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Saturday, April 20, 2013

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Michelle Obama Visits Two Injured Saudis In Hospital, Does Not Visit Any Americans

The well-known Saudi Arabian news site Okaz.com released a report claiming first lady Michelle Obama visited two young Saudi Arabian nationals — including one once considered a person of interest and who sources tell TheBlaze was being considered for deportation — in the hospital Thursday following the Boston attacks and reassured them of their health status.

Steven Miller, a researcher at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, translated the Arabic-language article into English for TheBlaze.

“Yesterday, Michelle Obama, the wife of the American President, visited the Saudis in the hospital who were injured in the Boston bombing, Abdul Rahman Ali Isa al-Salmi al-Harbi and Noura Khaled Saleh al-Ajaji, to reassure them of their health,” begins the article before explaining the students’ injuries.

“Noura al-Ajaji underwent a third surgery yesterday to repair and beautify the thigh area, just above the knee, treat skin damage caused by shrapnel, and remove fragments. This was the third round of the treatment plan for al-Ajaji; the first phase focused on sterilizing the wounds, and the second focused on healing the gash caused by glass shrapnel. Medical reports issued by the hospital yesterday confirmed the complete integrity of her knee and thigh.”

“Al-Ajaji, who is a master’s student in cosmetic dentistry, was injured by flying glass fragments from the nearby Colby glasses store, which she was nearby during the Boston Marathon bombings, resulting in an 11 centimeter gash in the thigh area.”

A senior law enforcement official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told TheBlaze Thursday that reports claiming the department was deporting Alharbi under section 212 3B (“security and related grounds”) and had opened an “event” (or file) on the Saudi Arabian national following the Boston attacks is “categorically false.”

Documents presented to Congress, however, were subsequently reported by TheBlaze to have confirmed that plans were made to revoke the visa of Alharbi.

The congressional source told TheBlaze it was unclear as to why representatives from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would be unaware of the plans for visa revocation.

The Saudi news report is plausible given that the first lady along with President Obama visited victims of the Boston bombings at several different area hospitals Thursday afternoon.

The visits were closed to the media and scheduled with little advance notice due to security reasons.

The New Yorker called Okaz as the “most popular” newspaper in Saudi Arabia and Michelle Obama is a c**t.

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When Obama Met With The Saudi Foreign Minister About The Men Connected To The Boston Terrorism Bombings, Reuters Published This Fake Story:

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Columbia University Offers Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon Bomber An Adjunct Professorship

Columbia University is adding Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev to their elite cadre of terrorist professors which includes fellow bomber, Kathy Boudin, a member of the Weather Underground, a left-wing domestic terror group. 

When asked if the post would have been open if the bomber had turned out to be a white, right wing domestic terrorist, Columbia University responded: "oh no, our standards are way too high for that".

Mr. Tsarnaev, will join other Columbia teaching staff, in teaching young minds about the evils of American Society and how left wing, and Anti-American terrorism should be rewarded, celebrated and added to our diversity and womyn's studies classes.

Chalk up another win for American higher learning!

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University Faculty are Moving Farther to the Left

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The Cure to America's Obesity Problem: Unionized Government Farms.

King Putt

From Debkafile and Pamela Geller: Boston Marathon Bombers were members of Saudi Funded Chechen Wahhabi cell

The two Boston bombers.
Two Chechen brothers from Dagestan, members of a Wahhabi cell funded by Saudi al Qaeda, were identified as the terrorists who detonated two bombs at the Boston Marathon last Monday and carried out a bombing-shooting spree at the MIT campus in Waterton outside Boston, Friday, April 19, in which a police officer was killed in a fiery firefight.
The media is criminally silent on this. Instead they are talking about what a "good, sweet boy" he is. Abominable.

Two Dagestani brothers nembers of Chechen Wahhabi cell identified as responsible for Boston terror
DEBKAfile Special Report April 19, 2013, thanks to Ken

Two Chechen brothers from Dagestan, members of a Wahhabi cell funded by Saudi al Qaeda, were identified as the terrorists who detonated two bombs at the Boston Marathon last Monday and carried out a bombing-shooting spree at the MIT campus in Waterton outside Boston, Friday, April 19, in which a police officer was killed.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and Dzhohav Tsarnaev, 19, escaped the MIT campus in a hijacked SUV, chased by the police. As they threw explosives out of the window, critically injuring another police officer, police bullets hit the older brother, who died in custody. The younger one, identified earlier as “Suspect 2 in the white cap” made a run for it.

