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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Girls With Guns

Tender Identity....

Don't tread on me!

Game Of Thrones - Principal Character Map...

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Who Wants Voter ID?

AK-47 Vs. AR-15


I'm Not Worried About Global Warming But...

Researchers Have 'Invalidated' EPA's Core Global Warming 'Finding'

..Still More Believable Than CNN...

Is That True Or Did You Hear It On CNN?

Will You Children Meet Cruel Enemies?

The 48 Laws of Power

Morning Mistress

Stossel: Save the Rhinos!

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Tomi Lahren DESTROYS CNN In Under 2 Minutes

Friday, July 21, 2017

Girls With Guns

Which Type Of Stock Do You Prefer?

Fire And Face Don't Mix...

More Amazing Gifs:

This Mugger Messed With The Wrong Woman...

The Tragedy Of Alcohol Abuse...

Why Are Radical Animal Rights Activists More Opposed To Fur Than Leather?

They Pussies.

Sharia Has No Place In Western Society...

Declare Islam A Totalitarian Theocracy and Not A Religion.
Then Ban It.

Rebel Yell: Saturday Protest Planned at CNN HQ in Atlanta

Atlanta is known for its hot summers, but that's not stopping two conservative groups from protesting at CNN's Georgia headquarters on Saturday. At noon, the Media Equality Group and Main Street Patriots will gather to protest the networks propagation of fake news and conspiracy theories against the President of the United States. The Washington Examiner has more details:

"CNN has shown an obsessive focus with conspiracy theories that have been debunked and stories based on discredited sources," the press release said.
CNN has regularly reported on the ongoing Russia probes embroiling the Trump White House, as well as other controversies in the administration.
"We are fired up to confront CNN's blackmail, doxxing and #CollusionDelusion head-on," said Melanie Morgan, co-founder of the group, in the release.

However, the question remains how much of this protest will get on the news. “If there’s one anti-Trump protester standing in Times Square with a sign, CNN will rush a camera to the scene seizing the opportunity to make our President look defeated. It will be interesting to see if CNN will notice that real news is happening outside their front door as Americans gather to protest the hysteria and fake news being peddled by...

Can You Spot The Rapist Hiding In The Bushes?


WEBB COUNTY, TX (The Laredo Morning-Times) A man arrested last month after several children were found living in deplorable conditions has now been accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl, who is pregnant with his child, according to court documents.

Edas Alonso Lopez-Castillo, 25, told authorities he had asked her parents for permission to be with her, states a criminal complaint.

Lopez-Castillo, of Honduras, was served with an arrest warrant July 7 charging him with sexual assault. He remains behind bars at the Webb County Jail.

The case unfolded June 10, when police responded to a child abandonment report in the 2200 block of Cedar Avenue. A naked 2-year-old girl had been found banging on the door of a home.

Officers forced the door open to check on the welfare of the parents. Inside, authorities said they found fecal matter, trash and dirty laundry. Officers then found three more children — ages 1, 4 and 7 — unsupervised in a small swimming pool in the back of the house, according to police.

All were in good health, according to court documents.

Police then located a locked room with the 15-year-old girl and...

Antifa Activist Yvette Felarca Charged With Assault, Rioting For Role In 2016 Sacramento Capitol Brawl

Anti-free speech activist Yvette Felarca was arrested Tuesday night for her role in the violent June 2016 riot at the Capitol in Sacramento.

Felarca, who was filmed attacking a man while screaming "get the f**k off our streets," was charged with assault with a deadly weapon or by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, inciting a riot and participating in a riot.

Related: Watch Berkeley Middle School Teacher Attack a Trump Supporter
Yvette Felarca, the controversial Berkeley middle school teacher who frequently marches and protests against groups she considers to be fascistic, was arrested Tuesday night in connection with a violent neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento in June 2016.

Police took Felarca, 47, into custody in Southern California on charges of assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, a felony, and participating in a riot, and inciting a riot, both...

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Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Girls With Guns

Photo Evidence: The President Colluding With The Russians!

The Entire Russia-Trump Story Was A Team Obama Operation

When I Find Out Who You Are, I'm Going To Punch You Right In Your FACE!

The First Rule Of Vegan Club...

Most Vegans Are Trans-Vegans...

It Is Time For The GOP To Vigorously Defend Our President...

72 Raisin Delivery Service...

Jokes on you, Osama! Koran expert says 72 raisins await martyrs in ...

