90 Miles From Tyranny : New Sketch for Saturday Night Live Revealed!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Sketch for Saturday Night Live Revealed!

SNL, (Saturday Night Live) will be airing a new sketch on November 3rd centered around a school lunchroom. SNL will be introducing a new cast member in this Glee like production done to the tune of Hips don't lie. The new cast member will be playing Michelle Obama in the sketch. In an interview, Lorne Michaels stated, "We didn't have to worry much about those haunches because we can just add padding for that, the hard part was finding someone who could make her weird mouth expressionisms" (sic). The new skit will feature New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg himself getting caught sneaking out of a janitors closet drinking a 64 oz. Big Gulp and then launching into a rendition of the Soda

Song: Coca-Cola came to town. Diet Pepsi shot him down. Doctor Pepper picked him up. Now they all drink Seven-Up. Michelle Obama then chases Michael Bloomberg while bludgeoning him with a large clump of celery stalks. The backdrop to all of this is the students singing about how they are starving with the new Michelle Obama lunch menus. As the students slowly succumb to starvation, they fall on the floor and pass out as Michelle chases Michael offstage. The scene then cuts to an interview with Debbie Wasserman Schultz where she categorically denies that Michael Bloomberg was actually holding a big gulp soda as the video of it plays behind her. The interviewer gives up in total frustration and walks off stage as Michael, Michelle and Debbie all high five each other. The confidential source for this article was Senator Harry Reid.

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