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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

UK: Lloyds Bank Offers its Staff “Acid Attack Guidance”

Sign accompanied by bottles of water to wash off acid.

Lloyds Banking Group in the UK is offering its staff “acid attack guidance” as corrosive substance attacks continue to rise across the country.

An image posted to social media shows a sheet of instructions telling employees what to do in the event of an attack.

“Immediately wash affected body part of patient with plenty of fresh water,” states the guidance sheet, as well as, “Lean forward so the water does not move the acid to other parts of your face or body.”

Four large water bottles have been placed below the sign, presumably to be used in the event of an acid attack.

According to the the National Police Chiefs’ Council, London now has one of the highest rates of recorded acid and corrosive substance attacks per capita in the world.

There are 15 acid attacks in the UK every week, with three quarters taking place in London. This compares to two a month from 2007-2011. Knife crime across the country also continues to rise.

An acid attack was caught on camera just last week. The perpetrators carried out a separate acid attack earlier in the day, during which they wore Islamic headscarves to hide their identity.

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"It Would Be An Earthquake" - Three Chinese Banks Tumble After US Threatens To Cut Them Off From SWIFT

In news that initially did not receive much prominence, on Monday a US judge found three large Chinese banks — reportedly the state-owned Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank — in contempt for refusing to comply with subpoenas in an investigation into North Korean sanctions violations. This could open the door for them to be cut off from the US financial system, i.e. SWIFT.

"Should it occur, to say that China will not take that well is as large an understatement as one can conceive of. It would be an earthquake", commented Rabobank's Michael Every.

The stunning development follows a May district judge order that three Chinese banks comply with U.S. investigators’ demands that they hand over records connected to the alleged movement of tens of millions of dollars in violation of international sanctions on North Korea. The publicly released court document did not name the banks, the Hong Kong company, or the North Korean entity at that time.

As the WaPo adds, according to a 2017 ruling by the US DOJ, the banks were accused of working with a Hong Kong company, which allegedly laundered more than $100 million for North Korea’s sanctioned Foreign Trade Bank. The newspaper said the bank at risk of losing access to U.S. dollars appeared to be Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, whose ownership structure, limited U.S. presence and alleged conduct with other banks matched with the details disclosed in the court rulings.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank doesn’t have U.S. branch operations but maintains accounts in that country to handle dollar transactions, the report said, adding the subpoena battle will go before a federal appeals court in Washington on July 12.

“The ruling means that Attorney General William P. Barr or Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin can terminate the bank’s U.S. account and ability to process U.S. dollar transactions,” the Post said.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, asked about the report that it could lose access to the U.S. financial system, said in a statement that it will strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations. Meanwhile, China Merchants Bank told Reuters on Tuesday it complies with related United Nations resolutions and Chinese laws, and is not involved in...

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ALERT: Within Hours Of Releasing Shocking Google Manipulation Report, Project Veritas Site Goes Down

Coincidence or something more sinister?

As of right now, the ProjectVeritas website can no longer be accessed. This “website down” moment occurred within hours of the investigative site’s video release of the stunning lengths Google execs are allegedly taking to ensure “we never have another Trump.”

America is becoming an increasingly scary place, isn’t it? And it has nothing to do with President Trump but rather the collective and far-reaching powers that are so determined to destroy him and his tens of millions of supporters. Google’s political leanings are well known by now, and the company has every right to its opinion be it political or other, but let’s all hope it had nothing to do with a potential attack on an opposing viewpoint’s investigative website.

You can check in on the website yourself HERE

And if you haven’t done so yet you can watch the site’s most recent investigative report below:

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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network to discuss AG Bill Barr’s review of the origin of the Russia Probe, the FBI feeding the New York Times a story on Jared Kushner, Rep. Nunes’s letter to the FBI about an additional Russia investigation scope memos, and more!

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