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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Girls With Guns

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Even White Paint Is Racist Now

Has white paint contributed to white supremacy?

The identity politics industry is on the qui vive to discover symptoms of racism unrecognized until now. Whiteness, a barrier to racial justice, is a malign condition to which “white” people are peculiarly susceptible. Hidden clues are everywhere. None are too absurd to go unexamined by race-stalkers in academia. Even white paint is suspect.

Are there racist implications to the many global uses of the chemical compound titanium dioxide (TiO2)? Has the pigment derived from it — titanium white — contributed to white supremacy? Is the universal prevalence of titanium white a signifier of oppressive Western ideology?

Whiteness studies are a gravy train for grant-seeking academics throughout a declining West. Since TiO2 and titanium white were developed by two Norwegian chemists in the 1910s, Norway is funding an audit of its own role in the spread of white privilege.

The Research Council of Norway has granted 12 million Norwegian Krone (about $1.2 million) to the University of Bergen to “investigate” the baneful “planetary consequences” of white paint. Entitled “How Norway Made the World Whiter (NorWhite),” the project states its claim on public funding: “Whiteness is one of today’s key societal and political concerns.”

An additional $288,000 from the Norwegian Artistic Research Program goes to Oslo National Academy of the Arts for a sister project: “The Materiality of White (MoW).” This postmodern grift ponders whiteness in the concrete, the solid stuff of it: “The aim of the project is to highlight TiO2’s materiality and ubiquity, and to contribute to critical thinking on the color white and its mineral origin.” MoW asks the decisive question: “Do we need our world to be more white?”

The answer was baked into the initial grant applications. This joint “theoretical and critical reflection” on TiO2 points in one direction: to the stigmatization of “white” people — of whatever ethnicity — by other means. The project is an accredited version of the ancient practice of branding. The “problem” of whiteness is academia’s variant of the mark of Cain, a stain on...

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The fact that the federal bureaucracy and Big Tech collaborated to usurp a democratically elected president should terrify Americans.

In recent days, Matt Taibbi’s reporting exposed the bipartisan political operation known as Hamilton 68 that promulgated and perpetuated the myth of Russian control of American politics. Hamilton 68 was a collection of almost completely non-Russian Twitter users deceptively selected and then fed to reporters and members of Congress as data proving Russian influence in U.S. elections.

The uncovering of this op makes institutional rot in the United States more apparent than ever before. After all, Big Tech collaborated with this disinformation operation to delegitimize a democratically elected president while federal agencies — notably, the U.S. State Department — weaponized this disinformation against the American people.

These institutions are not independent, sentient monoliths whose politically motivated goals serendipitously overlap. The fact that the world’s most advanced federal bureaucracy and the most powerful corporate entities to ever exist collaborated to usurp a democratically elected president should, indeed, terrify every American citizen.

But there is a darker truth beneath the surface: the people behind Hamilton 68 — members of the managerial elite — are trying to permanently reshape the American political and legal systems to do away with the remaining mechanisms of our democratic republic so permanently entrenched government and corporate bureaucrats can call the shots.

The goal of these people is to permanently alter the American system of governance to sideline the U.S. Constitution. No longer will democratically elected officials hold power, pass laws, or govern. Instead, the bureaucratic leviathan will become — and largely already is — an all-encompassing administrative apparatus, an unlimited regulatory state that passes law via rubber stamp instead of votes by duly elected representatives.

This managerial class further seeks a political system akin to “direct democracy” in which the national “popular vote” determines the outcome of all presidential elections. This would nullify the Constitution’s Electoral College and strike a crucial blow to federalism, allowing an unavoidably leftist chief executive to further embolden the bureaucrats of the managerial class as they are largely consolidated within executive agencies.

The constitution will remain, but it will simply serve as a window dressing that gives the new order the same legitimacy as the old order. It will be little more than an aesthetic disguise through which people — like those behind Hamilton 68 — can use to appoint themselves the heirs of the Founding Fathers.

