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Saturday, February 26, 2022

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Girls With Guns

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Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #262

Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #261

The State of Joe Biden’s Union Is Domestic and Worldwide Chaos

This coming Tuesday, His Fraudulency Joe Biden will make his State of the Union address, and do so after he has spent the last year plunging both America and the world into chaos.

How both he and the Misinformation Media will try to gaslight us into believing differently is now painfully obvious. We’re going to hear a lot about jobs created (when they were not) and how many people have been vaccinated (but not the fact that more died under Biden than under Trump). We’ll be told it’s only a coincidence that the CDC suddenly realized The Science would allow us to unmask just days before this speech. We’ll be told the adults are back in charge. We’ll be told Biden is a True Statesman —and so on and so forth, and spin and lie and lie and spin.

Yes, this walking corpse and his army of media propagandists will do their worst, but the outcome is assured: none of these lies will succeed. The era of the corporate media swaying public opinion has ended (see here and most especially here). Therefore, try as he might, the worst president of my lifetime will not be able to paper over the truth of his failure, of the chaos he has reaped at home and abroad.

After four years of peace under Trump–of North Korea tamed, of peace deals in the Middle East, of Putin at a total standstill–Biden’s blundering and blustering, his obscene and shameful Afghanistan withdrawal, his dotage and stupidity, his killing of our energy pipelines while approving Putin’s, have all brought about a terrible war in Ukraine. Where this war could lead is unthinkable.

After four years of economic growth, record low unemployment, and every sign of a V-shaped, post-pandemic recovery, Biden plunged us into the economic crisis of record inflation, supply chain snarls, a faltering Wall Street, and a dying Main Street.

After Trump turned America into an energy-independent nation, Biden shut that down, which not only emboldened Putin’s criminal adventurism but once again put America at the mercy of Middle Eastern countries that hate us. The result is the doubling of energy prices—the cruelest tax on the poor.

After Trump handed Biden a miracle vaccine, the very same vaccine Candidate Biden told Americans not to trust, His Fraudulency bungled the rollout so badly one can hardly believe the results. Fact: more people died under Biden (who had the vaccine) than died under Trump (who did not).

Biden’s cynical and sadistic decision to put all his eggs into the Vaccine Basket, ignore life-saving therapeutics, and use vaccine mandates as a political tool to divide society and scapegoat and dehumanize the unvaccinated needlessly killed countless Americans.

Biden exploded the deficit, and the result is the record inflation eating the poor alive.

Under Biden, violent crime is hitting Democrat-run cities in ways unseen for decades.

After Trump had nearly solved this problem, our Southern border is now wide open. As a result, millions of unvaccinated illegal aliens are pouring into our country. We have no idea who these people are, but we do know they bring crime, lower wages, and increased housing costs.

To top things off, Biden just chose one of the most divisive Supreme Court nominees in history when he was offered a unifying one.

Under Biden, it’s all chaos, chaos everywhere, at home and abroad, and there is no end in...

The West Could Have Prevented The Russo-Ukrainian War, But Chose Not To

President Biden and our European allies closed every off-ramp for Russia while misleading Ukraine into thinking we would defend it.

Not every war is unnecessary or avoidable, but history might well judge the Russo-Ukrainian war as both, not least because the United States and its European allies could have prevented it, but didn’t.

The decision to go to war was Russia’s, and Russia bears ultimate responsibility for what happens now. But that does not absolve the West of its strategic incompetence and complacency, and it does not mean the United States and its allies are guiltless in all of this.

At multiple points leading up to the current crisis, there were ways for the United States and Europe to create off-ramps for both Moscow and Kyiv, to shepherd a negotiated settlement so that both sides got a minimum of what they needed, and some of what they wanted.

What might that have looked like? For Moscow, a recognition of its strategic claim on Crimea and the port of Sevastopol as the home of its Black Sea Fleet. For Kyiv, the promise of political independence and greater integration with Europe in exchange for territorial concessions.

The West should have also considered the folly and recklessness of floating the idea of NATO membership for Ukraine, something no serious person ever thought Russia would accept without going to war to prevent it. And yet as far back as 2008, the United States openly discussed the possibility of Ukraine’s membership in NATO, even as Kyiv still claimed sovereignty over Russia’s most important naval base in Sevastopol. Under these conditions, the idea of Ukraine joining NATO was preposterous.

