90 Miles From Tyranny : The Entire Russia-Trump Story Was A Team Obama Operation

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Entire Russia-Trump Story Was A Team Obama Operation

The Russia-Trump story was apparently hatched months before the 2016 election but not given serious consideration as Team Obama, the entirety of both the Democrat and Republican Establishment, and the Mainstream Media, were confident Hillary Clinton would be the next POTUS. In the final weeks before the vote, apprehension of a Trump upset victory grew tenfold. Panic set in. And the Trump-Russian fabrication was given new life.

The fact there was no truth to the story didn’t matter. Team Obama invented it. Establishment politicians embraced it. And the Mainstream Media happily pushed it into the public narrative.

It was all a lie.

Check out this headline today from the New York Post:

Fresh evidence the Russia ‘scandal’ is a Team Obama operation
“…we also know that the Obama administration later changed the classification of the “unmasked” transcripts, and other similar material, in order to spread the information as widely as possible within the government.
The motive for that was (supposedly) to prevent Team Trump from burying it all once it took over. But the result was that it made it relatively safe for someone (or someones) to leak the info to the press.
Rice certainly wasn’t politically naive about the political uses of intelligence information. She was, after all, the Obama official who famously made the rounds spouting the false “Our intel says it was about the video” line on the Benghazi attack back during the 2012 campaign.”
Team Obama willfully weaponized the nation’s intelligence operations against private citizens to influence an election both before and after. That is a far more grievous offense than anything an unknown Russian hacker may or may not have done in disclosing DNC emails. (which by the way showed proof of cheating by the Hillary Clinton campaign)

An outgoing president actively sought to harm an incoming president.

If Americans are fine with that, this country is...

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