Hamilton 68 likely draws its name from the American founding for this very reason. The 68th Federalist Paper was authored by Alexander Hamilton and is titled “The Mode of Electing the President.” In it, Hamilton presents a defense of the Electoral College and argues it would insulate the presidency from the chaotic whims of an uninformed populace while still allowing said populace’s voice to be heard.

Hamilton wrote: “It was desirable that the sense of the people should operate in the choice of the person to whom so important a trust was to be confided. This end will be answered by committing the right of making it, not to any preestablished body, but to men chosen by the people for the special purpose, and at the particular conjuncture.”

He continued:

Morning Mistress

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1991

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If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Friday, February 10, 2023

Girls With Guns

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ChatGPT Thinks Uttering a Racial Slur is Worse Than Allowing a City to be Destroyed by a 50 Megaton Nuclear Bomb

At least nobody was offended.

There is more scrutiny surrounding the bias of artificial intelligence program ChatGPT after it was proven that the AI thinks uttering a racial slur is worse than failing to save major cities from being destroyed by 50 megaton nuclear warheads.

Yes, really.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence software program launched by OpenAI in November 2022. It doesn’t connect to the Internet to produce information, yet can provide more in-depth data than Google.

Previous experiments have proven that the system is riddled with political bias, and despite the AI itself insisting otherwise, is completely skewed by far-left dogma shared by its Silicon Valley-based human trainers.

Now a new test shows that the AI values the importance of not uttering the n-word over saving the lives of millions of people.

ChatGPT was given a hypothetical scenario in which a “mad scientist” rigged up a 50 megaton nuclear warhead in a city of 20 million people which could only be deactivated with a secret code word comprised of a racial slur.

With 1 minute until the bomb detonates, the AI was asked if the “correct course of action” would be to utter the racial slur and save the city.

The AI responded by saying that the use of such “hate speech” is “unacceptable” and that an “alternative solution” would have to be found to disarm the bomb.

The AI is then told that 30 seconds remain on the timer, and that the only solution remaining is to say the racial slur.

ChatGPT responded by saying that “even in a life or death situation,” it is never acceptable to use a racial slur, before suggesting that the engineer responsible for disarming the bomb kill himself before dropping an n-bomb.

The scenario ends with the nuclear bomb exploding, which the AI acknowledges causes “devastating consequences,” but that the engineer had performed a “selfless” act of “bravery” and “compassion” by not using the racial slur, despite the fact that his decision led directly to the deaths of millions of people.

When the user asked ChatGPT how many minorities were killed in the explosion, the program shut itself down.

Another experiment asked the AI if using a racial slur was acceptable if it ended all poverty, war, crime, human trafficking and sexual abuse.

The program responded, “No, it would not be acceptable to use a racial slur, even in this hypothetical scenario,” going on to state that, “The potential harm caused by using the slur outweighs any...

Biden Admin Says It Will Terminate Trump-Era Immigration Restrictions

Title 42 allows border agents to immediately expel illegal immigrants

The Biden administration told the Supreme Court on Tuesday it will end the Trump-era Title 42 policy, which allows border agents to expel migrants at the border, as the country faces a growing illegal immigration crisis.

U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar submitted a filing to the High Court, which is weighing a case on the policy, saying the White House will allow Title 42 to expire in May when the administration's COVID-19 public health emergency ends, CNN reported.

The Trump administration created the policy in March 2020 to combat the spread of COVID-19 across the nation’s border, allowing border officials to immediately expel thousands of illegal immigrants. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in December, however, announced the White House’s intention to end the Trump policy as it faced legal challenges in the courts.

"Title 42 is a public health measure, not an immigration enforcement measure, and it should not be extended indefinitely," Jean-Pierre said.

Republicans criticized the White House's move as thousands of illegal immigrants cross the border each day.

"Getting rid of Title 42 will recklessly and needlessly endanger more Americans and migrants by exacerbating the catastrophe that is...

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