Instead, for years now the West has encouraged Ukraine to take a hard line on Russia, with false promises that the U.S. and NATO would stand up to Moscow and defend Ukraine when it came down to it, or that Ukraine would become a NATO member and thus secure its untenable borders.

As the political scientist John Mearsheimer argued back in 2016, the West has been leading Ukraine “down the primrose path, and that the end result is that Ukraine is going to get wrecked. … What we’re doing is encouraging the Ukrainians to play tough with the Russians. We’re encouraging the Ukrainians to think they will ultimately become part of the West, because we will ultimately defeat Putin and we will ultimately get our way, time is on our side.”
That encouragement — false encouragement, as it turns out — made the Ukrainians unwilling to compromise with Russian or consider Russian demands that were not unreasonable, given the...

Feckless Biden And His Feckless Administration Is An Existential Threat To The Western World...

Key to absolute Power: Brand EVERYONE that you disagree with as a ‘Terrorist”.

Wow, THAT was easy.

Canada has apparently beaten us to the punch.

The preemptive destruction of freedom of speech appears to be justified today by any threat of “domestic extremism”. There were only two mini-protests allowed on Inauguration Day last year, each with 100 or fewer participants.

DC Bowser stated that the city has a special responsibility to ensure a peaceful transition: “We have a responsibility to ensure a peaceful transition of power in our country.” Four years after screaming that Trump was Hitler, Biden took power with a display of military force and suppression of dissent that resembled a Soviet inauguration parade more than a traditional American inauguration.

The swearing in was watched by a handful of Washington elites instead of the usual throng of Washington citizens. On that day, Biden spoke to 190,000 flags surrounded by intimidating fences instead of a live audience.

Pelosi kept the fence and the National Guard long after there was no realistic threat to the Capitol-much the same way Truduea kept the Emergency Powers AFTER the truckers’ convoy was dispersed. These menacing trappings may have been designed to help Biden prove that he needed a new domestic terrorism law to prevent Trump supporters from conquering Washington, D.C.

Perhaps he can incorporate an outreach that includes branding anyone who helps a “terrorist” as the same, including gas station clerks and waitress that serve lunch. Nah, that would be too ridiculous.

If Congress can fence out the American people any time there is a rumor of protest, will school boards follow suit and place barbed wire around their buildings prior to meetings? By doing so, the Biden-FBI effort to label parents’ complaints about school board members as terrorist threats would gain a boost.

The Capitol Police can get a detachment of bayonets and barbed wire to escort members of Congress to their districts and keep constituents away from them during public meetings. After all, nothing says “Freedom” like secret meetings and “under-the-cover-of darkness” negotiations.

In addition, Capitol Police plans to set up “branch offices” in California and Florida (and, presumably, in Ottawa), and their activities outside of DC will be secret — thanks to their exemption from the Freedom of Information Act that applies ONLY to other federal law enforcement agencies.

Folks, this is bad-secret police that are not under public scrutiny is one of the hallmarks of EVERY dictatorship in recent memory.

After the harrowing example of Canada, it is particularly unwise to tolerate protests on Capitol Hill. Justin Trudeau declared martial law when angry truckers descended on Ottawa and honked their horns.

The Post described the subsequent police crackdown as “largely restrained,” despite using pepper spray, stun grenades and “other anti-riot weapons” on peaceful protestors.

In videos, police horses plow into crowds and knock people down, cops brutally beat protestors, and cops threaten to arrest a lady from Alberta who merely wanted a cup of coffee. Trudeau’s lackeys have warned that the government will hound and financially cripple or destroy anyone involved (including their pets) in the protest.

It will happen here — especially since much of the American media despises anti-Biden protestors. According to a poll, 65% of likely Democratic voters supported Trudeau’s brutal suppression of the trucker protest.

In the aftermath of Biden’s election, policies that were considered authoritarian prior to his election are now welcomed by many voters who feared that Trump was lurking in the shadows and getting ready to unleash an onslaught of mean tweets.

Members of Congress may find comfort in a high fence that...

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Putin Sizes Up Biden, Invades Ukraine

Weakness invites aggression.

Russian troops are advancing briskly into Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has brushed off Old Joe Biden’s sanctions and made it abundantly clear that he is not afraid of Biden, as Democrat operatives and their propaganda arm, the establishment media, have long insisted.

