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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Girls With Guns

Barack Obama Has Excellent Credentials To Run The U.N.

Barack Obama Has Allowed ISIS To Destroy One of Iraq’s Oldest Christian Sites

President Obama ignored a general’s pleas to keep American military forces in Iraq. The last American commander in Iraq recommended to the Obama administration that 23,000 U.S. troops remain to cement the victory, but Obama refused to make a deal and in December 2011, the U.S. military left.

The Islamic State destroyed one of the oldest Christian sites in Iraq as part of its campaign against ancient sites in the country, according to satellite photographs published by The Associated Press on Wednesday and confirmed by Iraqi officials and historians.

The monastery of St. Elijah, or Dair Mar Elia, stood for more than 1,400 years above a riverbed south of the city of Mosul, which the Islamic State seized from Iraqi forces in June 2014. The satellite photographs — taken by DigitalGlobe, a company with headquarters in Westminster, Colo. — showed that the monastery was razed in late August or September 2014, including the site’s square complex of partly ruined rooms and a largely intact sanctuary that dated from the...

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!

Somehow you overcame the left wing media.  They tried to bring you down, they tried to make you look scary, stupid, old, everything.  They tried everything and you beat them.  We need another great communicator to defeat them again.  Rest in Peace Sir.

Ronald Reagan Has An Important Message For Us Today:

More Ronald Reagan HERE

OPEN BORDERS AMERICA: 'Goat rapist' on the prowl in Florida according to woman who says three of her animals have been attacked for months

With Migrants streaming into Florida unchecked, third world and eighth century beliefs, habits and cultures creep into modern western society and clash with present day standards exposing modern society to disgusting, despicable acts from filthy, backward cultures.
  • Sharon Cruz-Pecina has called on police to arrest the 'goat rapist' 
  • She is convinced someone is trespassing on her property in Florida 
  • The 'elusive man' is said be assaulting other goats in the state 
  • Police are now investigating after Sharon made a complain 
  • Attempts to make having sex with an animal illegal failed in 2008  

A woman from Florida claims an 'elusive goat rapist' is repeatedly assaulting her animals.
Sharon Cruz-Pecina has called on police to arrest the person she is convinced is trespassing on her property and having sex with her three pets.

She thinks the animals have been attacked since last summer.

Sharon, from Caryville, Florida, told local TV news station WJHG: 'He's been attacking them and raping them. I'm not jumping to conclusions.'

She bought the goats five years ago because her husband is lactose intolerant but is not affected by goat milk.

In April last year she was housing her goats about a mile away from her home when a man was spotted and identified lingering in the area.

The man was charged in 2014 with engaging in sexual activity with an animal, Sharon added.
'There is numerous people within the mile, two miles of this guy's home who've had problems of him attacking their goats,' she said to the news channel.

She also has photographic evidence the goats have been assaulted.

'I have had the officers out here a few times. I didn't call again because I don't think they are taking me seriously,' she explained.

She even tried to catch the suspect herself and goes to the length to have her animals tested and is waiting on DNA results.

Now she hopes the sheriff's department catches the suspect before he does more damage.
Sharon has been trying to catch him on video but has not captured any incriminating footage so far.
She wants him to be arrested, get the 'help he needs' and 'repent'.

An investigation by the Washington County Sheriff's Office is under way.
A spokesman told NewsChannel7 that officers had received a complaint from Sharon and was investigating an 'open case'.

'We are investigating this case as diligently and as thoroughly as we would any criminal investigation,' he said.

Despite attempts to change the law in the state in 2008 it is still not a major offence to have sex with an animal.

Morning Mistress

Friday, February 5, 2016

Girls With Guns

The Silver Series: Making The Case For Silver (Part 4 of 4)

Making the Case for Silver as an Asset

Start From The Beginning:

The Silver Series: The Many Phases of Silver (Part 1 of 4)

Plane Versus Car Versus Ground...

Someone Messed With The Wrong Dude..

Kim Kardashians BIG Christmas Special...

The First Collection Of Animated Gifs HERE

There Are Clearly Different Rules For The Ruling Class...

