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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Girls With Guns

On Second Thought, The Golf Team Sucks Too...

#Jimmy Fallon

New Senate Majority Leader And Speaker Of The House...

#Ted Cruz And #Trey Gowdy

Just Desserts...

Lead Poisoning...

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George Orwell Was Right...

Businesses being forced to provide services? That is slavery, tyranny and against all common sense and common decency. 
THIS is just wrong.

Combating The Lies Of The Left...

The Imperial Presidency Must End Now...

Democracy Alliance Network Behind a Third of 2014 Super PAC Spending

The network of political and policy groups backed by the shadowy liberal donor club the Democracy
Alliance was responsible for more than one of every three dollars spent by super PACs during the 2014 election cycle, public records show.

Members of the Democracy Alliance network that disclose political spending dropped more than $250 million on the midterms, according to data reported to the Federal Election Commission.

That included more than $180 million in expenditures by super PACs, more than a third of the $515 million spent by all such groups during the 2014 election cycle.

The groups’ extensive involvement in Democrats’ political efforts undercuts common media characterizations of the Democracy Alliance, which generally present the array of groups it supports as less involved in electioneering than those of similar collaborative donor networks on the right.

Such reports frequently downplay the scale of the Democracy Alliance network, commonly reported as consisting of fewer than two dozen organizations.

While DA’s 21 “aligned network” and “dynamic investment” groups form the core of its collaborative fundraising efforts, the Alliance in fact backs a far larger array of liberal political and policy groups.

As Democracy Alliance president Gara LaMarche told attendees of its April 2014 conference in Chicago, DA now encourages its donors to support groups on its “Progressive Infrastructure Map,” which, LaMarche said has “now grown to 180 organizations,” in addition to its 21 primary beneficiaries.

Progressive infrastructure map organizations include some of the wealthiest and most active super PACs of the 2014 election cycle, such as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D., Nev.) Senate Majority PAC and Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate Action.

Seventeen of the groups that DA recommends for support by its wealthy liberal donors are super PACs that made independent expenditures during the 2014 cycle.

However, DA network involvement in this year’s elections went beyond just super PACs. It included traditional 527 political action committees, for-profit political vendors, and...

Morning Mistress

Give Back The Senate...

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Girls With Guns

Such an agreement is not voluntary and therefore cannot be considered a legitimate contract at all ...

-Lysander Spooner

Time To Acknowledge, Accept And CHANGE.

Rain Catharsis...

For Those Who Like Rain...

You Know That Smell, When it First Starts To Rain?

Like Tears In Rain...

Rain is Beautiful and Renewing

Punking Your Pussy..

Goodness, I Need To Exercise Restraint Here....

Armed Robbery..

The Losers...

Michael Brown's Mother Named As Violent Robbery Attacker

NOVEMBER 6--A police report detailing a fight last month between members of Michael Brown’s family over the sale of commemorative t-shirts identifies the late teenager’s mother as one of the “attackers” who beat and robbed vendors selling the merchandise from a tent in a Ferguson, Missouri parking lot.
copy of the Ferguson Police Department report was provided yesterday by city attorney Stephanie Karr. When TSG requested the document two weeks ago, Karr noted that Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, was “described in the report” and had “specifically requested that the report be withheld from the media.”
Karr added, “Knowing this, do you still want a copy of the report?”
The violent October 18 ransacking--which police have classified as felony armed robbery--remains under active investigation, said Karr. “No charges have been filed yet and no decision about charges will be made until the investigation is concluded,” the lawyer told TSG yesterday.
The police probe of the attack, which left one victim hospitalized, is occurring at the same time a grand jury is weighing possible criminal charges against the Ferguson cop who shot the unarmed Brown during an August confrontation.
According to the report, Pearlie Gordon, 54, and two men were selling “Justice for Mike Brown” merchandise on a Saturday afternoon when “a large group of about 20-30 subjects ‘jumped out of vehicles and rushed them.’” Gordon is the mother-in-law of Michael Brown Sr., McSpadden's ex-husband.
Gordon told police that McSpadden, 34, approached her and said, “You can’t sell this shit.” Gordon replied, according to the report, that “unless McSpadden could produce documentation stating that she had a patent on her son’s name she (Gordon) was going to continue to sell her merchandise.”
McSpadden’s mother, Desureia Harris, began to rip down t-shirts hanging on a line, Gordon told officers. Then, she added, other members of the group began “tearing her booth apart.” Gordon (seen at left) said that during the melee she was repeatedly struck in the head and knocked to the ground.
At one point, Gordon recalled, she heard McSpadden “yell to an unknown subject, ‘That’s Calvina’s mom, get her ass.” [Calvina is the first name of Michael Brown Sr.'s wife.] “McSpadden then ran up and punched Gordon,” according to the report.
Gordon’s male associates were also beaten--reportedly with a pipe--during the confrontation, and one of the men was transported by EMS workers to a local hospital for treatment of “injuries sustained during the assault.”
Gordon identified McSpadden (seen below), McSpadden's spouse, Harris, and several others as the “attackers.” More than $1500 in merchandise and $400 incash “was stolen by unknown subjects” who fled before police arrived, the report notes.
A witness whose name was redacted from the report told cops that she watched the attack from her car while at a red signal. The woman said she saw several individuals enter the tent from opposite sides and begin “assaulting (punching) the vendors.”
The witness said that she began recording the incident and “would provide this department with a copy of the video via e-mail.” However, as cops noted, the witness had not provided the video or a witness statement at the time of the report’s preparation. (3 pages)

