Thursday, April 6, 2017

LIMBAUGH: TRUMP WAS RIGHT In Claiming That Obama Wiretapped Him

RUSH: The media’s also a bit abuzz because Trump’s out there saying that Susan Rice may have committed crimes. Now, what’s fascinating about this to me is that Trump generally ends up being proven right with all these things. No matter how outrageous they sound at the time, after a certain passage of time, it ends up that Trump is much more right than he was ever wrong. Sweden is a great recent example of that. Claiming that Obama “tapped his wires” at Trump Tower. The Obama administration says, “It’s absurd! It’s ridiculous! Trump’s insane! This is lunacy!”

And now we’ve learned everything. We learned that Susan Rice was unmasking and requesting and that there was surveillance of Trump people, be it incidentally or direct. Trump was right. In the overall generic sense, he and his team were being spied on by...Read More HERE

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