90 Miles From Tyranny : The Tech Worker Shortage Is A Lie To Reduce American Wages..

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Tech Worker Shortage Is A Lie To Reduce American Wages..

Along with temporary deportation relief for millions, President Obama’s executive action will increase the number of U.S. college graduates from abroad who can temporarily be hired by U.S. corporations. That hasn’t satisfied tech companies and trade groups, which contend more green cards or guest worker visas are needed to keep tech industries growing because of a shortage of qualified American workers. But scholars say there’s a problem with that argument: The tech worker shortage doesn’t actually exist.

“There’s no evidence of any way, shape, or form that there’s a shortage in the conventional sense,” says Hal Salzman, a professor of planning and public policy at Rutgers University. “They may not be able to find them at the price they want. But I’m not sure that qualifies as a shortage, any more than my not being able to find a half-priced TV.”

For a real-life example of ....
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  1. I have 30 years communication experience. Mostly in tier 3 and 4. Along with this experience I have a college degree in Information Systems.

    What I haven't had in the last 9 months is a job. I have had 1 interview where I was told I had too much experience for the position. That was the one and only bite I have had.


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