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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Girls With Guns - July 4th Edition!

Visions Of The Future That COULD Be...

A Safe 4th Of July?

Happy Independence Day!

May you be free of Government Tyranny...

Sheriff Clarke Schools Rahmbo

Chicago Mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is famous for saying that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste since it allows you to do things you might not be able to get done except for the emotions of the moment spurring calls to action.

Chicago’s bloody Memorial Day weekend, which saw a dozen people killed -- including a four-year-old-girl -- certainly proved no exception to Rahm’s Rule as he called for, wait for it, stricter gun control as he spoke at a luncheon honoring police officers for valor and service. “It’s not just about how many police you have, it’s about the quantity of guns that are on the street so we actually have gun laws that back up the men and women we just recognized,” Emanuel said.

This delusional sentiment warning that otherwise inanimate objects are the problem was echoed by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest after a bloody holiday weekend in Baltimore saw 29 shot and nine killed:

When asked about the violence yesterday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest suggested more gun control was one of the solutions.

“Obviously there’s some common sense things we could do -- certainly passage of some gun safety laws in Congress that could keep guns out of the hands of criminals would be one thing that we could do to try to limit the violence,” Earnest said.
In response to this liberal talking point, which ignores the fact that Democratic bastions like Chicago and Maryland have the strictest gun control laws in the nation, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke went on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs to say that Rahmbo, a nicknamed earned for his White House ruthlessness,  was shooting blanks in suggesting the problem was guns and not the criminals who use them:
Sheriff Clarke describes Emanuel as “dead wrong,” observing that “he must have gone to the same school that ‘president’ Barack Obama did on how to run a law enforcement agency. This is what happens when you have community organizers and academic elites and others who don’t know a thing about policing in the American ghetto start to dabble in police science.”

He says the cities experiencing these heightened levels of violence “might as well get used to it because this is what you’re going to have as long as you’re going to try to turn cops into social workers and you’re going to try to get them to emphasize de-escalation and more dialogue instead of going on the offensive to go after some very dangerous individuals.”
Indeed as Investor’s Business Daily noted in 2013, the problem in Chicago has historically not been gun violence, but gang violence:

The fact is that up to 80% of Chicago's murders and shootings are gang-related, according to police.

By one estimate, the city has 68,000 gang members, four times the number of cops. A police audit last spring identified 59 gangs and 625 factions -- mostly on the south and west sides -- none of which is going to submit to things like universal background checks.

In 2014, city fathers were crowing about a drop in the crime rate over the prior year, but did not bother to acknowledge its connection to...

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Girls With Guns

Blogs With Rule 5 Links

These Blogs Provide Links To Rule 5 Sites:

The Pirate's Cove has:

Proof Positive has:

The Woodsterman has:

The Other McCain has:

The Fruits Of Oppression...

Hillary Did Not Have Factual Relations With...

There is no better example of a lying corrupt politician than Hillary Clinton, yet the press ignores her lies, crimes, and malfeasance to the American People.

The traitorous American Press is as much to blame as she is.

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Hot Pick of The Late Night - Raquel Welch - One Million Years BC

When I first saw this movie as a very young child, this became my image of the perfect woman.
This image of her still evokes primal urges in me.
I have been fascinated by prehistoric mankind since then.
Technically, the dinosaurs and mankind did not roam the earth at the same time,
if they had, mankind would today be held responsible for their extinction, by burning campfires.

More Ladies Links:

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Girls With Guns

Judge Orders Government to Return $167,000 Seized From Motorhome Driver Visiting His Girlfriend

A federal judge in Nevada has ordered the government to return $167,000 that was seized from a man driving his motorhome on a highway two years ago. The man, Straughn Gorman, was traveling to visit his girlfriend. He was never charged with a crime.

The seizure originally occurred in January 2013, when Gorman was driving his motorhome from Delaware to visit his girlfriend in Sacramento, Calif.

Police stopped Gorman not once, but twice, within 50 minutes while he drove west on Interstate 80, according to documents filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada.

In the first traffic stop, which occurred near Elko, Nev., a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper stopped the man for driving too slowly in the passing lane. Gorman refused to let the trooper search his vehicle, and the Nevada Highway Patrol officer allowed him to continue on without issuing any citations.

Less than an hour later, Gorman was stopped again by an Elko County Sheriff’s Office deputy, who the highway patrol trooper had arranged to pull Gorman over once more, court documents show. The deputy had a drug-sniffing dog with him, and a search of the motorhome was conducted.

In the two-minute video originally posted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the officer searched the vehicle, where he found $167,000 in cash stored in ...

The Racist Roots oF Kwanzaa - It Is Time To Put An End To Kwanzaa..

Image result for black racismIn 1966, when he was known as Ron Karenga, this self-proclaimed radical black separatist had the distinction of creating history’s most pathetic holiday: Kwanzaa. It was pure Karenga, a seven-day celebration of crypto-Marxist values with racist overtones. According to the official Kwanzaa website the celebration was designed to nurture “conditions that would enhance the revolutionary social change for the masses of Black Americans.” Each day of Kwanzaa emphasizes a principle such as “unity” or “collective work” or “cooperative economics.” Karenga branded Kwanzaa a black alternative to Christmas. In fact, it is the black anti-Christmas. In 1977, the then sixteen-year-old minister Al Sharpton declared that the Kwanzaa feast would perform the much needed service of “de-whitizing” Christmas.