Worried Traffic Blockers Will Make You Late For Work?

Just Gun It!

Engineers Begin Preparatory Work for Border Wall Construction

WASHINGTON — The United States Army Corps of Engineers has begun preliminary preparations for the construction of segments of a wall in several places along the border with Mexico, the Department of Homeland Security said on Tuesday.

Engineers are drilling and taking soil samples to determine what type of barriers would be most effective in the different types of geography along the border, said David Lapan, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security.

The drilling and soil testing are taking place in El Paso; Santa Teresa, N.M.; Calexico, Calif.; San Diego; and the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. Mr. Lapan said the testing has been completed in El Paso and Calexico. The agency has identified the San Diego area and the Rio Grande Valley as priority regions for new border walls.

The drilling and testing come as Customs and Border Protection, the parent agency of the Border Patrol, continues to evaluate dozens of proposals that have been submitted by vendors for designs for a border wall.

President Trump mandated construction of the wall in an executive order in January. In March, the Department of Homeland Security put out a call for prototypes of a “physically imposing” and “aesthetically pleasing” border wall. The structure would also be designed to prevent climbing and tunneling.

The president’s plan to build a border wall was part of a contentious budget fight in Congress this year. The administration was seeking $3.6 billion in the 2017 and 2018 budgets for just over 100 miles of wall. But members of Congress — Democrats and Republicans — have so far declined to provide funding for the project and instead...

Former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power Emerges As Central Figure In Obama Unmasking Investigation

Former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power's involvement in the unmasking by former Obama administration officials of sensitive national security information is raising red flags over what insiders view was an attempt by the former administration to undermine President Donald Trump and key figures on his team, according to current and former U.S. officials familiar with the situation.

Power appears to be central to efforts by top Obama administration officials to identify individuals named in classified intelligence community reports related to Trump and his presidential transition team, according to multiple sources.

The names of Trump allies in the raw intelligence reports were leaked to the press in what many in Congress and the current administration claim is an attempt by Obama allies and former officials to damage the White House.

The House Intelligence Committee, which is spearheading the investigation into these efforts, has issued subpoenas for...

Morning Mistress

More Attorneys Found Dead In Wasserman Schultz Florida District!

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

YouTube Took Down His Video Exposing CNN - And You Won't Believe Why!🚨

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Girls With Guns

She Just Enabled A Stalker...

Can't Get Enough Fake News?

16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won

She's A Real Jealous Ass....

Maxine Waters: Taking Stupid As A Challenge...

Globalism: What It Really Is...

A Genius Is Born!!

This Is How We Save The World From Barbarism...

More on Socialists, Idiots, Mental Defects and Hillary Clinton...

Socialism Is A Theory Inconsistent With Human Nature..

No, America Was Not Founded On Racist Principles

..Fear Is A Choice...

Do Not Fear Death, Fear A Life Without Freedom...

The Best “Gun Control” Op-Ed of ALL TIME

Robert Gehl writes that the Washington Post veered off into fantasyland Saturday when it tried to connect the leftist nutjob who....

The Key Facts About Slavery That the Left Conveniently Ignores

Too many people believe that slavery is a “peculiar institution.”

That’s what Kenneth Stampp called slavery in his book, “Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South.”

But slavery is by no means peculiar, odd, or unusual. It was common among ancient peoples such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Hittites, Greeks, Persians, Armenians, and many others.

Large numbers of Christians were enslaved during the Ottoman wars in Europe. White slaves were common in Europe from the Dark Ages to the Middle Ages. It was only after A.D. 1600 that Europeans joined with Arabs and Africans and started the Atlantic slave trade.

As David P. Forsythe wrote in his book, “The Globalist,” “The fact remained that at the beginning of the 19th century an estimated three-quarters of all people alive were trapped in bondage against their will either in some form of slavery or serfdom.”

While slavery constitutes one of the grossest encroachments on human liberty, it is by no means unique or restricted to the Western world or United States, as many liberal academics would have us believe.

Much of their indoctrination of our young people, at all levels of education, paints our nation’s Founders as...

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Hot Pick Of The Late Night

This Video Is Very Odd And Disturbing About The Clinton Related "Suicides"

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Girls With Guns

Free People Own Guns...

CNN Producer Admits That CNN Is A Leftist Propaganda Outlet With No Journalistic Ethics...