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Saturday, February 28, 2015

We Still Don't Know What's IN It...


Commissioner: 'When you see this document, worse than you imagine'... 

Have You Paid Your Internet Tax?

Say No To Government Regulated Internet...

Battered Wife Syndrome

Under Sharia Law, You Can Beat Your Wife Like A Rag Doll Right?

The Year Of The Cat... NOT.

Warrior Code..

Soros, Ford Foundation shovel $196 million to 'net neutrality' groups, staff to White House

Liberal philanthropist George Soros and the Ford Foundation have lavished groups supporting the administration’s “net neutrality” agenda, donating $196 million and landing proponents on the White House staff, according to a new report.

And now, as the Federal Communications Commission nears approving a type of government control over the Internet, the groups are poised to declare victory in the years-long fight, according to the report from MRC Business, an arm of the conservative media watchdog, the Media Research Center.

“The Ford Foundation, which claims to be the second-largest private foundation in the U.S., and Open Society Foundations, founded by far-left billionaire George Soros, have given more than $196 million to pro-net neutrality groups between 2000 and 2013,” said the report, authored by Media Research Center’s Joseph Rossell, and provided to Secrets.

“These left-wing groups not only impacted the public debate and funded top liberal think tanks from the Center for American Progress to Free Press. They also have direct ties to the White House and regulatory agencies. At least five individuals from these groups have ascended to key positions at the White House and FCC,” said the report which included funding details to pro-net neutrality advocates.

It quoted critic Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, saying, “The biggest money in this debate is from the liberal foundations that lavish millions on self-styled grassroots groups pushing for more and more regulation and federal control.”

Groups funded by Soros and Ford include the...

Filthy Republican Majority Passes Illegal Short Term Illegal Immigration Bill

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress closed in Friday on approving a short-term spending bill for the Homeland Security Department that would avert a partial agency shutdown hours before it was to begin.

The legislation also leaves intact Obama administration executive actions on immigration that Republicans have vowed to overturn. But Republicans insisted that passing a short-term bill preserved their ability to keep fighting them.

An early vote in the House clearing the way for final passage of the bill was approved easily, 240-183. "The House must pass this bill in short order to keep the lights on at the Department of Homeland Security in the near term," said Rep. Harold Rogers, R-Ky. "Hopefully, this will buy us this additional time that we clearly need."

But Senate Republicans had already admitted defeat. As debate proceeded in the House, the Senate voted 68-31 to approve a full-year bill free of contentious immigration provisions. Some House Republicans predicted that they would eventually end up doing the same thing.

For now, the three-week stopgap measure would allow lawmakers to keep the Homeland Security Department running at a time of heightened threats worldwide — even if it does little more than postpone the fight for another day.

"It's the best solution that we have available to us right now," said Rep. Steve Womack, R-Ark. "Nobody wants to shut down the Department of Homeland Security."

The bill would extend current funding levels for the department until March 19. Without action, DHS would begin to shut down at midnight Friday, furloughing 30,000 workers. Another 200,000 would be deemed essential and continue to report to work, albeit without pay.

In a complicated series of votes occurring simultaneously on both ends of the Capitol, the House prepared to vote on the three-week plan and send it to the Senate, while the Senate held a series of votes including approval of a "clean" bill to fund DHS through the Sept. 30 end of the budget year, without immigration provisions.

Once the House had acted on the three-week measure, the short-term bill was expected to also pass the Senate and gain Obama's signature.

Adding an element of drama, House Democrats announced plans to oppose the three-week stopgap measure, forcing Speaker John Boehner to pass it with exclusively Republican votes. But the bill appeared to command enough support to pass, even though it faced opposition from the right and the left.

Some of the most conservative Republicans said they couldn't support the legislation because it would not stop Obama's immigration policies granting work permits and deportation stays to millions of...

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Net neutrality: FCC and Obama take the internet back to the 1930s

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Girls With Guns

Real Tools...

Of Tyranny..

The Shame Of Michelle Obama...

More First Lady Facts:

Michelle Obama Visits Two Injured Saudis In Hospital, Does Not Visit Any Americans

8 year old coal miner - 1900's

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Net Neutrality Has Passed... This Is How Liberty Dies..

Net Neutrality Is A Bad Idea Supported By Poor Analogies

Had A Good Job - Still Committed Jihad..

Voltaire On Tyrants..

Never Allow The Left To Rule Over Us...