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Gloating in Moderation (short fun video)

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Girls With Guns

...Though Spears May Spare His Life...

Hávamál (English pronunciation: /ˈhɑːvəmɑːl/ hah-və-mahl; "sayings of the high one") is presented as a single poem in the Poetic Edda, a collection of Old Norse poems from the Viking age. The poem, itself a combination of different poems, is largely gnomic, presenting advice for living, proper conduct and wisdom.

The verses are attributed to Odin, much like the biblical Book of Wisdom is attributed to Solomon. The implicit attribution to Odin facilitated the accretion of various mythological material also dealing with Odin.[1]

THIS Is Going To Feel GOOD!

Rush Is Right Again, We Must Stop The Collectivist Agenda...


Hold Still, This Will Only Last 2 Years...

The King has No Clothes...

Yeah, We Know What You Programmed That Arm For..

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Removing Feces from The Pipes..

Exposing the Green Money Machine

It is doubtful that most Americans and others around the world know how vast the organizational structure of the environmental movement is and how much wealth it generates for those engaged in an agenda that would drag humanity back to the Stone Age.

If that sounds extreme, consider a world without access to and use of energy or any of the technological and scientific advances that have extended and enhanced our lives, from pesticides that kill insect and rodent disease vectors to genetically modified seeds that yield greater crop volumes.

Two of my colleagues in the effort to get the truth out are Paul Driessen and Ron Arnold, both of whom are affiliated with a free market think tank, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, CFACT, They have done the research necessary to expose the wealth and the power structure of the environmental movement. They have joined together to write “Cracking Big Green: To Save the World from the Save-the-Earth Money Machine.” ($4.99, available from Amazon.com)

The Greens are forever claiming that anyone who disputes their lies is receiving money from big energy companies, but my experience is that it is think tanks like CFACT, small by any comparison with any major environmental organization, that ...

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Girls With Guns

In Most Ways...

Elections Over...Any Day Now...

Packard automobile at Hoover Dam, 1934 by Michael Ryerson

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This Guy Actually Kept His Promises...

More Viking Shit:

Mysterious Viking Sword Made With Technology From the Future?


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The Media Is Clearly Out Of Touch With The Electorate...

The Same Carrot For Over 50 Years... Still Works..

The Republican Victory Is A Rejection Of President Obama

President Obama’s net negative rating across key battleground states was a staggering 30 points.

With numbers like that, it’s not at all surprising that the Republicans took control of the Senate tonight, especially considering the polling going into today’s contest.

The GOP has been ahead or tied in 11 key Senate contests for the past few weeks. While it looked like Democrats were going to hold North Carolina, the unpopularity of the president and the Democrat agenda was overpowering.

Democrat turnout was disappointing despite a tough ground game and tremendous get out the vote campaign.

To be sure, the Democrats were facing a serious challenge from the start. “This is probably the worst possible group of states for ...

Morning Mistress - Rear View

Obama Voter Abducts 22 Year Old Girl - She Is Still Missing

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Girls With Guns

Government = Force..