Thursday, November 27, 2014

1912, Franz Reichelt fell to his death after jumping off the Eiffel Tower in order to test his parachute.

This just in, the parachute did not open due to Climate Change. Oh the humanity.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Yes that was Grim!! In those daze, Aviation was in its' infancy to say the least!! "Testing methods" were also on the short stick. needless to say, doing "Dummy Drops" first would have been a good idea!!
    Just to let you know, it was some years later..... I forget the "James Bond" movie but supposedly the character Grace Jones played in the movie did a "BASE" jump from the tower....... Only it was her "Stunt Man" who did the jump!! They did two of them to get enough footage to splice... the man..."B.J. Worth!!!" He was decked out to look like Grace and "Lights, Camera, Action!!!!!" The write up was in "Parachutist" magazine only you'd have to do a search to find it as it has been "a while!!!!" Now and then "B.J." and Jake "Bond" Lombard would show up at "Scare-us-valley" for some Fun dives... after sunset it was "Beer Call at the 'Bomb Shelter' time for drinkin' beer and tellin' lies!!!" Good times!! If I did the math as to how long ago .......I'd get "Scared!!!!"
    Blue Skies, Black Death!!!!!"
    skybill-out SCR-2034, SCS-680