The Martin Luther King Website, http://martinlutherking.org/kwanzaa.html, states that: "There is no part of Kwanzaa that is not fraudulent. Begin with the name."

It is time to end this racist, hate holiday; the roots of the holiday are racist, the celebration is racist, this divisive hate holiday needs to end and the political correctness of supporting it needs to end also.

There is more information about this...

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Girls With Guns

In Under 2 Minutes, Here’s What You Need to Know About Greece’s Financial Crisis

The world has its eyes on Greece right now, as the country’s financial crisis has hit a peak after more than five years of instability.

Greece is on the brink of defaulting on a $1.8 billion payment to the International Monetary Fund, which was due at midnight on Wednesday. On Sunday, July 5, Greek voters will vote on a referendum to determine whether the country will continue with austerity measures or move to reissue its old currency. Should Greek voters vote in favor of the latter, it would effectively separate Greece from the eurozone.

Greece’s banks closed Monday for six business days, and the country limited the amount of money citizens could withdraw from ATMs.

For those watching the events unfold in Greece, here’s what you need to know, explained in under two minutes.

Benghazi night call between Clinton and Obama withheld, documents show

New documents released by a federal court show President Obama called then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the night of the 2012 Benghazi attack -- but the contents are being withheld by the State Department. 

It had previously been disclosed that Clinton and Obama spoke the night of the terror attacks. But the documents offer additional information about the timing of the call -- after the initial attack on the U.S. consulate, but before the second wave where mortars hit the nearby CIA annex and killed former Navy SEALs Ty Woods and Glen Doherty. 

The contents of the call, however, are being withheld, not because the information is classified but because the administration claims they represent internal deliberations about the 2012 terror assault. 

The claim comes as Clinton also faces accusations that she withheld Benghazi-related emails from her private server in the trove of emails handed over to the State Department. 

The contents of the call were only shared with Obama's and Clinton's closest aides. Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes sent an email on the call to State Department officials Jake Sullivan and Philippe Reines, and National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan. 

The email was released as part of an ongoing lawsuit by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. 

The email on the Obama-Clinton phone call bears the subject line, "Call." The text of the email says, "Readout of President's Call to Secretary Clinton," but the rest of the details are...

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Black Betty & the Psychedelic Pope

Girls With Guns

Chalk Does Not Become You...

New Bombshells About Valerie Jarrett’s Communist Roots

Radical and Communist Roots

Valerie Jarrett was born as Valerie Bowman on November 14, 1956 to American parents in Shiraz, Iran.

Her father—an American-born physician named James Bowman (1923-2011)—worked as a pathologist and geneticist at a children’s hospital in Shiraz as part of a U.S. aid program to assist developing countries. As evidenced by his lengthy FBI file, Bowman was a Communist who often collaborated with fellow Communists based in Chicago. In 1950, for instance, he communicated with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, who later fled the U.S. to Prague after being charged with espionage in 1957. Bowman was also a member of the Association of Internes and Medical Students (AIMS), a group that, according to Bowman's FBI file, engaged in un-American activities and “has long been a faithful follower of the Communist Party line.” This information is further buttressed by documents on Bowman from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which show that the FBI investigated him for his membership in a group that “follows the communist party line.” Bowman moved to Iran, where Valerie Jarrett was born, after his discharge from the Army Medical Corps in 1955.

Valerie Jarrett's mother is the early-childhood-education author Barbara Taylor Bowman (born 1928), who in 1966 co-founded a Chicago-based graduate school in child development known as the Erikson Institute, named after the psychoanalyst Erik Erikson; in 1950 Erikson became a hero to the left by choosing to resign from his professorship at the University of California rather than sign an anti-communist loyalty oath as the school required. Indicative of the Erikson Institute's radical political orientation is the fact that its board of trustees has included, in addition to Mrs. Bowman, such figures as Tom Ayers (father of the former Weather Underground terrorist and lifelong Marxist Bill Ayers) and Bernardine Dohrn (longtime wife of Bill Ayers). Bill Ayers, for his part, called Mrs. Bowman “a neighbor and friend” in his 1997 book A Kind and Just Parent, noting that his neighbors also included Louis Farrakhan and “writer Barack Obama.”

Jarrett's maternal grandfather was a Chicagoan named Robert Taylor, the first African-American head of the Chicago Housing Authority. In the 1940s he was involved with such Communist fronts as the American Peace Mobilization and the Chicago Civil Liberties Committee. Also a member of these groups was Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist journalist who in the 1970s would mentor a young Barack Obama. An FBI-file document shows that Taylor was believed to have been “in contact with [Soviet agent Alfred] Stern on a number of occasions.”

Jarrett's maternal grandmother, Dorothy Taylor, was a...

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Girls With Guns

The further a society drifts from Truth...

The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.

-George Orwell

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Girls With Guns

The Impact Of Guns On American Society..

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