Sen Jeff Sessions – McConnell And Other Cowardly Senators Afraid Obama Will “Blame Them” For Standing Up For America Against His Criminal Acts

The members of Congress in both the Senate and the House of Representatives assured the American people when they voted to pass the CRomnibus spending bill that there was no need to be concerned as far as funding the dictatorial Obama amnesty. They guaranteed us a fight on the DHS funding for the implementation when the temporary funding resolution expired. Our guarantee must have come with some fine print.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been at best a weak opponent of amnesty, has been looking for an excuse to cave to the White House since he assumed his position. The problem is that when McConnell assumes his favored, submissive position he drags the rest of us along in his perverse political debauchery. While he may be quite comfortable with that type of thing, the American people aren’t desirous of Democrat domination, particularly when it results in the destruction of our nation.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), an American statesman and a man who has the true strength of moral character to be the Majority Leader, is opposed to McConnell’s proposed splitting of the DHS funding bill into two components.

McConnell’s plan would involve one bill, funding everything in DHS, including amnesty, which would be approved unanimously by the Senate. A second bill, which pretends to...

Mikulski: Let the Courts Decide If Obama Has Authority to Grant SSNs to Illegals

Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) told CNSNews.com Tuesday she will let the courts decide whether President Barack Obama has the authority to unilaterally grant Social Security numbers to illegal aliens.

CNSNews.com asked Mikulski on Capitol Hill Tuesday: “A federal court recently stated that prosecutorial discretion does not include giving Social Security Numbers to illegal aliens. Do you believe that President Obama has the power legally to unilaterally grant these numbers to illegal aliens?”

“Right now, because of the Texas court decision, those questions are going to go through the courts. And actually I’ll look forward to...

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Trey Gowdy on Immigration Executive Actions

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Girls With Guns

Democrats Are Very Consistent... They Know How To Throw Away Victory...

Muhammad's Sword Verse..

How ISIS Thinks They Look...

..How They Really Look...

So boys and girls in the U.S. want to join ISIS? Let Them, Take away their passports, give them a free iPhone 6 with GPS enabled, a couple hundred bucks and wave good bye.

Teenage fighters during the Warsaw uprising in Poland in 1944

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A Freedom Machine Making Bullets.. - Correction: Cartridges...

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The Longbow Archer...

Kerry: U.S. Aware of Illicit Iranian Nuke Facility

Secretary of State John Kerry admitted before Congress on Wednesday that the United States is aware of a secret Iranian facility that an Iranian opposition group identified this week as part of an undisclosed parallel nuclear program.

The group, the National Council of the Resistance of Iran (NCRI), has a history of disclosing the existence of Iranian nuclear facilities that the United States has been later forced to confirm were indeed part of a clandestine nuclear program.

Kerry, under questioning before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, acknowledged that the United States has evidence of the facility, but declined to elaborate to lawmakers about its nature.

“Did the [Iranian] regime tell us about existence of this new nuclear facility,” Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R., Calif.) asked Kerry at the hearing.
John "Duplicitous" Kerry

“What you’re saying is it’s a nuclear facility,” Kerry responded. “That is yet to be determined, but we know about the facility, yes.”

“So had they disclosed that facility to us?” Rohrabacher asked.

“It has not been revealed yet as a nuclear facility,” Kerry insisted. “It is a facility that we are aware of, which is on a list of facilities we have. I’m not going to go into greater detail, but these things are going to have to be resolved [in negotiations] as we go forward.”

Questions about the site come in the wake of a report released Tuesday by an Iranian dissident group claiming to provide evidence of “an active and secret parallel nuclear program” in the suburbs of Tehran.

The facility is said to be an “underground top-secret site currently used by the Iranian regime for... 

FCC: You Won’t Know What’s In Net Neutrality Until We Force It Upon You

The power grab is on, and the Obama Executive Branch will keep it all under wraps until it is too late for you to protest against it.  Such has been the tendency of the Obama White House for six years, but now the brazen tyranny is being pranced in front of us as if the hard left minions of President Obama are daring us to make a peep about it.

Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai has revealed in various media interviews that the regulations against Americans through Net Neutrality are provided in a 332 page internet regulation proposal that he has been disallowed to make available to the public.  Pai says the provisions in the regulations being proposed are a “monumental shift toward government control of how the internet works.” According to Pai, the proposed regulations “micromanages virtually every aspect of how the internet operates (through the internet conduct rule), it opens the door in billions of dollars of new taxes (through fees based on the reclassification of the internet as a utility) on broadband that consumers are going to have to pay, it will lead to slower broadband speeds, it opens the door to trial lawyers filing class actions across the country, litigation isn’t usually the best way to ensure innovation, and there are a whole host of harms that are going to happen.”

Tom Wheeler, the Democrat that is the FCC chairman, has not only refused to allow the public to see the...

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Eric Garner & Trayvon Martin Family, Michael Brown Lawyer Say Al Sharpton Exploited Their Tragedies

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Girls With Guns

Judge Jeannine Pirro On Obama's Use Of Language..