Obama proposes $10 tax per barrel on oil to pay for green transportation plan

President Obama will propose a $10-per-barrel fee on oil, paid by oil companies, to cover the costs of his $300 billion “clean” transportation programs in his new federal budget, the White House said Thursday.

While his budget has little chance of passing in the Republican-led Congress, the president is proposing a massive increase in spending on mass transit, high-speed rail and other options to reduce carbon emissions and gridlock. To pay for it, Mr. Obama will call for a $10 tax per barrel of oil.

“The new fee on oil will also encourage American innovation and leadership in clean technologies to help reshape our transportation landscape for the decades ahead,” the White House said in a statement.

Mr. Obama’s spending plan for fiscal 2017 will be submitted Tuesday to Congress.

Sen. John Barrasso, Wyoming Republican, said the tax would be passed on to consumers at the...

Hot Pick Of The Late Night...Banana Rama - Oh My...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Girls With Guns

The Silver Series: World’s Growing Demand For Silver (Part 3 of 4)

Who Controls the World's Silver Supply?

The Silver Series: The Many Phases of Silver (Part 1 of 4)

The Silver Series: Making The Case For Silver (Part 4 of 4)

On Paying To Import Terror...

The Iranian Book Of Moron Shame...

Muslim Explains Obama’s TRUE Intentions Behind a Nuclear Iran…And It’s NOT WHAT YOU THINK!

Obama: Criticism of Muslim Americans ‘Has No Place In Our Country’

Hmmm. Thank you for treating women as second class citizens, and putting women in the back of the bus, and pushing homosexuals off of buildings? You get a mulligan for that one haha! Oh and you unclean menstruating women, no praying and sit in the back of the room where you belong.

On Wednesday, President Obama, who has become the executive branch equivalent of a professional Salon.com commenter troll, took his traveling roadshow of perverse failure to the Islamic Society of Baltimore.

There, he lectured Americans – as always – on our own intolerance, the glories of Islam, and how if we just gaze longingly into his eyes, our souls will be set free of the baser matter surrounding them.

First, a note: the Islamic Society of Baltimore has significant ties to terror supporters. Its former imam, Mohamed Adam el-Sheikh, presided over the mosque for 18 years and justified Palestinian suicide bombings in the pages of The Washington Post, as well as founding the radical Muslim Brotherhood-associated Muslim American Society.

Now, on to President Obama’s speech.

Obama began by stating that the ISB is as American as apple pie (minus the whole former imam who supported suicide bombing thing). He then said, “So the first thing I want to say is two words that Muslim Americans don’t hear often enough — and that is, thank you. Thank you for serving your community. Thank you for...

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Girls With Guns

The Silver Series: Who Controls The World’s Supply? (Part 2 of 4)

Who Controls the World's Silver Supply?

The Silver Series: The Many Phases of Silver (Part 1 of 4)

Self Defense Is A Human Right...

Modern Women Should Not Have Less Rights Than Her Historical Sisters...

CNN Reporter Asks Bernie Sanders Supporters to Define 'Socialism'

Top German Journalist Admits Live On Air That German Government Controls The News Reporting...

A retired media boss at a major German state broadcaster has admitted his network and others take orders from the government on what — and what not — to report.

National public service broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), which was recently forced into a humiliating apology for their silence on migrant violence and sex assault is being drawn into a fresh scandal after one of their former bureau chiefs admitted the company takes orders from the government on what it reports. He said journalists received instructions to write news that would be “to Ms. Merkel’s liking”.

Former head of ZDF Bonn Dr. Wolfgang Herles make the remarks during a radio event (from minute 27) in Berlin where journalists discussed the media landscape. Moving on to the freedom of the press, the panel chair asked Dr. Herles whether things in Germany had got “seriously out of whack”. With an honesty perhaps unusual in Germany, Dr. Herles replied that ordinary Germans were totally losing faith in the media, something he called a “scandal”. He said:

“We have the problem that – now I’m mainly talking about the public [state] media – we have a closeness to the government. Not only because commentary is mainly in line with the grand coalition (CSU, CDU, and SPD), with the spectrum of opinion, but also because we are completely taken in by the agenda laid down by the political class”.