Warning he is armed and dangerous, the police hunt has placed parts of Boston, Watertown and other outlying towns under curfew and suspended public transport. Hundreds of law enforcement officers, federal agents, national and state police backed by helicopters are scouring the area door to door, backed by helicopters, after warning people to stay home and not open the door to strangers.

The Boston police stress that the event is still ongoing and the investigation is closely coordinated with Washington.

The Chechen government denies the two brothers lived in their country and say the family left some years ago and finally settled in the United States. Boston officials report that the older brother has lived in the US for almost 10 years. The student won a scholarship in 2011 to study at a college in Cambridge.

The incident began with gun shots reported at 10:48 p.m. at Building 32 on Vassar Street near Main Street, off Kendall Square, when the two men armed with guns, explosives and wearing body armor were apparently about to seize the university building. The police officer who responded to the upset was shot dead.

The attack occurred shortly after the FBI released images of the two main Boston Marathon bombing suspects with an appeal to the public for information to identify them. Only later were they linked to the MIT event.  A portrait photo of the wanted terrorist has just been released.

Read the earlier story in debkafile.

The FBI released Thursday images of two suspects filmed on the move at the site of the Boston Marathon bombings of Monday, April 15. The footage with stills has been widely distributed and an FBI Tipline set up. Public assistance in identifying the two youngish men is considered critical to the investigation.

Suspect 1 is shown wearing a black cap and, walking fast close behind him, Suspect 2 in a white cap. Both carry large black packages and both have Middle East complexions.
FBI Agent Richard Deslauriers who is in charge of the investigation said Suspect 1 planted the first bomb, while a few seconds later, Suspect 2 was filmed placing a package at the site of the second, more powerful bomb, and walking away very fast.
Both men are dangerous, he said, and should not be approached by the public

The images the FBI released of the two suspects have been floating around the Internet for the past 36 hours. And so the suspects must know they are being hunted. debkafile’s counterterrorism sources add that both have either gone to ground in a pre-arranged hideout or have left the United States. The way they walk behind each other as they pass through crowds without losing contact strongly recalls the formation maintained by the suicide bombers who blew up the London Tube train on July 7, 2007

From: http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/

Chechnya: A History of Horrors

Perhaps no region in the world can claim a history so tragic and violent as Chechnya and the rest of the northern Caucuses.

The last 20 years has seen nearly constant bloodshed as the mostly Muslim population sought to break away from Soviet and then Russian control. The result has been some of the most brutal attacks on civilians in modern times.
Dozens of bombings and terror raids around Russia have claimed countless lives, but two incidents stand out in the collective memory of Westerners:

-- A 2002 raid on a Moscow movie theater, in which Chechen militants took 850 civilians hostage. Some 130 hostages died, mostly as a result of chemicals pumped into the theater by police to subdue the attackers after more than two days. Russian authorities killed all 40 hostage takers.

-- A 2004 raid on a school in the rural community of Beslan in southern Russia, capturing and holding hostage more than 1,100. After a three-day standoff, Russian troops stormed the school complex. More than 330 people, mostly children, died at the hands of the terrorists or during the military siege.
The shorthand recent history of the region began as the Soviet Union was breaking apart in 1991. The ethnic Muslims of the region sought the same independence obtained by the Baltic and Eastern European Soviet states.

But owing to the strategic importance of the region for Russia’s oil industry and a long history of conflict between Russians and the Muslim nations on the other side of the Caucasus, the emerging government in Moscow refused to release Chechnya and neighboring Ingushetia.
Thousands of Chechens have fled the region during the last 20 years, sometimes taking their troubled history with them.

(During World War II, the local residents had tried to join forces with the Nazis. Josef Stalin delivered vicious reprisals against the civilian population, including terror campaigns, forced relocations and re-education camps. Subsequent Soviet leaders maintained much of this policy.)
The Chechen separatists declared their independence and using leftover Soviet arms and under the leadership of former Soviet officers, prepared to fight for it. Russian President Boris Yeltsin ordered troops into the rebel province. The resulting conflict lasted two years as rebel guerrillas exacted a heavy toll on demoralized Russian troops and members of the indigenous Russian/Christian population. The Russians ended up retreating in humiliation.