I'll write on your tombstone, "I thank you for dinner.'"


"Bungle In The Jungle"
Walking through forests of palm tree apartments ---
scoff at the monkeys who live in their dark tents
down by the waterhole --- drunk every Friday ---
eating their nuts --- saving their raisins for Sunday.
Lions and tigers who wait in the shadows ---
they're fast but they're lazy, and sleep in green meadows.

Let's bungle in the jungle --- well, that's all right by me.
I'm a tiger when I want love,
but I'm a snake if we disagree.

Just say a word and the boys will be right there:
with claws at your back to send a chill through the night air.
Is it so frightening to have me at your shoulder?
Thunder and lightning couldn't be bolder.
I'll write on your tombstone, ``I thank you for dinner.''
This game that we animals play is a winner.

Let's bungle in the jungle --- well, that's all right by me.
I'm a tiger when I want love,
but I'm a snake if we disagree.

The rivers are full of crocodile nasties
and He who made kittens put snakes in the grass.
He's a lover of life but a player of pawns ---
yes, the King on His sunset lies waiting for dawn
to light up His Jungle
as play is resumed.
The monkeys seem willing to strike up the tune.

Oil Powered Hypocrites..

Grand Review of Union Armies After the Civil War (May, 1865)

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Don't You Know That You Are A Shooting Star?

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Have You Registered Your Blog With The Government Yet?

LIMBAUGH: 'Net neutrality as honest a name as Affordable Care Act'...

Commissioners Slam FCC, FEC for Latest In-Tandem Attempts to Regulate Internet

Wanted: An Internet to call our own

Net Neutrality And The End Of The Internet As We Know It

FedEx Refuses to Ship a Digital Mill That Can Make Untraceable Guns

The Ghost Gunner, which measures about a foot in each dimension.  Defense Distributed

The new generation of “maker” tools like 3-D printers and milling machines promises to let anyone make virtually anything—from prosthetic limbs to firearms—in the privacy and convenience of his or her own home. But first, those tools have to get to customers’ homes. That’s going to be difficult for at least one new machine with the potential to make homemade firearms, because FedEx is refusing to deliver it.

Last week FedEx told firearm-access nonprofit Defense Distributed that the company refuses to ship the group’s new tool, a computer controlled (CNC) mill known as the Ghost Gunner. Defense Distributed has marketed its one-foot-cubed $1,500 machine, which allows anyone to automatically carve aluminum objects from digital designs, as an affordable, private way to make an AR-15 rifle body without a serial number. Add in off-the-shelf parts that can be ordered online, and the Ghost Gunner would allow anyone to create one of the DIY, untraceable, semi-automatic firearms sometimes known as “ghost guns.”

When the machine was revealed last October, Defense Distributed’s pre-orders sold out in 36 hours. But now FedEx tells WIRED it’s too wary of the legal issues around homemade gunsmithing to ship the machine to...

The Left's War on White America..

Folks, I pray that what I am about to say will help open your eyes to the evil coming from the Left in our country (the Democratic Party, Hollywood, and the mainstream media). When you start teaching innocent little children to feel guilty for being born white, it can only be described as a war on white America.

I am black and very pleased with who God made me to be. Imagine the Left's reaction to a white person saying they are grateful for God's choice for their life. According to the Left, everyone (gays and minorities) are encouraged to be proud of who they are except white people.

I brought this up at dinner with white friends. I wonder how white America is dealing with the Left relentlessly trashing all things white? When will it reach a tipping point? My friends laughed, “Oh my gosh, Lloyd is becoming David Duke (white nationalist, former Grand Wizard of the KKK).” My friends were having a little fun with me. But one does have to wonder when whites begin saying, “Enough!”

Before I continue, I am not advocating nor predicting a race war or any such nonsense. I am simply saying how long can you beat up on people without some kind of backlash; whites turning a deaf ear to the Left's rhetoric?

Excerpt from a white female vet's email with 27 years of service:

“I find myself resentful and angry at the way White America is being abandoned and persecuted. Being a Government employee and a military reservist, I've been subjected to many of the government "diversity" classes and the "Whatever-American" celebration months with increasing resentment.
In these classes, EVERY ethnicity is discussed... except white people. In fact, when questioned by attendees as to why there are no Gov't programs of any kind for white people, the instructors become a little annoyed and snap back that "they don't need them". This is when I decided that I no longer needed to attend these silly classes. I figure I'll use the good sense that God gave me to determine the character of an individual...not the ridiculous Gov't training class!!”
My response is right on sister. Praise God!Perhaps my lack of tolerance of bullies is due to my early childhood years living in the projects of east Baltimore. I detest watching bullies get away with...

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Testing Silencer Juice...

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