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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Girls With Guns

Crusades Vs. Jihad

The Crusades were a response to Muslim aggression and attacks on Christians.

Would You Like To Fly In His Beautiful Balloon?

Would you like your economy to die in his beautiful balloon?

Woods, Water And Wahhabism..

James Woods On Benghazi

Nice Try But Oh My...

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On The Thought And Labor Of Free Men...

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Collectivism Requires Brute Force..

Ayn Rand Wisdom...

Sometimes You Just Gotta Dumb It Down...

BREAKING: Federal Ban on Standard Capacity Magazines Introduced by Congressional Democrats

It looks like the anti-gun Democrats are back at it in Congress once again. This time they are looking to bring back the federal ban on magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds. Those of you who lived through the first federal “assault weapons ban” know how troublesome this legislation is.

The new bill is sponsored by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) in the Senate. In a released statement he said:

Communist National Labor Relations Board Franchise Rule Could Destroy ‘700,000’ Small Businesses

At a Senate hearing Thursday, Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander condemned a recent labor board ruling arguing it could destroy the franchise model.

“This hearing this morning is about a pending National Labor Relations Board decision that could destroy a small business opportunity for more than 700,000 Americans,” the Tennessee senator said during the hearing. “Why would the pending decision by the National Labor Relations Board threaten this very American way of life, knocking the ladder out from under hundreds of thousands of Americans?”

Alexander is the chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee (HELP), which invited franchise owners to testify on the impact the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruling could have on their businesses. Last year, the NLRB issued a controversial decision that made franchisors joint-employers with the individual franchisees they contract out to. Opponents have argued that the decision has the potential to dramatically overturn decades of established laws– and greatly affect the franchise model.

“So what could this mean for these more than 700,000 franchisees and employers?” Alexander asked...

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Brian Williams Tells More False Stories...

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Girls With Guns

Liberty Means....

More Orwell:

Indications Of Intent...

Empowerment Series: Women With Weapons #33

They Will Protect You - As They See Fit..

Millions Of Illegals Already Given Illegal Documents By Obama’s DHS, A Shadow Amnesty Since 2009

There seems to be no limit to the criminality the Obama regime is willing to engage in in the pursuit of their national transformation objectives.  The socialist Democrats have once again returned to one of their favorite crime scenes, our immigration system, for the most recently discovered scheme.

It’s a ploy that utilizes the bureaucracy of the system, the guise of poor management, and cumbersome oversight as a protective cover. In many respects it is not unlike the duplicate waiting list fraud which was perpetrated under the current regime to deny veterans medical care and defraud the citizens of the United States.

The violations were discovered through a freedom of information request issued upon the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the component of DHS which is responsible for the issuance of work permits to aliens in the U.S., when the lawful issuance is warranted. It is the same agency which is being utilized under the illegal amnesty declaration by Hussein Obama to for the mass issuance of “legal” documents to millions of illegal squatters in America. The FOIA request was filed by the Center for Immigration Studies and they are to thank for the revelations.

The Center for Immigration Studies is describing what they discovered as “a huge parallel immigrant work authorization system outside the limits set by...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz goes off the reservation, repudiates Obama position on Islamic terror, attacks MSNBC

Apparently unaware that audio was being recorded, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee took positions off the reservation when speaking to a Jewish group when speaking in South Florida. The Shark Tank, which covers Florida politics like nobody else, breaks the story, complete with the audio.

Unlike President Obama, she does not hesitate to name Islamic fundamentalism as the cause we are fighting:

Unfortunately what happens particularly with the global war on terror and the Islamic fundamentalists that are combating and leading it, we (Jews) are the crux of the reason that they are engaged in that fight
She also calls out anti-Israel bias in the media, including the DNC’s pet cable news network, MSNBC:

Clearly they were highlighting what is Israel had done to Gaza and the plight to Palestinians, and my first thought was, ‘Where is the balance where is the spotlight on what Jewish children in Israel go through from being victims of rocket attacks.’. The media’s coverage, its not just MSNBC, I’ve seen it on CNN and even in the broadcast media, as well…”

It would be great if DWS had the integrity to speak this way when appearing on Meet the Press or some other national forum. The fact that she said these things at a meeting with a...

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IFL What would Jeb Bush do?

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Girls With Guns

A Moment Of Serenity..

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The UK's Disgraceful News Organization "The Guardian" Whitewashes Islamic Sexual Grooming Ring That Abused 1400 Children

Deep snow banks on a narrow road halt military traffic in the woods of Wallerode, Belgium. 87th Infantry Division, 01-30-1945

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She Forgot Her Purse...

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Haram Vs. Halal

Ḥarām (Arabic: حَرَام‎ ḥarām) or Haraam is an Arabic term meaning sinful. In Islamic jurisprudence, haram is used to refer to any act that is forbidden by Allah

Ḥalāl (Arabic: حلال‎ ḥalāl, 'permissible') or hallal[1] is any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law. The term covers and designates not only food and drink but also all matters of daily life

CAIR - Pro Islamic Terrorism...

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The Viewpoint Of CAIR..

