales and the UK, with immediate effect.”

Advocacy Group Safe Schools Alliance also demanded an “urgent enquiry” be conducted into potential links between the guidance and education policies in the UK.

“We find it extremely concerning that the UN and WHO are promoting an approach that is experimental, unscientific, and appears to be aligned to the work of unethical individuals and organisations, including those promoting the acceptance of...

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Friday, May 19, 2023

Girls With Guns


The illegal alien invasion is being run by the Biden administration.

Between Matamoros, Mexico and Brownsville, Texas lies the Rio Grande river. On one side is the Matamoros migrant camp where thousands of illegal invaders prep for the invasion with the aid of American open borders non-profit groups, squatting in their own filth, fighting, shaking each other down and starting fires like those that killed 40 male migrants. Across is America.

At 160 feet wide and only 2 feet deep, the invaders have little trouble making their way across. Despite the slur ‘wetback’, little actual swimming is usually required. Past proposals to widen and deepen the river so it’s a tenth of a mile and twenty feet deep would have been fairly expensive, but was shut down by open borders advocates who claim the invaders might drown.

In one week in April, some 15,000 illegal invaders traversed the river. The media regularly features dramatic photos of migrants crossing the Rio Grande and offers sympathetic portrayals of the invaders such as the New York Times story: “Desperate Migrants on the Border: ‘I Should Just Swim Across.” The coverage often describes these invasions as “sudden” or “unexpected”.

But there’s nothing sudden or unexpected about them. They’re the work of the Coyote-in-Chief.

The Center for Immigration Studies recently revealed that it was told by Mexican immigration officers that the river crossings were secretly coordinated with the Department of Homeland Security on Whatsapp so as to be able to expedite the release of the invaders into America.

CIS’s Todd Bensman described how, “Once the Americans felt they could take in more, they message the Mexicans that ‘they are ready to receive them.'” And then “the officers signal to the waiting crowd to go forward and, once they figure enough are in the water, they cut off the rest and push and cajole them back into line until the Americans signal they’re ready again.”

What appeared to be the epitome of illegal migration was actually being run by the government. The new ‘wetbacks’, much like the rest of the open border, was the policy of the White House.

Why keep the coordination secret? To maintain the fiction that the border is being policed.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas claimed that the “border is not open” after authorizing the mass release of illegal invaders without even the polite fiction of giving them a court date and a tracking app on their phone. DHS claimed that it had to release the migrants because at over 10,000 invaders a day, it didn’t even have the resources to do any kind of processing, but also claimed that the illegals being released had been “carefully vetted”.

The Biden administration claims with a straight face that it doesn’t have the resources to give migrants a court date or put a tracking app on their phone, let alone actually deal with their fake asylum claims, but that it does have the resources to have “carefully vetted” them. And that ought to tell you all you need to know about its standards for careful vetting.

When a Florida judge ordered DHS to stop just dumping illegals, Mayorkas denounced the ruling as “very harmful”. The harm it’s causing is to the Biden open borders agenda.

Parole or ‘Alternatives to Detention’ was already an illegal abuse of authority that turned border security into one massive coyote program. Mayorkas is protesting that requiring any standards for releasing illegals into the country is harmful. Speaking at the border, he offered a policy alternative that encompasses the larger agenda of the Coyote-in-Chief.

At the end of April, DHS announced that it would be working to open “regional processing centers” with the State Department to “significantly expand lawful pathways for protection” while targeting smugglers for enforcement. “The great thieves lead away the little thief,” Diogenes observed. On the border, the great coyotes are leading away the little coyotes.

While the little coyotes just want to make a few thousand dollars, the big coyotes want to fundamentally transform America. And so rather than securing the border, the Biden administration, Kamala, Blinken, Mayorkas, and all the big coyotes, are proposing to stop the uncontrolled border mass invasion by organizing it into a controlled mass invasion through the immigration system. But as we can see from the swimmers crossing the Rio Grande, what appears to be an uncontrolled mass invasion is actually a closely controlled invasion.

“Heads you get illegal migration, tails you also get illegal migration,” has always been the open borders scam. Amnesty, work permits and expanded refugee arrivals were all pitched as compromise alternatives that would control illegal immigration. While Republicans imagine that the invasion overwhelming not only Brownsville, but Chicago, New York City and D.C. will mobilize enforcement action, the Biden administration is using it for its own...

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