Worse than the mainstream, government controlled and poll-tax funded media in Germany just agreeing with the ruling coalition, the stations actually took orders on what was and was not to be...

Morning Mistress

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Girls With Guns

The Silver Series: The Many Phases of Silver (Part 1 of 4)

Silver Series: The Many Phases of Silver

The Silver Series: Who Controls The World’s Supply? (Part 2 of 4)

The Twisted Priorities Of A Congress That Serves A Master Other Than The American People...

The Evidence Is In And Obama Is Ready To Act...

The Feminized "Men" Of Europe...

In May 2014, I wrote this article:

A Perpetual Rape Orgy Is Occurring In Sweden Right Now

In the article, I wrote "What Color Skirts Do Swedish Men Wear?

Swedish Men Have Been Silent, But The Men From Amsterdam Have Answered:

yeah. Pink and Black.

There are some signs of hope; In Sweden, Germany, and the UK, there are groups beginning to form to fight back against the politically correct self-suicide liberals in their respective countries.

Report: Economic Freedom in U.S. Sinks to Record Low

Economic freedom in the United States declined again in 2016, matching the lowest score it has ever received on the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom.

The index ranks countries on 10 metrics that measure four pillars of economic freedom: the rule of law, limited government, regulatory efficiency, and open markets. Each country’s economic freedom score is graded on a scale of zero to 100, with 100 indicating the most economic freedom.

While the United States moved up one rank this year from 12 to 11, its economic freedom score dropped. The United States received a score of 76.2 last year. This year it declined to 75.4—the lowest score it has received since 1998.

“The United States continues to be mired in the ranks of the ‘mostly free,’ the second-tier economic freedom category into which the U.S. dropped in 2010,” the report states. “Worse, with scores in labor freedom, business freedom, and fiscal freedom notably declining, the economic freedom of the United States plunged...

Happy Birthday Ayn Rand!

Intellect is Immortal!

More Ayn Rand:

Collectivism Requires Brute Force..

Ayn Rand Wisdom...

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Girls With Guns

Blogs With Rule 5 Links

These Blogs Provide Links To Rule 5 Sites:

The Pirate's Cove has:

Proof Positive has:

The Woodsterman has:

The Other McCain has:

Guess who put the Obama administration on notice on illegal sanctuary cities?

Today the chairman of the House appropriations subcommittee in charge of funding the Department of Justice, John Culberson (R-Texas), put the Obama administration on notice that it must take steps to rein in sanctuary jurisdictions or risk problems getting approval for its own budget requests. In addition, Culberson announced that he will begin requiring local jurisdictions to follow federal law and stop obstructing communication with immigration agencies as a condition for receiving certain federal law enforcement funding.

In a sternly worded letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Culberson said that he has a responsibility to ensure that state and local law enforcement agencies are following federal law before they can get federal grants. He said that sanctuary policies restricting communication between local and federal officials are a clear violation of Section 1373 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Among the jurisdictions that have imposed such policies are San Francisco, Cook County, Ill., and New York City. In addition to prohibiting local officers from communicating with immigration authorities, these jurisdictions bar federal officers from coming into jails to interview or arrest deportable criminals.

State and local sanctuary policies obstruct immigration enforcement and cause the release of criminal aliens back to the streets of American communities. According to ICE records...

Obama's Modern Day Pilgrims...

Senior health experts: Zika Virus outbreak could pose a bigger threat to global health than the Ebola epidemic: Illegal Aliens Are Bringing The Disease To The U.S.

The Zika virus outbreak currently gripping the Americas could have been sparked by the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in 2012, critics say.

The insects were engineered by biotechnology experts to combat the spread of dengue fever and other diseases and released into the general population of Brazil in 2012.

But with the World Health Organisation(WHO) now meeting in Geneva to desperately discuss cures for the Zika virus, speculation has mounted as to the cause of this sudden outbreak.

The Zika virus was first discovered in the 1950s but the recent outbreak has escalated alarmingly, causing birth defects and a range of health problems in South and central America.

The first cases were reported in Brazil last May with up to 1.5 million people now thought to be affected by the virus which is spread by...

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Girls With Guns

With Their Women Being Raped By Migrants, Where are Europe's men?