90 Movie stars have decided: Elizabeth Warren should be your next President

Deciding who you want as your next President can be such a chore. Looking over the issues and
deciding which candidate best suits your views is boring, time consuming, and tedious. America’s low-info voters demand a quicker, easier, way to find the right person.  Thank goodness Hollywood exists!

Celebrities make it simple by telling you who they think you should vote for. You like a few of their movies, so obviously you’re going to like their political opinions, right?

Enter “Artists for Warren.” They’re a group of over ninety ultra-left-wing actors, directors, and musicians who’ve pre-emptively chucked Hillary onto the political trash heap by announcing their support for Massachusetts Senator and fake Cherokee, Elizabeth Warren.

Susan Sarandon, Olivia Wilde and Edward Norton are among the more than 90 entertainers urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren to throw her hat in the 2016 presidential race.

  The group — which also includes Mark Ruffalo, Natasha Lyonne, Julia Stiles, and “The Avengers” director Joss Whedon — penned an open letter this week to the Massachusetts Democrat, pushing her to make a White House bid.

  “Senator Warren, we’re ready to show you that you have the support needed to enter this presidential race,” the letter says. “We’re ready to fight with you, Senator Warren. Please, run for President.”

  The Hollywood stars are banding together to form a group called “Artists for Warren.” The lawmaker has repeatedly denied she’ll be vying to become President Warren, answering simply, “No,” when Fortune magazine asked last month if she was going to run.

Oh sure, Warren has said time and again that she...

Southern California Edison IT workers 'beyond furious' over H-1B replacements

Information technology workers at Southern California Edison (SCE) are being laid off and replaced by workers from India. Some employees are training their H-1B visa holding replacements, and many have already lost their jobs.

The employees are upset and say they can't understand how H-1B guest workers can be used to replace them.

The IT organization's "transition effort" is expected to result in about 400 layoffs, with "another 100 or so employees leaving voluntarily," SCE said in a statement. The "transition," which began in August, will be completed by the end of March, the company said.

"They are bringing in people with a couple of years' experience to replace us and then we have to train them," said one longtime IT worker. "It's demoralizing and in a way I kind of felt betrayed by the company."

SCE, Southern California's largest utility, has confirmed the layoffs and the hiring of Infosys, based in Bangalore, and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Mumbai. They are two of the largest users of H-1B visas.

The utility has a large IT department. In 2012, before any layoffs, it had about 1,800 employees, plus an additional 1,500 contract workers.

Computerworld interviewed, separately, four affected SCE IT employees. They agreed to talk on the condition that their names not be used.

The IT employees at SCE are "beyond furious," said a second IT worker.

The H-1B program "was supposed to be for projects and jobs that American workers could not fill," this worker said. "But we're doing our job. It's not like they are bringing in these guys for new positions that nobody can fill.

"Not one of these jobs being filled by India was a job that an Edison employee wasn't already...

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Girls With Guns

Measles, Obama Executive Order Style...

Is CDC Hiding Enterovirus Link To Illegal Alien Kids?


Obama’s Open Border Allows New Disease Vector Into the Population

The Most Feared Teenage Mexican Hit Man Has Been Set Free And ‘Deported’ To The U.S.

Words Of Wisdom From A Filthy Marxist...

She's A Hypocrite, Marxism Bears The Heaviest Chains On Freedom Of Them All..

Craftsmen making baseball bats in a Louisville Slugger factory (1932)

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The Insatiable Needs Of The Left...

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Unequal Under The Law...

The Tyrant..

Dinesh D’Souza – Terrorism Redefined And Lawlessness Embraced, Insane Liberalism Unleashed In America

Dinesh D’Souza, himself an immigrant to the United States who came here legally, is asked about the comments by the prospective chief law enforcement officer of the United States, Loretta Lynch. She said in Senate hearings that she doesn’t believe it matters how somehow comes to the United States, they have a right to work even if they are in the country in violation of our laws.

Before they get to that important issue, Malzberg asks him for his take on Romney’s announcement that he will not be a 2016 candidate as well as his preference for president and his opinion on American Sniper.

They then discuss the Lynch comments with Steve Malzberg asking, isn’t it against the law to hire illegals? D’Souza puts that argument aside and goes to the social compact that he believes is at the root of our law and those who are party to the compact are all citizens who decide by what rules we will live and govern ourselves. He says those rights don’t apply to aliens, particularly ones who have snuck into the country. He says her comments reflect “a profound misunderstanding at the basic level to claim that somehow illegals crossing into America have the same sorts of constitutional rights that accrue to American citizens.” D’Souza says, “I was very disturbed to hear such a perverse...

AG Nominee Lynch's Claim Illegals Have 'Right' to Work in U.S. 'Just Absolutely Crazy'

Speaking about Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch’s statement that illegal aliens have the “right to work” in the United States, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) said he was “astounded” by Lynch’s comments, calling them “crazy” and “just not true.”
CNSNews.com asked Vitter, “Do illegal aliens have the right to work in the United States?”

“No, they do not, and more importantly, the law is very clear on the fact that they do not have the right to work in the United States,” Vitter answered. 

“Ms. Lynch basically said illegal aliens have the same right to work in....

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This Is Inspiring..

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Girls With Guns

The Priorities Of The Usurper..

Montana 1901 - Before The Lawyers Came..

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9mm hollow point bullet fired into a block of ballistic gel...

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