This is what happens when America has a feeble president, an obvious figurehead, and our military is compromised by Leftist ideologues. Clearly Putin is taking advantage of Biden’s obvious weakness and the decimation of our Armed Forces by wokeness and Covid hysteria. He knows that there is little likelihood that Biden will touch off World War III by committing American troops to the defense of Ukraine. Putin also likely considers that even if the American military does end up confronting Russian forces, that the U.S. military’s concentration on pushing Critical Race Theory and other Leftist agendas on the troops, as well as the culling that took place due to vaccine mandates, have left our military in such a weakened, distracted, and confused state that it will not pose any significant threat anyway.

Meanwhile, Putin emphasized in his remarks announcing the beginning of the operation against Ukraine that “in December 2021 we once again made an attempt to agree with the United States and its allies on the principles of ensuring security in Europe and on the non-expansion of NATO. Everything was in vain. The US position did not change. They did not consider it necessary to negotiate with Russia on this important issue for us, continuing to pursue their own goals and disregarding our interests.”

If this is an accurate summation of what happened, and there is no reason to believe that it isn’t, then the fecklessness of the Biden administration’s foreign policy is as much to blame for this conflict as Putin is. The questions must be asked: was it really necessary to begin maneuvering to incorporate Ukraine into NATO, and to ignore all Russian entreaties that may have led to the formulation of an agreement that was mutually acceptable to both parties? Were State Department officials too preoccupied with implementing the woke agenda to bother to negotiate with Putin over NATO?

The establishment media is portraying Putin as the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler and doing its level best to stir up war hysteria, but even if he is the new Hitler, which is by no means obvious, his conflict with Ukraine is not our fight. The only American interest in the region is our need for Russian oil, which Joe Biden himself has created by closing the Keystone Pipeline and ending the energy independence we had achieved under President Trump. There is no chance that Biden will reopen the Keystone Pipeline, so it is unlikely that he will risk a confrontation with Putin that could jeopardize our energy supplies. And Putin knows that, too.

Donald Trump has left us the example of an America-First president; keeping the best interests of Americans at the fore, Trump challenged our putative NATO allies to contribute their fair share for their own defense, and he did not threaten Ukraine’s security or unnecessarily provoke Russia by insisting on Ukraine’s inclusion in NATO.

The current situation can be ascribed to Biden’s rejection of the America-First principle and determination to ensure benefits for the military-industrial complex. A new Cold War with Russia will almost certainly secure profits for that sector for some time to come, but Biden and his Leftist handlers and allies are playing an extremely dangerous game. They’re playing chicken with a man who doesn’t appear to be easily cowed or intimidated. They’re trading on the historical memory of American power at a time when Leftism has corroded that power to the extent that it is not at all certain that America would prevail in a confrontation with its old Cold War adversary.

Meanwhile, Putin issued his own threat: “Now a few important, very important words for those who may be tempted to intervene in the ongoing events. Whoever tries to hinder us, or threaten our country or our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead you to consequences that you have never faced in your history. We are ready for any turn of events. All necessary decisions in this regard have been...

Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #261

Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #259

Video: Trucker Convoy Swells in Size as It Rolls East Toward Washington, DC

A truckers’ convoy, inspired by Canada’s Freedom Convoy, began making its way across the U.S. starting in California on Wednesday.

The group is calling for an end to the COVID-19 mandates and the state of national emergency prompted by the pandemic, which was first declared by then-President Donald Trump in March 2020 and just renewed by President Joe Biden last week.

By Friday afternoon, “The People’s Convoy,” as it has been dubbed, had crossed Arizona on Interstate 40, which parallels much of the old U.S. Route 66, and reached Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The group is posting its progress on Facebook.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the convoy consisted of dozens of trucks by the time it reached Kingman, Arizona, Wednesday, where the truckers spent their first night.

In video posted Friday that appeared to be on I-40, perhaps outside of Flagstaff — based on the mountains, snow, and evergreens in the shot — the convoy extended as far as the eye could see.

The Peoples Convoy has posted the route they will take on its website. They planned to overnight near the New Mexico/Texas border Friday night and then head on to Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and finally arrive outside Washington, D.C., by Saturday, March 5.

Organizer Mike Landis said in a video posted on the group’s website that the convoy is “about our freedoms as Americans.”

“I have two young sons,” Landis added. “It’s about what their future is going to look like and hopefully my grandchildren’s.”

Landis said that “COVID was an issue in the beginning. Nobody knew what it was.”

However, the time for pandemic restrictions has long since passed, he argued, based on the knowledge available how to effectively treat the sickness.