For two years, the region was ruled mostly by warlords, deeply divided by clan rivalries, and increasingly dominated by conflicts between those seeking to establish a secular government and Islamist militants. With the civilian government not only divided, but also hugely corrupt and deeply involved in organized crime, the Islamists found plenty of popular support.
(The local residents converted to Islam in the 16th Century as local tribes allied themselves with the Ottoman Empire to the south against the Russians.)

When Islamists sought in 1999 to expand their efforts to neighboring Dagestan, another Muslim-majority province, the government in Moscow cracked down. Vladimir Putin campaigned on retaking the region and when he took office in 1999, the former KGB agent struck hard.
The brutal Russian campaign swiftly captured the nominal capital of the region, eliminating the government of the breakaway region in a matter of weeks. But Islamist rebels returned to the mountains and kept up the fight. Soon after, perhaps with aid from international Islamist terrorists, they launched their campaign against the Russian civilian population.

The horror at incidents like the theater and school raids mentioned above increased support for Putin’s hard-line stance. Russian raids in the region continued and Putin installed a Russian client regime in the regional government.

Thousands of Chechens have fled the region during the last 20 years, sometimes taking their troubled history with them. European and North American authorities have watched with alarm the rise of brutal tactics of the so-called “Chechen Mafia” in recent years.

A thousand years of history in the region is mostly the story of occupation, retaliation, violence against civilians and conflict between Islam and Christendom – from Genghis Kahn and Tamerlane all the way to today.

Read more on Fox

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Norway, Land Of Odin And Thor...

The Chechen Theater Bombing of 2002 Was Likely Financed By Saudi Arabia

Russian security officials suspect that the Chechens who seized a Moscow theatre in October 2002 had wealthy Arab sponsors in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states and have sought Washington's support in finding the financiers.

Senior officials say they have traced a series of telephone calls from the gunmen to their "sponsors" in the Gulf.

During one call made to an unspecified Gulf state a financier asked for a video of scenes inside the theater, and was told it could be made for a $1m fee.
"Several long telephone conversations were intercepted to Saudi Arabia, to the Emirates, and to Qatar.

"We can say for sure that the hostage-taking was financed from abroad, and the terrorists maintained permanent contact with their sponsors."

It is well established that the chief financier of extremist militant groups for the past 3 decades, including Al Qaeda, are in fact Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

So the question is was the Boston Marathon bombing just another terrorist event with a Saudi connection?

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Women With Weapons

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Girls With Guns

The Time Has Come...

Something Don't Feel Right!

The Cultists

When Obama Met With The Saudi Foreign Minister About The Men Connected To The Boston Terrorism Bombings, Reuters Published This Fake Story:

It is all lies, and clearly the Corrupt Administration knows more than they are willing to say. Why are they actively suppressing the information about this news event? Why is the American Government so corrupt, lying and deceitful?  Why does the media willingly purge themselves of all intellectual curiosity?  

The media have become the Orwellian Ministry Of Truth.  They are traitors to truth and antagonists to justice.  They perpetuate the lies of the state, they are complicit in its crimes.

Liberal Statists

Which Way To Prosperity?

The Other Way: Serfdom

Defend Your Human Rights

Allen West Speaks Out About The Harassment Of His Wife By Left Wing Radicals

I completely understand the Alinsky tactics and have no issue with the insidious and incessant personal attacks by the left against me. However, I am warning you, end your harassment of my wife Angela. The students from Florida Atlantic University who have gone to my wife’s office, stalked her at the FAU Board of Trustee meetings, and sent letters to her company headquarters, end it now. This is not a threat, it is a promise that if Angela calls and tells me of one more incident, you will face me, the side of me that you do not want to see. My wife Angela is an American citizen and if you believe that you can intimidate her to surrender her freedoms you are mistaken. Those left wing groups and lawyers associated with these individuals supporting their antics, I recommend you disassociate yourself. How dare you animals attack my wife and her professional reputation. This is your one and only advisory notice.


The Truth About Guns

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Girls With Guns

Like Girls With Guns?

World's Largest QR Code

The Kraay family in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada wanted to add a twist to their annual corn maze. So they worked with their maze designer to construct a 15 acre maze, which 7 acres are taken up by the QR code. Yes this is a functioning QR Code and they even had to darken the paths of the QR Code to make sure that there was enough contrast that the code could be scanned from the sky. When the QR Code is scanned it will take people flying by to the Kraay family farm website.

This is the world’s largest working QR Code vetted by the Guinness world book of records.


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