“We have had the emergency powers enacted, which is in the Constitution,” Landis said. “[W]hen it is enacted, it cancels the Constitution for the duration that it is enacted.”

The National Emergencies Act grants the president, as the nation’s chief executive under the Constitution, the power to declare a state of national emergency.

Landis argued the impact of it is to curtail the freedoms Americans have under the Constitution, like the freedom of speech.

Canadian Prime Minister Justice Trudeau invoked his nation’s Emergencies Act to clear Freedom Convoy truckers who were protesting COVID mandates from Ottawa last week.

He ended the emergency declaration on Wednesday, saying “existing laws and bylaws are now sufficient to keep people safe.”

“What we aim to do at The People’s Convoy is get this emergency powers act revoked,” Landis said, meaning the current use of it in relation to COVID-19.

“There’s no need for it. We can prove it with science through...

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Attacked from the north, south and west by Putin's crack troops - but somehow Ukraine's lionhearted soldiers held on: How the first night of the Battle for Kyiv unfolded

  • Ukraine's capital city Kyiv was subjected to a vicious onslaught overnight on Friday and into Saturday from Vladimir Putin's troops
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the nation at midnight on Friday, warning his citizens that Putin intended to push for control of the capital
  • At 3am reports began emerging of fierce fighting in the south, as two IL-76s carrying Russian paratroopers were downed in separate incidents
  • Fighting in the north of Kyiv was then reported, as Ukrainian troops fought off a Russian attempt to seize control of a thermal power plant in Troieshchyna
  • The west of the city then became the focus, as another column of Putin's forces attacked - pushing towards the zoo, along Peremohy Avenue
  • As dawn broke just before 7am, Ukraine's armed forces tweeted that no major city had fallen to the Russians, and they had lost 3,500 troops
  • The battle was far from over, however: at 8am Ukraine's interior ministry was warning residents of Kyiv to stay indoors, amid street-by-street fighting
Ukrainians were desperately trying to hold off the Russian invasion in the early hours of Saturday, at the end of a long night that saw Vladimir Putin's forces advance from the north, south and west.

Ukraine's armed forces tweeted as dawn broke on Saturday: 'During the night the Russian occupiers did not take any city!

'Kyiv is being cleared of the remains of saboteurs. Thank you to the courageous defenders of Ukraine!'

Ukrainians were emerging from their bunkers after a restless night to find a country still defiant, despite the barbarity unleashed by Moscow.

The night began with Ukrainians still in the cities seeking refuge in the subway for the third night in a row.

As dusk fell at 5:30pm local time on Friday, the streets were eerily empty and quiet.


Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, appeared on social media shortly after midnight, warning his people that the coming hours would be decisive.

In a stirring speech from his bunker in a secret location in Kyiv, Zelensky, 44, said that 'the fate of Ukraine is now being decided.'

He told his people: 'This night, the enemy will use all the forces available to break our resistance — treacherously, viciously, inhumanly.

'This night, they will make an assault upon us. We all have to understand what we are going to face. This night, we have to withstand.'

It later emerged that the United States had once more offered Zelensky and his family - his wife Oleana and their daughter Aleksandra, 17, and nine-year-old son, Kiril - the opportunity to be evacuated from Ukraine.

Zelensky refused. On Thursday night, he insisted he was staying put, and indeed on Friday morning he went out into Kyiv to film a short video for the nation, urging resilience.


The first sign that Putin was indeed launching his attack came from Vasylkiv, 20 miles south of the capital.

The city, home to a Cold War-era air base, was the scene of the first major incident when a Russian IL-76 military transporter plane was brought down - reportedly with 150 paratroopers on board.

Sources in the city then claimed that Russian soldiers, dressed as Ukrainian police, ambushed a checkpoint.

Heavy fighting ensued in Vasylkiv, as Putin's forces tried to gain a foothold in the south from which to launch their attack on Kyiv.


A second Russian IL-76 was brought down south of Kyiv, in the city of Bila Tserkva, according to reports.

In the east of the country, Ukraine's air defenses brought down a Sukhoi Su-25 fighter jet and a helicopter, the Ukrainian military claimed.

And as the aggressors were trying to advance from the south, another attack was being attempted from the north - even closer to the center of Kiev.


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The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #941

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1641

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Friday, February 25, 2022

Girls With Guns

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Three Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure:

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  • Usually Scraped, Gleaned And Pilfered From Social Media.

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Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #260

Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #259